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Exhaust Tips

The only tip that I've found that fits the stock tail pipe is the Pilot Motorsports PM-551.  It is available at AutoZone stores (although not on their web site).  The price is $19.99 (US).  All the other 2-1/2" tips that I tried didn't fit since they are meant for 2-1/2 ID pipes.  There aren't man 2-5/8" tips on the market which is what's really needed.  The Pilot PM-551 is a perfect fit.  It attaches with three screws into wide metal clamps that hold it very securely.  The tailpipe is an exact fit for the inside of the resonator so there's no rattling.  It's also made of stainless steel so it should last forever and not rust.

Pilot Motorsports PM-551 Stainless Steel Exhaust Tip (on my RAV)

$19.99 at Autozone (in stores only - not online)

$26.00 from TruckAddons.com (buy online)

$19.95 from JC Whitney.com (buy online)

(on sale for $14.96 as of 5/8/2001)



Cat-back Exhaust Systems

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Coming soon...