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Heading Testimonial

New VR 2

Master Wu interviewed by the New VR Station - O Well That's Life Show with
Christine McPhee, Health & Wellness Specialist, April 11, 2002

New VR 3

From left: Kathleen Norwick, Teresa Yeung, John Russell,
Christine McPhee, Lawrence Oakley, Master Wu and Dr. Ken Ng (B.Sc., M.D., C.H.)

My name is John Russell and I am 52 years old. I am a Program Manager for a non-profit agency that provides housing and support services to people that are homeless and have a mental illness. As well, I am a Chartered Herbalist and am the owner of a company that grows and sells organic medicinal herbs.
For the past ten years, I have suffered from lower back and shoulder pain. The muscle spasms were so severe that I was flat on my back for weeks and was unable to work. During this time, I tried various medications and physical therapy. While these methods did bring me some relief, the problem continued to reoccur every few months.
For the past two years I have been learning qigong and receiving back treatments from Master Wu. My back and shoulder has improved significantly. I still experience some minor pains from time to time but not as bad as before. Daily practice has also helped me to be more relaxed and have more energy.
People at work have noticed that I am much healthier and calmer and wanted to know what I have been doing to achieve this. After telling them about the use of daily qigong practice, they asked me to organize classes for them to help improve their health and reduce their stress. With Master Wu's support, I organised a workshop in May, 2001, at the Queen West Health Centre. 
The workshop went very well with eighteen mental health staff from two non-profit agencies attending. Everyone was very happy and felt that this qigong practice will help them to change their health. I felt very happy too and I now organize and lead weekly qigong practice classes.
The classes are going very well. Here are some very encouraging comments from my students:
"the pain in my back is gone and I feel energized"
"it helps me to relax and get rid of tension and stress after work"
"I practise every other day and it helps me feel better"
"after I practise, I feel calm and peaceful "This is encouraging. I will continue to invite Master Wu to teach qigong workshops at the Queen West Health Centre and will continue to organize weekly practice classes. If you are interested in attending a workshop at the Queen West Health Centre ( Bathurst & Queen St.) or have any questions, you can contact me.
John Russell

John before (1999) and after learning Qi Gong (2001


My name is Maurice Lavigne of Fredericton, NB, Canada. I am a Registered Massage Therapist and a Black Belt instructor of Aikido, a Japanese Art of self-defense. I work for the government of New Brunswick as Manager of Information Technology Services. I have been learning Qi Gong from Master Wu for the past 3 years. Master Wu has taught me various Qi Gong and Tai Chi Qi Gong forms such as:

  • Wu's Health and Fitness Qi Gong
  • Zhineng Qi Gong Stage 1
  • Zhineng Qi Gong Stage 2
  • Tai Chi Qi Gong
  • 8 Brocade Form
  • Exercises for Computer Users
  • Anti-Cancer Qi Gong
  • Eye Qi Gong
  • Kidney Qi Gong
  • Micro and Macro Cosmic Orbit Meditation
  • Wall SquattingI had always wanted to learn Qi Gong from a true Master.

Approximately three years ago I discovered Master Wu on the Internet. I invited him to give a workshop in Fredericton, NB. At the time I was suffering from several repetitive stress injuries that had been lingering for some time: tendonitis in the right shoulder, trigger fingers in both hands, pain and limited range of motion in both knees. After a weekend of treatments and learning Wu's Health and Fitness Qi Gong, my problems all but disappeared.
In late November 2000, I broke the small bone in the left leg just below the knee. After consulting with two physicians, I decided not to cast the leg, as the broken bone was non-weight bearing. Ten days later I flew to Toronto to see Master Wu. He did intensive treatment on the leg, reducing the swelling dramatically. He also got rid of the blood pooling in the calf, and eliminated all the black and blue marks caused by the ankle brace I had been wearing. During my brief stay at his Centre, I also learned the 8 Brocade Form.
In November of 2001, I had my leg x-rayed. The break, located on the upper third of the fibula, has healed perfectly.
Master Wu treated my wife, Louise, for kidney problems about two years ago. She would get up at all hours of the night, up to six times, to pee. After treatment with Master Wu, and doing Wu's Kidney Qi Gong for a few months, she would not get up at all or only once during the night. Since then she has stopped practicing Qi Gong on a regular basis. Nevertheless, her condition is still much improved over what it was before doing Qi Gong.
This year I have taught Wu's 7-Style Tai Chi Qi Gong to a few students at my studio in Fredericton, NB. It is amazing to see the results. All students benefit from greater stress reduction. Some claim more specific benefits such as reduced flare-ups of arthritis and migraine headaches on days when they practice Qi Gong.
Master's Wu is an excellent teacher and healer. I hope more people will benefit from his experience.
For more information contact me at , call 1-506-450-3040 or visit the web site Web:Aikido Dojo & Qigong Studio.

Maurice Lavigne & Master Wu

Maurice at Fredericton Workshop

It is very hard to find adequate words that can tell the reader how much it has meant to me to be taught the ancient art of Qigong by such a gifted, distinguished and kind person as Master Wu.
I have also realized the dedication and caring of his assistant and interpreter, Teresa. Over the past 3 years, I have seen my health recover and improve and I never cease to be amazed at just how powerful and beneficial the practice of Qigong is.
Through healing sessions with Master Wu and the practice of Qigong, the tremors in my hands have almost completely gone. This was of great concern, as my father had suffered for 25 years with Parkinson's Disease. Further Qigong practice and healing sessions with Master Wu helped me with migraine headaches, from which I have had only one recurrence in the past 3 years which was very brief and was cleared up with one session with Master Wu. 
I also suffered from bladder and kidney problems. A problematic pregnancy had left me with a prolapsed bladder causing me to have the urge to go frequently and which was worse at night and which often interfered with my sleep. My kidneys had also been weakened from this complicated pregnancy. Master Wu taught me Bladder and Kidney Qigong and with dedicated practice, my kidneys and bladder have recovered amazingly and seem to improve more all the time.
My husband has also benefited from healing sessions with Master Wu. Suffering from severe degenerative arthritis in both his hips for most of his life, he had gotten to the point where he had tried many things, but nothing seem to take his pain away. I suggested he see Master Wu. My husband, sceptical but desperate, finally agreed to go see him. His words to Master Wu at the first treatment were, "You can try, but don't feel bad if you don't help me, my situation is very complicated and I'm not expecting much." 
The first treatment he got relief from his pain and has been going for 2 years now. He has long ago left his scepticism behind and now says if he did not have his treatments, he would not be able to walk. This has meant perhaps the most to me of all, because when you watch someone you love suffer, you suffer along with them.
Master Wu has also done healing sessions with my children. Three out of four of my children have physical problems and he has worked with them showing them different exercises to help them with their problems. My whole family has come in to Master Wu's and all my family has learned Level I Qigong and my three oldest daughters and husband have gone on to learn Level II, the Zhineng Qigong. This to me is a wonderful tool that my children can use throughout their life to help them cope with their physical problems.
There has also been a further benefit I have found with Master Wu's teaching of Qigong. I have found a great calm and strength in myself I have never experienced before. The joy I feel to live each day is deep in the core of me and I am grateful.
Now I am under the supervision of Master Wu teaching Qigong in the Whitby area. Master Wu and Teresa come and do the Level I Workshop and I take over the refresher classes and continuous practice classes in the Whitby area. My students all seem to enjoy the classes very much. One enthusiastic student says she just loves my classes and this has really touched my heart. Some of my students say that the Qigong has helped them to relax more. 
One student says her neck problem which affected her sleep has improved with the Qigong. She also says she was troubled with a very dry mouth especially at night and since doing the Dental Qigong her saliva has increased significantly and she is not bothered by a dry mouth anymore. Most of the students are experiencing the feeling of chi during the classes. My students have also taught me and I am glad to know them. This has been a positive and wonderful experience for me. To be a part of bringing Qigong to other people and to be able to help someone with their health is a privilege and a joy to me. It has led me to understand that this is something I want to do for the rest of my life.
Kathleen Norwick

Whitby Workshop
Kathleen and Master Wu in Whitby qi gong workshop

Kathleen practicing qi gong at Master Wu's office

To whom it may concern,

I am a professional Fencing Master and Tennis Coach. I have been having major problems with my right knee for about 3 years. Under the treatment of a Sports Medicine Doctor, X-rays and ultrasound showed advanced Osteoarthritis and a Bakers Cyst. Because of the good general condition of the muscles and ligaments surrounding the knee, the Doctor recommended no surgery and take medication to relieve the pain. I tried not to take medication due to the side effects.
When I was walking and driving, the pain was intense. Working with this pain at my profession was almost impossible. I was introduced to Master Wu and requested his advice. Treatment was commenced and within two sessions, the pain had diminished and I was able to walk without pain.
After 6 sessions, I am able to continue giving tennis/fencing lessons and move about quite freely with only slight discomfort. I have also taken up Qi Gong lesson with the hope that this will improve the function of the whole body.
I highly recommend Master Wu to anyone prepared to accept alternative treatment.

Ken Wood – Head Fencing Coach and Tennis Instructor
University of Toronto

May 16, 2002

Ken Wood

Master Wu receiving souvenir from Chinese factory workers who returned work after healing from work injuries. Souvenir say, "Qi Gong Miracle Doctor".


Master Wu performed healing session at AM 640, Mojo Radio.

Radio Interview

When I first came here, I had great difficulty walking because of my injuries from a car accident in July 1998. I had pain in my right ankle and leg. My right ankle was turned inward and I couldn't straighten it out. I had pain in my right hip and had great difficulty doing stairs.
Since I have been practicing qi gong, I have regained mobility in my ankle. It is practically normal now. I walk with ease and grace with less/no pain in my hip while doing stairs. I have more energy and have regained strength and confidence when I go through life.
I have no problem with stairs or walking long distances. I cannot wait to dance again. I am so happy with my progress and success!

Trudy Barthorpe, April 1999

Photo shows Master Wu, Trudy with her two babies, and Trudy's father Glenn. Photo taken Oct., 2000

I have been learning Qi Gong from Master Wu over the past two months. Twice a day I practise the exercises and breathing. I have noticed that my energy level has increased as well as my back and leg pain has decreased.
My background includes training as a Chartered herbalist and I have practiced different forms of martial arts. Master Wu's teaching methods are effective and relatively easy to learn.
I feel that I am very fortunate to have found Master Wu and encourage anyone who wants to improve their health to learn from him.

John Russell, December 1999


This past June I came to you from Montreal expecting nothing - I left five days later, with almost unbelievable results. Suffering from spinal stenosis, I have been in virtually constant pain for the past 15 months. Having Parkinson's disease, my head has been shaking uncontrollably for several months. Taking all of the usual medications gave me only minimal relief. Both my neurologist and my GP said that I just have to "learn to live with it". 
After treatments, my leg pains were substantially eased. More amazingly, my head shaking reduced. The Level 1 course taught me how to continue my progress at home. Today, a month later, I am able to ease the occasional leg pain myself. The head shaking that was previously continuous and uncontrollable is not only much less intense and less frequent, but through exercising, I am able to reduce its frequency and intensity. I want to thank Master Wu for his work with me.

G. Ullmann, July 1999

Since as long as I can remember, my kidneys have been weak. I would get up one to three times a night to pee. After 10 to 12 hours of sleep, I was still tired and felt like staying in bed. I experienced dizzy spells and felt pressure in my head. Very often, my brain would disconnect for short periods of one to three seconds. Three months ago, I had the chance to learn the Wu's Level 1 Qi Gong and received a few healing sessions from Master Wu.
From then on, I started practicing everyday. After three weeks, my brain stopped disconnecting and I have never experienced the feeling of pressure in my head. I still sometimes get up to urinate but not every night. Master Wu is a wonderful teacher and healer. He has given me more energy and happiness.

Louise Gosselin, October 1999

Fredericton, New Brunswick

I worked in a research and development lab and my eyes would get sore working with a computer and building proto types. With hours of testing and study I thought and I would have to get stronger glasses as my vision was starting to blur. I learned the Wu's Eye Qi Gong and started to practice the exercises and had a few healing sessions with Master Wu. After a few sessions, I could really feel an improvement in my vision and I wasn't straining my eyes to see. The blurriness has gone.

J.J. Oltvai, April 1998

QI GONG?   If the word Qi Gong is mentioned you would ask what is qi gong. In a very simple terms its an alternative method for pain relief using energy field, thus eliminating use of chemical drugs which are ultimately harmful to our body over long period of use.
My name is Jacinta Yang, I am what one would say doctors nightmare, because I suffer from so many different ailments, chronic pains in the general body area., too many symptoms as one doctor would say .Diagnosed with severe Endometrioses, Hypothyroidism. Migraine headache, allergies to name a few, with all these ailments I popped pain pills like candy, tried all kind of different pain relief treatment, some helped temporarily some did not. After suffering for days and months and being bedridden I came to Master Wu who was referred to me by my specialist. 
I was skeptical but out of desperation I finally went to him. He started treatments on me right away and explained to me that it will take some time before I can feel the difference and that I should see him for so many treatments etc. and I find him to truly wanting to help relieve the pain I was suffering. After some time I noticed some difference, my muscles were all tense and painful to the touch, nowadays it’s a lot better. 
I have started to go back to work, master Wu stresses the we must complete x amount of sessions so we could feel a lot better, unfortunately I returned to work as soon as I started to feel better mainly for financial reasons. However when I do suffer pain it is not as severe as I did initially. Even my trips to hospitals due to excruciating pain has declined. Because I have had positive results, I am back to get more treatments to improve my general health.I would recommend Qi Gong treatment to anyone who suffers from any kind of ailments to severe chronic diseases causing excruciating pain to see master Wu for such treatment who really shows genuine care in treating his patients for pain. If anyone wants any information’s regarding my experience in receiving such treatments are all welcome to do so.

July 17, 1998  
Jacinta Yang

Qigong Helps Endometriosis
Karen Almack, Co-Chairperson of Endometriosis Network of Toronto
I have had severe cramps from the time I first started my periods at the age of 14. As I got older, the pain increased with each passing menstruation. My family doctor sent me to many different gynecologists trying to get a definitive diagnosis. I was finally diagnosed at 18 with Endometriosis, a disease that affects the female reproductive system. Over the past 4 years, I have tried many different things in order to relieve my pain but I had no success until recently. I had reached a point in time with my endometriosis that I was willing to try just about anything to help me control the pain and reduce my use of extremely strong painkillers.
Last fall, I was introduced to Qi Gong Master, Weizhao Wu, from China, and started practicing Qi Gong, also known as "Chi Kung". I have now cut down on the number of painkillers that I take. I can sleep better. I used to have a lot of difficulty keeping food down as I was sick to my stomach at least three times a week. I can gladly say that it has been months since I have been sick to my stomach. Not only is Qi Gong helping my pain, it has increased my energy and I feel much more relaxed and can reduce my pain on my own through practicing the exercises.

Endometriosis Network of Toronto   Tel: (416) 591-3963
May 20, 1998:
I have had endo for 12 years. I have had 1 laparotomy and 4 laparoscopies for removal of endo in numerous sites, including the bowel. My last surgery was performed in may 1996. Since January 1998, my symptoms have increased.
I have been seeing Master Wu approximately 3 times a week since the middle of February 1998. Through Qi Gong I have experienced relief from abdominal, rectal and back pain due to endo. The pain coverage is most noticeable during the latter half of my cycle. I have been learning the exercises to practice at home and have been successful at reducing my pain when it is at a moderate level. 
After sessions with Master Wu I feel relaxed, pain free and with a greater energy level. I feel that Qi Gong is a valuable treatment option for patients with endometriosis. I would encourage people to give it a try if they are prepared for the commitment of time and the discipline to practice that Qi Gong requires. Thank you Master Wu.
Update: The first week of June, I had pain only on one day.
July 11: Everything is going well. My period began today with minimal pain! In the past, I would have severe cramping.

Gwyneth Cable, R. N.
Werner LetterWerner
I have problem in my lower back. My doctor inspected me and said that my R14 disc has been dislocated and the nerve has been pressed by the disc. I have lots of back pain, lower back pain. If I crouch down, I cannot get down easily and when I walk down the stairs I need to hold on the rail.
Now after receiving Qi Gong treatment from Master Wu, I have much less pain, the time of pain is shorter. My ankle does not swell any more. My pain overall is 80 % less than before. At the same time, the face's old age spot's colour is improving and my skin is better than before. I wish anyone will try Qi Gong and give themselves a chance.

Petty Ho.
Qigong Helps Irritable Bowel, Gastric Symptoms
I've seen significant health improvement since I started  the  Wu’s Qi-Gong  & Tai Chi   lessons 3 months ago. This solved the mystery of my irritable bowel/ gastric symptoms I have had for over 20 years which is going to end now.
I got to admit, health treatment first starts from the mind, not medicine. Wu’s Qi-Gong & Tai Chi have helped me significantly in the healing process.
So that you know, I have lost 3 jobs in the last 20 years as my irritable bowel gastric problems constantly disturbed me and I was unable to seat calmly to do my job. I have a seating problem, and accounting job often required me to seat in the office. I would say, I have tried every medicines that my family doctors prescribed , but with only little help and get addicted to some of the medicine as well.
After practicing Wu’s Qi-Gong & Tai Chi for the last 3 months, I have gradually regained my confident and self-esteemed and is ready to re-enter the work force. I’ll continue to practice Qi-Gong & Tai Chi on a daily basis.
Master Wu, Teresa, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuous support in the healing process both for myself and my family.
Martin Yeung
I am a computer system analyst. I used to have numbness at my right arm and my right leg. when I get up from the chair, there seems no feeling at my feet due to poor blood circulation. After practicing Qi Gong, the numbness are gone, my blood circulation improve. I am thinking faster, and in good health.

Wing Fong
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