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And the Nation Wept

In Memory of September 11, 2001

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Although this site has been a real labor of love, it was not created without the help and contributions of others. I invite you to visit the pages of the incredibly talented people who have offered their help and/or graciously allowed me to use material created by them or found on their pages.

  • Tom357mag's WebTV Stuff  Tom has helped me a great deal in creating this page. He has an extremely helpful website for beginners and advanced alike. Many thanks Tom, and hugs & blessings to you too!!! Tom created the "Starbrights" that appear on this page ... very cool.
  • A Rainy Night in Georgia  For fun, inspiration and a real visual treat, this is another of Tom's pages.
  • Draac's Gifs 1-2-3!  I found many of the graphics on my page at Draac's and others just from surfing the net. If you find anything that is copyrighted to you please e-mail me and I will remove it or give you credit as you please.
  • Chris Schafehen's Studio  Across the Universe and Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman were sequenced and copyrighted by Chris Schafehen.
  • The Little Music Shop  You want midis, he's got em. Many of the songs on this site came from Flasher 2's Little Music Shop.
  • Sunnyzplayce  A great page of poetry and more!! Thanks for all of your help Corie, and for allowing me to swipe, copy and otherwise have access to all of your "good stuff." You have been a wonderful friend, we've had a ton of laughs over this web page building and I hope many more. HugzHugz right back at you girl!!!