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Jajki Laddu

Disclaimer:Please note that I am not a qualified doctor. The information and recipy provided here is tried and tested within our family from generation to geeration but medically not proven in any lab. Since all ingradient are from natural sources, I believe that there will be no side effect but occurace of any side effect is not ruled-out completely. If you are interested in trying this recipy, please do so at your own risk.

Jajki laddu is a medicinal Laddu for Post-Natal Care of the mother of new-born baby. Mothers need to take extra care for few days after delivering a baby due to following reasons:


Ingradient typeIngradient NameQuantity in grams
Hindi NameEnglish Name
Aurvedic MedicinesAsgandhWinter cherry, Withania somnifera100
Safed MusaliChlorophytum borivilianum100
Kamarkas or Palash ka GondGum of Flame-of-the-forest or Butea Frondosa100
PippaliLong Pepper, Dried Catkins100
Ganth Pippal100
SounthDry Ginger100
Dry FruitsBadamAlmonds250
ChhoharaDry Date250
MakhanaLotus Seeds250
BaseAantaWheat Flour500
Gheeclarified Butter1000
Mishreecultivated licorice100
Sukha NariyalDry Coconut250

Preparation Process

  1. Sun dry all ingradients of Aurvedic Medicines and grind
  2. Deep fry Makhana in ghee and set aside
  3. Cut Chhohara into smal pieces
  4. Grate Sukha Nariyal
  5. Roast Chhohara, Sukha Nariyal, Pista, Badam, Kaju and Gond, one at a time, with small amount of ghee and set aside
  6. Mix all roasted dry fruits and Gond, and grind
  7. Roast wheat flour with small amount of ghee till it turn to golden brown
  8. Mix all grinded ingradients, roasted wheat flour, Gud, Mishree and remaining ghee
  9. Make laddus of the mix and store it an air tight bottle

Recommended Use

Take one laddu with a glass of milk every morning before or after breakfast. Do not drink water for minimum 30 minutes after eating the laddu.