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The Dark realm of Princess Desire


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Here are some things about me
Nicknames:many,,,Princess, Princess Desire, Heart's Desire, Fire Babe, Slowrena, JoJo, Red, Buzz, Serenegg,,,many others
Age:17 (18 in April)
Residence:New Haven, Indiana
Grade:senior in high school
Hobbies:writing, singing, dancing, going clubbing, driving in my car, surfing the net (duh), working on my website, and chatting
Music:I like all types of music, but lately I have been listening to mostly rock. Some of my fav bands are Staind, Evanescence, Nickelback, Linkin Park, and Puddle Of Mudd.
My car:I have a 95 cherry red 2 dr. Grand Am SE with tinted windows. My One and only Love is that car,,,,lol. The only time when I can just listen to music, relax, and have no worries is when I'm in my car.
Here is a pic of me,,,
Not so great,,,but it was taken on my webcam,,,so what do you expect??
My favs:
Here are my fav things,,,,,
Favorite TV Show: none in particular,,,I just love to watch music channels (MTV, MTV2, VH1,whatever's on)
Favorite Movie: Final Destination
Favorite Music: Rock (Staind, Evanescence, Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd, Linkin Park)
Favorite Book: anything by Danielle Steel or Anne Rice
Favorite Sports Team: I am a RABID Denver Broncos fan,,,I love them!!!
Cool quotes
You don't love someone because they are beautiful,,,they are beautiful because you love them.
"If you love something,,let it go. If it returns,,its yours. If it doesn't,,it was never meant to be. "