March 16



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Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico
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Reubs in one of the cliff dwellings.
jpeg03-16-01-1121.jpg (161608 bytes) Nick (left), and Dave (right) exploring one of the many Native American cliff dwellings.  Note the ceiling is stained by soot, though it only goes down as far as the top of the door.  Not coincidentally, when sitting cross-legged on the floor, the soot (and therefore the majority of the smoke) is well above one's head.
jpeg03-16-01-1128.jpg (150054 bytes) Nick photographs an apartment complex-like array of cliff dwellings.  Note the linear postholes in the cliff wall.  Timbers were mounted in these holes to support the roofs of dwellings off of the cliff face.


Jemez Caldera, New Mexico
jpeg03-16-01-1459.jpg (234504 bytes) Dave (left), & Reubs (Right) examine an ash bed that seems to have been reworked by fluvial processes.
jpeg03-16-01-1507.jpg (155238 bytes) Ståle checking out some ash layers.
jpeg03-16-01-1525.jpg (205258 bytes) Hey Phil, what's this big black thing Reubs is pulling on?  Phil???
jpeg03-16-01-1532.jpg (175562 bytes) Phil eating his lunch.  Throw him a bone, and he's happy.
jpeg03-16-01-1722.jpg (183722 bytes) This spring water was rich in sulphur and calcium carbonate as evidenced not only by the smell, but also the huge travertine dam it formed.  Here, Reubs takes a closer look at the springs interesting effervescence.



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