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Picture Gallery

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Below are some characters whom you will get to see in Rave:

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Haru Glory

He is the main character in the show and also the successor of Rave.


She is a mysterious girl whom Haru met on his journey.


He is initially a thief but after meeting Haru and Elie, he changed and decided to join them on their journey.


He was caught by Haru when Haru went fishing and Plue became Haru's 'dog' but Elie likes to call it a 'bug'.


He is a friend of Plue and when they travelled together on the journey, he acts as an adviser for them.


He is one of Demon Card members but later became Haru's friend. He is also a master of camouflage.


He is also a member of Demon Card before he became Haru's friend.

Gail Glory

Gail is Haru's father and 50 years ago, he sets off on a journey to destroy Demon Card but failed.


He is one of Demon Card members and his dark bring uses explosion. It is a lot more powerful as compared to Haru's explosion. You will get to see him in the first few episodes and also in episodes 15,16 and 17.

Man of Thunder

The is another member of Demon Card. His dark bring is a big hammer which can create lightning.

Gail King

He is the present leader of Demon Card. His dark bring is almost the same as Haru's holy bring and can transform into different forms too.

Demon Card

They are the five strongest members of Demon Card second to King.