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Welcome to Sulawesi Island, The Ring of Fire!

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    The province of Central Sulawesi with its capital Palu is a jumble of towering, forest clad mountains where rain falls almost every afternoon of the year.  It is truly fertile area and also one of the driest area of Indonesia particularly in the Palu area.


    The province is a stunning mosaic.  The volcanic and tectonic activities which created the island left in its wake a network of streams and ravines, along with the massive rifts and craters that later became rivers, lakes, and upland plains. Covering 68,089 sq km, Central Sulawesi is the largest Sulawesi's 5 provinces.

Communication remains difficult in the terrain dominated by mountains.  Forest covers 65 percent of the land (over 90 percent of the province's income derives from timber exports, mainly ebony). 


    The social and cultural life of the province is amazingly varied-groups living quite close to one another.  There are 12 different ethnic groups and 24 distinct languages.  




- Donggala, a trip to this ancient harbor's town provides a pleasant change from the bustle of Palu.  It is a sleepy town with a beautiful bay.  The harbor still teems with sea craft of all sorts and invigorated by sea breezes.  Donggala has also beautiful sea garden.

-  Lore Lindu National Park, covering more than 231,000 ha, the park straddles the border between Donggala and Poso districts.

This vast and rugged area includes Mt. Nokilalaki and Mt. Tokosa, the entire Lindu plain with its large lake, the Besoa Valley and the western sections of the Bada and Napu valleys.

- Bada Megaliths.  Mysteries in stone. No definite research has yet been done, and estimates of the dates vary from 3000 BC to AD 1,300.  

- Lake Poso, 32,000 ha, lies at an elevation of 515 meters bounded by sleepy slopping mountains to the west and gentle hills to the east.

- Togian Islands, for those who are interested in true exploration diving and snorkeling and are prepared to endure a tough journey to find it, the Togians are a must.

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