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The Dark realm of Princess Desire


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My poetry
My poems,,,

These are some poems I have written:

My Heart

I used to live in a world where no one seemed to understand me.

But you opened my eyes so that I could see.

I thought that no one could love me for who I am.

You seemed to be the only one to understand.

And I loved you so much you made my heart flutter.

When you spoke I seemed to melt like butter.

How could you cause me this pain?

I feel like Im going insane.

I love you so much oh why cant you see?

You need to come back to me.

We had so many memories.

Of times when we felt so wild and free.

Remember the first time we kissed?

Or all the times we wished.

For more hours in the day.

So we wouldnt have to be away.

I shared so much with you.

My happiness, sadness, and anger, too.

I thought that you would always be around.

To hold me, to keep me safe and sound.

I told you my hopes and my fears.

All the pain Ive gone thru over the years.

Lose yourself in the music, the moment, you own it, you better never let it go.

The words to a song we always heard on the radio.

Remember the night we went to see 8 Mile?

Thinking of that night still makes me smile.

All the times we went dancing.

Or the times left for romancing.

Whatever the day, whatever the case.

I always loved to see your face.

I never did anything to hurt you.

Never cheated or lied, never thought of being untrue.

Disagreements, yes, at times.

But we never thought those to be crimes.

I never thought it would end up this way.

Never thought I would hear on that cold March day.

I just want to be friends.

Oh god why does it seem like this feeling never ends?

I know that I should just stop thinking about you.

Accept the fact that we are thru.

But I love you with all my heart.

I dont think I can stand us being apart.

Its just not fair that I have to pay.

For all the things you do or say.

All those times, those endless nights.

Now seem to me to just be lies.

I shudder just thinking of your touch.

It is something I love very much.

Although you still say you love me.

The emotional side doesnt seem to be there, you see.

Did I never pay enough attention?

Never show enough affection?

I have been thinking for quite some time.

All kinds of thoughts running thru my mind.

Now I think Ill just go to bed.

With all these thoughts going thru my head.

Why should I make an effort, why should I try?

Now seems like the best time to say I love you and goodbye.

How was I supposed to Know??

How was I supposed to know
That tonight would be the last time you would kiss me?
That tonight would be the last night I would feel your touch?
I will miss it so very much.
Why do I love you like this?
Why do I dream of your kiss?
The answer so simple, is right in front of me.
I love you baby, why can't you see?
You hurt me so bad.
I know why I feel so bad.
I want to just forget.
But forgetfulness my mind will not let.
I have come to a conclusion.
Even among all my confusion.
But how was I supposed to know?
How was I supposed to know?