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The Miniball was originaly invented by Richard Weait of North York, Toronto.The Miniball is a amazing robot. The circuit is very simple and prove to be a very capable robot that rarely get stuck.
The miniball is mechanically complexe and electronically simple.

**I am thinking of making a tutorial of a battery power miniball**

Circuit :
1- pager motor
1- wacth battery
1- switch to power  my creature

Chassis :
1- plastic sphere  
1- small motor (Pager motor)
1- fuse clip to hold the servo motor
1- little gear box
1- switch
1-plastic tube to hold the the motor and gear box.

Here are some advantage and disavantage and some improvement for this robot.

Avantage :
   never get stuck
   compact design
   very simple circuit
   no wire to get stuck in the Turbot flagella ( turbot arms )

Disavantage :
   need a flat surface
   it doens't go straight, it make big circle.( This can be fix by adding weight to to the left or right )

Future improvement :
   solar power

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