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GTK or Gimp Tool Kit is an Application Programming Interface (API) is written in c, oridginally for a program called GIMP (Gnu Image Minipulation Program). it has since proved so usefull it is now used for a range of programs and has now been ported to various platforms. The following tutorials are concerning customizing the look and feel of the program without having to recode the program.

Below you will find a selection of screen shoots from customisation bit done to gimp.

sorry full sized screen shot of collor changes to wingimp.

My background image (also known as bgpixmap)used for a bad customization.

A start of a win32 version of a Gtk theme.

The first thing i customised, the splash screen.


***Gimp Splash Screen.***
Progress Bar.
Main window.

***GTK App customisation.***

Rc files.
Widget List.
Tying it all together.

*** External Links ***

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