Weapons and Items
What you need to survive

Equipped by lords, knights (dismounted), mercenaries, heros, dancers, thieves and commandos (unmorphed)

Bronze Sword
A relatively heavy, weak sword that does minor damage. Cheap, but rather ineffective. It can be equipped by anyone.

Iron Sword
Stronger than the bronze sword, but heavier as well. Iron Swords deal a fairly good ammount of damage, as long as they're in the right hands. They can be equipped by anyone.

Silver Sword
Lightweight, powerful, and a must-have for heros. This blade might cost a pretty penny, but it's worth it. It can be equipped by everyone except Chainy, Julian and Fina.

Kill Sword
Navaare's trademark. This sword is no stronger than the iron sword, but why does it cost so much? Because it makes your character's critical hit rate skyrocket. These swords are worth the investment, but can not be equipped by Fina.

Armor Splitter
A favorite of thieves. This sword is no stronger than the iron sword and is a bit costly, but gives you a massive advantage over armors and generals. It can be equipped by everyone.

Dragon Slayer
A relatively powerful sword, but is expensive and not very durable. This sword proves invaluable because of its gigantic advantage over dragons and dragonriders. A must-have for Marth, can not be equipped by Chainy,  Julian and Fina.

Demon Edge
The most powerful sword in the game. It can not be bought, but it can often be hocked off a dead thief. Anyone can equip it. The downside to such raw power? If your character misses with it, it will kill them.

Thunder Sword
A pirate's best friend. This sword can not attack, but instead casts the thunder spell. Its attack is automatically 10, and it can be equipped by anyone.

Lady Sword
A powerful kill sword of sorts that can only be equipped by your female units (Except Chiki. Duh.) It will increase the speed and skill of whoever wields it.

Sword Killer
Expensive, odd-looking, and as strong as the dragonslayer. It's not too special, but gives you a bonus against mercs and heros.

Master Sword
As powerful as a silver sword, but with the effects of a kill sword. This blade is one-of-a-kind and requires a high level of weapon skill to use. It can be obtained from the Temple of Time in Hyrule Village -- err, I mean the strange viking dude northeast of the stone tower in Thebes.

Miracle Sword
One of the three Akanean Royal Weapons. As to be expected, it has a crazy amount of attack power and is incredibly easy for most characters to use. It's fairly durable to boot.

A weak but expensive and versitile sword that adds points to your character's speed and skill ratings. It has a bonus against Social Knights, Paladins, Armors and Generals, but can only be equipped by Marth and Fina. For all its weakness, it actually is one of the most useful swords in the game.

The devine blade Anri used to slay Medeus in the Great War. It has a gigantic bonus over anything draconic and can not break. Being the last living descendant of Anri, only Marth can wield it. Garnef has a strange fetish with it, so you'll have to kill him to obtain it.

Equipped by mounted knights, paladins, pegasus knights, dragonriders, and armors and generals.

Narrow Spear
A favorite of pegasus knights. These spears are cheap and weak, but are very lightweight, thus adding bonus points to your character's speed and skill ratings. They often get critical hits.

Bronze Spear
Cheap, weak, and heavy to boot. The only person who can do anything good with these spears is Sirius. Try to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Iron Spear
Somewhat expensive and relatively strong, but very heavy. A mediocre weapon, nothing too special, but certainly better than its bronze predecessor.

Silver Spear
After three crappy spears, it's about time we get some power! These spears cost a fortune, but are lightweight and very powerful. A great investment; they rip enemies to shreads.

Cheap, weak and clumsy. They can be thrown to do range attacks, but aren't too accurate. You'll miss half the time with one of these; don't bother with them.

Knight Killer
Relatively weak, but has a huge bonus over social knights and paladins. These can only be won off bosses.

Killer Lance
The "kill sword" of lances. As to be expected, this makes your character's critical hit rate skyrocket. Very pricey, however, so invest in them wisely.

The second of the Akanean Royal Weapons, thins spear is INSANE.  It is easily the most powerful weapon in the game, and can almost NEVER miss. Aside from that, it often gets critical blows and can either be used up close or thrown from afar like a javelin -- the difference is, it will actually hit, and can be thrown twice! My personal favorite. ^_^

Equipped by mages, priests and priestesses.

A trademark of Lina Inverse, now reduced to the crappiest spell in the game. Cheap, but weak. Don't even BOTHER with it unless you're being pestered by Nahga the Serpent.

Actually pretty decent, for its critical hit rate if anything. Once your mages start gaining levels, they can use this to their advantage. It's even cheap and available everywhere.

Cheap and pretty weak, except it has an advantage over fire dragons. That's about it.

A mini-version of Excalibur. It only has an attack of about 10, but allows your character to attack twice and almost always gets a critical on at least one of those turns. A pretty nifty spell, has advantage over flying units.

A good spell, solid and relatively cheap. It creates a rain of fire above your enemies and has an advantage over ice dragons.

The most useful spell in the game, IMHO. It can only be used by female units. This attack sucks HP from the enemy and returns it to your character -- a crit will fully heal her. It is perfect protection if your mage is out on her own or can be used to make her a lure to other enemies. With Rizzah, she is almost invincible. This is only found in treasure chests and can not be bought, so be sure to "repair" it with the Harman staff when it gets low on usage points.

The strongest "normal" spell in the game. You can often rip it off bosses or sometimes obtain it in secret stores. It deals a hefty amount of damage and torches ice dragons effortlessly.

Elren's trademark spell. It's sort of an upgraded version of the lightning spell, being more powerful and with a better critical hit chance. It can't be bought, but is pretty useful, so hold on to it.

Maric's trademark spell. It's fairly strong, but not immensely so; its true power lies in its insane critical hit chances. This spell rips everything apart ('cept Mamcoots). Watch it take out all the dragonriders on the map.

The strongest of the spells. Only Linda can use it. It is one-of-a-kind and makes boss battles a cakewalk. Just sit back and watch Linda 0wnz0r the map. Just watch how many usage points it has left, and repair it when needed.

Not the strongest ever, but it is the only thing that can counter the affects of Garnef's Maph spell. If you bring the star and light orbs to Gato, (or visit Michael in book 2) you can obtain this. Keep in mind that killing Garnef is the only way to get the Falchion. The background when it is cast is really cool, though.


A spell exclusive to enemies. It sends a swarm of bees out to attack your units. Luckily it's easy to dodge, but it has a range of 3-10 squares.

Just like worm, but stronger and not as easy to dodge. Garnef's cronies love pelting you with it.

Another enemy-exclusive spell. It summons a giant pair of eyes that shoots your character with lazer beams. If they hit, your character's HP is reduced to 1.


Garnef's trademark spell. You can't attack him while he's weilding it, nor can you counter attack if he attacks you. He's completely invincible. Only Starlight can harm him.

Equiped by sisters, priests and priestesses.

Your cheap, basic, run-of-the-mill starting staff. Recovers only 10 HP. Whoopee.

A little less common and a lot more expensive than the Live staff. Recovers twice the damage and is much more useful.

Very pricey, but restores all of a character's HP. W00t.

Restores 10 HP to a character anywhere on the map. Can be bought from secret shops.....for a price.

Recovers 10 HP to all of your active party members. A total lifesaver (literally) in the later levels. Cannot be bought.

Teleports a character to anyplace on the map (within reason). Only Rena and Yumina can use it.

Magic Shield
Boosts a character's magic defense for a few turns. The added number of defense will slowly decrease until it is gone.

Unlocks doors, chests and bridges. It only appears in book 2 and can be swiped from the inaccessable chests in the Khadin Academy with the thief staff.

Prevents all magic -- including yours -- from being used for a full turn. When used wisely, it is a good source of protection, especially in The Dragon Tier.

Most useless staff in the game. Allows you to see into enclosed areas (ie: castles) , which open up anyways when you unlock them. I just sell it.

Gives all of your characters (except the one casting it) their turn back, allowing them to move and attack again. It only has 3 charges, so use it wisely.

Yumina's special staff, which only she can use. It takes any one of your characters from anywhere on the map and brings them to her. This is the only way to rescue several characters from their deaths, so don't waste it!

A handy staff only Marissa can use. It summons a fairy to go rob treasure chests for you that are otherwise inaccessable on the map. You can obtain some pretty useful and rare items when using this wisely.

A rare staff that can not be bought. It will fully replenish the usage points for a weapon, as long as it isn't broken (or, in the case of spellbooks, it hasn't disappeared). This is the only way to keep rare weapons such as the Miracle Sword or Aura spell in tact. It can only be used by Rena and Marissa.


A special staff trademark of Ellis, though it can be used by anyone with a high degree of weapon skill. It will revive a unit who has died.

Can be used by anyone as long as they are holding it in their inventory.

Live staff in a bottle. Recovers 10 HP when used by a character.

Holy Water
Water blessed by a Macedonian Priest. Magic Shield in a bottle (follows the same principles). Pricey.

Door Key
Required to open locked doors in castles, jail cells, etc. Using a thief is cheaper, but door keys don't cost all that much and it's probably a good idea to have a few around anyways.

Bridge Key
Lowers bridges. (bridges that look broken/incomplete) Using a thief is cheaper and easier.

Treasure Key
Allows any character to open up a treasure chest. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! Just have Marth/Julian do the dirty work.

Power Ring
Boosts a character's power by 4 points. Ideal for power-leveling mercs or giving a much-needed strength boost to mages, sisters, etc. (boosting a sister's strength will increase her healing powers) Can not be bought.

Speed Ring
Boosts a character's speed by 5 points. Ideal for power-leveling pegasus knights, but more recommended for slower units like armors and archers. Can not be bought.

Dragon Shield
Boosts a character's defense by 3 points. Great for Sheeda, Marth, Fina, or any of your sisters. Can not be bought.

Secret Book
Boosts a character's skill by 5 points. Good for power-leveling your mercs or for people like Julian with lower skill ratings. Can not be bought.

Boots a character's weapon skill by 5. Ideal for anyone, can not be bought.

Magic Tonic
Boosts a character's magic defense by 3. Ideal for anyone, can not be bought.

Angel's Robes
Boosts a character's max HP by 7 points. Ideal for Marth in book one, ESSENTIAL FOR FINA IN BOOK TWO! Can not be bought.

Knight's Emblem
Premotes Social Knights and Armor Knights if they are at level 10 or higher. Can be bought at some secret stores.

Hero's Badge
Premotes mercs to heros if they are at level 10 or higher. Can be bought at some secret stores.

Priest's Ring
Premotes mages and sisters if they are at level 10 or higher. Can be bought at some secret stores.

Dragon's Whip
Premotes pegasus knights if they are at level 10 or higher. Can be bought at some secret stores.

Orion's Arrow
Premotes archers and hunters if they are at level 10 or higher. Can be bought at some secret stores.

Goddess Amulet
Boosts a character's luck by 5 points. Can not be bought.

Speed Boots
Boosts a character's speed by 3 points. Perfect for slower units like Armors and Archers. Can not be bought.

Aoite's Shield
The shield of Saint Aoite, a revered pegasus knight. It renders a character invunerable to whatever their weakness is. A must-have for one of your flying units. Can not be bought; Michael has it in his possession.

Silver Card
Allows you to take 50% off all of your purchases at a blacksmith's, item merchant's, potion seller's, or secret shops. Can't be bought.

Member Card
Gives you access to secret shops hidden in certain in-game maps. Can not be bought.

Dragon Stones
Special elemental stones that only Mamcoots can use. When given these in their inventory, Chiki and Banetou can transform into one of 5 different types of dragons. The Firestone can be found, and Chiki comes with her Godstone, but the Waterstone, Earthstone, and Spellstone can only be found within secret shops. Each stone transforms your Mamcoot into a different elemental dragon, each with their own special abilities.

Hoshii Orb Fragments
Shards of the Star Orb which have been scattered all over Akanea in book 2. There are 12 in all, each with a name of a constelation or sign of the Zodiac. Each fragment will boost a certain stat if a character is holding it, but all 12 are needed to form the Star Orb and save Chiki. They can often be ripped off thieves and bosses.