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The pictures within these galleries fall into two broad catagories. Digital pictures, which were created using various computer programs, and Analog pictures, which were created using video feedback. In most cases however, the "digital" pictures are really only quantizations of fundamentally continuous mathematical structures, and so may be viewed as "analog". Similarly, during the creation of the "analog" images, they were constantly being scanned into discrete chunks, mixed, and reassembled, so there is a "digital" aspect to these images as well. All this is as it should be.
A single underlying theme does exist: that of iteration. Repeating a mathematical formula over and over in the case of the Digital pictures, and repeating the optoelectronic transformations that take place in video hardware in the case of the Analog pictures.
Now, see for yourself the kinds of complex patterns that can spring into existence inside iterative feedback loops.

Analog            Digital