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What is the evil eye

What is a Hamsah

How can a Hamsah help me

The origion of the Hamsah

Why do I need a Hamsah?


, and how does it affect us?

Evil eye doesn't necessarily comes from evil or bad people.
Those are bad vibrations who may start with a thought of jealousy or bad mood or just harsh criticism.
Vibrations  may travel from one to another without the people being conscious of their deeds.
Did it ever happened to you while walking, somebody was looking at you and all the sudden you tripped? Well there you go, it was an evil eye!
I am sure you can think of hundred more occasions when somebody was giving you the evil eye just by looking at you, well protect yourself! Isn't  this world dangerous enough as it is?
Any one have bad days and we all feel jealousy sometimes. We are rolling that snow ball from one another, somebody need to put a stop to it!
Can you be that person?
Your friend can be your best friend when you wear the Hamsah!

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WHAT IS A HAMSAH and how does it work?

a Hamsah is an anciant meditarenian luck charm, made in a shape of a palm
when you wear it on yourself or hanging it in your house or in your car it protect you by stopping the evil eye just as it did the last five centuries

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Other people can offer you vitamins and energy drinks that can make you stronger physically, but they don't offer you anything for your protection. In fact when your body is full of energy it is more likely to receive an evil eye, and that because when you're full of energy you feel good and when you feel good not only that it shows and attract the attention of others, but when you feel good you don't hold back like you are when you feel empty of energy, so you stand defenseless against the evil eye. You must of noticed when you have a good day everybody stops you to tell you how good you look that's because when you feel full of energy it shows, so what can you do? You need the most ancient protection against the evil eye, you need the  Hamsah!

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Although the form of a hand as a symbol appeared in many cultures. It is only the Kabbalistic sages of ancient times, who discovered the need to combine generic syllables (mantra/vibrations) with the form, in order to make it powerful.
Unfortunately those secrets were lost in the mediaeval days, and almost completely forgotten in the horrors of the two world wars.

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In this competitive world when everybody is trying to get more, and lot of people are carrying bad energies, envy can come unnoticed.
Your beauty, your wisdom, your success, or your good fortune can create negative feeling against you in those who are jealous.
Whether you are aware of that or not.

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