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Welded Tube Assembly Fixture Design

I think a picture is worth a thousand words:
First, a couple views of the model.
The customer gives us the specification of the tube in computer- readable form (a .STEP file, for those technically inclined), and we "build" the tool around it in virtual space.
The Model, in a NorthWest Isometric View
The Model, in a SouthEast Isometric View

Then, we project that onto views that the shop can use:
Layout 1 of 5
Parts List and Weld Map
Layout 2 of 5
End Blocks &
Tooling Hole Locations
Layout 3 of 5
Shop Data Acquisition
Layout 4 of 5
Shop Data Acquisition
Layout 5 of 5
Tool Plate, Adapter, Tooling Piece Parts

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