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Microcore walker

The Microcore walker is a amazing walker. The circuit of the walker is a Microcore. The Microcore is easy to understand and easy to modify. This walker make big step, and Im really amaze! Compare to my two motors walker the microcore walker is the best!

Circuit :
1- 74HCT14
1- 74HCT245
4- 0.47uf capacitors <== This is why it make big step
4- 1 meg resistors
2- PCB boards
1- switch to power  my creature
1- switch for the PNC  (Process Neutralization Circuit)

**Click Here to see the Microcore Circuit**

Chassis :
2- modify servo motors  (click here to know how to modify servo)
2- AA battery holder
1- coat hanger for the leg
2- plastic horn to attach the leg to the servos

Here are some advantage and disavantage and some improvement for this robot.

Avantage :
   The circuit if very easy to understand.
   It make BIG step  9 cm or 3.5 inch.
   Compact design.
   Only need one IC chip for the motor drive. (with servo)
   Climb obstacles.

Disavantage :
   Always need to to press that PNC switch. (I recently find auto Neutralisation circuit)
   The PCB board take alot of space (Freeform would be good)
   Doesn't back up like is brother the two motor walker.

Future improvement :
   Add a auto PNC.  ( I recently find a auto PNC. Coming soon)
   Free form circuit.
   Light seeking ability.
   Obstacles avoiding or back up.
   Solar cell to power a certain circuit or the whole robot.

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