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Heading Wu Styles

Wu's Hunyuan Gong:

Wu’s Hunyuan Gong is the essence of Master Weizhao Wu’s 60 years experience, knowledge and philosophy on how to train the body to obtain health. It contains a host of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Tai Chi Qi Gong styles.

"Hunyuan" is pronounced as "wonyuan" meaning the unification of various energies or Qi which includes Master Wu’s Qi, Universal Qi and the individual’s Qi. "Gong" means "method or work".

For many years, Master Wu has been seeking a good way to improve health and has learned many kinds of Chinese traditional alternative healing methods. For over 15 years, Master Wu did intensive clinical research studies with medical groups on how to promote healing of illnesses and injuries. He concluded that Qi Gong is a superior and most economical alternative method of healing which cannot be neglected. He says that , "Qi Gong is the bright alternative lamp! "

However, traditional ancient Qi Gong styles are usually long, difficult to understand and practise. There may also be adverse effects if practised improperly. Combining Qi Gong with modern science, Master Wu created his own unique medical Qi Gong styles named, "Wu’s Hunyuan Gong".

Qi Gong Arms Up

In the class, Master Wu projects Qi to all students and teaches students how to collect universal qi or energy. He demonstrates in different ways to help students understand how universal qi can be projected to the body to help the opening of capillaries and clear blockages. Most participants will feel the effects of Qi.

Master Weizhao Wu says, "Qi Gong needs to be practised with a scientific approach and you need to practise with faith and diligence.


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