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Wilson Pottery Site

-Project Brief-

    The Wilson Pottery Site, 41DN19, formerly known as the Wilson-Donaldson Pottery Site, is located in the southeast, central part of Denton County within the city limits of Corinth, Texas. Part of a larger tract, the project was limited to an area of approximately 32 acres.

    Local residents and some researchers have always known the pottery site existed. It is possible this is the first pottery established in the county. Some sources indicate it was established in the 1840's and others sometime in the 1850's. In 1979 the site was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, but no further work was done to protect the site. There was not much concern for preserving the location officially. As is usually the situation, everyone had a false sense of security that the owners of the land would "always" protect the site, so it would "always" be safe from destruction.

    Following the sale of the property to a housing development group, the probable loss of the site was reported to the Archaeology Committee, Denton County Historical Commission (DCHC). An agreement was made with Lake Sharon Limited Partners, Inc., and Zena Development Corporation of Southlake, Texas, to permit the Archaeology Committee to conduct an archaeological investigation of the site before development of the property was to begin. Because of their eagerness to know more about the site and to promote preservation of historic facts of Denton County, Texas, any successes gained from the project are primarily a result of the unique and liberal cooperation extended to the Archaeology Committee by the landowners and the developer.

    The site will soon be a new housing sub-division. The main objective was not only to gain as much information as possible, but to disassemble the last remaining pottery kiln and move it to a county storage facility, which has been done. Later it will be reconstructed. Funds have been received, though more are needed, to construct a building specifically to display the kiln and associated artifacts.

    The kiln and all artifacts are donations from Lake Sharon Limited Partners, Inc. and Zena Development Corporation.  We consider this a major contribution.  The present and future citizens are perpetually thankful for their cooperation and sincere concern for historical preservation. 


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