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This tutorial will tell u how to set up and use the Agent X mutator from the source code.

1. Download the Agent X source code from Mr Whites home page.
2. Click on the Agent X zip file

And unzip to C:\UnrealTournament and you should get a folder layout like below:

Make sure the .int file is in
3. To make the mutator open unrealtournament ini and add
editpackages=newax to the end of the editpackages list.
4. Open the Dos prompt and type
CD\ and hit return
5. Type C:\UnrealTournament\System (return), then type UCC make

If done properly you should now have NEWAX.U in the C:\UnrealTournament\System folder.

Now load up UT and pick PRACTICE SESSION, under game type you should now find some game types, pick AX death match and PLAY and you should now have UT levels with the AGENT X weapon.
If you got this far "WELL DONE" now sit back and enjoy the mutator untill the next release.



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