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Science Magazine tries to keep physicists in dark ages

In the May 21, 1999 issue of Science Magazine, writer David Voss is once again attempting to keep science from progressing to maturity. In the articles, "A Free Energy Enthusiast Seeks Like Minded Colleagues", and "New Physics Finds a Haven at the Patent Office", the writer attempts to place barriers in the way of open-minded physicists who are simply trying to validate new physics proposals.

The typical response of governmental agencies, corporate establishments, and other forms of mainstream thinking, is to discredit any new ideas so that they can't progress. J.P. Morgan withdrew financial backing from Nikola Tesla when he proposed that it would be possible to provide the entire world with an unlimited supply of electricity. Morgan, of course having much power in the political arena, got Tesla ideas dismissed as eccentric. Morgan's motivation was greed.

This is happening every day. The prominent scientists of the world are rejecting ideas merely because some unknown inventor discovered the idea first. You will find more regarding this issue in our article entitled, "cover-ups" elsewhere on this site.

David Voss personally used Science Magazine to launch a defamatory attack against Thomas Valone, President of Integrity Research Institute. Valone organized the Conference On Future Energy recently held in Bethesda, Maryland. The conference was to allow fellow physicists to share ideas and possibly validate some of the unexplained anomalies that are occurring everyday in labs around the world. Some of us thank Tom for the torment he will encounter as a result of this conference.

We are trying to work together to find the laws of physics that are yet undiscovered. Just because they are not yet in the science books, or not being taught in major universities, does not mean that these proposals cannot exist, or defy the current laws. Humanity has not reached the point that we know everything. New things are being discovered everyday. David Voss, and his publication Science Magazine are just trying to stifle any new ideas before they become validated. This may be because they know it all, or because they are resistant to change. Or perhaps because they feel that they would sell more copies if they took the position of a supermarket tabloid!

At any rate, we must stop the conspiracy to black-ball and assassinate anyone who might have a new idea or product. We are only stopping science where we are, and not moving into the new millennium if we do not take action for a change now.

Please voice your opinions regarding Science Magazine, and David Voss's plan to keep science in the Dark Ages. Write a letter to:

Science Magazine
1200 New York Ave. NW
Washington, DC  20005

Thanks for your support in this matter. I know that Tom Valone will appreciate your backing also.

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