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Im having to rebuild everything after changing computers so things are getting lost.


Still loads of tweeks to be done to this site but mainly background code. If people are visiting please email comments to ADAMJAMESBRYANT79@HOTMAIL.COM


It seems this site uk brother is doomed, I cant edit any page because the ftp is not working ant the host has changed styles, how bothersome!.


Ive been working on lego models latly so i got side tracked with my work.
My Transformers collection has grown by another 80 this week due to the perchise of Armarda Prime and Dreadwing & Smoke jumper. one day ill post pics of my complete set but for now you'll just have to wait.


Ive been a bit busy lately because ive got hosting at diviant art, so all artwork will appear there for your entertainment.


The tripod server was down yesterday so i couldn't upload my metro page. The server is now working so I managed to upload my page, so feel free to take a look at it (link in nav plane<---)


well its offical, my old 1985 metro has now passed its mot HURRAY!!!


Haven't done much to this or the .com version sites because of time issues but once my car has passed it's MOT i'll start work again. I finially found a voodoo2 2000 so i can get my music computer working now!


This is the uk mirror of my site and all links may not work because ive only just started to upload pages.BR>

New page uploaded My Gtk stuff.


It's My birthday and i h8 it, work is continuing with OSPG/LIVE Java programming has started but i confess i am getting confused, nontheless its getting done. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank you for visiting my site, This is my version 2 site. The First site was set up for my UT mod but as thats dead So is the old look. New page up, my attempt at a RPG. OLRPG For now any link that doent have a page will link to forums i am a member of.