Selphie's Limit Break: Slot

Slot allows Selphie to cast various spells a number of times. When selected, a menu pops up that tells what spell will be cast, how many times and has the options "CAST" and "DO OVER". CAST of course will cast the current spell in the menu and DO OVER will choose another spell at random to be cast. This is very helpful when you want to use Selphie's special spells like Full Cure, Wall, Rapture and The End.

Full Cure
What it does: Fully cures the party
Target(s): All allies

What it does: Casts Shell and Protect on the party
Target(s): All allies

What it does: Instantly kills all enemies except bosses and earth elementals
Target(s): All

The End
What it does: Instant kill except the undead and Ultimecia
Target(s): All