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Customising gimp's splash screen part 1
Changing the Image

1. Start by finding the oridginal splash screen image gimp_splash.ppm,and open it (on my install it was under GIMP\share\gimp\1.2).
2. In gimp rightclick the image and goto View>Info window. This will bring up a window with the images size.
3. (Still in gimp) goto File>New and create a canvas of the exact same size as the oridginal (300 X 325 pixels).
4. Put whatever you would like to see on the canvas and save the picture as gimp_splash.ppm (make sure you make a back up of the oridginal).
5. Move new picture to folder containing oridginal image and replace old image with new image.
6. (if not already done so) exit gimp and restart. you should now see you new splash screen at startup.

Modifing the progress bar.

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