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Heading Hungyung

General Learning:

The quickest way to build internal Qi is to regularly receive external Qi from a Qi Gong master. This may help you to create a jumpstart in practising Qi Gong. Master Master Wu emits Qi to students in every class enhancing their existing qi. Most students will feel the effect of Qi through various demonstrations in the class.

Master Wu’s recommended each student should at least learn 4 styles of Qi Gong:

  • Health & Fitness Qi Gong

  • 7-Style Tai Chi Qi Gong

  • Anti-Cancer Longevity Qi Gong & Walking Qi Gong

  • Eye Qi Gong

Based on individual health conditions, you may also need to learn some specialized Qi Gong styles for specific ailments. For example, if you have sexual erection problems, you will need to learn the Health & Fitness Qi Gong and then learn the Kidney Qi Gong to revive the kidney energy.

Here is a list of Wu’s Hunyuan Styles created by Master Wu for your selection:

Health & Fitness Qi Gong
Master Wu teaches you how to develop more Qi. You will learn theory, feel Qi and start emitting Qi to yourself. And it creates a solid foundation for better advancement in future learning. Through daily practice, this Qi Gong form will enhance the function of the immune, digestive, excretory, respiratory and central nervous systems.

7-Style Tai Chi Qi Gong
In 7 steps, Master Wu combines Tai Chi and Qi Gong together thus improving the healing Qi in Tai Chi. Also a breakthrough in Qi enhancing warm-up exercises is taught.

Many people ask Master Weizhao Wu what is the difference between Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Tai Chi (also known asTai Chi Chuan or Taiji Quan). "Tai Chi" means infinite changes. Tai Chi and Qi Gong are both ancient Chinese treasures which contribute to fitness and health. Tai Chi may be explained as a slow motion Kung Fu while Qi Gong is a self-healing art of balancing and strengthening one’s life force.

Tai Chi movements are very graceful and flow like water and cloud. It has many health benefits like building strength in joints and balancing the body. It attracts many people to practise all over the world. There are four famous Tai Chi families: Wu, Yang, Chen and Sun styles.

However, the whole routine of traditional Tai Chi styles is usually long, hard to learn and difficult to remember. Some Tai Chi consists of a variety of movements such as 108 styles, 88 styles and at least 24 styles. It requires years of supervised instruction with a master to become proficient at practising. Improvements of chronic health conditions will increase faster by practising Qi Gong versus Tai Chi using the same amount of practising time in most cases. Practising Tai Chi and Qi Gong at the same time is most beneficial.

Master Weizhao Wu did research on how to improve Qi in Tai Chi movements. After Master Weizhao Wu moved to Canada, he created the 7-Style Tai Chi Qi Gong style using new techniques to specifically focus on increasing the healing Qi in Tai Chi movements. It is an easy to learn Tai Chi Qi Gong Style that includes both Qi Gong and Tai Chi in one.

Also, a breakthrough in Qi enhancing warm-up exercises is taught.

Anti-Cancer Longevity Qi Gong
Practising this style helps to improve your intake of oxygen by using unique techniques to collect powerful universal energy, exchange energy, and nourish and cleanse the body. The styles carry Master Wu’s wish and hope to help all practitioners improve their disease-fighting ability and bring out their innate healing ability.

Eye Qi Gong
Class eye Qi Gong China

Eyes are the windows of our health. Eye Qi Gong helps to improve our wisdom. It helps to improve vision, blurry eyes, myopia, cataracts, watery, swollen eyes and unexplanatory eye problems,etc.

The picture shows Master Wu teaching Eye Qi Gong to young students in his home province in China.

From 1990 to 1992, Master Wu led a 100-person medical team to perform a three-year repetitive scientific research study on 4,000 people to use Wu's Eye Qi Gong to heal eye problems. Wu's Eye Qi Gong has proven to have over 90% success rate.

In 1991, Wu's Qi Gong was videotaped as a medical educational tape for distribution all over China.
Wu's Eye Qi Gong has received many awards:
1991 - Guangdong Province Board of Education
1992 - Guangzhou City Physical Education and Science Association
1992 - Guangzhou City Primary School Physical Education and Health Research Association
1993 - Guangzhou Province Preventive Medical Association

  • Kidney Qi Gong : Helps night urinary problems, kidney problems and sexual energy. The kidneys are an important source of Qi in our body. We are constantly using our kidney Qi. It affects the functions of all organs especially the urinary bladder, prostate and sexual organs.

  • Ear Qi Gong: Helps to regulate ringing ears.

  • Nose Qi Gong :Helps to relieve allergies, stuffy nose and inflammation.

  • Dental Qi Gong :Helps to strengthen gum, teeth and dry throat.

  • Facial Qi Gong :Helps to beautify skin textures, softness, colours and eases wrinkles on face/neck.

  • Head Qi Gong : Helps to relieve headaches/migraines

  • High Blood Pressure and Heart Qi Gong :Helps to regulate cardio-vascular problems.

  • Liver Qi Gong : Practise the Eye Qi Gong to help the liver

  • Stomach Qi Gong: Helps to relieve gastric and acidic stomach, as well as abdominal pain.

  • Lung Qi Gong :Helps to relieve respiratory problems like asthma, chest pain and coughing.

  • Joints Qi Gong :Helps to relieve some occupational related health problems causing joints discomfort.

  • Neck/Shoulder Qi Gong: Helps to relieve pain/stiffness in the neck/shoulder

  • Lower Back Qi Gong :Helps to relieve pain/stiffness of the lower back

  • Dragon Qi Gong :Helps to improve overall qi.

  • Snake Qi Gong: Helps to loose weight.

  • Turtle Qi Gong :Helps to build strength and energy.

  • Frog Qi Gong : Helps to build abdominal strength.

  • Mantis Qi Gong: Helps to prevent anti-aging/revives youth.

  • 3-Direction Relaxing Qi Gong :Helps to relax the nervous system.

Class eye Qi Gong China
Master Wu teaching Eye Qi Gong to Secondary students in China.

Class eye Qi Gong Canada
Canadian students learning Eye Qi Gong.

old Woman
Master Wu's Mother, 89, does not need reading glasses. She practises Eye Qi Gong daily.

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