News About Opell
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This page is devoted to all the latest news on Opell Ross. All of the information on this page is FACT and has come DIRECTLY from Opell himself, and not from rumours. I will not print anything on this page that has not first been cleared with Opell, so you can be guaranteed that what you read here is the truth. I am in constant contact with Opell and will assure you the fan that you will have all the latest news on Opell, and occasionally will have EXCLUSIVE news that you will not read anywhere else! So enjoy!


Opell is going to be releasing his debut single sometime in the next month. It's called "Our Place" and Opell wants us all to go out and buy it. I actually had the honour of being one of the first people (and with Danja possibly the only fans!) to hear Opell's song. Let me tell you guys... fantastic doesn't even come close to describing it!!! It is spectacular! Well done Opell!!! Oh and don't forget to ring up and request it on all your local radio stations... If we want him to be the star we know he already is...then we need to get him airplay!!!

Okay guys in Sydney. Kimberly Cooper (from Home &
Away) does a radio spot with Ugly Phil in Sydney on Today FM (104.1)
and she's said that she'll play Opell's song "Our Place". So what
listen out for Kimberly's segment
and call in when she is there and request Opell's song "Our Place".
She's the only person who will have it for the time being so you can only call when she is on. It's very VERY exciting, and radio play is VERY VERY important for a new single... so get the phones ready to dial in!!! Thanks!!! (SEE THE LATEST NEWS SECTION FOR WHEN OPELL WILL BE ON UGLY PHIL'S)

Opell has finished recording his filmclip for "Our Place" and from what he tells me about it... IT SOUNDS GREAT! It was filmed all around Melbourne, in various "places"...and features some very interesting effects! Keep your eye out for an exclusive update on what it looks like! I'll put it on this site as soon as I get the go ahead from Opell!!!

***NEW INFO ON OUR PLACE 18/9/99***

It looks like "Our Place" will be released on November 8th. It should be on the radio and in clubs before that though. Make sure you all request it!


OCTOBER 22ND, 1999.

WOW! Sooo long since I updated this section. Opell had his first gig, and I hope you will all check out the review on it!

Opell was interviewed on two radio stations in the past two weeks. Firstly, he was interviewed on KISS FM and the dance-mix of the song "Our Place" was played for the first time on radio! And it sounds great. Well done to Paul Goodyear! The following week he was interviewed on JOY FM, and Emma and I had the honour of chatting to him (and evidently "coming out") on air. It was really exciting, and "Our Place" was well recieved.

Orders for "Our Place" can be made by e-mailing or you can check out the internet site next week:
You can register and order your copy ONLINE through them.

If you are planning to buy Opell's debut single from a store, please go in and ask to Pre-order "Our Place" at Sanity music. It would be really great if you are in Melbourne for you to order it through the Bourke St Mall, or Chapel St stores as these stores count for the ARIA charts. YAY OPELL!

Oh and Opell was given a pair of White Arnette sunglasses by his fans in Melbourne to replace the ones that were stolen. He looks great in them too!


Opell will be performing at the Cherry Tree Hotel in Richmond on October 14th. It will be a full show with dancers and everything. Venue charges $10 at the door. Nothing can be done about the cover charge sorry guys. And it's also an 18+ gig. But don't worry under-age fans of Opell, he is looking into doing under-age gigs, and "our place" is released on the 8/11/99 so it's not long now. For more info on all of Opell's gigs, join the Opell Ross mailing list,

Opell has got his remixes finished by the wonderful dj Paul Goodyear! YAY Paul! And YAY Opell after all the problems he's already had to go through with these remixes, I've heard they were well worth the wait!

SEPTEMBER 10th, 1999

Sorry I haven't updated this for a while. I hope you have all checked out the new pics on the site! I also hope that you will all join the "Opell Mailing List" that will give you regular updates on my site, and also let you know first when and where Opell will be appearing and what else is happening with him!

Opell is now home safely in Melbourne *it's about time too!! :P* Welcome Home Opell!!!

Opell will hopefully be doing a SHOW at a pub in Melbourne in the next few weeks. It will cost $10 at the door...sorry about the cost, but it's the venue's decision not Opell's. It should be FANTASTIC, but it would be great if you could let me know if you'd be interested in coming, because I
will try to meet up with everyone, so that you can all know who I am and I will be able to know all of you guys who check out my site! We can all do "drinks" huh?! E-me!
AUGUST 30th, 1999

Opell's gig at the Metro Club in Sydney went well. Apparently it was done with the full dance routine, with his dancers Melissa and Nick *see my Opell photo's pages* which would have been GREAT to see!!! Let's hope the gig was the first of MANY!

AUGUST 26th, 1999

Opell's gig at Metro Club in George St SYDNEY, has been CONFIRMED for tonight. There is a cover charge of $5, and he will be performing "Our Place" at approximately 11:30pm. Go down and check him out and don't forget if you get any photos or videos, then send them to me cos' I'm going to miss it!!!! Go on down and cheer extra loud for me!

AUGUST 25th, 1999

Firstly, Opell COULD be performing at the Metro Club in Sydney TOMORROW NITE! (26/8/99) So you might want to head on down there and check him out. He will probably be on stage about 11:30pm. This hasn't been confirmed yet, but I will let you all know tomorrow if he is on...

Opell has finally received some GOOD news about his single "Our Place". A Sydney DJ, Paul Goodyear, has picked up the single and is going to be doing the club remixes of it. Paul is a very credible DJ who has done remixes for Tina Arena (Now I can Dance), so it's good that he has taken Opell's single on board! It will possibly be finished on the 17th of September, but that is yet to be confirmed also. I'll keep you posted.

Finally. Regarding Ugly Phil. Opell has needed to postpone this for timing reasons. As much as this is annoying for's the best thing for him to do. There will be some Melbourne Radio stations that he appears on also listen out in the next month or so!!!

AUGUST 19th, 1999
I've added the lyrics to Opell's song "Our Place" to my site last night...make sure you check them out!!!

I was lucky enough *thankyou my Queen Danja...I love you to bits* to have a brief chat to Opell on the phone through Danja today... He performed "Our Place" at the fashion Parade for Levis that he, Natalie, Prinnie, Troy, Matty, Cecilia and Miguel were all at. He says that he couldn't hear himself due to the speakers facing the audience and not him, but according to Danja and Laura... Opell sounded fantastic! Well done Opell, and us Melbournians can't wait to see you perform some time soon!!!

AUGUST 17th 1999

Apparently Prinnie called Opell yesterday and asked him to be a model in a levi's parade at the levi's store in pitt street mall this thursday afternoon (19th of August). She is in it too. Rumour has it *from the Sydney girls* that Rodger, Christine and Peter will all be making an appearance. It should be loads of fun and I wish that I could be there myself. But Laura is taking lots of pics for me so keep your eye out on my site and I'll post them up! Don't be afraid to go up and say "HI" to Opell, I'm sure he'd appreciate it!

AUGUST 13TH 1999

It's time to kick some butt here, and get 2000 people who are willing to purchase Opell's single. I want everyone who visits this site to go and suck up to at least 3 people each, and tell them that you'll be their slave for life if they make a pre-order of Opell's single "Our Place"... I don't care who's butt you have to kiss to do it... We are going to prove to these stupid Record Company Producers that they will be MAD not to sign Opell!!!! His song is soooo much better *and funkier* than half the Celine Dion and Jewel "Oh my lover left me come back" crap that they play on the radio, so we're now going to prove it to them all... radio stations, record shops and record companies! We all need to fight and prove to these people that Opell is fantastic, and that the charisma and energy he bought to the stage at RENT, can be duplicated in a solo career! Opell is so talented and wrote this song on his own. However you won't see an album coming from Opell until he is signed by a big record company. He has an album full of songs, and is currently working with new people *including at least one mystery member of RENT, who we sooo love trust me!*, but it will do no good if he doesn't get signed!

Look out for the lyrics to Opell's song. As soon as he sends me the demo, I'll print the lyrics on this page, then at least you will get a feel for the song!

AUGUST 12TH 1999
Firstly we need to give a BIG THUMBS DOWN to the person who thinks they are so clever and broke into Opell's car... Not very amusing if you ask me! GIVE OPELL HIS STUFF BACK!!!

Secondly, some exciting news...
Opell had a meeting with his music agent yesterday and there is a possiblity that there is an online music store that will sell his single. It will probably be onsale there first, before the stores, since he wants to make it available to everyone asap. After all the hold ups...he's hanging to get it out to his fans, so this is the best compromise. The site address is:

Record Companies will just want to delay it and wait for timing. Which is understandable but Opell doesn't like to keep everyone waiting. It's not all hype... I have heard the single and it's great! He doesn't know when exactly he will sign the agreement with museek, but maybe you could show interest by asking them about it. "The more the merry ho ho ho!!!" They also are an aussie based company and so we will try and guarantee international hits on to the site in regards to his single so any of you people from Overseas, please go to the site and ask them about Opell Ross' "Our Place" ok?

The "Our Place" single may not include the club remixes due to the fact the Melbourne dj's that he had asked to do it in the first place have canned the project for some stupid reason and now the search goes on for another person who can do it very soon.

Also, to celebrate the soon to be released "Our Place" we are having our first "Life Support Meeting" here in Melbourne on August 26th. We will meet at the Comedy Theatre at 4:45pm and move on to a cafe. I will play everyone Opell's song at this meeting. So Melbourne Rent-heads...e-mail me and tell me that you are coming!

AUGUST 10th, 1999

We would like to know who is interested in buying Opell's single... we would like to tell him a really rough estimate of what he's going to sell and maybe the best way to sell them. Please e-mail me your name and contact info, and I'll pass it on to him....

I got to look at the draft for Opell's internet site today... I have to tell you that it looks GREAT... very exciting. It's a very funky yet sophisticated looking page and it should be online within about 2 weeks or so. I'll keep you posted as to when to check it out!

AUGUST 8TH, 1999

Opell has had to put off the release of his single for yet another FOUR WEEKS!!! *OH NO* But he PROMISES it will be out soon...and we promise that we will keep on waiting. One thing we could do to pass the time waiting though guys would be to go into your local record shops or record companies, and ask them if they stock Opell Ross' upcoming single "Our Place"... if they say "No" perhaps you could say "Well why not? Can you order it in?" and tell them how many fans Opell has from RENT and assure them that this song WILL sell! That will raise the hype a bit... I just know that if we all stick together Opell will win an ARIA or something! *YAY*


Opell tried out for a role in FAME. Unfortunately it was for the same production company that was producing RENT, so they couldn't afford to lose MiG, Peter Murphy and Opell... and us RENT fans are glad (sorry Opell) because closing week of RENT just wouldn't have be the same without
our Angel! We love you Opell!

Since RENT closed, Opell has been busy with getting his single organised for release. But on August 2nd, he went to Sydney and will remain there for the remainder of August. We miss you here in Melbourne Opell, but hope that you are having a nice RELAXING time in Sydney!!!!!