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Making a UT CrossHair


UnrealTournament Cross Hair's are 64*64 pixals and are saved as a 256 colour Zsoft PaintBrush (.pcx). The background colour (black) is treated as Transperient and the actual visible bit is in shades of gray(Gray Scale). Other colours can be used but for this tutorial i will stick to gray scale icons.

This tutorial will explane how to make and use one using the following programs.
Paint: my choice for per pixal colouring.
Paint Shop Pro/ Animation Shop: for converting to .pcx and. giff (so u can preview the animation outside of UT/UED).
UED: Unreal editor used for making the texture package UT needs.
Notepad: Any text based editor will do for modifying .INI files.
Finialy, UT: so u can play and watch your cross hair in all its glory.

This is how a Crosshair appears in UT and This is the source file.