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Alma Mater

PSG Tech MCA Alumni web site
Kokhs and Venkat man this site!!
PSG College of Technology
PSG Tech Alumini


The non M$ crowd


The Media OS. A la viva MAC on Intel CPU's. Go on indulge in it!

The Green Board
BeOS discussion forum
The Be Links
Be Classifieds
Be United
Reminds me of ManU
The Postmaster
BeOS Mail Client
Be the geek you always wanted to be
Be Forever
The Best Site
Find out if your computer can be
Makers of fine BeOS Software
vi of BeOS
BEatware Inc
To Be or not to Be
Free Be
Download the latest BeOS from here
Be News
The Place to Be
BeOS Tips
Troubleshooting expert
Programming the BeOS
Be Doped!
The best source for Be Software
The Classic Be
Marcone's corner
The Be Inc.
10 reasons to try BeOS


M$ Vs Linux
Comparison of software.. mano amano. A exhaustive comparison to what is available in Linux as in M$.

And beware the list grows....
Additionally you could also look up for more stuff
Lot of Linux Links
Linux Development Tools
Linux Documentation Project
Modems in Linux
Linux Kernel
The highs and lows of linux kernel
The K Page
All about the K
Linux Journal
Star Office
This one is Sun's Office!!
Mandrake the magician
Red Hat sees compitition
The left brained Power Point
Linux on laptops
For Linux Newbies
Linux start
Linux Shareware Area
The Data Display Debugger
The Data Display Debugger (DDD) is a popular graphical user interface for command-line debuggers such as GDB, DBX, JDB, WDB, XDB, the Perl debugger, and the Python debugger. Besides ``usual'' front-end features such as viewing source texts, DDD has become famous through its interactive graphical data display, where data structures are displayed as graphs.

Banking and Finance

Wells Fargo Bank
Quicken Financial Network
Fidelity Investments
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Bank of America
Finance on the Web
Journal of Finance Links

Business Resources

The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
Business Line (India)
Financial daily from 'The Hindu'
The World Bank
International business, investment and travel.
MBA Style magazine
The who you are of professionalism
Money Online
Edgar Online
Business Week Online
Standford Jackson Library : ejournals
Business Development Strategies for Internet
BDSI offers monthly online marketing, strategic Internet marketing plans and business web site design & development, as well as web site optimization for search engine positioning and ranking, Internet business software and Internet database development.
Business Today (India)
The Millennium MBA
Harvard Business Review
Asia Inc Online


A blueblooded game...

Chess for Success
Turorials, information on openings etc
Computer Chess Programming
Fritz, Rebel, Shredder....
Exeter Chess Club
Got extensive coaching material
ECO codes for openings
This contains a complete listing of all 500 Encyclopedia of Chess Openings codes, A00 to E99.
365 Chess Lessons
The Lion
Opening, Strategy and middle game
ChessPad is a free chess database program. It is meant to be a simple, easy to use chess database program.


All thats cooking
Indian Recipes
Extensive Recipe Index
Tarla Dalal's Page
The taste of the web...
Of cuisines and courses...

Creating Webpages


Acid Fonts page
Shareware and free fonts
Font Popularity
A survey of which fonts are used in HTML pages
Collection of Fonts
Larabie Fonts
Free Font listings


Paint Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro Tutorials
Tips for PSP
PSP & Web Graphics
PSP tutorials from the makers of PSP
Links to PSP tutorials
This is a comprehensive list of Paint Shop Pro tutorial sites maintained by Paint Shop Pro enthusiasts.
The Hood
PSP5 Digital Art Gallary
Paint Shop Pro Resources

Acadia Animations
Digital Blasphemy
Mindblowing stuff!! This contains hi-res original 3d-rendered computer desktop wallpapers, animated windows startup screens, tutorials on making your own 3d art, and links to some of the best computer art sites on the web.
Diveshack's Free Animated Gifs
Dru Blair's Art of Technology
Very good pictures which can be used as wall papers
GIF Shop
GIF's to pick up and snazz your pages
Icon Bazaar
Lot of icons to choose from
Iterated Systems
Really Useful Animated Gifs Collection

Server Side

The other side of the 'web'

MySQL & PHP Tutorial
There is a Getting Started section which should get your feet wet on PHP...
Become a PHP Wizard
PHP3/MySQL Tutorial
Developer Shed - Server Side
Tutorials cover all of server side stuff... JSP/PHP/ASP/Roxen/Zope/Zend...
Active Server Pages
Writing Java Servlets
An introduction to writing and running Java servlets
JSP Interest
The Knowledge base on JSP
Java Botique tutorial on JSP
All on java servelets and JSP
Servlets Page
ASP is the M$ equivalent of JSP


Web Developer on VRML
VRML Repository
Web3D Consortium
The VRMLSite magazine
The VRML works
Moray is an interactive wire-frame modeller that allows you to model a world for POV-Ray interactively, allowing you to see the setup of your scene as you build it.
An modeller which can even do NURBS modelling!!

Web Programming


Python Essays
Instant Python
Numerical Tutorial on Python
Python Tutorial
Python Home Page
Introduction to Python

JavaScript & DHTML

Java Script : Netscape Documentation
Web Coder : Java Script, DOM and DHTML
Web Page Resource and Tutorials
Web Monkey : All about pages
This has information and tutorials on a host of Web Subjects. These include on E-Commerce, Page Design, HTML/DHTML, Stylesheets, Graphics, Multimedia, Cross Platform Browsers, Java/Javascript, Backend stuff like Perl and (ofcourse) XML
DHTML : Electric Butterfly
DHTML tutorial
NetObjects Script Builder
Java Script Crash Tutorial
Even a non-programmer can now javascript!!

Perl, Tcl/Tk

10 minutes to Perl
Perl Camel Tutorial
Perl Tutorial
Perl Page
The Current Issue
TCL/TK Resource Pages
Tcl/Tk Starter Tutorial
One of the oldest Tcl applications which can be used to automate interactive applications
The Tcl Platform Company
Robert's Perl Tutorial
Quite Extensive. A very good point about this is that its printer friendly and also browser friendly.. can be read offline too.
Picking Up Perl
This is a free distributable book which teaches you Perl
Rediff to Perl5
Touches on the differences between Perl 4 and Perl 5, especially the Object Oriented features of Perl5
DejaGnu is a framework for testing other programs. Its purpose is to provide a single front end for all tests.
It uses Expect and Tcl in tandem


Web Wizard
This is a Windows program designed to help you create homepages for the World Wide WEB.
Very good HTML editor. Can download off either or
Of webs and spiders...
Comprehensive HTML Help information.
Complete Index of HTML tags
Comprehensive Index with examples
Under Construction 98
Superb HTML Editor
RGB Color Chart
NeoPlanet is a personalized Internet Environment for consumers that fuses the best of portal and browser functionality into one highly intuitive, customized interface on the desktop. Its intuitive design and next-generation feature set makes using the Internet more personalized and user-friendly than ever.

Frames and Tables
The no-nonsense HTML Editor For Windows. Simple yet practical interface


The latest latest on XML and XSL.. and its hot

The User Interface Meta Language
A real thin client
Most Popular Fonts for Web Publishing
What is XML??
What makes XML tick??
XML Introduction
Turn the tables on XML by learning abt it!!
XML/XSL by Microsoft
A M$ site!! But the tutorials look good. Watch out of XML/XSL features in IE5.0
Web Distributed Data Exchange
The XML home
The X Files
The truth is out there... Chk out its associated sites : and
SAX: The Simple API for XML
So Simple......
XML by Oracle
Oracle goes XML.
Frequently Asked Questions about the Extensible Markup Language maintained by Peter Flynn et al.
The XML Oasis
OASIS : Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards. Look at which is being widely used as a DTD
Project Cool
Has nice XML tutorials and info
IBM AlphaWorks
Your link to all that is Java/Jikes and XML/XSL. If u;r a M$ guy, dont even look!! Oh!! BTW.. u can catch up Xeena the Warrior Princess there.
XML/DOM Reference

ZDNet Software Library - Search Results
Web Tutor
This is a very nice tutorial. U can download it from for offline viewing
Web Techniques
Web Techniques Magazine: Online Archive of articles available on-line. Included tutorials/discussion on a variety of stuff including DHTML XML/XSL et al
Web Developer Home Page
Where Web developers and Home page designers learn how to build Web sites
WebCounter Creation Page
How to add counters to your web pages
W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium
The Joy of Hex
The HTML Writers Guild
The Art of Frames
The Graphics and the Web
How do graphics and the web vibe together...after all it takes two to tango
Scanning Tips
Scanning is becoming an important form of input. This link pushes you to get the best out of your scanner.
Microsoft Site Builder
The Site Builder provides the latest information about Internet technologies, including reference material and in-depth articles on all aspects of Web site design and development.
Java Home Page
Inside Dynamic HTML
HTML in the language of the mortals...or so the site claims.
How to Set Up and Maintain a Web Site_ Resource Guide
How do they do that with HTML
The how-to of HTML. Covers from the novice to the expert, from the ordinary to the nerdy
Free web hosting services
Frames in HTML documents
Electronic Publishing Resources
This contains online resources required to build u'r pages. There are Backgrounds, Textures, Icons, Balls and Page Dividers, clipart, desktop publishing, fonts, web authoring, and much more
DO-IT Guidlines for Web Pages
Many Internet surfers are unable to view graphics and photos, or cannot hear audio because of disabilities. Make your pages disabled friendly. So here is how do I do it
Creating Good HTML
Crash Course in HTML
To the point
All Things Web and Wonderful
The Lord God made them all....
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
HTML Primer by NCSA


God's own game...

How to play Cricket
The way the game is played, including the cricket-speak...
The Swing of a Cricket Ball
Aerodynamics of Swerve and Seam
The home of cricket


Roget's Thesaurus
On line dictionaries
Lists dictionaries in different languages. Added to that other linguistic information are also available
Computing Dictionary
Pedro's Dictionaries
Achims List of Dictionaries

Electronics & Telecommunication

The Internet Book
The global Internet functions as the result of the inter-operation of many separate protocols and communication across an internet depends on the correct operation of each individual protocol involved. 'The Internet Book: Introduction And Reference' examines each of the common protocols on a chapter-by-chapter basis, explaining the tasks and format of each, related protocols and how each is expected to function.


Simple Networking Protocol

Very Good Site!!
The Simple Times
The SNMP Magazine
Network Monitoring Tutorial
Useful SNMP Links
Some More SNMP Links & Tutorials
The Simple Web
The best links on the web for the topic of Network Management
C++ weds SNMP here!!
SNMP introduction by cisco
SNMP Tutorial by cisco. Available in the mirror off Carleton Univ.
All about SNMP
SNMP Introduction
Exhaustive SNMP Introduction from IBM. There are a lot of diagrams which go along with this. There are links to RFC's also.
This also delves into SNMP implementaion on IBM proprietary stuff also like AIX, OS/2 etc.

SNMP Basics
RAD Technologies presents a RAD tutorial.

Articles and Tutorials on WAN/LAN
ATM Links und Tutorial
ATM & Gigabit Networks : Tutorial
Basic Electronics
Computer Networking & Internet Protocols
Computer Topics Online
Contains material on data communication, data structures, C, Assembly etc.
Data Communication Info
Dual-Tone Multiple Frequencies
Electronic Tutorials
Electronic Fundamentals
Telecommunications Information
A lot of Telecommunication associated links
Introduction to Internetworking
TCP/IP Resource List
The Winsock Connections
Wireless, RF and SpreadSpectrum
High Bandwidth Page
Wideband Networking
Internet Encylopedia
Electronics & Telecommunication Technical Resources
Telecom Technical Info
Vijay Mukhi's Tech Page
ISDN Resources
Networking Tutorials
Contains tutorials on Networking, HTML et al
PC Lube & Tune
This has a wide range of conceptual topics
EE Links
Electrical Engineering
Twisted Pair
All Electronics
Tutorials on Communication. Tutorials are in PDF
W.Richard Stevens
Electronics Lecture Notes
Martin Dale's Reference Desk
Virtual text book
Contains a lot of material which are categorised into different sections
The Network Book
The Network Book aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to networking and distributed computing technologies. Unlike traditional textbooks, it pursues a top-down approach to the topic, starting with the application layer and then describing the transport and network layers, finally covering the physical layer. The Network Book also emphasizes hands-on approach to learning. Assignments focus on design and implementation projects oriented towards small teams.
Notes on Telephony and Networking
Nomad Mobile Research Center
This site deals with computer security, intrusion detetction et al.
Interoperability Lab
Electronics Basics
Pointers to a lot of Basic Electronics Information
Data Communications Info
Has some notes from the Tannenbaum book
Data Communications : On line book
Communication Systems
Circuit Analysis and Electrical Theory
Electrical Engg material.
Winsock Programmers FAQ

Encryption and Steganography

Infoseek Search on steganography
The Tiny Encryption Algorithm
Tiny Encryption Algorithm Home Page
The ICE Home Page
BlowFish Cypher Page
Current State of Encryption Algorithms
Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems
An overview
Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem Tutorial
Private Data
List of common encryption algorithms
Elliptic Curves and Cryptography


Windows 95 Patches
Tudogs Free Software
The Freeware Publishing Site
Freeware Again
MikeB's Freeware Picks
Freeware Publishing
Freeware List
Freeware Home
Well organized and has got a lot of things to get
Freeware Favorites
Freeware 95
Free Stuff
Completely Free Software
Sanders Key Screen
Stroud's WinSock List
With reviews, so this is good

Friends & Classmates

Gopal's Home


Blue Byte
Avault Game Site


Sandhyavandanam Online
The Iyer Home Page
This is an information resource about the history, socio-anthropology, genetics and traditions of the Iyer community of Southern India

I18N Links

ZeeSoft - Internationalization and Localization
W3C Internationalization and Localization
Going Global by Microsoft
The Global dev site of Microsoft
I18N by SunExpert
Well written article on the basics of I18N. The next part of this article is available here :
Microsoft Developer Network - Going Global
Internationalization in JDK
How does Java speak in other languages??
List of web links for I18N resources

India Links

India Travel
Returning to India
Discovery of India
National Taskforce on IT & Software Development
India Web Chakra
Bharat Rakshak
Consortium of Indian Military Websites
Chennai Telephones Lookup
Chennai Telephones Directory Online
India Today
India News
Streaming video, provides news et al

Inquisitive Mind

The whats whys and hows. The source of all troubles

The place to point your browser to when you have questions
Ask Me
Experts answer queries. But ceveat emptor!
The electronic how
Ask Jeeves
As resourceful as the alter ego from P.G.Woodhouse books
What do you want to learn today?
How do things work?
ABC's of quite a few things
How to Frisbee
Diskfull of fun


Linux Journal
WinMag on the Internet
Windows Direction
PC Multimedia & Entertainment Magazine
PC Magazine on the Web
Silicon India
The Magazine for Professionals of Asian-Indian Origin
National Geographic
Reader's Digest Interactive
Scientific American
Employment Review
Learn about your career and employers here


Operations Research

Algorithms & LPP Page
Pointers to other sites
Michael's OR Page
OR Online
Contains programs to solve OR problems.. LPP and the like
Simply Simplex!!
Simplex Tutorial
Annotated Bibliography on LPP
Very good links!!
OR Notes by J.E. Beasley
Covers Integer Programming, Inventory Control, LP, Decision Trees, Forecasting, and Stochastic Programming
OR Notes
Notes on Integer Programming, Dynamic Programming (DP), stochastic DP and Quantitative Methods
Simplex Place

Puzzles & Brain Games

Contains a lot of puzzles. I had leaned more towards math since its a fun way of reinforcing the concepts learnt

The Ultimate Puzzle Site
Mathematically and Logically yours...
To think...
cogito ergo sum....
Cut the knot!!
Interactive mathematics and puzzles
The brain exceriser
Math puzzles for youngsters
Tao of Pi
The mysteries of the 22/7 explained!!

Software Tools for Math

Octave Home Page
GNU Octave is a high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations. It provides a convenient command line interface for solving linear and nonlinear problems numerically.

Octave has extensive tools for solving common numerical linear algebra problems, finding the roots of nonlinear equations, integrating ordinary functions, manipulating polynomials, and integrating ordinary differential and differential-algebraic equations.

Visual Math
Peanut Software Homepage
MuPAD Home Page
A Computer Algebra System
Graphmatica is a powerful, easy-to-use, equation plotter with numerical and calculus features. Graph Cartesian functions, relations, and inequalities, plus polar, parametric, and ordinary differential equations.

Calculus Tutor
Most of this is 1st year calculus tutorial.
Mathematics Archives
This has a lot of links including Visual Calculus, an excellent resource to study of Calculus.
SOS Math
Scalar, Vector, Tensor Math
C++ classes
Mathematics Info
British Columbia
Math Pages
Instant Solutions to your math problems
Numerical Recipes in C
A complete Book on-line
Dr. Math
This site is a collection of Mathematical Software, source code in C/C++, papers and Databases.
This looks like a highly accessed site looking at the number of hits it has got.
Maintained by Univ. of Tennessee at Knoxville and Computational Mathematics and Statistics Section.
The Mathematics Association of America
The Geometry Junkyard
These pages contain usenet clippings, web pointers, lecture notes, research excerpts, papers, abstracts, programs, problems, and other stuff related to discrete and computational geometry.
The joy of pi
Never did I know that an irrational number like this could be a source of attention of so much people around the world...
Chk out the links it has.
The Geometry Center : U of Minnesota
Center for Computation and Visualzation of Geometric Structures
The Knot Square
World Web Math : MIT
Notes on Trig, Calculus and Vector Calculus.
Web-Based Study Guides
Subjects include Algebra, Differentiation, Integration, Sequences, Vector Calculus and ODE.
Fun With Numbers
Hyperbolic Geometry
Fractals and Chaos
Mathematics Topics
Contains notes on Calculus, Discrete Math et al. But most of the material is in PDF format which is suitable for offline reading.
Math Studyweb
Frank Potter's Science Gems
Contains links not only on Math but also Physical Sciences.
Maths Online
This page contains prepared links to more than sixty online tools for every day purposes
Numerical Programming and Functions
Contains information on Limits, Continuity, Mean value theorem, Bolzano method, Regula Falsi Method, Newtons method et al.
Mathematical Atlas
A gateway to Mathematics
Internet Mathematics Library
By the Math Forum
Euclid's Elements
Euclid's Elements form one of the most beautiful and influential works of science in the history of humankind. Its beauty lies in its logical development of geometry and other branches of mathematics. It has influenced all branches of science but none so much as mathematics and the exact sciences. The Elements have been studied 24 centuries in many languages starting, of course, in the original Greek, then in Arabic, Latin, and many modern languages.
Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problems
Good & Comprehensive reference
Computational Physics
Numerical Methods of ODE and PDE. The examples are good
Complex Systems
Its quite complex indeed!!
Chaos Explained.
Contains a lot of information, but some links like those on Vector Calculus are incomplete
Integrals, Integration Techniques, Infinite Series,
Calculus Modules OnLine
Nice theory with applications. Contains Functions, Derivatives and Diff. Eq. Sadly misses Limits and Series
Analysis, Limits and Continuity


The Halloween Documents
Free SMTP & POP3 Mail Providers
Chk this out before u create an email account
The Darwin Awards
Shifts of Silver - a novel
Seven Wonders Web Site
Phantom ... Ghost Who Walks
Currency Rate Exchangers
You can customise this site and link it from yours too! A good place to do forex math
Bradford -Robotic -Telescope
Sherlock Holmes., 221b Baker Street
My Virtual Reference Desk
A One-Stop Site for All Things Internet
Multimedia Tour of the Solar System
Online language courses
You could learn a new language on-line and its free!! All you need is a multimedia enabled computer
The Dollar Stretcher
Tips to do just about anything!!
World Time Converter
Learn to...
Tutorials and tips for some amazing things...check this out when in doubt. Its called 'The Ability Utility'
FF3RPG - Table of Contents
Multi author cyber sci-fi

NeckTies & Knots

Knotting a tie is a knotty problem.... especially if protocol demands a specific type of a knot. Here are some links on how to tie a tie

Knot it!!
The MBA Style Mag way
How to choose a necktie
Marvin Minsky Rope Tie
The father of AI works on an 'Artificial' Tie
Tie yourself in Knots
Bizweb's H2TaT
All about Ties
Learn2 Tie a Necktie
In a jiffy...

News & Songs

Rediff EMag
Hindi Songs in RAF
Hindi Songs


Yahoo! - Computers and Internet_Employment_Jobs
Vantive - Welcome
Usertech is User and Performance Support_ Training, Documentation, Communications, and Consulti
Technical Writing - Welcome from The Mining Co.
Technical Writers - Technical Standards, Inc. - Technical Writers
Sunrise Systems Inc.
STC-Twin Cities Chapter Home Page
Oracle Corporation _ Home
JobServe - The largest source of IT vacancies in the UK
Job, Employment, and Career Search at Westech's Virtual Job Fair
India's First Site on Technical Writing
Employment Information
D2K Online
CareerBuilder_ ACHIEVE Magazine home page
Career RA
The J. Arthur Group
Compuware Corporation Home Page
Cisco Connection Online by Cisco Systems, Inc.
BostonSearch.Com -- Boston Jobs
ACT 1 Technical & Professional Services
Ace Communications Inc. Home Page


Zone System : A virtual Classroom
Zone System
Development of the Zone System by Ansel Adams, is widely regarded as one of the major achievements in the history of photography.
Technical books on Photography
Technical Books on Photography by Harold M. Merklinger
Rob Gray
Good gallery and essays. Some of his links are also good
Monte Zucker
The Ultimate Learning Experience...
Flash FAQ
Camera FAQ
Buying Cameras in Singapore
Agfa Library: Basics of Photography
Photo Net
Lenz Envy
KODAK: Guide To Better Pictures
Learn how to "see" like a camera
National Geographic Photography
Photoresource Magazine
Outdoor ELM Photography
Focus Online Photography
Film and Digital photography ezine
Todd's Basic on Photography
This teaches the basics from aperture to Shutter Speed. A nice intro for a newbie
Ron Hashiro's Photography Basics
On Composing photos...
Meduim Format Camera Resources
This contains a lot of articles of interest to 35mm shooters too
Outdoor Photography
It has got information on SLR Systems, Technical Information and Techniques. This page also serveys the features of different SLR brands.
Canon EOS Information Page
EOS Mailing List
Canon EOS photo magazine
EOS specific stuff
Canon EOS FAQ 2.4 - Table of Contents
Canon Camera Museum

Programming & utilites


The MFC-less CString class
Dinkum Reference
The best C++ reference online
STL Tutorial
A good compiler for C/C++ on DOS. Use RHIDE editor along with this as an IDE. (RHIDE Homepage : )
Who am I?
Who else??
Free C/C++ Complier
C/C++ Tuorial
This page give nice information on a "how to do " basis.
Genetic Algorithms & C++
A Guide to C++
All about Pointers and Arrays
Tackle C by its horns....
The White Book : Online
A Programming tutorial in C by Brian W. Kernighan. A simple tutorial of the 'old' C by the who's-who of C....
Extensive C tutorial
Visit for a tutorial on C++ by the same author
Optimisation of C Code
This document describes techniques for optimizing (improving the speed of) computer programs written in C. It focuses on minimizing time spent by the CPU and gives sample source code transformations that often yield improvements. Memory and I/O speed improvements are also discussed.

A library of data Structures in C
This library is a package of high quality reusable data structure modules written in ANSI C.
Tom Torf's Introduction to C
This discusses C as defined by ISO..aka the ANSI C.
The ten commandments of C
Harry Spencer spake....
Programming in C and C++ is a web site developed to help you learn to program inand use in the C and C++ programming languages
The C Coders Home Page
A lot of use infomation on all thats 'C'
How to C++ from C?
On learning C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup
DOC++ is a documentation system for C/C++ and Java generating both, LaTeX output for high quality hardcopies and HTML output for sophisticated online browsing of your documentation. The documentation is extracted directly from the C++ header or Java class files.
This is similar to javadoc
Deep C++
You will have to go back one step for the ftp listing of files and pull out each chapter. Quite good information on some numerical STL stuff C++ and moreon pointers et al
C/C++/MFC/Wins32 API Links
C++, Linear Algebra
C++ Links with emphasis on numerical methods
C++ tutorial, Pixel by Pixel
Nice C++ tutorial with a lot of examples
C Optimisation tutorial
Hand optimise C code
C Programming
A highly recommended web-tutorial on C by Steve Summit. If you have a copy of K&R2 and would like a thorough treatment of the language, read K&R and the `Notes to Accompany K&R' side by side. If you're just getting your feet wet and would like a somewhat simpler introduction, read the `Class Notes.'

NT, VC++ & MFC

Alternate shells

The default aint good enough!!

Alternate GUI for NT
Desktop People
The unchained desktop. He has got extensive links on Alternate Shells for Windows
How to setup Litestep

Device Drivers

Driver Programming
VxD Development Page
Cherry Hill Software
VxD Writer : SoftSeek Link
VxD writer : a supplement to the DDK
VxD Writer
This is a tool for Writing VxD's for Win 95 and Win 98.

There is a debugger for VxD's also available off the same site
This tool writes Windows Drivers
Interfacing the PC
Info on CPI. More of DOS stuff and Driver Stuff for Windows

Comprehensive MFC Site
Code Guru
NT Internals
Info on System Internals
Windows Samples
Visual C++ Topics and Tutorials
PC Magazine Tutorials from Jeff Prosise. There are five parts to an initial tutorial. A lot of other technologies are also discussed.
Windev & VC++
Windows Source Code Examples
VC++ Tutorials
Complete Set
NTBugtraq Home
C++ programming for DOS and Windows
MFC Tutorial
This tutorial is on some fundamentally advanced topics of MFC. Makes good reading
NT Security

OOAD Methodologies & Tools

All on OOAD

This is an OOAD tool supporting multiple methodologies like UML, BOOCH, OMT etc.

This tool can document and reverse engineer exisiting code
Class Action
This is an OOAD tool which generates code im VC++ MFC 4.0
The Booch Methodology
Giant OO Link Site

Awk, C, Java Script Prog Tutorials
This contains information on EMACS, vi, Graphics, Perl, JavaScript, X, Motif, Sed, Awk, Java, C/C++
Hmmm... yes thats a lot of stuff out there
Free Internet Hard Disk. This gives upto 20 Meg free space.
A Great Source Of Programming Tools for Delphi, VB, C++ ...
UNIX Programming Tools Support
Essential NT Software on the NET
Software Tools
SIMTEL Archives for Windows 95/NT
RHIDE is a good IDE editor used along with DJGPP.
Programmers Vault
A lot of programming tips
Zeus Text Editor
Quines are self reproducing programs
The Genetic Programming Software Notebook
Genetic programming Links
Book Mark Utility
The art of Software testing
Zen and the Art of Software Testing
Guru of the Week
The Essence of OOP
Macmillan Online Bookshelf
email id for login :
Programming and Computational Languages
Catalogued into different sections. Its got a lot of information and its quite extensive
Network Management Lab
Network Management Lab at Carleton Univ. Has links on genetic prog. and neural networks
Automating FTP
This automates FTP from command line.
NetworkComputing Online
This is an online magazine. Has a lot of information in other sites like unixworld et al...reachable from this site
Packet Storm Security
Hacking starts here...
Pointer to a pointer
The title says it all...
Harmless Hacking
Can hacking be harmless?? :) The backup site exists at
The Freebuilder : The Java IDE
FreeBuilder is a FREE, visual programming environment based on Java technologies. FreeBuilder comes with an integrated text editor, debugger, and compiler.

The Tao of Programming
The Jargon Dictionary
Inferno and Limbo
This is a network OS coming out of lucent. It has the K&R in its dev team. The programming langauage for this OS is called Limbo. Is it another 'C'...Chk it out..
Illogical Logic
Has pointers on programming fo C/C++ CGI/Perl Java Pascal Assembly etc
Java Resources
Contains pointers to a lot of topics including algorithms, ADTs, Subjects in CS, Languages and Methodologies
Cafè Au Lait
FAQ, News and Resources


Bookmark Managers

Compass Bookmark Manager
Used by me!!
Web Organizer is an address book for all your favorite web sites and friends or relatives E-mail addresses. When a link is selected, if no browser is open it will launch your default browser, if a browser is open it will go to the selected link. When an E-mail address is selected it will launch your default mail program. It has the ability to create folders and import bookmarks from both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator make even easier to use.

A freeware MP3 ripper
Nice internet tools!!
SiSoftware Sandra
Benchmark your comp. Very comprehensive info
Winamp is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity music player for Windows 95/98/NT.
Word Place
TuneUp 97
A nice MP3 player comparable to WinAmp
SouthSoft, Inc.
Net Lightening
Display Doctor
DC6JGK - GkSetup Toolkit
EWAN, winsock terminal emulator
Good Telnet editor replacement
A fully featured text editor for Windows

Readers Pleasure

Project Gutenberg
Fine literature digitally republished
Master Sun Tzu on the Art of War
The Camden House
The Complete works of Sherlock Holmes
The Awful German Language
A delightful article written about the syntax and semantics of the German Language by Mark Twain
Classic Authors
Library of Congress
The Internet Classics Archive
Sponsored by the MIT program on Writing and Humanistic Studies, this site has a collection of the Greek Classics and other titles...
From the makers of Encyclopedia Brittanica, this site gives a set of links which they consider the best. You can say it as the 'creme de la creme'

Search Engines

Yahoo! Germany
WDR Computerclub
Netscape Search
LookSmart - exploring LookSmart
FTP Search
Avenue Search at
AOL NetFind
AltaVista- Translations


The Z Tree Has more info

Email Clients

Kaufman E-Mail Warrior
Kaufman E-mail Warrior is a simple mail client with a lot of features o' plenty. You'll find it comparable to bigger-name clients such as Outlook Express and Netscape Messenger.

CNet on Email
Reviews, articles and a host of other resources for e-mail
Nice Email Client

ZD Net Library
Windows95 Annoyances
The WinSite(tm) Archive
The Shack
Solway's Shareware
Shareware Authors
The Matrix
Screen Saver
Sander's Previewer
PCWin Resource
My Shareware
March 1998 Top Ten Shareware
Galt Zone
File King
Dylan's Software
Collected Windows95 Software
Clayon's Shareware
Allen's Windows
32bit Center
Shareware Place

Singapore Sites

Travelling in Singapore
Whats where of Singapore
The New Paper
The Electric New Paper
Singapore Yellow Pages
Singapore Telecom Home Page
Television Corporation of Singapore
Singapore Phone Book (SPB) Home Page
Singapore Immigration
Singapore Job Bank
Singapore Post
Singapore InfoMap
Singapore Careers
Street Directory of Singapore
The entire steet Directory of Singapore
Singapore Bus Service (SBS)
Online Route Guide
Singapore Everywhere
Sim Lim Square Online
The place to be if you need to pick up computer hardware in Singapore!
S e a r c h S i n g a p o r e - Travel _ Travel Guides
Singapore ONLine
CNet Singapore
Of Computers and Technology in Singapore
SQ E Travel
The e travel saga
Makan lah!
The national hobby
AsiaONE Sigapore Information
National Library Board
Housing Agents in Singapore
Expat Singapore!!
Economic Development Board (EDB)
Classified Advertisement Service
Channel News Asia
All about Singapore

Tech Stuff!
Tweak It..
Hardware Reference Site
Toms Hardware
The System Optimization Site
Spumador's HW Page
PC Mechanic
Hardcore Hardware
Water Cooled CPUs
New forms of cooling thanks to the overclocking technology
Computer Hardware Performance


ZDTips - Home Page
Windows95 OSR2 FAQ
Becky Users Home Page

Writer's Toolkit

Writer's Resource Center
The Internet Public Library
Technical Writing
Technical Writers of India Forum Message Board
Technical Communication Resources
Strunk, William. 1918. The Elements of Style.
Joanne Reid's Page for Writers
Inkspot_ Writing resources, newsletter for writers
documentation - PC Webopaedia Definition and Links
Common Errors in English
English as a second language for the Americans...
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
The Voice of the Shuttle

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