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     Listed below are Wills pertaining to our lines that have been donated for all to share. Click on the link below and you will be taken to that page. If you would like to donate a Will, please email me. Thank You!

Aaron Tredway 1805 Christian Co., KY
Artymacy May (Bayless) Treadway 1876 Carter Co., TN
Daniel Tredway 1803 Harford Co., MD
Eunice Treadway Kettell 1767 Middlesex Co., MA
Henry Tredway 1559 Co. Buckinhamshire, England
Henry Treadway 1725 Gloucester Co., NJ
Henry Treadway 1789 Gloucester Co., NJ
Isham Treadaway 1817 Robertson Co., TN
Jacob Brownlow Treadway 1912 Carter Co., TN
James (Jim) Treadway 1947 Carter Co., TN
Jane Treadway 1912 Knox Co., KY
Jennie (Dice) Treadway 1887 Jefferson Co., TN
John Tredway 1690 Co. Buckinghamshire, England
John Tredway 1697 Co. Buckinghamshire, England
John Tredway 1765 Baltimore Co., MD
John Treadway, Sr. 1825 Montgomery Co., KY
John Treadway, Jr. 1836 Bartholomew Co., IN
John B. Treadway 1913 Carter Co., TN
John H. Treadway 1893 Clay Co., KY
John Henry Treadway 1902 Carter Co., TN
Josiah Tredway 1723 Middlesex Co., MA
Margaret (Maggie Baker) Treadway 1958 Clay Co., KY
Mary (Lee) Lynch Gittings Tredway 1779 Harford Co., MD
Mary (McKinney Smith) Treadway 1931 Carter Co., TN
Mary A. (May) Treadaway 1868 Carter Co., TN
Mary E. (Treadway) Justice 1923 Greene Co., TN
Moses Tredway, Jr. 1857 Prince Edward Co., VA
Nathaniel Treadway 1687 Middlesex Co., MA
Richard Treadaway 1774 Cumberland Co., NC
Richard Treadaway 1805 Barnwell Dist, SC
Robert Treadway 1595 England
Robert Treadway 1820 Ashe Co., NC
Samuel Edmund Treadway 1924 Carter Co., TN
Sarah Treadway 1726/7 Gloucester Co., NJ
Stephen Treadway 1877 Montgomery Co., KY
Thomas Tredway 1749 Baltimore Co., MD
Thomas Tredway 1782 Harford Co., MD
Thomas Tredway 1856 Prince Edward Co., VA
Thomas Henry Treadaway 1871 Cleburne Co., AL
Walter Tredway 1559 Co. Buckinhamshire, England
Sir Walter Tredway 1603 England

Other Wills of Interest

John Atkinson 1753 Baltimore Co., MD
Richard Booker 1818 Cumberland Co., VA
Jesse Bounds 1804 Knox Co., TN
John Deaver 1731/2 Baltimore Co., MD
Mary Deaver 1749 Baltimore Co., MD
John Fisher 1668 Suffolk Co., MA
Peter Glover 1722 Baltimore Co., MD
Joseph Hayward 1711 Concord, Middlesex Co., MA
Edward Howe 1644 Suffolk Co., MA
Timothy Keen 1733 Baltimore Co., MD
John Lykins 1816 Kanawha Co., VA
William McComas 1747 Baltimore Co., MD
James Meads 1816 Harford Co., MD
Hardy Smith 1848 Trigg Co., KY
Zadock Thomas 1829 Caldwell Co., KY
Edward Wakeman 1753 Baltimore Co., MD



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