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Corporal S.Jensen's private logs.

Move out.

Huh whaa,
Uh sir, sir, YES SIR!
Gets you kit were moving out the skarj have taken Sagatomi Beach,
Damn that was one of our drop points.
Uh sir were we going to?
Were pulling back to Sand Rock Cliffs to defend Beta drop site and regroup with Gray Fang company. Great first we lose a drop point now we have to join up with trigger-happy half-casteís. Well at least Iím not stuck in a skarj prison, for four years I was stuck in the same stinking blood incrusted cell will a pile of old bones for company. Now I treasure these battle ship grey concrete walls with small "porthole" type windows and heavy steel doors.
Sir! where do I report to?
Hanger 14, the rest of your squad will be waiting for you there.
Since I lost my captain's bars if missed having a squad to command. It may be only a couple of dregs that escaped with me from the prison but as non of us has anything to loose, were the best fighters here.
I step out into the corridor and BANG, strate into a cadet rushing to the hanger.
Whach out!
S s sorry sir!.
Hanger 14, its not really a hanger but a cave about a mile wide that could be heavily defended,At the base is a set of reinforced concrete bunkers built around the mouth of the cave containing barracks, mess halls, tactical rooms and every thing else that makes this place home.
In the squad theres 10 of us left out of the 25 that escaped, all huddled around a bashed up Tera naval bumbalbee found after the escape, its been rebuilt umpteen times from so many hit and run attacks that theres nothing original left on it, but its the most heavily armoured and equipped tank in operation despite its age.
The crew consists of my first officer Kaaren hagus another prison ship captain captured by the skarj.
Doc "One Eye" Phillips, the skarj took his eye for fun, but once we were free he built him self a positronic eye making him also a crack sniper officer aswell as a medic.