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Master Wu’s Assistant and Translator


I am very happy today to share my Qi Gong story with you. I am Master Wu's first student in Canada and I have learned over 7 years Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Martial Arts from him. I am Master Wu’s assistant and translator. I am a certified Qi Gong instructor with Chinese recognition outside of China.

When I was 20, I had lung diseases which had greatly weakened my immunity. In 1985, after given birth to my first child by caesarean and my health started to become worse. My neck and back hurt so much that I needed to do something right away. I started to see a chiropractor on a regular basis for the following year.

From then on for the next 11 years, I continued to have occasional back and neck pain, which made it necessary to see a chiropractor sometimes. I later gave birth to two more children which made life more stressful and my health and immunity became worse. In 1996, the year I started to practise I gong, I would catch a cold or flu almost every month; either I started it or picked it up from the children.

My house always smelled of medicines because of frequent cooking of Chinese herbal soup for me or for the children. At this time, I met Master Wu and started to do Qi gong with him.

Here are some of my health improvements since practising:

  1. My neck and back pain was so much better. When I look up, there is no pain in the neck now. My back only has minimal discomfort now. Gradually, I do not need to see the chiropractor anymore.

  2. Before if I went out shopping for a whole day, in the evening, my right leg would hurt and I would limp around until I slept it through. Today, I don't have this problem anymore.

  3. After doing Qi Gong for a year, I noticed that my allergies to cat has improved a lot. Before my eyes turned red, nose would run, throat became very itchy after I spent 5 minutes with the cats. I needed to take medicine for allergies immediately. I would not visit any place with cats around. Today, I can stay with cats for a few hours and feel O.K.

  4. I used to have a lot of allergies in hay fever time and my hay fever is 90% better this year. I feel that I have hay fever symptons later and later each year after doing Qi Gong.

  5. I used to have migraines and headaches sometimes especially after I exposed to wind or under the sun for a long period of time. I would have headaches that evening. After practising Qi Gong, I don't have much migraines or headaches anymore. When I do at odd times, the area with pain is a lot smaller now and I can relieve the pain by practicing Qi Gong.

  6. I used to have a lot of heartburn and gas in my stomach. Today, I have no more hearburn but some gas occasionally. The gas will release by itself when I practise Qi Gong.

  7. Before I would feel very dizzy sometimes when I got up from a chair because of very low blood pressure. Some days, I had to lie in bed in order not to feel dizzy. Now, I don't have this problem.

  8. I used to have diarrhea during menstruation and constipation at normal days. Today, I have regular bowel.

  9. I slept much deeper now and woke up with energy in the morning.

  10. After doing Qi Gong, my skin colour improves and I look younger each year. I am 45 and some people thought that I am still a university student. I have lots of energy and would not get sick so easily like before.

Many of my family members and relatives also practise Qi Gong and I have listed below some of the stories:

  • My younger daughter started to practise Qi Gong when she was only 6 years' old. After practising, she does not have her occasional diarrhea especially after big meal.

  • My eldest daughter practised qi gong when she was 10 with me. She was asthmatic and needed to use a buffer occasionally for breathing. She could not do much sports as she would cough a lot when exercising. She practised Qi Gong with us and slowly could stop using the buffer and she could do any sports now.

  • My 78 years' old father's health and temperament has improved. He used to have a very hot temper. A few years ago, he was very dizzy and was admitted to the hospital. The doctors could not find out anything wrong with him but knew that he was not making blood for some unknown reasons. He was sent home to wait. Therefore, he started to practise Qi Gong. Since practising, he had no more blood disorder. He still maintains a very good blood count. Qi Gong is now his hobby and is what he talks about all day.

As years go by, I and my family continue to experience more and more benefits after practising Qi Gong. With my own eyes, I have seen many people improve their health after practising Wu's styles.

Qi Gong becomes part of my life and I will continue to learn from Master Wu. I wish more and more people will start practising Qi Gong and receive the benefits themselves like me.

Teresa Yeung
E-mail: or Tel: 905-707-6558

Photo of Teresa and Master Wu after practicing qi gong in nature