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Flat Rides I've Ridden

This page keeps track of all of the "flat" rides I've ridden. For purposes of this list, I'll use the definition "Any ride that is not a roller coaster, dark ride, or water ride." It includes motion-simulators, since they aren't really "dark rides". I've also decided to count the little "kiddie coasters" in this list, because I made a point not to count them in my roller coaster list.

Since very few flat-rides are custom-built (well, with the exception of the heights of towers, theming, etc.) I will list them by their category name, then list the individual instances underneath that.

This list is incomplete, both in the actual rides I've ridden and in the manufacturers of the rides. I will update the list periodically. If you have any information on ride manufacturers that you would like to share, please feel free to e-mail me. Although my information came mainly from reliable sources (from the ride companies, company names written on the ride itself, reliable web pages, etc.), you may find some mistakes. If you do, please correct me. My e-mail address is

The List:

Page last updated Friday, May 31, 2002.