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Kathleen Norwick

Kathleen and Master Wu in Whitby qi gong workshop
Kathleen and Master Wu in Whitby qi gong workshop
Kathleen practicing qi gong at Master Wu's office
Kathleen practicing qi gong at Master Wu's office

It is very hard to find adequate words that can tell the reader how much it has meant to me to be taught the ancient art of Qigong by such a gifted, distinguished and kind person as Master Wu.

I have also realized the dedication and caring of his assistant and interpreter, Teresa. Over the past 3 years, I have seen my health recover and improve and I never cease to be amazed at just how powerful and beneficial the practice of Qigong is.

Through healing sessions with Master Wu and the practice of Qigong, the tremors in my hands have almost completely gone. This was of great concern, as my father had suffered for 25 years with Parkinson's Disease. Further Qigong practice and healing sessions with Master Wu helped me with migraine headaches, from which I have had only one recurrence in the past 3 years which was very brief and was cleared up with one session with Master Wu. 

I also suffered from bladder and kidney problems. A problematic pregnancy had left me with a prolapsed bladder causing me to have the urge to go frequently and which was worse at night and which often interfered with my sleep. My kidneys had also been weakened from this complicated pregnancy. Master Wu taught me Bladder and Kidney Qigong and with dedicated practice, my kidneys and bladder have recovered amazingly and seem to improve more all the time.

My husband has also benefited from healing sessions with Master Wu. Suffering from severe degenerative arthritis in both his hips for most of his life, he had gotten to the point where he had tried many things, but nothing seem to take his pain away. I suggested he see Master Wu. My husband, sceptical but desperate, finally agreed to go see him. His words to Master Wu at the first treatment were, "You can try, but don't feel bad if you don't help me, my situation is very complicated and I'm not expecting much." 

The first treatment he got relief from his pain and has been going for 2 years now. He has long ago left his scepticism behind and now says if he did not have his treatments, he would not be able to walk. This has meant perhaps the most to me of all, because when you watch someone you love suffer, you suffer along with them.

Master Wu has also done healing sessions with my children. Three out of four of my children have physical problems and he has worked with them showing them different exercises to help them with their problems. My whole family has come in to Master Wu's and all my family has learned Level I Qigong and my three oldest daughters and husband have gone on to learn Level II, the Zhineng Qigong. This to me is a wonderful tool that my children can use throughout their life to help them cope with their physical problems.

There has also been a further benefit I have found with Master Wu's teaching of Qigong. I have found a great calm and strength in myself I have never experienced before. The joy I feel to live each day is deep in the core of me and I am grateful.

Now I am under the supervision of Master Wu teaching Qigong in the Whitby area. Master Wu and Teresa come and do the Level I Workshop and I take over the refresher classes and continuous practice classes in the Whitby area. My students all seem to enjoy the classes very much. One enthusiastic student says she just loves my classes and this has really touched my heart. Some of my students say that the Qigong has helped them to relax more. 

One student says her neck problem which affected her sleep has improved with the Qigong. She also says she was troubled with a very dry mouth especially at night and since doing the Dental Qigong her saliva has increased significantly and she is not bothered by a dry mouth anymore. Most of the students are experiencing the feeling of chi during the classes. My students have also taught me and I am glad to know them. This has been a positive and wonderful experience for me. To be a part of bringing Qigong to other people and to be able to help someone with their health is a privilege and a joy to me. It has led me to understand that this is something I want to do for the rest of my life.

Kathleen Norwick

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Last Updated: December 31, 2001