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The Sounds of Akanea
Akanea has its own taste of music and sound. Most of it is hard to come by today, but here I have gathered as many recordings as I could.

Book One: Far Reaches
Book Two: Akanean Deserts
The Legend of Anri
The Dragon Tier
Book One: Ending Theme
Garnef's Theme
Gato's Theme
Hardain's Theme
Battle Map 1
Battle Map 2
Battle Map 3
Marth Speaking Aritian (By Japanese Seiyuu Hikaru Midorikawa, who voices Marth in SSBM and the Fire Emblem Anime)
Dramatic Overworld Theme
Fire Emblem Theme 1
Fire Emblem Theme 2
Medeus: First Incarnation
Medeus: Second Incarnation
Love Theme
Ohm Revival
Ricardo's Theme
Starlight Magic
Akanean Village