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The people you command.

Lords are versitile swordsmen capable of using every sword in the game.  They are very well-rounded and rather on the swift side, but lacking in magic defense. There is little a Lord can't do, from combating full-grown dragons to opening chests like a thief. Unfortunately they do not premote.

Marth is your only lord. Guard him carefully, because dead Marth = Game Over.

When a Social Knight, Paladin, Pegasus Knight or Dragonrider dismount from their ride, they become a swordsman.  Swordsmen are fairly well-rounded, but not as strong as they are when they are mounted, and thus can not use their spears. They have a very limited choice of swords and should only be used when going indoors.

Your amount of swordsmen varies with the amount of mounted units you have with you.

Social Knight
The backbone of any army, social knights are solid fighters capable of traveling long distances.  They can wield any spear with ease, but lack a painful amount of strength until about level 7. You can count on your social knights to be swift, sturdy fighters for your front lines.

Book One SK's: Kain, Able, Roshe, Villuck, Hardain,  Marchis
Book Two SK's: Cecilia, Roddy, Luke, Marchis, Kain

Paladins are the fearsome promoted forms of the social knights. In the later levels, you will find paladins being your main fighters, as they are devastatingly powerful in both attack and defense. Now mounted on a draft horse, your paladin can cover greater distances and even take on hilly terrain.

Book One Pals: Jeigan, Medea, Alan
Book Two Pals: Alan, Sirius, Able, Roshe, Medea

Pegasus Knight
Pegasus Knights are swift and skilled airborne fighters who prefer to use the lighter weapons in order to score critical hits on their enemies. Your Pegasus Knights will be able to cover the entire map without being affected by the terrain and thus can take out many enemies before they even pose a threat to you. Be careful, however: an arrow or a wind spell is instant death for these pretty soldiers.

Book One PK's: Paola, Katua, Est, Sheeda
Book Two PK's: Paola, Katua, Est, Sheeda

Premoted Pegasus Knights.  Dragonriders are horrifyingly formidible units, posessing the attack and defense strength of a paladin while maintaining the speed and skill of a pegasus knight. Dragonriders have all the strengths -- and weaknesses -- of their lesser forms. They do, however, sacrifice the pegasus's incredible magic defense for a higher physical defense.

Book One DR's: Minerva
Book Two DR's: Minerva

Far better sword fighters than a dismounted knight, Mercs specialize in dodging and critical hits. They may not have the best defenses ever, but they can slice your enemies up good. Mercs can use just about any sword and are only prone to magic.

Book One Mercs: Oguma, Navaare, Raddy, Caezar
Book Two Mercs: Oguma, Navaare, Samuto

Premoted Mercs. These guys are scary. You can barely lay a scratch on them because they have so much defense and HP, but in the meantime they'll be turning you into a salad. On top of that, they dodge and deliver critical hits even more than their lesser forms do! Having a hero on your side is a very. Good. Thing.

Book One Heros: Astoria, Samson
Book Two Heros: Astoria, Samson

Your only magic users. Mages are frail and poor in melee combat, but allow them to attack from afar and watch them lay waste to your enemies with the elements. They can not equip hand-weapons, but instead use spellbooks to cast various magics at your enemies. They are invaluable when fighting larger, stronger units that swords cannot scratch.

Book One Mages: Maric, Linda
Book Two Mages: Maric, Linda, Elren, Yubello

Premoted mages/sisters. Priests(esses) are identical to their weaker counterparts, except this time they actually gain some defense and HP. They also gain the power to both use healing staffs and cast magic spells, allowing for much more versitility.

Book One PR's: Wendel, Boa
Book Two PR's: Wendel, Maria, Rena, Nina, Ellis

Sisters are young women who have taken an oath of pacifism in order to focus on healing energies instead. They can not attack nor fend for themselves, and they lack incredibly in HP, making them the first target for your enemies. However, your party will never survive without the aid of a sister, as they are the only healers you have. Guard them with your life!

Book One Sis: Rena, Maria
Book Two Sis: Marissa, Yumina

Armored marksmen of the sharpshooting kind, archers can wield a variety of bows but can only attack from afar. They are not the strongest of units, but when put against a pegasus knight or dragonrider, they will suddenly become a tremendous foe.

Book One Arcs: Gordon, Thomas
Book Two Arcs: Gordon, Ryan

Premoted archers. Boasting high attack power, defense and HP, these guys can tackle a variety of enemies with ease while never taking a scratch, while at the same time knocking pegasai and dragons out of the air with one shot. A very valluable addition to your army.

Book One Snis: George
Book Two Snis: George

A different  type of archer. Unlike their counterparts, they sacrifice attack and defensive power for greater speed and skill. They deliver far more critical blows than a normal archer, so a proper balance of both might prove useful.

Book One Huns: Kashim
Book Two Huns: Warren, Kashim

Premoted hunters who return to their previous form when dismounted. Horsemen are incredibly swift and skilled and can cover amazing distances. Now with a mount, they gain a needed boost in defense and HP.

Book One HMs: Zaggaro, Ulf
Book Two HMs: None

Hiring a thief gains you a secretive party member who can open treasure chests and pick locks on doors and bridges. As they rely more on their speed and wits to do their job, they are not the heartiest fighters, but don't underestimate them; they're quite prone to delivering critical blows. They do not premote, although making an effort  to kill enemy thieves often proves fruitful.

Book One This: Julian, Ricardo
Book Two This: Julian, Ricardo

Dancers are energetic young women who are trained to fight and share their energy with those around them. Like thieves, they are frail but skilled, but their special ability to dance will allow one of your units to move again. When used wisely this will not only gain her lots of experience but give you a massive advantage over the enemy.

Fina is your only dancer, and she does not premote.

On their own, commandos are weak and not  the best of fighters, though they do make an effort. Their true strength lies in their ability to transform into whoever they stand next to, gaining all of their statistics -- except HP. Commandos can not become dancers, mamcoots or sisters and only stay transformed for a limited amount of time. They boast a killer magic defense, however.

Chainey is your only commando, and he can not premote.

An ancient race of people that once dominated Akanea, Mamcoots are now a rare sight to most of mankind. Alone and untransformed, a Mamcoot can not defend itself, but equip one with a special dragonstone and they become the strongest of your fighters. Depending on the element of the dragonstone, a Mamcoot can transform into a different kind of dragon, all of which are devestatingly powerful. They can not premote, but hey -- they don't need to!

Book One Coots: Banetou, Chiki
Book Two Coots: Banetou, Chiki

The "tanks" of your army. Armor knights are trained in spearfighting and boast a crazy amount of defense. Don't expect speed from these heavily-laden warriors, but you'll find you won't have to worry about them anyways; they often make good, tough decoys for dragons and other stronger enemies.

Book One Arms: Doga, Toms, Michelan
Book Two Arms: Doga

Premoted armors. This form is a favorite for boss-types, and it's no wonder -- it's next to impossible to lay a scratch on them! Generals are painfully slow, but their attack power will leave you boggling. They're like walking brick walls.

Book One Gens: Lawarance
Book Two Gens: Sheema

Warriors are unique in the fact that they don't use swords or spears like the majority of your army. Instead these solid fighters brandish battle axes and throwing hatchets, relying on brute force to chop up their enemies. They're slow, but with some leveling can pack a punch. Warriors do not premote.

Book One Wars: Saji, Maji, Bashi
Book Two Wars: None