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The Foyer

Guests move through the front doors and into a chilly, dank room. much of the room is covered in darkly polished wood, and above that, flocked Victorian wallpaper rises to meet a tall decorated plaster ceiling. The room is roughly circular. The only source of light appears to be a large chandelier, flickering as if lit by candles, from high above, and a smaller chandelier in the room's connecting antechamber. Otherwise the room is dark.

photographed by Foxx
This eerie chandelier barley illuminates the room....

 From somewhere within the depths of the house an unseen person plays a slow, grim funeral dirge on an organ, the notes traveling through the walls of this chamber, echoing in darkness.

photographed by Foxx
"Step all the way in and around, make room for every - body...."

 Guests gather around a Victorian fireplace. There are a few coals left in the fireplace, and their glowing embers set the stage for what is to come. Errie purple lights illuminate the coals from somewhere above. The face of the fireplace grate is that of a gruesome abstract skull.

 Above the fireplace, a number of elegant drapery curtains are hung around a large portrait, just directly above guest's heads. The portrait is that of a handsome young man in a stately tuxedo, smiling, for he is obviously a man of some importance. the portrait hangs in a rather large gilded oval frame.

thanks to Tom from Hidden Mickeys

Suddenly, a deep, ominous voice echoes through the chamber, but no one can be seen anywhere in the room...

 "When hinges creak in doorless chambers and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls, whenever candlelights flicker where the air is deathly still, that is the time when ghosts are present, practicing their terror with ghoulish delight."

 Slowly the portrait of the man begins to transform. He grays and shrivels with age, turning from a young man to a middle aged man to an old man to a mummified corpse, then finally to a skeleton.

photographed by Foxx

thanks to Tom from Hidden Mickeys

 The fireplace is flanked on either side by large doors, and suddenly one of the doors silently rolls open, revealing a large, and better lit, gallery. Guests slowly file inside...

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