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Master Wu

Master Weizhao Wu, now 69, has impeccable qualifications and over 60 years of experience in Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Wushu (meaning Martial Arts or Kung Fu). He has taught and helped over 30,000 people in China and Canada. Master Wu successfully trained many instructors and masters in Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Wushu. He is the founder of "Wu’s Hunyuan Gong".

Master Wu practised Wushu and Qi Gong since about 7 years of age. Since youth, he received special national training of all kinds of Western sports including swimming, gymnastics, Western fencing, weight-lifting, body-building, track and field. He learned from famous overseas instructors invited to teach in China from Russia, Hungary, Germany and Italy.
Italian Instructor

Western Fencing Referees Training Camp for the Chinese National Sports Championships. Centre - Italian Expert, second on the right - Master Wu

Master Wu has learned many disciplines of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Wushu from famous Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Wushu Masters of Omei, Wu Dang, Shaolin, Royal Family, etc. He enjoys practising Southern Boxing and the famous four Tai Chi families: Wu, Yang, Chan and Sun styles.

He acted as Qi Gong Advisor of the Preventive Science Research Centre and Qi Gong Master of the Guangdong Provincial Physical Athletic Sports Hospital using Qi Gong to heal sports injuries of famous athletes. He was also former Vice-Chairman of the Zhineng Qi Gong Research Centre of Guangzhou Province.

His Eye Qi Gong and Wushu were gradually promoted in Primary and Secondary Schools of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City in China. Specialized teachers organized practices and Master Wu’s Wushu styles were included as part of the provincial syllabus of physical education. He obtained honourary awards and certificates from Qi Gong, medical, scientific, educational and athletic societies for his work.

He was also the Advisor of the Guangzhou City Wushu (Martial Arts) Association and was appointed as Chief Instructor of Wushu for Primary and Secondary Schools of the Guangzhou City teaching all municipal physical education teachers to teach Wushu in schools. Master Wu also organized and founded the Primary and Secondary Students Wushu Team for the Guangzhou City providing talents for the nation.

He was also the first Guandong provincial coach in Western fencing and formed the Guangdong Western Fencing Training Team. He was appointed as Referee of Western fencing of the First, Second, Third, Fifth and Sixth Chinese National Sports Championships; Assistant Chief Referee in the Third National Championship and Arbitrator in the Sixth National Championship.

China photo with judges

Guangdong Provincial Track & Field Team of Secondary Schools led by Maser Wu (Team Leader)

He created unique Western Fencing attacking techniques. He was the former Vice-Chairman of both the Guangdong Fencing and Guangzhou Associations.

Because of the impeccable qualifications and experiences of Master Wu, he has attracted lots of famous masters to meet with him and had opportunities to mutually exchange experiences and knowledge. In the last 60 years, Master Wu learned and practised over a hundred kinds of soft and hard Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Wushu styles including weaponry. Master Wu is humble to learn and is happy to share his knowledge.

For over ten years, Master Wu did intensive clinical research studies in China on how to use Qi Gong to promote healing from various illnesses especially on eye problems and external injuries. His published scientific research theses on Qi Gong studies including "Use of Qi Gong to Prevent Myopia" and "Use of Qi Gong in 311 Clinical Cases of Diseases".

In 1995, he was appointed Qi Gong Master of the Chinese Qi Gong Talent Bank of the Science Research Academy of Chinese Qi Gong. (The Chinese Talent Bank is the highest Chinese official organization in the Qi Gong Network organized and managed by the Exchange Service Centre of the Science Research Academy of Chinese Qi Gong.)
Master Wu was further appointed as former Accredited Liaison Man of the Exchange Service Centre of the Science Research Academy of Chinese Qi Gong. He participated in training and selecting qualified Qi Gong Talents for the Qi Gong Talent Bank.

Since Master Wu moved to Canada, he regrets seeing so many health problems in the society and hence has decided to teach his knowledge to the general public. By combining ancient wisdom and modern science, he simplified the complicated ancient Qi Gong and founded his own style named, "Wu’s Hunyuan Gong".

Medical Teen
Presentation of Theses Meeting, Guangdong Provincial Preventive Medical &
Health Society for Children and Youth. Left second row, third person - Master Wu

Master Wu participaed in activity of University of Toronto Western Fencing Team

Kung Fu Brick

Healing bend knee
Tai Chi with one leg


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