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      Welcome to the Debate Corner. This page is for any discrepancies in any lineage that you would like to voice your opinion on, debate, theorize, etc.. Or if you would like to debate anyone else's opinion, please email me with either. I hope that this page will be helpful to all of us. Thank You.

Posted by Jared Treadway on 06 Apr 2004

Comment: I would like to theorize (on circumstantial evidence) that Edmund Treadway (b. ca 1798, of Rhea Co. TN), Aaron Treadway (b. 1807, of Madison Co. NC), John Treadway (b. 1815, of Buncombe Co. NC), Moses Treadway (b. 1800-1810, in Washington Co. VA 1830 census), Rebecca Treadway (of Buncombe/Madison Co. NC), and Benjamin Franklin Treadway (b. 1820, lived Wise Co. VA) are all perhaps children of Thomas Treadway of Sullivan Co. TN. This is based on Thomas' 1830 census record in that county, Thomas' 1818 Scott Co. VA tax record, Aaron's obituary, and the name of Edmund's firstborn son (Thomas). Any ideas?

Posted by N D Crowe on 08 June 2003

Comment: Your hard work is evident...Mary Emory was Ezekiel Buffington's third wife and NOT the mother of Mary B Treadaway.

Posted by Judi Tredway Langenderfer on 08 June 2003

Comment: Reuben Tredway married to Nancy Smith was born on April 9, 1803 in Jefferson Co. New York. I have his obituary stating this.  My family lives on Reuben's farm in Lucas Co. to this day.  Reuben is my great-great grandfather. Are you sure that Benjamin was my Reuben's father?  I feel Samuel the son of Benjamin could be my Reuben's father?  Samuel had a son Reuben!  I see the Stutley Weeks Tredway son of Samuel and brother to Reuben lived in Lucas Co. at one time also.

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