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The windows port of Gimp has a few methods of customization that the oridginal linux version had.

1.Splash screen, can be customized by replacing the image.
Customized Gimp splash screen.
2.Colour themes, Seperate colors for individual bits ala windows.
3.Skins, By using images and engines the buttons can be replaced with images.
Skinned gimp main menu.
The splash screen is customised by just replacing the image, but the other two require editing of a file calledGTKRC.
Tutorials will be forth comming on the various customization methods available to gimp.

Many people have asked the same thing in the many contact systems(forums/news groups) I cant see the whole list of file extensions how do i see them all? I will help out by providing a way to resize to font used by gimp to view the whole list.