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Peanuts In My Poop

By The Barking Hamsters

One day, I went to the bathroom and I pooped
But then, to my suprise, I found something.

They were (They were)

Peanuts, Peanuts

Got peanuts in my poop one day.

Bent over and looked at my poop and then I had to say

Peanuts in my poop hey!
Poop in the toilet had some peanuts

But then the peanuts were all different colours and quiet funny

I began to wonder what caused all these peanuts

And then I remembered all the peanuts I ate that night
(Peanuts I ate that night)

But the peanuts were not that big

(Some of them were actually)

And all I knew was that these peanuts were all over the poop

But the peanuts were all happy looking,

and then I decided to say

Peanuts why are you in my poop? I don't know why

AllI knew was that the peanuts were so nice to me

Peanuts in my poop

And the peanuts were all so nice. Peanuts in my poop.

*Musical Break*

Well the peanuts were really cool,

but I eventually had to flush

Though I wiped and the peanuts were on the toilet paper

So I kept the toilet paper and then I took it and posted it on a wall

And wrote on the wall saying the day I pooped out peanuts

(Peanuts in my poop yeah!)

I flushed down that turd

(I flushed down the turd)

But then I remember the peanuts that I saved
(I saved my peanuts yay!)

So I told my friends all about the peanuts

And then I said you have to come see my nuts

(Peanuts that is)

And then my friends started gasping

At the sight of the peanuts on the wall

*Musical Break*

Peanuts were so cool looking that night I pooped them out

But it kind of felt prickly when they came out

But it was worth it

The peanuts in my poop

A peanuts, the peanuts, the peanuts

In my poop

I always remember the day I had peanuts in my poop

Peanuts in my poop, Peanuts in my poop, Peanuts in my poop, Peanuts in my poop

I had peanuts in my poop
Peanuts in my poop

Peanuts in my poop oooo oooo oooo
Peanuts in my poooop