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Projecting Paola                   5/25/03's been exactly a month since my last update. Well, imagine that.
In this little news bullitin I will be bringing to you good news, bad news, and
a lot of my own ranting. : P

First of all, the ranting.  Did you know this little page is ranked #4 in Yahoo's
top 20 sites for Fire Emblem 3, out of 51,200 total? Neither did I. : P And
Blaxor's not too far behind, either, so give a cheer for those hard-working
guys as well! Of course,if you don't believe me, go type "Fire Emblem 3"
in the Yahoo search engine and see for yourself. On a more random note, I
could eat a Mamcoot  whole if I could only get my grubby little paws on the
oh-so rare and elusive FE3 Sound Memorium CD. ~sigh~ I envy you, Rukes.

Now for the good news! Well, no, I'm not here to tell you about FE7...I mean,
if you don't know about that already, you must be living under a rock. And
I've heard the rumors like everyone else, but I'm sure Nintendo will
disappoint us again and not bring it to the US. Anyways. You all can give my
boyfriend Marth a great big W00t for sparing one of my Fire Emblem RPG
projects -- the interactive one, mind you. Tentatively titled Akanea MUSH
for now, we've dusted the cobwebs off it and are now beginning to work on
it together again. Now, for those of you unfamiliar with MUSHing, you might
wanna look it up, because it is the most fun and addictive online experience
ever. Now all Marth and I need to do is get permission from Nintendo to put
this thing up online when it's all done...and we all know how stingy
Nintend'oh can be, even for non-profit, obsessed fangirls such as yours
truely. x.x Some of the MUSH's helpfiles will be transfered into useful info
here on the site and vice-versa, so keep your eyes open for some minor

Now the bad news. As much as I hate to let it come to this, I must finally
admit defeat in some aspects. I can no longer maintain the original FE RPG
because of its email-based message system. It is simply too time consuming
to execute role play and plots by that means and it's got everyone confused
anyways, so it's gonna have to come down. In addition, courtesy of my
vengeful father and time-consuming econ class, my days of posting in FESS
are all but numbered. I may pop in from time to time with tidbits of info and
whatnot, but I doubt I'll be a regular again like I was before. I hope the gang
there is doing okay without my Marth-obsessions and drab sense of humor,
but they really are a good bunch and I'll continue to support you and the rest
of the FE community.

Ack...well, that's enough of that. This posting got a little longer than I had
anticipated. To quote Drachma from "Skies of Arcadia": Humph. I'm getting
long-winded in my old age. Pretty sad when you're still in highschool, huh?