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Links to other English FE sites. Sadly, there aren't many now, but check them out anyways to support other FE fans!

FEER -- English resources on everything Fire Emblem. Unfortunately it hasn't been updated in forever, 99% of its links are dead, and there's not a single picture on the whole site.

Fire Emblem for SSBM Players -- The Great Rukes Riese and her guide explaining Marth and Roy for those of you who only know them through Super Smash Brothers: Melee.

Fire Emblem Mailing List -- Another work of Rukes Riese. Join today to get all your FE questions solved!

A Little Fire Emblem Page -- A small FE4 site that's simple and yet offers some good information that you can't find elsewhere. It's been little-known for quite some time now, so why not check it out?

The Golden Leaf -- My friend Lord Alvein's brand-spanking new FE6 page! Visit it now and he may give you a sammich.

Sigurd's Pants -- An FE4 site maintained by a pretty good friend of mine. Extensive coverage for Geneology of Holy War as well as a nice source of other goodies for all the other FE games.

The Mamcoot From 20,000 Fathoms -- Another great site from the maker of Sigurd's Pants. This one has extensive coverage on FE6: Sword of the Seals.