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Heading Other Qi Gongs

Other Qi Gong Styles:
Most Qi Gong styles taught in the society are usually long and hard to practise. Master Weizhao Wu’s Qi Gong styles were created to fit today’s lifestyle. They are brief yet effective and can improve health in a short period of time.

Here are some traditional Qi Gong styles that Master Wu teaches on request:

1) Zhineng Qi Gong
Master Wu, former Vice Chairman of the Guangzhou Zhineng Qi Gong Research Centre, has researched with reputable Zhineng Qi Gong masters in China on how to improve the Zhineng teaching method. Master Wu has since created his unique visualization and Qi Gong techniques to increase the Qi in Zhineng.

Stage 1 - Peng Qi Guan Ding Fa
Stage 2 - Xing Shen Zhuang (Body and Mind Qi Gong)
Stage 3 - Wu Yuan Zhuang

2) Eight Brocade

3) Guo Lin Qi Gong

4) Omei Three-Style Qi Gong

5) Shaolin Single-Finger Qi Gong

6) Wudang Big Energy Qi Gong

Master Weizhao Wu says, " Every style has its specialty. We should learn the best of each family to help overselves."

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