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Brent receives an email one day and all it says is “Are you the Brent Parker who worked at Whistler BC in 1977? Although this intrigues his curiosity Brent is nervous about responding to this unknown sender. After confiding in his brother-in-law he is persuaded to answer the email and let the chips fall where they may. That decision will impact Brent to the extremes. How much do we owe for mistakes from our past? Just how far would you go to make amends for something you did all those years ago? What if that decision was life or death?

An excerpt from the script.

Brent opens the door and goes inside. His bedroom door then opens 
and Heather comes out and goes into the kitchen.  Brent rushes out
 of Logan’s room. 

Brent (cont’d)	I’m gonna kill that. . . . 

Heather	Morning Sweetie.  

Brent	Heather, You’re home already. I was surprised when I saw 
you this morning. When did you get back?

Heather	Late last night. We left early because Susan’s not well 
and we thought we might as well come back considering we can’t 
do much without her. 

Brent	I see. Did you have a nice time?  

Heather	Not really. You know what Susan and Dawn are like 
when they’re together. I spent the whole time refereeing. I’m sure 
Susan’s illness was brought on by stress due to Dawn’s meddling. 
I have never seen such conflict between two people in my life. 

Brent	That’s a shame. 

Heather 	Dawn does not know how to follow simple instructions 
without making everything into a challenge. She wants to try again
 next week but I’m not going. You have to wonder don’t you. 

Brent	About what?

Heather 	Why some people have kids if all they do is argue. What 
were you looking for?

Brent	What’s that? 

Heather	You were in the spare room. 

Brent	Was I? 

Heather	I thought you might have been looking for that boy. 

Brent is frozen.

Brent	Boy? 

Heather	Yes, he was up in the night. He got himself a drink of milk. .
from the carton no less. 

Brent	Did you speak to him?

Heather	No, he drank the milk and went back to bed. 

Brent	Logan. His name is Logan. 

Heather	Logan? That’s an unusual name. 

Brent	Yes, it is. He’s fifteen. 

Heather	That’s nice. Where is he? 

Brent	I don’t know. He goes out early in a morning. He’ll be back 
shortly I’m sure. . . .I hope.

Heather	Maybe I should make a cooked breakfast?  Do you
 think he’d like that? 

Brent	He likes cereal. 

Heather	Maybe I’ll hold off until he comes home and I can ask 
Brent	Don’t you want to know who he is?

Heather	No. Well, I did wonder I suppose. I thought he might have 
been a friend of Steven’s.

Brent	And you didn’t wonder why our nephew’s friend would be 
here for the night? 

Heather	Steven has stayed here lots of times. I thought he might 
have brought a friend. I wasn’t concerned. I knew you’d explain it to 
me when you got up. 

Brent	Come here and sit down. I can’t believe you didn’t wonder 
why there was a strange kid in the apartment.  

Heather	Brent Sweetie. Ever since we’ve been married you’ve 
brought home dogs, cats, injured birds, chipmunks and last year 
you arrived home with that filthy old man dressed in a Santa suit.  

Brent	Oh yeah, Terry. He was confused. 

Heather	I’d say, it was April. 

Brent	Well this is a little different even for me. 
Heather	Sounds serious. I’m not sure I want to know. 

Brent	Logan is. . . .there’s no easy way to say this. Logan is. . . .

The front door opens and Logan walks in. They both look at him. 

Logan	Hey, you must be Heather. 

Heather	Hello

Logan	Hey Man, dad called me. Congratulations you two, you 
have just become proud grandparents of your third grandchild, 
Patricia. Baby and Mother doing fine. He said he hopes to be back 
in a couple of days. 

Logan walks into his room and shuts the door. 

Brent	Heather. . . 

Heather	Would you get me a glass of water please? 

Brent	Water. . . .of course. 

Brent rushes over to the sink and gets his wife a glass of water. 

Brent (cont’d)	He did that on purpose the little b. . . .brat. That 
kid is not the easiest person to get on with. He’s no fool but. . 

Heather	What he said. Is it true?

Brent	Listen Love. . . 

Heather	Brent! What that young man just said about us and grandchildren, is it true? 

Brent	Yes. But let me explain. . .

Heather throws the glass of water into Brent’s face, gets up and 
walks away.  

Brent		I deserve that. I do, I deserve that. 

Heather	When?

Brent		When what?

Heather	When did. . . .for you to have grandchildren you have 
to have children. 

Brent		That’s right.

Heather	When?

Brent		A long time ago. 

Heather	How could you. . . 
			(starts to cry) 

Brent	Heather, It was before I met you. 

Heather	What about the test? 

Brent	Test?

Heather 		(Loud)
	The test! Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about, 

Brent	I do know. 

Heather	More lies? 

Brent sits, unable to answer. 

Heather 	All these years. All these years. Deceit, secrets, lies. How 
could you? 

Brent	I didn’t know about him. I swear to you Heather. I didn’t 
know I had a son until a couple of weeks ago. . . .I got an email. It 
said are you the Brent Foster from Whistler BC in nineteen seventy 
seven. I answered the email and I find out I have a thirty six year old 

Heather	Who was she?

Brent	She was a one night stand. She was a friend and we ended 
up in bed. Then three months later when I get back from Whistler I 
get a letter. She said she was pregnant with my child. 

Heather	Three months? That would be November seventy seven, 
we met in September. 

Brent	I couldn’t tell you. I had fallen in love with you. I was afraid I 
would lose you. 

Heather	So, you knew you were going to be a father back then. 

Brent	Yes. . .no. . . I wasn’t sure. . there’s so much more. . I sent her 
money, to have an abortion.

Heather	Did she say she wanted to get rid of it? 

Brent	Not exactly. 

Heather	What does that mean Brent? 

Brent	No, she didn’t say she was going to get rid of it. I sent her to 
the money anyway. 

Heather	Who are you? I thought I knew you after all these years 
but clearly I don’t. 

Brent	You know me better than. . .

Heather	Lies, Secret children, grandkids. . . .

Brent	For goodness sake Heather. . .

Heather	I was honest with you was I not?

Brent	Yes, you were honest with me. 

Heather	And then there’s the test. Did you even have it?

Brent	Do we have to do this now?

Heather	We based the rest of our lives on that non- existent test. 
That’s the cruelest secret of them all.  

Brent	I didn’t do it to hurt you. I would never intentionally do 
anything to hurt you. 

Heather	You have hurt me.  

Heather walks towards the bedroom. She stops. 

Brent	There’s more to this and there’s Logan. . . . Heather. . . 

Heather goes into her room and closes the door. Brent looks to 
Logan’s room and sees him standing there. Brent goes over to the 
couch and sits. Logan walks over to him. 

Logan		Sorry. 

Brent		I’m sorry you had to hear that.  

Logan		I didn’t mean for that to happen.

Brent		It had to come out. I was hoping to do it in a less 
conflicting way.  

Logan		Is she going to leave now? 

Brent		Leave? No.

Logan		Are you going to leave? 

Brent		Of course I’m not. Why would you ask that?

Logan	When mom and dad have a bad argument one of them leaves 
for a day or so. One time mom was gone for two weeks. I thought 
she’d never come back. 

Brent	Well, we don’t do that. If we have a disagreement we usually 
take a time out to settle things down and then we talk things over. 
We work it out. 

Logan	I think it’s going to take more than a time out to sort this one 

Brent	Well, that’s where you’re wrong. You mark my word, this time 
this afternoon everything will be forgotten and back to normal. That’s 
the way mature, responsible adults handle conflict.