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Nigeria Knocking

Having a HOTMAIL  E-Mail account I often get all kinds of 
unsolicited mail arriving in droves to my mailbox offering 
an assortment of delightful offers like $ VERY BEST MORTGAGE 
$99 to the more popular 18+ AND HORNEY! And LOSE 2-14 INCHES 
IN ONE Hour! Guaranteed! I presume theyíre talking about 
weight here, at least I hope they are. I never know because 
I delete them immediately or they go straight into the bulk 
mail folder where they are deleted automatically after so 
many days. This particular E-mail was a little different 
though because it had my full name as its heading and said 
PERSONAL & URGENT. I clicked on it and up popped a familiar 
letter that I had received a few times before. It was what 
I had heard of as a Nigerian scam letter, commonly known as 
a 419. 419 is  the code for an ďadvance fee fraudĒ scheme. 
4-1-9 Schemes frequently use the following tactics:

∑	An individual or company receives a letter or fax 
from an alleged "official" representing a foreign government 
or agency; 

∑	An offer is made to transfer millions of dollars in 
"over invoiced contract" funds into your personal bank 

∑	You are encouraged to travel overseas to complete the transaction; 

∑	You are requested to provide blank company letterhead 
forms, banking account information, telephone/fax numbers; 

∑	You receive numerous documents with official looking 
stamps, seals and logo testifying to the authenticity of the proposal; 

∑	Eventually you must provide up-front or advance fees 
for various taxes, attorney fees, transaction fees or bribes;
∑	Other forms of 4-1-9 schemes include: c.o.d. of goods 
or services, real estate ventures, purchases of crude oil at 
reduced prices, beneficiary of a will, recipient of an award 
and paper currency conversion. 

These operations have been running since the 1980's and 
conservative estimates of total money stolen worldwide 
through the year 2000 range about $5 billion.

I was about to delete it as usual when I started to think 
about all the people in the world who have fallen pray to 
this fraud. These are normal, intelligent, law abiding people 
who have handed over millions of dollars to these crooks. I 
then wondered why anyone would ever send their hard earned or 
in some cases,  other peoples money to what seemed to me as 
an obvious scam.  So, I decided to read the letter and see 
what kind of things they might say to entice me to send them 
my kidsí inheritance, little as it is. Here is the exact copy 
of the letter, grammar and punctuation mistakes and all.  I 
have highlighted my personal thoughts to the letters so that 
it is easier for you to follow.  


Firstly, let me apologize for infringing into your
privacy. This is necessary as I hope to present a
proposal to you, which I know, would be of immense
benefit to you and me. I am very much aware that you
might have come across this kind of preposition, as a
lot of scandalous misrepresentation, has been
perpetuated by my government in collaboration with
other foreign government to curb and frustrate the
effort of people like myself who are trying to better
the life of their families.

My name is Dr Obi Emeka and I am a Director with the
Federal Ministry of Works and Housing of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria. Though I am highly placed I am
also poorly paid. With this kind of situation the
trend in my country is to use your position to get as
much as you can for your family before retirement or
else you will suffer a great deal. So that when you
get an opportunity to help yourself you will
immediately do so without destroying anything or any
one. Such a God sent opportunity is what I am
faced with now.

I And four of my co-directors, (who make up the
Committee on Contract Procurement, evaluation and
Payment RecommendationĒ, of the Federal Ministry of
Works and Housing here in Nigeria, with two floor
members,) have in the course of our duty, been able to
secure for ourselves the sum ofUS$35,000,000.00(thirty-five 
million United State Dollars), which is very safe in the
Ministryís account with the Central Bank of Nigeria. How we 
came about this fund will be explained to you in due course.

As Civil servants we are well monitored in the sense
that we are not allowed to travel out of the country
at our own free will, also we are not allowed to own
foreign accounts and Our account are known to the
government etc. For this reason we need an outsider
who will front for us and make claims to this fund,
bearing in mind that we are directly in charge of
payment recommendation. We intend to use our good
office and position to make all the necessary
documentation that will be needed. I want to assure
you that this transaction is a hundred percent risk free
as we are directly at the helms of affairs.

What we need you to do for us is to front for us
and receive the fund, provide a safe and reliable bank
account to secure this fund and to help us invest part
of the funds in real estate and profitable
shares. For this we are willing to give you 20% of the
total fund after transfer. We anticipate the whole
transaction will take about 14working days to complete.

I decided to communicate this to you through your
e-mail because I know it is very confidential. Due to
the nature of this transaction we  beg you to maintain
absolute confidentiality at all levels. I expect you
to respond to this proposal urgently through my e-mail
address:, or call me on my phone
number: 234- 1774-8735.And please if you are not
interested, I beg you in the name of God almighty to
forget about this mail and me.
Thank you.
Dr Emeka Obi.

Itís a little longwinded for me, and my low attention span 
and Iíd have probably just skimmed over it and deleted it 
before I reached the end, but I read it carefully and forgot 
to delete it before moving on to the next unsolicited E-mail 
DO YOU LIKE HARDCORE PORN? Erí Just to delete it of course! 
I signed out of HOTMAIL and got on with my day. 
A few days later, I was talking to Mike who is a good friend 
of mine and I happened to mention that I had received yet 
another plea for money from Nigeria. It was from this chat 
that I learned that this scam has been around for a very long 
time and that it was one of Nigeriaís most lucrative 
businesses. Apparently they target business owners in this 
scam and as I was a lowly real estate agent trying to scrape 
out a living in Ontario, I was wondering ďwhy choose me?Ē 
There were more successful realtors in this city than I was. 
Actually there were a lot more! They obviously hadnít done 
much research before choosing me to hopefully obtain their 
millions. I then went searching on the net for more 
information about these Nigerian scams and found many sites 
dedicated to the subject. Again I asked myself if this has 
been around so long and with all of the publicity how was it 
that so many people continue to be taken in? 
That night I went back to the letter and although I had read 
several times that one should never answer these letters for 
fear of a giant hand coming out of the computer and stealing 
my wallet I decided to reply to it to see what would happen. 
Because it had my real name on the letter I set up a new 
HOTMAIL account and sent the letter to this site. I then 
pressed reply and took out any reference to me. This is 
what I wrote. How can I help you with your dilemma? What 
are the consequences of this? Will I get into trouble? 

I have no idea why I chose the name Steve; it just sounded 
good at the time. Then I waited, half wanting them to answer 
and half not. After all, I was dealing with an international 
gang of thieves who have managed by some supernatural means 
to pry all that money from some of the tightest fists in the 
world.  These fists belonging to people a lot more 
sophisticated than I am!  How unsophisticated you may ask! 
Well, I was born in England in the late nineteen fifties. I 
was seventh child of nine. I still enjoy the stories my Mother 
tells of how she tried all sorts of means to abort us all 
during the pregnancy.  She would use old wives tales like 
jumping from a chair to running around a tree backwards. 
Nothing worked so alas we all came forth and reared our ugly 
heads to reek havoc on Northfield, Birmingham.  The ĎCroft,í 
where we lived, was full of people just as financially 
embarrassed as we were, so I never really felt poor. First up 
was certainly best dressed in our family and I remember my 
dad and older brother coming over to the bed I shared with my 
sister and brother and removing their coats that had kept us 
warm all night so that they could go to work. Mind you, there 
were often regrets by them as they emerged outside into the 
chilly morning air the coats still damp and the familiar 
aroma of weak bladders.  But despite hard times mine was a 
happy childhood filled with many days of sibling rivalry and affection.  
I married my wife Cheryl in 1980 after many trips to Canada to 
visit relatives. We tried for the perfect family and only 
partway succeeded with two children; we could never quite work 
out how to obtain the point 4 so settled for a dog and cat. I 
got into my current position as real estate agent in 1985. Not 
one for making a lot of changes Iíve been with the same 
company to this day. Iím probably what you might call an 
ďaverageĒ salesman totally dedicated to my profession unless something better comes along on any given day like tea at a 
friendís house or something good on the telly. Donít get me 
wrong here; I make quite a good living.  Itís just that real 
estate is not my life, whereas everything else is! My pastime,
when Iím not visiting friends or watching TV,has been the 
theatre for as long as I can remember and I have gone from 
performer to ďwould beĒ playwright over the past few years. 
Iíve had some productions actually produced and enjoyed, 
which just goes to show how unsophisticated audiences can be. 

Because of my present employment it may surprise you to hear 
me say that one of the things that bothers me more than 
anything is people being ripped off. I am fully conversed 
with the reputation that goes along with being a real estate salesman. Iíve heard all the comments like ďeverything else 
failed then ehĒ to ďcouldnít pass the bar exam then ehĒ These comments go along with the business, but I can honestly say 
that I have always tried to do what is right by my clients, 
(just in case any of them read this.) I donít know why scams 
get to me so much. Iíd love to share with you some horrific 
story about how I was ripped off big time by some unmerciful 
door to door salesman holding me ransom with a large Fuller 
brush to explain this intolerance, but it simply didnít 
happen. It must be something in me I suppose. Some people are 
an open market for scams, like old people and people who are 
less well off than I am. It never fails to amaze me how we 
are always looking for ďthe fast buckĒ which in turn often 
results in costing us rather than gaining from the experience. 
I donít want to give you impression that I have never been 
ripped off, Iím so gullible I have probably been ripped off 
numerous times but havenít realized it. 
Now this particular scam targets the well to do and business 
owners. Why does this scam work with these successful people? 
First and foremost, these letters are often written by 
professional groups who target business owners in other parts 
of the world. It is approached in a way to make it look like 
we are scamming the government of Nigeria out of money. What 
business owner doesnít want to put one over the government? Especially if the government is in a country too far away to 
cause them any problems. Where the hell is Nigeria anyway? 
The other reason is because of greed, a trait that we all 
possess whether itís on the surface or buried deep inside of 
us. The letters sent are well thought out and are designed 
to make one believe that there is no risk involved.  
Initially there is no mention of payment by the recipient at 
all. I know myself, as soon as I see an E-mail that mentions 
the word ďpaymentĒ I get cold shivers and delete the message. 
On the surface it looks like a get rich quick, win, win 
situation. How many times have we been warned about ďget 
rich quickĒ schemes? It is only as time goes on where trust 
and friendship is built that the word ďpaymentĒ is sneaked 
in. Often by then itís too late, youíre hooked!


The day after I sent them my reply, I received my next E-mail 
from Dr Obi. 

Subject:    POSITION

Dear Steve, 
Thank you very much for your prompt reply to my mail.I would 
have gotten back to you sooner than this but for the fact 
that i had to travel out of town with my boss on official assignment,i didn't get back to my office till this evening,
that's why i have not been able to reply your mails since 
you sent them. 

I believe that the only reason he took a few days to answer 
me is because I am not the only person he is writing to. The 
reason I believe this is because when we first started to 
write he would often take a few days to answer me. As time 
went on and he felt he had hooked me he was quicker at 
answering my E-mails. 

Steve in brief let me give you an insight of what's on ground 
and what we want you to do for us(if we finally accept to 
deal with you).

Like, I have to pass the test to hand over my money! Give me 
a break.

Myself and my colleagues involved in this transaction are 
highly placed civil servants in the Ministry of works and 
housing here in Nigeria, exactly eight months ago we were 
co-opt into a commitee here in the ministry,during the cause 
of carrying out our official assignment we discovered alot of fruadulent deeds 

Fraudulent deeds in Nigeria? Oh no, whoíd have thunk  it! 

that have been committed by the various past Ministers,
director-generals etc in the ministry during the last military 
regime of the late military dictator General Sani Abacha,these fruadulent deeds amounted to millions of dollars,most of these 
funds we discovered have claimes(legitimate contractors) why 
there are some still in the ministry account without anybody 
laying claims to them,ofcourse it was during the process of 
carrying out our assignment that we discover that there are 
nobody having claims on the funds,to cut a long story short

Too late!

we have decided to keep part of these funds for ourselves
(35million dollars precisely)as civil servants we are not 
permitted by the civil service code of conduct to operate 
foreign accounts and even our accounts here are been 
monitored by the government,hence our request for a foreign 

Finally, a period, does this guy ever breathe?

What is required from this foreign partner are as follows 
1;Absolute transparency,honesty,trust and strict compliance to instruction during the course of the transfer. 

Thatís me to a T! Now I know why they picked me for this 

2;Provide for us a company name, address.telephone&fax numbers 
which we shall use for documentation process as we intend to 
follow all the legitimate process of funds transfer out of the country,the company name provided will be use to apply as the beneficiary of the funds having carried out contract work for 
the ministy(More details would be given if we finally accept 
you as our foreign partner)

I can hardly wait.
3;Provide a bank accountÖÖ 


which the funds would be transfer into pending when we come 
over for the disbursement of the funds,this account you must 
have absolute power over and should not attract undue taxation.
We intend to declare a profit of between 2-4million dollars 
these we can allow taxation.(everything have been carefully 
worked out by us here in Nigeria)

Isnít that special? I am so pleased to hear that these 
Nigerians are looking after our Inland Revenue services. 
4;Liase with the relevant government agency here in Nigeria 
during the course of the transaction,as we cannot afford to 
disclose our identity nor have anything to do with 
contractors funds,so the foreign partner would be our front.

I suppose being the front is far better than being the 
5;Sign the final funds release documents.This we have been 
made to understand has to take place here in Nigeria at the 
premises of the Central bank of Nigeria.(we are still working 
on the posibility of having offshore facilities granted to us 
by the bank once we get to that stage)

Thank goodness for that!
6;Advice us on profit oriented investment,which we can invest 
on in the foreign partner country. 

I have a very nice tower here you can buy cheap, right in the 
middle of Toronto. Great views!! 

Steve you see what is required of the foreign partner that we seek,and for helping us we have decide to offer such person 
20% of the funds transfer. you asked if you will get into 
trouble by helping us?.Let me assure you that if we finally 
deal with you as our foreign partner you have nothing,i 
repeat nothing to be scared of as we have carefully planned everything to the last details to see that once we start the 
process of the funds transfer,it would not take more than 
fourteen working days for it to be paid into the beneficiary 
account provided,do not forget that we are at the top here 
in the ministry and our recommendations here is final so you 
have nothing to fear. 
If you decide to help us let me known by e-mail immediately 
as i intend to converge a meeting of my other colleagues so 
that we can decide who we would deal with based on the repones 
i got. 
I would be expecting the responses soonest. 
Dr Obi. 

Wait a minute! Did he say responses? What a letdown! And just 
when I was starting to feel special because they chose me. 
Iíve a good mind not to go through with this thing now! But 
there again, whatís 20% of $35,000,000 (American)ÖÖÖÖoh all 
right, Iíll forgive them. In fact Iíll MAKE them choose me. I 
do hope I win. Itís a bit like being up for an Academy award. 
ďIíd like to thank my Agent, my family, and Jesus in that 
order.Ē Joking aside, I noticed how many spelling mistakes was 
in this one as opposed to the other. Obviously the first letter 
is a universal one that is professionally scripted and this 
one is more personal to me, written by this Dr Obi or a 
companion.  I have to admit that I was somewhat impressed by 
the wording of it. I can start to see why some gullible 
businessman might think it was legit. Now I had to think of 
how to answer this one. Here is my reply.

As long it's legal. Please let me know what it is I have to 
do next. 

Not much imagination here was there? Short and to the point! 
I did write a longer reply but I decided not to send it and 
reveal too much about myself at this time. The reason I wanted 
him to think that I was concerned about the legality of it is 
so that he would think that I was an honest man and that I 
believed him. It seemed to work because I got a reply a few 
days later.

Subject:   PROFILE

Dear Steve, 
I must really apologise for not reaching you since,infact even 
as i am writing this mail to you,i still haven't gotten over the shock that i almost lost my darling daughter to an automobile accident on Tuesday 20th,March,i was called up from the hospital 
that monring,from that day till Friday her life was in the 
balance as the doctor's could only tell us to pray to God for 
her life as they have done everything within their powers(medically),it was on friday that she finally came out from 
coma,i was overjoy when she finally came to, only for this joy 
to be shortlived when the doctors told me that she might not 
walk again the rest of her life as the accident has affected her spinal cord,and she would need to undergo three major surgery 
before she might be able to walk again,even with these surgeries 
the doctors say they cannot give me 100% assurance that she 
might walk again,since then my brother i have not been myself,
most exspecially has i see myself as the cause of her plight,
even my two other children have already started blaming me for 
the plight of their sister,but how can they understand that everything i did and i am still doing,is for their future,
because i want them to have the best,i never want them to lack anything most exspecially since they lost their mother and they 
are left with only me.Ever since the accident they keep asking 
why i had to sell the family car,because according to them if i hadn't sold the family car i would still be taken my baby to and 
from school and she would not be expose to the dangers of reckless drivers and then this would not have happened,but how do i begin 
to explain to them that my selling of the family car was for me 
to secure their futures,how do i begin to explain to my kids who 
now begin to wish infront of me that if their mother was alive 
such an incident wouldn't have happened to their kid sister,how 
do i make them understand that i had to sell the family car to 
make up my share of the required money that we have set aside for expenses in the course of this transaction.How do i make them see that it was because of them in the first place that i got myself involved in this deal,because i want the best for them and i 
intend to relocate them to the united Kingdom,where they can 
start a new life and would be able to get over the death of their mother,most exspecially as they always tell me that everything 
in the house reminds them of their mother,i wonder how they would feel if i told them that the family house which we live in 
presently i had already placed on morgtage,maybe they will disown me.My brother this is what i have been living with in the past 
week,i am now a shadow of my oldself,my boss feel i should 
proceed on two weeks leave but i decline because i known right 
now if i am idle it will only compound my problems as i really 
have to be up and about and busy so that atleast my mind would 
be off it.Hope i am not boring you with my personal problems,i 
really need someboby to talk to,i wish my wife was around,times 
like this i miss her so much.Death is cruel! 
Steve,Thank you for accepting to assist us and to collect 20%,
but the final decision is a collective one,which we shall take tomorrow night when we meet as we have not been able to meet 
since due to one reason or the other,please you have to forward 
me a brief profile of yourself quickly,(Are you married,what do 
you do for a living,any kids etc)You will understand that if we finally decide to deal with you we have a right to know you a 
bit.I would be expecting your respones soonest as we have ready wasted enough time and intend to commence the transaction 
Thank you and God bless you. 
Dr Obi. 

Although I knew it was all a load of crap as I had read about this part of the scam on the Internet whereas they try to win you over with stories of death and their impending doom, way back in the pit of my mind I felt myself wondering if it could be true. I suppose being a father and having a daughter myself, the paternal instinct 
in me came to the surface. Very clever really, to get me feeling sorry for him. This feeling of sadness passed quickly though and was replaced with a feeling of resentment. What a disgusting way to try to gain someoneís confidence. I have no idea if he has a daughter named Dianne or if he has any children at all but whether he does or not he obviously doesnít have a conscience. Note the God bless you 
at the end. I had previously read that they use religion as a part 
of gaining oneís confidence. After receiving this I decided that the gloves were now off and I was going to play his game his way. Here 
is my reply.

Subject: Reply to: PROFILE

Dear Dr Obi, 
What a terrible tragic story. I will pray for your family tonight. 
I am married with 4 children of my own. My youngest daughter Tanya, has also been poorly in the past. But she is getting better every day. 

Trying to let him think we have a connection here.

I have 2 boys who are very busy, and my oldest daughter Sara, is 
such a great help with her sister. My wife doesn't work and I own a small retail outlet here in Kelowna B.C. We don't have a lot but we are happy with what we have got. After speaking with my wife about this matter we have decided that we don't want 20% for doing this 
for you. We will do it for nothing. Let me know what else you want 
to know or what you want me to do. 

I know I sound like a real dingbat, but that was the whole idea. It was all lies of course but I wanted it to sound like a typical Canadian family who will go out on a limb for everyone and not 
expect anything in return! According to macleans magazinethatís how others see us. I was curious as to what he would say about us not wanting the 20% for helping him; his answer came back the next day.


Dear Steve, 
I must tell you that today has been really hectic,shuttling between the hospital and the airport to receive the chairman,the reception dinner here in the ministry for him,then the press briefing i have not been able in between to sit down and mail you an update, 

Oh, poor overworked young scammer! 

please pardon me i will surely do that later.Please Steve, there 
was an oversight on my part can you immediatey email me and tell 
me your religious belife and if you are very good with the english language,please 

As good as you do you mean? 

i would be expecting the reply now as the meeting would commence immediately the chairman comes downstairs.

Whatís he doing upstairs?
Thank you for praying for my family,i really, really appreciate it and to kwown that somebody out there cares for us is a blessing,please give my warmest regards to your family,exspecially your wife.

Eh, wait a minuteÖ.how do you know my wife?

I await your urgent respones to the above matter. 
Dr Obi. 

Iíll get right to it then! Just as I had been warned here comes the religious stuff. Although I call myself a Christian and talk to God on a regular basis especially when a real estate deal is in dier 
need of his attention which is quite often, I am not a church goer, except weddings and funerals that is. So, I thought for the best results I would pretend to make religion an important part of my everyday life. The more honest and God fearing he believed I was the better chance was that he could gain my confidence. I am not saying that all God fearing people are pushovers, but maybe better looked 
on as being honest. Mind you this is also not always the case, as 
we all well know. 


I didnít answer his last letter right away and as a result I got 
this letter about four hours later.

Subject:   WAITING

Dear Steve, 
I am still awaiting your respones,please make it fast.

Hold on a minute, I have a life you know! After all I am doing this for nothing! Mind you, so are you, you just donít know it yet.

I think at this junction i must let you known that i did not 
inform the rest of my colleagues about your decision to forfeit 
the 20% we are offering you,i will explain why to you later,

Oh, alright! Iíll take the $7000,000 if I have to! Itís a hard job but someones got to do it! 

for now i must battle to see that you are chosen as things are 
taken different dimension from what we had planned before,we humans can really allow greed to becloud our sense of reasoning,

Funny that you should mention greed! 

please send me the required information and please a little detail about your retail outlet and your nationality.respond quickly. 
Dr Obi. 

The good thing here is that he has taken the bait. Now I have to think up a good retail outlet to get him believing that I might 
have some good money sitting around waiting for some guy to come 
and take it off my hands. I thought Iíd wait a couple of days to answer him but before I had a chance to respond he wrote to me 


Dear Steve, 
having waited this long for you to reply ,i am going to use my initiative to answer the questions left,when your case shall come 
up for the second round of deliberation.

My Case? Deliberation? Is this guy a lawyer or what? That would explain a lot wouldnít it?

I guess i am rope to you,so i have to do everything within my 
power to see that you are chosen as our foreign partner,i guess 
it's the fact that i known with you i have much more to gain. The meeting would still take some time,a colleagues of my is trying to prove smart.I would get back to you when we finish,let keep our fingers cross and pray.I have much to gain if you become our 
foreign partner, 
Dr Obi.

Yes, I bet you do!  One hour later I received the next letter.

Dear Steve, 
We have failed to arrive at a common decision,we have then decided 
to put it to vote.immediately after this 10mins break we shall is between you and the other partner my colleague is since the begin of this night to impose on us,i will give you details later,let keep our fingers crossed and pray. 
Dr Obi. 

The suspense is killing me! Iíve not slept in hours! Whatís going 
on over there? Canít they see Iím an emotional wreck! WEíRE TALKING SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS FOR CHRIST SAKE!  It was later that day that 
I finally got the news I was waiting for.


Dear Steve, 
I feel it is the lord's doing.You have been chosen as our foreign partner and i have been elected to guide you through the whole transaction.

Yes! Iím off to Sears to do what I normally do and pre-spend it all! 

Please you will pardon me to go and get some few hours of sleep as 
i have to be in the hospital later this morning.On behalf of myself,the chairman and the rest of my colleagues please accept my congratulation.I will give you further briefing later today. 
Dr Obi

He was obviously very busy informing all of his other victims the good news that they were chosen as their foreign partner. I could hardly wait for my further briefing. Back in my mind, and Iím 
talking WAY back, I was thinking, ďwhat if itís true! What if I am actually going to get $7000,000Ē I decided that now I would write some kind of reply, here it is.

 Subject:    Reply to FOREIGN PARTNER.

Dear Dr Obi,
This is wonderful news. I don't know what you said to convince them of my trust but I thank you. Sorry to hear your day has been so hectic, mine has too. I can only answer your E-Mails at night as I don't want the other people whom I work with to know what's going 
on with this sensitive matter. I hope you understand. I am 
protestant (Church of England)We attend church regularly. Why is 
this important? I am good with the English language and must compliment you on your English writing. I doubt that I could ever attempt to write in Nigerian! My retail business is a lighting company in Kelowna. I have owned it for 11 yrs and I employ 6 
people. As I have explained before we are not wealthy but we do 
live well. I hope this answers all of your questions. How is your daughter doing? 

I started out by letting him know just how thrilled I was to hear that itís MY money they want to take not somebody elseís. I 
thought Iíd better tell him the truth about me being with the 
Church of England in case he started asking me questions about it. Why a lighting company? I looked around the room and thatís the 
best I could come up with at the time. Again I had to be careful 
with questions about the type of business and I figured I could answer lighting questions pretty accurately at least a lot easier than if I would have said I was in thermal nuclear physics which I had to look up how to spell. I picked 11 years to look established and 6 employees to look more than a corner store. As far as Kelowna B.C is concerned I got it off a map of Canada, it just sounded 
like a nice place. I thought Iíd better mention the phantom 
daughter to show concern. The next letter arrived first thing the next day and boy did it go on. I thought Iíd need a packed lunch 
to read it all in one sitting!


Dear Steve(Brother), 
I hope you don't take offence by me calling you brother,here in 
Africa,when somebody who is not of blood relation to you wants to 
see to the betterment(Nigerian english) of your future. . . . . 

Nigerian English? Do they have a Nigerian German too? 

that person is refered to as a brother that's why here in african(Nigeria as a case study) you will hear alot of people refering to each other as brothers,

Iíll have to remember that the next time Iím over there, if I can find out where it is.

it is in that light that i now see you Steve.

Isnít that special! So, now Iím his brother! Obviously another way 
of gaining my confidence and trust. I think itís working, I can 
feel little warm tears welling up in my eyes.

I would have gotten to you since yesterday,but for the rain that 
fell on Wednesday monring which damage the attennae, which my ministry,s sever was placed,which the engineer's battle the whole 
of yesterday to fix it but they could'nt,

Which which is which?

i needed to really reach you as you were suppose to send me some vital informations that the we needed to commence this 

I was? First I knew anything about that! He must be confusing me 
with one of his other foreign partners.

and the Chairman would have taken this informations personally to 
the federal capital to begin the documentation process,but 
because of the sever problem we could not reach you and we don't 
want to risk going outside to contact you.

Good idea, not with all that rain knocking out servers and stuff.

The engineers didn't finish there work till between 11-12pm 
yesterday being thursday,

Good, reliable repair men are so hard to get these days.

but then i was in the hosital when they finished,a colleague 
called to inform me about it,but i couldn't leave the hospital immediately as i had to stay till baby falls alsleep(Her condition 
is not improving at all and her aunts her at my neck!). 

Thatís because youíre supposed to be a doctor! Do something about 
it then!

Brother,you are to send to me immediately a company name(what ever name you have nonminated) telephone/fax numbers which we are to 
use for the documentation process.Remember i told you that in transfering our money we are following the lay down procedure/
legal way of funds transfer out of this country so that we can 
enjoy it afterwards with absolute peace of mind.

Thatís good! Keep it legal, I feel so much better now. Thereís nothing worse than having millions of dollars lying around and you canít enjoy it because you donít have peace of mind.

The company name which you have nonminated, we are going to incorporate here as a corporate entity and we are going to 
backdate the date of incorporation two years backwards to suite 
our purpose(modalities for carrying out this process has been 
fully worked out with our contact at the Corporate Affairs 
Commission(and with gratification nothng is impossible in this country)

I believe that!

because for any company to bid for contract above 10million 
dollars in this country such company must have been in operation in this country for at least 15months.

I wonder if this is true. It certainly sounds good though doesnít 

Please the telephone/fax number which you will provide for us must 
be that which you are easily reached,because as this transaction progresses you will be contacted by the relevant goverment agencies,so we don't want a situation where who does not know anything about the transaction would now get involved thereby jeopadizing it,this we cannot afford to risk.

No, we canít afford to risk someone who is not involved with this scam finding out about it and alerting the authorities. Mind you, 
it was later that I discovered that it is almost impossible to find someone there who is not involved in some way or another in these scams. 

Please send this details to me in the monring so that we can dispact the papers with the informations to the capital city for the incorporation process to start.At this point let me tell you that confidentiality should be your watch word,we cannot overemphazie 
this till after the transaction so aldhere strictly to this please.

I shanít tell a soul, pinky swear!

Brother,we have decide that all expenses(Telephone bills,flight tickets) incured during this transaction by either party,such 
receipt of this expenses should be well documented as we intend to settle such expenses first befroe we then share the money amongst ourselves according to the agreed percentage,so keep all expenses receipt in safe place,this goes too for documents concerning this transaction which i would be sending to you as we progresses,so 
your fax moderm should be as close to you as possible.

I wonder if I sent him the bills he would settle up now instead of waiting until we get the millions. As far as my fax modem is concerned we are so close weíre on first name basis.
I would expect the information later this monring and give you 
update on all matters which i have not.Remember i am your guide during this transaction so feel free to ask any question as we progress.Say me well to your family,i cannot wait to meet them personaly.I wii send you mails later today. 
Thank you and God bless you. 
Your Brother, 
Dr obi. 

As I read this I noticed the spelling mistakes seem to be made by rushing rather than not being able to spell. This tells me that he seems to be copying parts of it from a form letter rather than 
making it up as he went along.  If he were indeed writing to many people rather than me this would explain his rushed typing. The expression, say ďme wellĒ to your family was something he said throughout our conversations. I wonder if that is Nigerian or just bad English. 

As usual, I sent this latest letter to my friend Mike.  I had been sharing this experience with him from day one. I have known Mike since meeting him at the real estate course, he is also an 
expatriot Englishman and has a terrific sense of humour. As you 
read on you will see that he also hates these scams . This was his reply to me.


This is unbelievable! Much as I hate to say it though, I think the time has come to completely ignore any further communications from your "brother". You certainly aren't going to provide them with any identifiable information. We must at all times bear in mind, that these people are serious career criminals who are probably capable 
of anything. 


I thought about this for a while because I knew that what Mike was saying was true. I decided to carry on but not to tell my wife 
about these letters as she might get upset that I was getting involved with international criminals. Maybe I was a little nervous after hearing this from Mike who is not known to let things scare 
him easily, so I didnít write back straight away and very soon another letter followed.

Subject:     DETAILS

 Dear Brother, 
How is everybody and business?

Great! Making lots of money!

i hope everything is going on fine with you.what about your darling wife and your kids, hope they are in good condition of health,i cannot wait to meet them.i known this would be very soon.

I can hardly wait.

I came to the office this monring to collect the informations i 
asked you to send to me immediately,but alas there is nothing here for me from you.

Donít blame me, it was Mikeís fault! 

Brother you must realise at this junction that time factor plays a very important role in this transaction.The way we planned 
everything is to begin this transaction and end it in the shortest time frame(14 working days)with this attention would not be drawn 
to it as we would have long concluded the transaction or at the 
verge of completion before anybody can even realise that such transaction took place or is even taking place.So send this informations to me immediately,

Oh, alright then.

one of the strong points that help me while presenting your case before my colleagues when we were deciding who to deal with as our foreign partner was the fact that i told them that all the time i 
was communicating with our potenial foreign partners,you were 
always the first to reply to my mails once i send them out,

Thatís because I donít have a life! 

right now i wonder what is happening,although i want to belive that you are trying to sort things out on your side,hurry and send this informations as they have to be sent to the capital city so that 
the documentation process would begin on monday,i await your 

Not a very patient man, is he. 
Brother my baby's condition is not improving at all,she has 
developed a terrible cold and she keep's calling for her late 
mother while she is alsleep i am really worried.

ďLate motherĒ, this manís not had a lot of luck.

Doctor's say i have to immediately raise part of the money needed 
for the first operation.

Ah, the plot thickens.

Honestly speaking i would have prefered if the operations where carried out abroad, preferably in England where a friend told me 
they are very good in such operations,

What operation? 

i am now running from pillar to post to raise this advance payment for the operation as i have put everything i saved all this years into this transaction as my share of expenses money.I known the God 
i serve would not let me down,mean while my late wife sisters are 
not helping matters,they are insisting that i sign the papers to discharge her from the hospital so that they can take her to the village to treat her with native medicine,

I understand this as I saw something like it on Tarzan once!

this i have bluntly refuse and they are now saying should anything happen to her they will hold me responsible,can you imagine!

Yes I can, as this happens all the time here in Ontario. Those interfering old aunts! Why canít they just mind their own business.

as if she is not my daughter,my flesh and blood.My people here in Nigeria belife so much in traditional medicine,but what has spinal cord injury. . .  

Oh, that operation.

got to do with traditional medicine,this they do not want to understand,and are putting pressure on me from all angle.if this transaction has been concluded i would have flown her out to 
England for operationS that she has to undergo. 

As an expatriot Englishman I will say that if she had gone to 
England she would have had to wait an awful long time for an operation there.

Brother,i am on my way to my state of origin which is about four hours drive from Lagos,i want to see some old friends who i feel 
can assist me with cash,so that i can pay for the first operation,i would surely come back today and i will come straight to the office to collect the informations you would have sent.Let me rush now as 
i will touch the hospital before i finally go.Talk to you later.
Thank you and God bless you. 
Your Brother, 
Dr Obi. 

Again I got that feeling of, Ďwhat if heís telling the truth about his daughterí It must be because I canít imagine anyone lying about something like that. The lies flow so easily from this man it makes me think heís been doing this for a long time. Notice also that he has not asked me for any money yet. He was just planting the seed. 
I think he wanted to see if I would respond to it. I decided to 
write back to him the same day.


Brother is fine with me. I'm sorry I didn't answer your question immediately, I've had quite a problematic last couple of day. The details of which are not important. Regarding the telephone and fax number you requested, I don't feel I can send to you at this time until I find out exactly what it is I have to do. As I have said I don't want to get into any problems with the British Colombian government on this matter. Please spell out what the whole process 
is so that I can assure my wife that I will not get into trouble 
with the Canadian government over this. I'm sorry to hear that your daughter is getting worse. I do not understand why this transaction seems so important to you, is it more important than your daughters health? I hope that we can get moving on this very soon. Do you know approx how much 20% of the funds amounts to? 
                            Steve Masterson

Here I decided to act cautiously, or was it an act? Maybe what Mike warned me about was weighing a little more heavily than I thought. 
I also wanted him to think that I was a law-abiding citizen and not someone who would jump into tricky situations. This is certainly something that I would do if I were really taken in by this scam. I then wrote in the line about the money being more important than 
his supposedly sick daughter. I wanted to see what his reaction to that question would be. Then at the end of the letter I put the 
note about the 20%. In other words, Iím honest but not so honest as to let millions of dollars slip through my hands. I also gave 
myself a Surname to work with that I got from looking in the phone book.  So, Steve Masterson was born, but for how long before Obi realized that I was never going to send him a dime?


I didnít get a reply until the next day and was starting to wonder 
if he was on to me. I was kind of relieved when I got my reply.

Subject:   DETAILS

Brother, as I have explained previously,you have nothing to worry about with your government over this transaction,it is totally risk free for you, I would not ask your assistance with this matter if 
it was not legal, I am awaiting your reposnse to my previous mail, 
I need the name
and address of your company for the documentation process. Please Steve respond today as I am very busy man. I must go now to visit 
my daughter in hospital it is so hurtful to do but I must be a good father to her, I need help but I do not know where to turn.
Your Brother. 
Dr Obi. 

I answered right back but kept it short and sweet. 

Subject: Reply to: DETAILS

BROTHER, I understand now that there is no risk involved and this makes me happy. The name of my company is THE LIGHT TOUCH 
CONTRACTING LTD. We are located at 419 Candle Dr Kelowna B.C I hope this is what you are looking for. I hope to hear from you real 

I have no idea if there is a candle Dr in Kelowna, I made it up. 
Note the number of the street 419 which is the code for the type of scam they are conducting. I heard back a few days later.

Subject:   LETS START

Dear Brother, 
I am so happy that you now understand the modus operadi of how we intend to carry out this transaction, 

The modus what?

and the fact that you are still assisting us, now you have made me 
so proud that I can raise my head high in front of my other 
committee members who felt I was going to jeopardize this 
transaction when I kept insisting on Steve Materson being our 
foreign partner despite what you wrote in your mail, 

Together, weíll show those committee members! Note the name Materson it should read Masterson.

but then you will not blame them, brother imagine when you put all what you have been slaving for all your life in a basket and you 
want to cross a river, then there comes a fellow who agrees to help you cross the river initially then after you now place your trust 
and your life savings in his hands he turns around to tell you he 
is not sure he can swim and cannot guarantee you the safety of your basket, how will you react? 

First of all Iím very careful whom I share my basket with, and secondly if I put my life savings in a basket it would probably float! 

I am sure you will do everything within your powers to prevent such incident from happening thatís the same way my colleagues felt when 
I told them about the content of your previous mail, they do not 
want to see nor even imagine anything that would impede the successful completion of this transaction as we have all made 
serious sacrifices(two of my colleagues took short term loans from the bank) to see that this transaction is completed successfully.

I hope they got a reasonable interest rate.

if I begin to go into various sacrifices made by individual colleagues most especially in raising the capital needed for the various expenses during the course of this transaction which 
everyone of us had to pay and which determines our percentage here then I am sure you will understand why they felt like that towards you, I will safe this discussion for when we meet to disburse the funds. 

Okay, weíll chat over a cold beer and nachos.

There is no way we can get into trouble with our government if we follow the plan we have to the latter, since we are in the position of vetting and making finally recommendation for payments of 
contract claims here in the ministry, all the paper work would be through us and nobody who see them except when we make our recommendation for payment to the Bank via the Ministry of finance and they have no option but to pay because our recommendation is final, the only problem we see is from you, thatís while you are to follow my instruction to the latter once this government agencies begin to contact you and you have to adhere strictly to the confidentiality this transaction deserves, nobody apart from you 
and your darling wife should known about this transaction for now,

They obviously donít know my wife! She couldnít keep a secret if 
her life depended on it. 

The fax issue,I discussed it with the chairman and he asked if it were not possible for you to get your own fax line and how long it will take to get it. confidentiality is important.

Mumís the word!
Thank you very much for showing so much concern about my daughterís condition,brother I must tell you the truth it has not been easy on me,

Finally, the truth.

I am under a lot of pressure but I keep praying to my God seriously for his continuous strength because I know if not for God in this past week since the accident I would have given up on myself to imagine that this accident occurred when I did not have anything in the bank except feeding money for me and the kids and for their school expenses,I have invested everything I had into this transaction and even sold the family car to raise money because I know I was going to be a millionaire soon in dollars,I forfeited 
some basic needs of mine and my kids for this period to see this transaction through and then when i collect my share I will pay back my kids for their understanding by relocating them to England for 
the rest of my life and theirís if they want to,I did not know this accident would happen to baby.Thatís why I am running from pillar to post in trying to raise money for her operations,

Go on, ask me, you know you want to.

even now I have placed my late wifeís jewelry for sale to raise 
money for her first operation which the doctorís say might take 
place on Monday or Tuesday depending on when I make the payment before they will now give us a definite date.You asked if this transaction is more important than my daughterís health?how can you even ask such a question,of course my daughterís /kids mean the 
world to me,I am living now and struggling very hard all because of them and I will give them the world if I could.You are a father you should know what I mean most especially now that they have only me,
I do not want to let them down,because if I die today I do not want my kids to see me as a failure.

That would be a lot better than them seeing you as you really are!
I have 3 lovely and adorable kids,Stephanie (18yrs)Kelvin(16yrs by May 1)Dianne(baby of the house 10yrs )anything you feel you can do for me would be of great help. 

Like what, pray tell?

I would send you another mail in the afternoon,but for now send me the informationís I need immediately.About the fax line please respond so that we can work out something quickly as time is far spent. 
Brother you need to check your mails at least twice daily from now 
on so that we can get and pass informationís needed quickly. As we are now starting the transaction proper.

And the funny thing is, I do! Itís he who seems to take his time answering me.
Thank you and God bless you. 
Your Brother. 
Dr Obi. 

In other words itís not my slow reaction to his E-Mails but his slow connection. So, I thought Iíd write back and tell him that. 

Subject: Reply to LETS START

Brother, how are you? You sound so stressed out. I'm starting to 
feel that you do not trust in me like I trust in you. 

Yeah, like I really trust this man!

I realize that trust is something that must be earned and as you don't know me very well you feel that you cannot trust me yet. I 
hope to alleviate those feelings of insecurity that you're feeling. 
I have a great exercise that I do when I feel stressed it's a deep breathing  exercise. Sit straight up and breathe deep trying all the time to fill the very bottom of your lungs, now hold it for 10 seconds and then slowly breathe out. Repeat it about 5 no 6 times in a row. You'll start to feel a  lot better and the stress will lift off you. Also, rotate your head in a clockwise position about 20 times then repeat in an anti-clockwise position. You'll feel so much better after. Maybe you can offer these exercises to your other partners. I hope this helps you.  

Now, if youíre reading this and think that Iíve gone loopy youíre probably not too far off the truth. I was just being silly. I wanted to see what this man would do with this kind of advice. I did have lots of fun writing it and thought if he thinks Iím stupid and a typical arrogant North American, he might start treating me like that. I think I did this because I still felt that one would have to be stupid to fall for this kind of scam.

The numbers you have asked for are (205) 493 0311 Phone (205) 493 5556 Fax  They are numbers for a suit I have at the Best Western Hotel. They are very private and you have nothing to worry about. 
Put attention suite 21. 

So now my problem was that I had to find a hotel in Kelowna British Columbia where he could contact me. I never thought that this would go much further than a couple of more letters before he found out that I was pulling his leg. I then went onto the Internet and looked up the best Western Hotel and found their phone number and fax 
number and sent them to him. 

Please do not refer to this hotel and number to my wife as she is 
not aware that I have a suite there. It's a complicated issue. 

Why would I have a contact number at a hotel? Well, I thought Iíd give him that answer, man to man so to speak. nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Let him believe that I was not as honest as I was pretending 
to be. Also now, I was taking him into my confidence and building 
the trust and friendship.

I should tell you that I have been checking my mail very regularly over the past 2 days but it seems to take you such a long time to answer my mail! 

So there!!

My daughter Tanya is 12 yrs old. She will send a letter to Dianne 
to say hello later on. Please relax, and remember we will soon be free of all of our problems. I look forward to hearing from you soon.  

I sound like the perfect husband and father donít I?  Well, the perfect husband who has a hotel room that his wife knows nothing about. I heard back from him a couple of days later.

Dear Brother, 
When you claim that i take a long time to answer your mails,i can tell you straight that is wrong, because of this transaction i am always on the net as i need to have regular contact with you as i have to give update to both the chairman and the other commitee members daily.That is why i had to come to the office this night to send you this mail as i could not get internet connection in the afternoon and thereby not giving you update and me getting the information you sent to me earlier than this, 

What comes to mind here is that I think he is sharing his E-Mails with another person. Someone he has to answer to and that is why is making sure that they all know that he is answering my mails as 
soon as heís getting them, the problem is, he isnít. This one took 
a couple of days for him to get back to me.

Brother if i do not trust you i am not sure i would stick my head 
out for you as far as i have done so far,please erase that thought that i do not trust you completely from your mind.I trust you Steve Materson.

The biggest mistake heís going to make in a long time!! 

I would immediately send this information(telephone/fax numbers) to the chairman in the capital city to fill it into our application forms for registration of our company which we have already 
submitted to the corporate affairs commission.The name of the 
company we nonminated is 

I hope you like it.

Itís certainly original!

Be rest assured that non of this information i would pass to your wife,i Understand,am i not a man?You seem to forget that i have 
lost my wife for close to two years now,brother it's not easy,i indulge too!

Oh thank goodness for that. A comrade at arms, one of the lads! How about those Bulls?

Brother, i am in a terrible fix as my baby's condition is not improving,i still need up to $1,200 i.e(one hundred and twenty thousand naira when converted)to make up the money for the first operation,i do not have anything to sell again.My only hope of getting money is when this transaction is over and i collect my percentage,i keep praying to God and i hope it would not be too 
late then,Brother,

So now we have a figure to work with. He still hasnít asked for any money yet but I believe thatís still because he is writing through the shared E-Mail address. 

we need to put a voice now to this transaction,you are to tell me when you will call me so that i would await your call,out going 
calls from my office can be traced but incoming calls cannot.Please do not go through the operator as this can be traced too.Call my numbers directly when you want to call me,but first let me known 
when you are going to call through your next mail to me and please keep all the receipts of expenses you incure during the process of this transaction and this expenses must have connection to this transaction.

I now have to decide whether to call him or not. I donít really want to call Nigeria, because of the expense but also Iím concerned that 
I may say something that will alert him to the fact that I am 
pulling his leg. Itís very nice of him to tell me to hold onto my receipts though isnít it?

Tell Tanya that i will pass her message to Dianne when i get to the hospital this night,i hope this news will cheer her up as she is in pain and every time i see her i know that i have to quickly do something so that she can have her first operation.I pray God to 
help me.

Sickening isnít it! I KNOW heís lying. . .but what if?
Thank you Brother for exercise you recommended for me,i will try it when i get home later this night. 
I would await your response. 
Your Brother, 
Dr Obi. 

I did laugh when I read that. I was surprised to hear him thank me for the exercises, and say that he was actually going to try them tonight! He must think Iím a bigger moron than I am.  I wrote back 
to the next day.

Subject: reply to TRUST,VOICE CONTACT. 

Sorry to hear of your computer problems. I had such a bad day today. I hope I didn't come across as rude. I'm pleased to hear you trust me. I'm sure we'll be able to laugh about this later. You keep 
saying when we meet? Are you coming to Vancouver? When did you think you might come. Don't book into a hotel, you can stay here with us. We have a large house overlooking the mountains (8 bedrooms each 
with it's own bathroom)so we have lots of room for you. 

Eight bedrooms each with itís own bathroom! I could hear him salivating across the airwaves with that statement. 

I'm a little nervous about many people knowing about my hotel residence so please make sure it's kept private. 

Putting him in my confidence again.

I'm very sorry but I don't have your phone number. I delete every 
E-Mail you send because I'm very careful not to let anyone know 
about this. I'm still very nervous for you and your family. If 
things get too hot maybe we could fly you all out of there. 

I had his phone number really but I was trying to string him out for as long as I could. The last thing I wanted to do was call this guy in case he reached through the phone and picked my pocket. Another reason was that I resented him costing me anything.

I like the title Light Touch Contracting Nigeria LTD It has a nice ring to it. please try to spell my name right. It's Masterson. You have been putting Materson it must be important to spell my name right if I'm to do any overseas work for you. 

A nice little touch here. If he wasnít convinced before I think he would be by now.

I don't know if this person is connected to you but I received a letter similar to yours from a DR UMARU SHINKAFI EGWUATU. Is this person part of your committee? Should I reply to him? 

Dr Umaru Shinkafi Egwuatu is a name I got from one of the internet sites that deal with these scams. Apparently this man has his own little scam going and I thought Iíd send this name to Obi to see 
how he would deal with it, or not deal with it.


I received my next letter from him later that same day.


Dear Brother, 
I am very sorry for always getting your name wrong the correction 
has been noted,

Well thatís good. I donít like it when people spell my name wrong especially as I have to make sure that I spell it right every time 
I write to you.

we have not use the name yet,it is when we want to file our letter 
of claims to the bank that we shall use your name as the sole beneficiary of the funds on behalf of our company,this we intend to do first thing next week Monday as we have not been given all the certificates which we paid for and these certificates must 
accompany our letter of claim to the bank.

I can hardly wait. 

Brother send me your Banking details as we are almost through with the documentation process,the last of the documents/certificates 
we have been told would be release to us by the close of work tommorrow,we were asked to pay a total sum of $125,000 dollars for the documentation process,procurement of this certificates,payment 
of taxes for our company for the past two years,the taxes took the largest chunk of this money,then gratification in the various government agencies to speed up the documentation and release of 
this certificates to us(Nigerian factor). 

I wonder how he was able to come up with $125,000 for this transaction but not have the $1200 for his daughterís operation. 
This guy has his priorities screwed up. All this talk about certificates and taxes and stuff certainly sound genuine, 
especially the gratification to the government agencies (the 
Nigerian factor)  
I hear theyíre all crooks over there. 

You asked if i was coming over to Vancouver?Yes i am coming,immediately the funds is paid into your account myself,the chairman and two other commitee members(the persons have not been chosen yet) would come over to Vancouver to meet with you for the disburement of the funds according to the agreed percentage after 
we have settled expenses incured during the transaction.

I can see us now sitting around my kitchen table, one for you, one for me, ten for the expenses incurred. 

Thank you very much for the accomodation offered,we gladly accept it,we have been contemplating on reducing the number of people to come over to vancouver to two because of the over head cost as we have almost exhusted our capital for expenses after paying for the various certificates,documentation process,taxes,gratification,
flight tickets to and fro from the capital city etc.I would pass 
this offer you made about the accomodation to the chairman immediately,i know he would be happy about it.

Thatís all well and good for you, but now I have to find five more bedrooms and bathrooms before you get here! And as far as the view 
of the Rockies are concerned the closest thing I have is a mound of gravel sitting in the driveway. 
Brother,you do not have anything to worry as per your secrets,they are safe with me.

What, all of them?

I feel i know you for years and i want to be your friend even after this transaction as been completed,i want our families to be close,
If you can assist me i would consider relocation to vancouver rather than England,my children need kids like yours who come from stable home to be their friends and i intend to bring the two families together if you do not have any objection to it.

I feel like Iím in an episode of Little House On The Prairie. Stable home indeed!  

The life of my baby is hanging on $1,200 dollars as i am finding it very difficult to raise this balance money needed for her operation. 
I am very happy that you like the name we have nonminated as our company name.The certificates of incorporation,tax clearance certificate i would fax to you very soon. 
My phone numbers are 
234-1774-8735 Telephone 
234-1759-3019 Fax 

Interesting how he starts out by saying he is finding it difficult raising the $1200 to help save his daughters life, then in the next sentence heís onto the name he nominated for the company. I could smack him! 

Please when you want to call do not go through the operator as such calls can be traced,

We wouldnít want that now would we.

the chairman has indicated his intension to speak with you so i have to arrange this telephone appointment so that he can fly down from the capital city to keep the appointment once it is fixed.How about later today 9pm Nigeria time?Let me have your response immediately. 

He has now given me a time that I must call to speak with his chairman. At this point I was wondering how do I get out of this 



i repeat please, do not response to any mail you get without first contacting me about it.

Even from my Mother?

Do not response to the mail from this other man,disregard it,
remember i told you that confidentiality should be our watchword throughout this transaction,once again disregard the mail.i have reported this to the chairman this morning on the phone,do you know what he told me,

Erí letís squeeze this one for all we can get?

he simply said"Obi talk to your brother Steve,tell him not to jeopadize my transfer".Brother alot of people's live are hanging in the balance till this transaction is over so please disregard any mail you get if it is not coming from me. 

Iím deleting all my other mail as we speak. Goodbye Mom, goodbye friends, goodbye 18+ AND HORNY!  (I thought Iíd already got rid of that one)

How is your darling wife and kids,please give them my love and regards. 
Thank you and God bless you. 
Your brother 
Dr Obi. 

Absolutely! Iíll jump right to it! This guys manners are much to be desired. Heís good with the sorry and please stuff but heís always telling me what he expects me to do. He doesnít sound anything like my wife, does he sweetheart?

I sent this letter to Mike to see what he thought of it.


Okay Mike, what I did was I went to the Nigerian Scam site and got 
a copy of the letter that's sent by this DR UMARU SHINKAFI EGWUATU and pasted it on here to let them think I'm receiving letters from other people now. I then went to the Kelowna webpage and found an address for a bank there and I've sent that. When it comes to 
sending account info I'll have to make up something. He's going to think i'm REALLY stupid by now! It's getting interesting........
any sugestions? 

Here was Mikeís reply.

Have you heard back from this one yet? I'm dying to see what he has to say about the other letter.

Latter that day I wrote back to the Good Doctor Obi. I was a little disappointed by his reaction to my news that I had received another letter so I thought Iíd send him the letter and see what he would 
do with it.


Thanks for getting back to me. here is the copy of the letter that was sent to me by the other doctor.........

Dear Steve Masterson, C/O The Light touch LTD, Kelowna B.C April 
the Federal Government of Nigeria to review contract Awards/Payments Approvals in the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF). Our duties include evaluation, vetting approvals for payment for contract executed for the PTF. On the 10th January 1997, the awarded a contract of $600 Million United States Dollars to the consortium of  Abblummus, 
J.G.C. Corporation, Bouygues Offshore and a joint venture of Spiebalignoles and Fougureolle, for an engineering, procurement and construction work in Nigeria. But some top officials of the organization over-invoiced the contract sum to the tune of $636.5M with the intention of sharing the remaining $35.5M among 
themselves. But due to the sudden proscription of the PTF by the 
new democratic Government, their effort proved abortive. But now 
that the Federal Democratic Government of Nigeria has approved the sum of $636.5M for the concerned foreign companies as full payment for the contract executed, and since each of the companies are entitled to $150M, we intend to transfer the remaining %36.6M 
abroad into a safe and reliable account to be disbursed among ourselves. My colleagues and I have agreed that if your company can act as the beneficiary of this fund ($36.5) you and your company 
will retain 20% of the total amount while 70% will be for us and the remaining10% will be used to offset any expenses incured by both sides during the course of the transfer. It may interest you to 
know that , some years ago a similar transaction was carried our 
with one Mr. Patrick Miller, the President of Craine International Trading Corporation of No. 135 East 57th Street, 28th Floor, New 
York 10022 with Tele Number (212) 308-7788 and telex Number 
6731689. After the agreement of both parties in which he was to 
take 20% of the money while the remaining 70% was for us, with the payment approvals secured and relevant document signed, the money 
was duly transferred into his account, only to be disappointed on 
our arrival in New York, that he had changed address, while his telephone and telex number has been reallocated. That was how we 
lost $27.7M to Mr. Patrick Miller. We could not report the case to the authority due to its nature as being utterly confidential. This time, we need a more reliable and trustworthy partner with a reputable company's account to transfer this money into. Hence this proposal to you. It took us expensive ideas and money to fine-tune all the preparations for this transaction to meet all legal and administrative requirements in Nigeria and those of  International Arbitration as the modalities applied in the case of Mr. Miller 
have changed due to the incessant changes in monetary policies of my country. However, we hope to conclude this transaction within 
fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt of the requested information and commence the transfer of funds. Therefore, we 
require from you the followings by fax: I. Your Company name 2. Company address 3. Bank name and address 4. Account number and account name (if any) 5. Your telephone and fax numbers and any 
other relevant information you may consider helpful. With the above information, we will use your company name to re-award the contract, put up the letters of claims and apply for payment. We wish to 
bring to your notice that the personalities involved in this transaction are Top and influential government functionaries who 
will not like any form of exposure and as such would want you to 
keep the business highly confidential. Be rest assured that this transaction is 100% risk free on both sides. We are looking forward to doing this business with you. Please, acknowledge the receipt of this letter using the TEL/FAX NUMBER while maintaining maximum confidentiality. I shall bring you the complete picture > of this transaction on receipt of your response. Yours faithfully 
Telephone number of Umaru is : 

Brother, it sure sounds genuine dosn't it. I can't believe it! 
There seems to be a lot of tied up money in Nigeria. Maybe this 
is a scam, what do you think? Should I ask him more about it? I wonder how they got my name and company? I do feel bad for all 
these poor people who have funds tied up over there. Should I 
mention you or anything about our transactions, I don't think 
so but I thought it might be someone from your company.
Anyway back to our business. The bank I will be using is The 
Bank of Nova Scotia or commonly known as Scotiabank. It is 
located at 100-3275 Lakeshore Road, Kelowna, BC V1W 3S9 Phone 
860-4333 Fax # : 860-4311 Can you please tell me who has to 
pay the $125,000 for the documentation Process? let me know 
what else you need. 

I really wanted to know how he would reply to this. He will 
either be onto me or he will think Iím very, very stupid. I 
looked up a bank in Kelowna B.C and copied down the info. I 
thought Iíd ask him about the $125,000 to pretend to be 
concerned that I might have to pay for it, so maybe Iím not 
THAT stupid. The same day I got a new message.

Subject:   MY BABY IS GONE.

Dear Brother, 
I am finished,my baby is dead!She died on Friday in her 
sleep,my life is finished, I am dead myself,how do I go 
on living? tell me, how do I face the world and tell them my predicament that during my life time I buried my wife and my 
daughter between a space of two years,tell me how will people 
regard me,I am finished!I was with her that evening at the 
hospital before she fell asleep she asked me if I always miss 
her mum,I said yes that I miss her mum very much,do you know 
what she told me she said her mum misses me very much too,I 
kept on wondering what she meant by that statement,I did not 
known it was the last thing she would tell me as she fell 
asleep a few minutes later,I stayed for a little while 
before I decided to go home and rest leaving her with her 
auntie who was going to stay the night with her,I was called 
up from the hospital three hours later that my baby was 
having some complications and I should please come down to 
the hospital immediately,when I got to the hospital and i 
saw the look on the auntieís face I knew something was 
terriblely wrong but I never imagined that it could be death 
that has snatched away my daughter at her tender age, the 
doctor gave me the news,my brother since that day to this 
moment that I am writing you this letter I do not no how I 
have been living,I have called on death so many times to 
come and take me too as there is no reason for me to go on 
living,my in-laws are not making things easy for me as they 
claim I contributed to her death,that if I had discharged her 
from the hospital since I know I didnít have the money for the operations she needed and i allow them to take her to the 
traditional doctors,they claim she would have lived!can you 
imagine accusing me for the death of my own daughter !We would 
have buried her on Saturday but for her aunties who her bent 
and posed for war with me. I have finally made all the 
arrangements for her to be buried tomorrow Tuesday beside her 
mum. My other kids have completely withdrawn from me, they are keeping their pains and sorrow to themselves alone and this is tearing me into pieces as I need them to be close to me as much 
as I am sure they need me too, but alas we are distances away,I cannot wait for our money to be transfer so that I can take 
them out of this country away from all this stress and things 
that keep bringing them memories of their mother and their kid 
sister so that I will be with them and amend my relationship 
with them to the way it use to be,I know they too are under a 
lot of pressure most especially from their aunties who feed 
them different stories each day,I cannot wait to take them 
away from this bad people.The chairman of my committee has 
been so helpful to me this period,in as much as I known that 
all of us members of my committee are broke because we have 
committed everything we have to the completion of this 
transaction, he went an extra mile in helping me to settle 
the hospital bills despite his financially problems.I am 
going to buy her casket this morning and pay for the grave 
space near her mother at the cemetery as I want her to be 
close to her mother even in death.Brother that is my 
predicament right now,I am finished! 

Even now as I read this letter I find myself wondering if 
there might have been an element of truth here. Iím wondering 
this because I still cannot believe that a human being would 
stoop so low as to lie about their daughter dying to extort 
money from others. Obviously, this man has no morals. I 
believe there are a few reasons why he has done this. One of 
the reasons is an attempt to connect with me in some perverse 
way. Another reason is to see where I sit as far as guilt is concerned. After all I could always have sent him the money 
to help save his daughter. The next reason was for me to feel 
sorry for him, he must be telling the truth about being so impoverished he couldnít afford to pay for his daughters 
operation. I know what youíre thinking as you read this, 
ďhe never asked you for money to help herĒ Well, hold on! 
Weíre not finished with daughters and sickness yet! 
Now that he has the death of his daughter out of the way itís 
time to get back to business. I mean, isnít money much more 
important than his daughter dying? Think about it! 

Brother,do not compound my problems,my committee members are 
worried about this letter you recieved,


please till we finished this transaction do not contact 
anybody in Nigeria apart from me.

My other Nigerian friends will be upset.

We think this might be the handiwork of some junior officers 
in the government agencies here in Nigeria who might have 
gotten wind of this transaction based on the documentation 
process which we have been carrying out and want to hijack 
this transaction,we are still investigating this theory, 
meanwhile the agency PTF is no longer in existence in this 
country as it has been scraped by the federal government, 

PTF? Erí Police Tackling Fraud? 

I will give you an update on our investigation once the 
reports get to me,but for now do not contact anybody,remember 
that confidentiality is our watchword during the course of 
this transaction except you have decided to let us down,

I have? When?

remember I have stick my neck out for you brother to see that 
you be the one who assist us in this transaction and then 
collect your 20%(7 million dollars)so do not let me down or 
make my committee members look at me with hatred for the rest 
of my life for destroying their lifeís and that of their 
families, I cannot live with this I will surely die! 

Well, we wouldnít want that now would we!

I have been trying to send you by fax the certificate of incorporation of our company and the tax clearance 
certificate,but the fax numbers you gave to me seems not to 
be working.

Uh oh!

Brother you have to find a solution to this problem 
immediately as we have submitted our letter of claims to 
the Central Bank of Nigeria this morning through the 
ministry of works and housing and we included only your fax 
number as a means by which they can communicate with you,we 
took this extra precaution of giving them only your fax 
number to avoid a situation where you might be contacted by 
telephone and questions are asked which you might not have 
ready answers to,hope you understand the reason behind our make sure the fax numbers is correct and send me confirmation of this through e-mail immediately and any code 
you feel I should use to get to you easily,I await your 
response on this matter and again let me tell you that at 
this stage you are to check your mails constantly as well as 
your fax messages,please this is the crucial stage of this transaction and we cannot allow laxity on either part to 
jeopardize this transaction.

What the hell is he talking about? Iím checking my mail about 
once every hour! 
You gave me the Bank name ,telephone and fax numbers but you 
did not include your account numbers,please send this to me immediately as we shall copy it onto the letter of claims 
already in the ministry as we have already applied for 12 
hours duration has allowed by law to fully complete/change informationís submitted to the ministry before it is finally 
passed to the banks,we did this in other for us not to waste 
even a day this week before submitting our letter of claim,
send this account number to me immediately.

There you go again with the ďdo it ImmediatelyĒ crap!
The $125,000 that we were asked to pay for the documentation 
process we have already paid and the documentation process 
have been completed,while the certificates have all been 
released to us,it his this certificates that I have been 
trying to fax to you for your personal perusal and when 
you finally get this certificates please keep them in safe place,remember that this are confidential documents.I would 
await your immediate response.

If I was to give you my immediate response you wouldnít like 
Please at this stage I must implore you brother, do not let 
me down as I am at the end of the world and it is only this transaction that is giving me the courage and zeal to live on .
I want to be father again to my kids(now I have only two left)

Oh my God, Iíd better hurry then!

The chairman and members of my committee sends their warmest 
regards to you and they continue to rely on your unrelenting assistance to the successful completion of this transaction. 
Please give my regards to your darling wife and your children,
Let them known about the fate that has befalling me! 
Thank you and God bless you. 
Your Brother, 
Dr Obi. 

That wouldnít be easy considering they have no idea of his 
existence. I decided not to tell my wife that I was doing this 
as she would just get worried because I was dealing with international crooks who will probably come over here and get 


Later that day I wrote back to him. I had to reply to his letter about his daughter dying pretending to be concerned, while all 
the time not believing a word of it. 

Subject:   Reply to MY BABY IS GONE!!!

That news is so heartbreaking, your family must be devastated! 
Your family will all be in our thoughts this week. I am sending 
you the address and tele/fax numbers again. I don't know what I 
sent to you last time as I don't keep my reply's to you so here 
they are again.  Best Western Inns Hotel. 2402 Hwy 97 North 
Kelowna, BC V1X 4J1 Phone: (250) 860-1212 Fax: (250) 860-0675 
Email: I'm sorry but we are too upset to 
continue after reading you letter we will write again later. 

The truth was of course that I was so pissed off at him to write anymore. I went back to the Best Western site on the Net and 
recopied the numbers for him. 

I sent the last letter and reply to Mike. This is his letter 
back to me.

Subject:  Re: Reply to: MY BABY IS GONE!!!

Is that the same hotel as you told them last time or a 
different one? By the way, once again, you forgot to give the gentleman your account number. Did you forget??? :-) What a 
wicked bastard he is!! 

My sentiments exactly! As far as the hotel information was 
concerned, yes itís the same hotel. Does he think Iím stupid or something? Obi wrote back the next day.

Subject:   BURIAL

Dear Brother, 
I thank you and your entire family for showing me and my kids 
such love and concern,I pray God in his infinite mercy to guide 
and protect your family and give them long live and prosperity,
all the things you do for me and my kids may God pay you and 
your family back in ten folds. 

Ten fold!! I had better move away from the window just in case 
he does pay me back with a bolt of lightening! 

Later this evening 4pm Nigeria time I am going to bury my baby,
can you imagine my baby, just a baby! I would bury her today,I 
am finished!Her sister is still in shock,we had to rush her to 
the hospital yesterday night as she collapsed while going to 
the toilet from her room,

I think Iíd go into shock to if I was to try go to the toilet 
from my room.

she has been in her room crying herself out since Friday that 
baby died,they were so close,since my pretty wife died she had 
been mother/sister to baby,so you can imagine their closeness. I 
know the great grief my kids are going through but I wonder if 
they know what they are doing to me by shutting me out from us sharing this grief together as a family and all this is as a 
result of the fact that they believe that I contributed to her death,in the first place they feel that if I had not sold the 
family car she would not have been involved in an accident in 
the first place,but how do I make them understand that it is for their own good,to secure their future for them because of the 
great love I have for them thatís why I sold the family car to contribute my share to this transaction, which once it is 
completed our whole lifeís will change forever, but how do I 
make them understand this now, I am lost! I have decided to 
dress my daughter in pink color as this was are favorite color 
before her death,her mother was dress in similar colors it was 
her mumís favoriteís too,Steve can you imagine,what I am going through right now,I am a living ghost! 

Mean while back to the money!

I have been trying relentlessly to fax you the certificate of incorporation and the tax clearance certificate of our company,
but the numbers you gave me are not going through,please you 
have to make sure that this numbers are working as we have 
already submitted this numbers to the bank(fax number only)and 
it is through this numbers that the bank will contact you,I must 
let you know that at this stage of this transaction, we down here would not know what his going on as the bank would only contact 
you as the contractor who carried out this contract and the beneficiary of this funds so there is no way we would know what 
is going on,most especially now that the claims is with the bank,
they usually carry out investigations secretly to finally verify 
that claims submitted to the bank are genuine and not fraudulent, 
and we cannot allow such investigators to link us with this transaction in any way, so we cannot make enquires about this transaction here right now, we are looking up to you to give us informationís as they come, so immediately the bank contact you, 
let me know, my colleagues are apprehensive, but you will not 
blame them for in less than 4 or 5 days our money would be in 
your account in your country till we come over for the 
disbursement, if you were in their shoeís wonít you be 

No, I wouldnít, why would I? Iím just some dumb Canadian who hopefully is going to send you thousands of dollars.

I keep on telling them that they have nothing to fear about your complete sincerity towards us as far as this transaction is 

Big mistake!

I know you will not let me down. 

Another mistake!

Brother I want you to call me today in my office at 8pm Nigeria time,the chairman of the committee would want to speak with you,
he is in Lagos right now he came for the burial of my baby and 
he would leave back to the capital by tomorrow monring,please 
confirm to me immediately about the call so that I would make arrangements.Infact brother you need to call me as we have to 
put a voice to this transaction.Please you need to confirm that 
the numbers you gave me are working perfectely,because it is 
only through this numbers that the banks can contact you. i 
would await your immediate response. 

And we wouldnít want to miss the call would we?

Once again let me remind you on the need to uphold the confidentiality which we have always had towards this 
transaction, especially at this very tail end of this 
transaction,now that the name of our company would be listed 
amongst companies whoseís claims are to be settled soon by the bank,this list would be placed on the notice board of the bank 
and this from past episodes that we have heard is the time 
smart officials always come in to try and defraud unsuspecting foreign contractors, 

Defraud! What cads!

so please any correspondence you get from anybody in Nigeria 
send it to me immediately.Thank you for taking a wise decision 
about this Dr Umar who contacted you,your decision has allays a 
lot of fears here among my colleagues, we are investigating how 
he(Umar) would have come across your Business address,

While weíre looking into that maybe you can tell me how YOU got 
my business address?

I will let you know the outcome of this immediately the 
information gets to me.We still believe itís the handi-work of 
one of this government agencies, so please do not contact them 
or even acknowledge that you recieved their letter to you in 
the first place.

Bloody government agencies! You canít trust anyone these days 
can you.

Give my regards to your darling wife and your kids,please take 
good care of them,you would not know how special they are till 
you lose them,I want to hear from you soonest,we need to be on constant touch with each other most especially now that it is 
only through you that we can known what is going on at the Bank.
I expect your reply soon. 
Thank you and God bless you. 
Dr Obi. 

I wrote back the next day. 

Subject:   Reply to BURIAL.

Brother, I do not know why you can't send me a fax. Are you 
putting a 1 before the number? it should go Tel: 1 (250) 
860-1212 Fax: 1 (250) 860-0675 I have confirmed that these 
are the correct numbers. 

I went back to the web site and checked it myself!

Please try again to send the fax. 

Even though I knew there would be no way of receiving it here 
in Ontario.. . .or would there?

Thank you for sending me the details of the funeral for your 
little daughter. It must be so hard for you. You will be pleased 
to hear that we have sent $1200 U.S to The Hospital For Sick 
Kids in Toronto Ontario. They looked after our Tanya when she 
became so sick 4 yrs ago. We sent it in the name of Dianne Obi 
in Nigeria. You may get a letter of thanks from the hospital. We wanted to send it to a hospital in Nigeria but were unable to 
locate one on the net. Our local newspaper has found out about it 
and want to do an article on it. We have not told them anything 
about our business endeavors so don't worry about that. 

What I was trying to do here was to make him mad because he had 
lost out of receiving any money from me to some hospital in 
Toronto. I wondered what he might do now that he knows we were gullible enough  to do this.

I can't believe that the money will be in our account in just a 
few days. 

 From the death of his daughter to the money in one fowl swoop!  

It is mindboggling to think that I will soon have so much money sitting in my account. We signed the papers today for the new 
house we have purchsed here. It is just outside of Kelowna and 
has a lovely view of the Rockies. My wife was nervous about 
signing for it but I assured her everything was going 
wonderfully and she had nothing to worry about. We have to pay 
the $550,000 downpayment by April 30th so that gives us lots of 
time. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.  

So typical of me, spend it before I get it! I wanted him to 
believe that I HAD to make this transaction work now and that I 
would probably do anything to achieve that. Everything seemed to 
be going well, I had him believing that I was hooked. He thinks I have a suite at the Best Western but my wife doesnít know. And 
that I am willing to give money away in his name. The next day he wrote back and I discovered I was not as clever as I thought I am. . . was. . . is.


Dear Steve, 
You almost jeopardize this transaction today,before I read your 
mail to me we held a meeting very early this morning where it was decided that since I was having difficultly in sending you the certificates by fax,the bank might have the same problem so we decided that we should submit your e-mail address to the bank,so 
that when they try to reach you by fax and they canít instead of leaving the file lying down fallow at least they will have alternative way to reach you. we have already taken the decision,infact we were looking for who will help us go to the 
bank to submit your e-mail address, when I got to my office and I 
saw your mail I was really shock,because the telephone and fax numbers which you gave me in your mail(1- 250-860 -1212 Telephone) 
(1- 250 -860-0675 fax)is quiet different from the initial one
(205- 493-0311 telephone) (205- 493-5556 fax)which you gave me 
before and which we had already submitted to the bank as the telephone and fax numbers for our company,

Oh dear! I boobed! I am stupid! Surely now heís on to me.

I must tell you I was really shocked. 

So was I mate!

Immediately I got this new numbers I tried sending you the fax, immediately I got through and I sent them to you, but this was 
just the beginning of our problems, I could not keep this 
development to myself as I needed to share it with my colleagues present at the time so that we can put our heads together to 
find a quick way of changing the numbers already with the bank 
to this new one supplied by you and you know we cannot go there ourselves to make this change as we cannot be link with this transaction especially at this stage,it was not an easy task at all,in the long run we had to contact the chairman in the capital city about this new development, I must tell you that he was not happy about this at all,because we do not known how far the banks have gone,then coupled with the fact that we had initially asked 
the bank for 12 hours as stated by the law to confirm the account number in which our funds should be paid into,and now we want to change the telephone/fax numbers, you can imagine changing the 
vital informationís on our claim at this stage of the transaction would surely attract attention, mostly now that the bank investigators are carrying out investigations secretly on claims 
made to the bank,we were in a very tight position, well brother to save you all the details of the various stress we went through 
before we finally submitted the new numbers to the bank this 
evening, we spent a total of $3,850 to accompanish this today 
this amount was for the forms collected for change of the numbers 
and gratification which we had to give to make sure that 
everything was done today,you know I told you that we are all completely broke as we have use up all our money for the documentation processes and for payment of taxes which we did not know would be this high what we have left is for our flight 
ticket for four of us that are coming over to Kelowna for the disbursement of the funds but after the expenses today only three 
of us can make the trip as the money for the fourth person as 
been use up for this unforeseen expenses that arise because you 
gave me two different numbers ,so that is what we have been 
battling with down here since morning,thatís why I could not get 
to you earlier than this coupled with the fact that my sever developed fault due to the heavy rain this afternoon.

Thatís the longest sentence Iíve ever seen! I am so embarrassed 
that I have cost them all that extra money. Not! 

The person that would not make the trip has not been known right 

Maybe you could draw straws. 

when the Chairman comes to Lagos enroute Kelowna once the funds 
are in your account thatís when we shall now known who would be 
left out of the other two committee members who were suppose to 
make the journey with us.But we thank God that we have been able 
to correct this mistake.Did you get my fax ?

Erí no.

I fax the certificate of incorporation as well as the tax 
clearance certificate to you this morning on the new fax line,
brother please keep this documents in safe place as they are met 
for your own personally perusal only,

They are so safe even my personal perusal hasnít seen them.

remember that we have to keep everything confidential till our 
money leaves Nigeria into your account. 
I am happy that you have made a bold decision to sign the papers 
for your house,

I expect you are.

tell your darling wife that she has nothing to be nervous about 
as this transaction will be over in no time and we shall all be clinking our champagne glasses soon and drinking to the health of each other, you got me lost as I do not know what the ROCKIES are, but I am sure I will like them from the way you talk about it,I 
canít wait to come over and see for myself.

You donít know what the Rockies are eh? Hm, interesting.
Brother thank you very much for giving out the money in my 
daughterís name,


I am very grateful,I pray God to reward you for your kindness,I 
am sure in her grave beside her mother she too is happy about 
these gesture of yourís,

Go on!

but please keep the publicity low key and do not let out about 
this transaction,I trust you on this.

Iím waiting!

Brother I have to beg you for a personal favor solely between me 
and you,

Here it comes!

I want you to please give me a small loan of $2,500 as I am neck 
deep in financial problems right now,


my daughter Stephanie insisted against doctorís advice that she 
must attend the burial ceremony of her kid sister only for her 
to collapse again by the graveside when the rite of dust to dust 
was been performed, 

Maybe she has dust allergies! 

she is now on admission in the hospital and she is a drip,

Thatís a fine way to speak about a sick daughter!

I need money to settle this hospital bills once she is discharged 
and to take care of pressing personal family, matters. please I 
would pay you back immediately I collect my share of our money 
in Kelowna,

Oh, well thereís a sure bet!

please I beg of you help me,you are the only person I can run 
to now!

Thatís a hell of a marathon! 

Brother please send the money through western union,use my 
personal assistant name to send the money.i.e 

Could this be Obiís real name?

I would await this money tommorrow; remember it is between you 
and me only. Thank you, I have to stop here for now as it is 
quiet late and I need to get some sleep, I came to the office 
this late purposely to send you this mail, I expect your response 
in the morning. 
Give my regards to your darling wife and your kids,I will soon 
see them.Thank you very much for your assistance towards us and 
for been a brother to me.May God bless you. 
Dr Obi.

I had to wait a while but he didnít let me down. Isnít it 
incredible that he would put ďI await this money tomorrow.Ē And 
ďI expect your response in the morningĒ How rude! He kind of 
reminds me of one of those televangelists that I despise so much. 
My first problem now was how long do I keep this idiot going 
before he realizes that he is not going to get a penny from me, 
ever! The second problem was that I had to think of something 
really clever concerning the booboo with the numbers. The third 
and biggest problem was how can I convince him that I had 
received the fax he sent to me at the Best Western hotel 
thousands of miles away when I had no idea what is said. If 
only there was away to get a hold of the faxÖ.Thatís when I did something very nervy!


The next day I called the Best Western hotel in Kelowna and spoke 
to a very nice girl there called Ruth. I explained to Ruth that I 
was arriving at the Best Western in three days but something had 
been faxed there for me from Nigeria and would she please fax it 
to me here in Ontario. Without hesitation this wonderful girl 
agreed and took my name and number and within five minutes it was sitting in my office. Oh, the wonders of technology! 
I was driving home about ten minutes later contemplating just how absolutely brilliant I was when all of a sudden I had a panic 
attack! I almost went off the road as I came to a screeching holt. 
I had just given Ruth, a complete stranger who is probably 
Nigerian on her mothers side, my REAL name and address! She was 
most likely calling her Nigerian relatives right now and giving 
them all my intimate details and they were going to come over 
here and kidnap me, smuggling me back to Nigeria  where theyíll 
stick pins in my eyes and pull my finger nails out! Ouch! I had 
to call her back! I immediately turned the car around and came 
back to the office. As I drove into the parking lot I jumped out 
of the car and almost ran right into the biggest meanest looking black man Iíve ever seen. My whole life flashed before me and unfortunately it wasnít even that interesting, the worst part 
was having flashbacks of repeat episodes of Survivor and I 
already knew who won! Fortunately this huge man walked by me but 
Iím sure he was wondering why I was looking at him like I had seen 
a ghost. 
I rushed into my office and called the Best Western and another 
girl answered the phone. I asked for Ruth and she said that she 
was having a break! A break! I can see miners having breaks! I 
can even see the odd surgeon taking a few minutes between heart transplants but a telephone operator at a hotel! My life is in 
her hands and sheís taking a break! Give ME a break! In between 
my coronary attacks I asked how long Ruth would be and the girl 
said about fifteen minutes. Great, I have time to write my will 
out while Iím waiting. After a very long fifteen minutes I called back and Ruth answered the telephone. I explained to her who I 
was and she said she had remembered talking to me, what an intelligent girl. I told her that I had just received the fax and thanked her for sending it to me. I then went on to tell her that 
I thought it was probably some kind of Nigerian scam letter and 
would she please destroy the letter and any reference to me, or 
my number in Ontario. She said she would put them in the shredder straight away. Obviously, a very, very, wonderful, non-Nigerian 
girl. I thanked her and put down the receiver. Only then did I realize that I hadnít actually breathed since I was in the car. 

The next day, breathing normally, I wrote back to Obi, how did I 
do? Well first, hereís Mikes reply to me after he had read it.

Wobert, you're f****g brilliant!!! I owe you for all the entertainment you're giving me!
Mike J

I was quite proud or myself after reading that. Here is the reply heís responding to.

Subject:   Reply to NUMBERS CHANGED.

Hi Brother, I am at meetings all day today for the Bright Light Convention Of Lighting Retailerís here in Victoria so this is 
going to be quick. I got the certificate yesterday with the name 
of the new company on it. I almost didn't get it as you didn't 
put my name on the fax just the room number. 

That was my excuse for not responding to it sooner.

Funny thing is the guy at reception who handed me the fax is 
actually from Nigeria! Small world isn't it. 

I thought Iíd throw this in to make him worry that this guy 
might fill me in on Nigerian scam letters.

I don't understand what the $60,000 and $63,000 figures mean. 
What am I supposed to do with it now? I am sorry I almost 
jeopardized our transaction. The first telephone and fax 
I sent to you are not the Best Western but other numbers I had written down for a retail outlet here in Kelowna. I sent them to 
you not aware of what I had done until it was too late. I really 
do apologize for the mistake. I must admit to being overwhelmed 
by this whole process. 

Kind of lame excuse but it worked. Funny how where money is 
involved people can let their vision become  clouded by all 
those dollar signs.

I will not make any more mistakes. I will write back later 
concerning the $2,500, was that American funds or Canadian? I'm trying to raise it for you. 

Let him know Iím thinking about sending the money he asked for.

P.S I'm so sorry to hear about your other daughterís troubles. 
What a tragic time for you! I don't know how you are coping with 
all of those troubles. Please be careful and don't do anything 
silly. Nothing is worth ending you life for. 

Hint, hint!

It'll all be okay in a few days. Oh, and The Rockies are a line 
of tall stone statues of heavyweight boxers.  

I know itís tacky but I couldnít help myself. I laughed all day 
after sending it. I realize I might have jeopardized my whole 
scam on this guy with that statement but I figured it was worth 
it and besides if he questioned it I would say I was joking. He 
wrote back to me the same day, a little tense I think.


Dear Brother, 
Now AGAIN we are really worried down here,you mention in your 
mail to me that you would not have gotten the certificates I 
sent you but for the stroke of luck,because I did not write your 
name on it,but you did not tell me that the fax numbers you 
provided was a general fax line used by the hotel,

Oh, didnít I?

I thought it was for your room only,we are really worried, the numbers which we recently submitted to the Bank via the Ministry 
we did not include attention suite 21,now you see why we are 
having worries that is practically driving everybody crazy down 
here, the banks might have contacted you only for the hotel to 
hold on to this correspondence because they would not know for 
who it is met. 

I think he needs to do some more of those breathing exercises.

You have now gotten us (especially me)into a panicking situation, every member of this committee is now threaten by this new twist 
on this transaction and you know what this means on my part, 

Slap on the wrist?

the pressure I am under right now is too much coupled with the 
fact that my daughter is still in the hospital and cannot be discharge because there is no money to settle the bills, 

Why not give them a post dated check?

I just buried one and there are so many other family bills 
hanging on my head waiting for me to settle them, please 
brother listen to me carefully and do the following as I have 
written them for us to get this transaction back on course 
without having any hitch that might derail or jeopardize this transaction. 

Okay, Iím all ears.

1:firstly go right now and meet the person in charge of 
collecting faxes for the hotel ask him for faxes from Nigeria 
and see if any one is for you, then if non is there right now 
for you tell him that you have business associate in Nigeria 
who will be sending you vital documents from time to time this 
month and this documents might not have attention suite 21 on it, 
but if they are from Nigeria you are sure they are yours and you should be informed about such faxes immediately they come in, 

I hope there arenít any other Nigerians staying at the hotel who 
are expecting faxes!

even if you have to give him gratification for this please do, 
then add this gratification to the list of expenses which you incurred during the course of this transaction, which you known 
we must settle first before the final disbursement of the funds according to the agreed percentage.

Right, thatíll make my share seven million and two dollars.
2:Check on this person at least every 4 hours to see if there is 
any fax messages, remember that correspondence with the bank 
should be know by only you and us, so fax messages to you from 
the bank should not be left too long in the hands of this Hotel staff ,you must know that at this stage it his very easy to 
hijack this transaction, because we have put in place all the necessary paper work here in Nigeria, so any body that is smart 
and have people in this country can do this, but we are making serious arrangement down here right now based on this new 
development to forestall anybody been able to withdraw our money 
from any where in the world even if they succeed in hijacking 
this transaction, but we do not foresee this happening ,we are 
just been careful and taking all necessary precautions. 

Well Iím pleased to hear youíre on top of all this. We wouldnít 
want some smart hijacker taking our money.

The Nigerian you mentioned that works in the Hotel you have to 
make sure he doeís not know what is going on, we do not know him 
and we have to be very careful, trust no one.

You meanÖhe might be a Nigerian fax bandit? 

3:We want to speak to you on the telephone! Tell me when you 
want to call and this has to be quick.

But I donít want to call.
If you follow the above instructions now and quickly I am very 
sure we would get this transaction back on track and everybodyís 
mind would be at rest,because right now they are all 
apprehensive, please do not let us down after getting this far.

I wouldnít dream of it.

The 63,000 and 60,000 were money we paid here to the Corporate affairs commission during the processing of this certificates 
you have nothing to do with it as we have settle it.

Thatís the best thing Iíve heard from you all day. Pitty they couldnít come up with the$1200 for your daughters operation! 
Do as I have told you and give me your response immediately. 
Remember I am counting on you not to let me down as my colleagues 
are all looking at me now and saying Dr Obi what is going on? 
Say me well to your darling wife and kids,if you want to send me 
the loan I asked from you send it through Western Union money transfer that is how I can get it easily as i am not sure if we 
have American or Canadian funds like you mention down here,

Okay,I wouldnít want to make it difficult for you.

Brother I really need the loan right now as things are becoming 
extra difficult for me down here,so make it fast and send me the details through e-mail so that I can rush to the bank to collect it.Thank you and God bless you. 
Your Brother, 
Dr Obi.. . 

What an arrogant, money grabbing, scumbag. I thought I had better wait before answering back as I really wanted to tell him what I thought and I knew not responding straight away would piss him 
off again. That afternoon I received his next letter.
Subject:   WAITING!

Dear Brother, 
I have been waiting anxiously for your response to my mail, but nothing from you, 

Erí like weíre talking three hours since your last letter. I do 
have a life you know! 

I told you before that you need to check your mail box at least 
three times daily in other to facilitate exchange of 
informationís concerning this transaction, it seems you do not 
know what is involved here, if this transaction should not 
proceed the way we had already planned it, I must tell you 
that it might lead to somebody dieing of hypertension or 
committing sucide,

One could always hope!

but we pray that it should not get to that stage, but I do not 
like a situation whereby I send you mails and I do not get a 
response from you till the next day,this has to change,this is 
your money too,you have to show commitment too,with this new development from your side we have been cracking our brains and holding series of meeting here even as today is public holiday 
here in Nigeria for the Easter celebration to find solution, all 
this because we know that if anything should go wrong with this transaction then we are all finished, remember that most of my committee members collected loans from the bank and this loans 
are on short term basis which they have to pay back soon,so any 
delay is dangerous and we cannot afford any, please you should respond once you get my mails,I am getting tried of giving them excuses for you not responding to my mails early enough each 
time, I hope you understand because I cannot lie to them as all 
of us are working together and carrying out this transaction 
together based on trust,

I find it ironic how he keeps mentioning trust.

this same trust brother is what we have towards you and you too towards us. We have to quickly conclude this transaction as the 
first quarter of this year ends this months and we want our 
money out before the end of this first quarter. 
We are in my office awaiting your response. 
Dr Obi

Testy isnít he? I love it. I waited until the next day before I answered his letter. 

Subject:   Reply to WAITING!

Okay, I will respond to your E-Mail before I can raise the funds 
for your daughter. I was hoping to tell you where and when to 
expect it but it seems like whatever I try to do is not fast 
enough for you. Maybe you want to find someone else to do this transaction for you? We also stand to lose a lot of money 
because of the house deal that I have gotten into. I had 
already sorted out the situation with the fax machine whereas 
only one reception girl at the hotel can receive the faxes for 
me. I am now very anxious and perturbed by all of this. My good 
wife is a tower of strength and keeps assuring me that you are 
all still confident in my abilities when I am starting to doubt 
it. She also said that you are under allot of stress due to all 
the unfortunate bad circumstances of the past couple of weeks. I 
am not blaming you, but I am upset with the other members of your organization. Today is good Friday so all of the banks and mail offices are closed until Tuesday as Monday is a civic holiday. 
This is what is stressing me out. I can't get any money to you 
before then. What if I should be responsible for your other daughterís death? I'm wondering if it's all worth this anxiety. 

I was trying to sound frustrated and upset over his letter, I 
think I succeeded. This is probably how I would have reacted if 
I was taken in by this scam initially. I wanted him to write back 
and be full of apologies for his last letter. Was he? He wrote 
back within the hour.

Subject:   YOU ARE OUR MAN.

Dear Brother, 
Here in my country there is a saying that behind every successful 
man there is a woman, this your wife has proved and by the grace 
of God she would continue to do that for you, I do not want you 
at this stage to feel the way you are feeling right now, brother 
any fears or anxiety that my colleagues might have is normal for 
a human being in this kind of situation, but that do not mean 
that we do not trust you or doubt your ability to assist us to 
the end of this transaction, 

I should bloody well think so!

what they are feeling right now can be liken to a man who has a 
cargo ship with cargo worth every millions of dollars sailing in 
the Atlantic, if that man hears that there is a storm in the atlantic,do you honesty think that man would be at peace with himself? 

Not if he canít swim.

I must tell you brother that the man would not, and I tell you brother if the man could, he would wish the sea to remain clam 
till his ship loaded with his million dollar cargo has sailed through, this same wish to see this transaction through 
successfully is what my colleagues are talking about and not 
your ability or been trustworthy. 

Thank you, I think!

Please I want you at this point to erase the notion from your 
mind that we do not trust you, we do! You must have 
misunderstood me. 

Oh silly me!

Brother I am very happy that you have resolve the issue of 
getting your fax transmission through a single girl at the Hotel, 

Her names Ruth, and sheís a lovely girl!

I must tell you that this news has really brighten up everybody 
here, they are all at peace with themselves now because of this 
news, how I wish you were here when I told them about this good 
news, you would have been elated to hear the good comments 
passed about you, 

I can hear those comments right now! I wish I were a fly on the 

then you would have seen that you have practically read the 
anxiety and fears they express before wrongly, The rest members 
of my committee sends their best regards and they said I should 
tell you that it is not the way you see it that they met it and 
you should not be offended by thinking that they do not trust you 
or your ability to successfully assist us to the end of this transaction,infact we remain grateful to you for assisting us to achieve this once in a life time opportunity to change our lives 
and that of our families forever. 

Does this mean you will still allow me to hand over my money to 

Yesterday we had concluded arrangement with an insider who work 
in the telex department of the bank who has agreed that he will 
help us, so that any fax transmission from the telex department of the bank to you, ATTENTION SUITE 21 would be indicated on such fax 
so that the faxes to you would not get into the wrong hands, he 
also gave us a piece of information that all foreign contractors whoís contract sums have been listed to be paid this first 
quarter of the year, their faxes from the Ministry has been dispatched to them before this long holidays to observe the 
Easter celebration and you know our company was listed as one of those to be settled this first quarter of the year, so please do 
try and check very well with them(you know where I mean)

Actually after reading this several times I have absolutely no 
idea what you mean!

if they received any fax from the ministry here in Nigeria and do 
not know who it belong to, please try and confirm this, as we are very sure our letter must have been amongst those sent out before 
the holidays, I wait the outcome of your enquires, remember as you 
go about this confidentiality should be your watchword and even if you have to give gratification please do and you note it down so 
that it would be included as expenses incurred during transaction, the insider we got yesterday we have already given enough gratification to see that the job we ask him to do for us is done, 
so if you have to do same do it and note it down. 
Brother,right now we are all stress up,but very soon we shall all 
be smiling about this so please lets forget what has happened and concentrate fully on making this transaction a complete success.

Whoís stressed? Iím having a great time.
The God that I serve would not let me bury another daughter during 
my life time and so being responsible for my other daughterís 
death as you said in your mail should not arise,she is been 
treated for exhustion, fever, migraine and complete lost of appeatie,the doctors sayís she would be okay,but she has to remain 
in the hospital for at least 6days more for full observation as 
they would not want to take chances concerning her health,all this 
I fully appreciate but the bills are going higher each day she 
spent in the hospital, your saying you are too slow for me should 
arise as I appreciate your efforts, the banks here too are on holidays, so you see that I fully understand about the loan I 
asked of you, I will expect it when the banks reopened, 

There you go with the ďexpectĒ stuff again. 
remember brother this is between me and you strictly, and please 
use western union money transfer in sending the money to me and 
the name I gave to you(hope you still have the name)I appreaciate,Thank you. You do not have anything to worry 
concerning your house deal, please go on with it as the money 
would soon be in your account then you can settle the balance payment, I cannot wait to see the ROCKIES.

Oh stop it, I canít breathe for laughing so much!

I await your response concerning your inquires about the fax 
from the ministry to you, please check with them very well, and 
again you have not told me when you want to call as even the 
chairman wish to talk to you, I await your response.

Erí never!
Say me well to your darling wife and thank her for me for been 
your pillar of strength, I cannot wait to meet her, may God bless both of you and the kids, bye for now. 
Your Brother, 
Dr Obi.

If I said ďme wellĒ to my darling wife sheíd probably smack me so forget that. With his response about the Rockies I knew that this 
man knew nothing about Canada so I thought I could use that later 
to my advantage and have some fun with it. I wrote back the same 
day and, well, read it and youíll see what I mean.

Subject:   Reply to YOU ARE OUR MAN.

My dear brother. It was so good to hear from you today I smiled 
and felt fuzzy warm inside as you shared all of the facts with 
me. I am now 100% confident in you all and am so pleased that 
you all trust in my ability to pull this transaction together. 
If you could see the tears running down my cheeks as I read it 
and write this to you. I have checked about 1 hour ago and have 
not yet received anything else in the way of a fax from the 
ministry. Please thank everyone there for the trust and love you 
are giving to me and my family. Tell your daughter to hang on and 
we will send her the money. I want you to do something for me regarding her. I would like you to go and get her a private room 
at the hospital, I want you to ask for the best medical attention 
she can get. Do not concern yourself over the expense. Please ask 
the hospital to contact me and let me know exactly how much we owe them and what we must do to pay the bills. As my wife has said we have to insure that she is healthy and happy when she arrives here. So, please do this for us. If it amounts to more than $40,000 
you'll have to let us know as we will then need to transfer some funds from another account, but they don't need to know that. I insist in doing this and won't take know for an answer. Have a wonderful holiday and I will call as soon as possible. 

I bet he could hardly contain himself when he read this. I was 
trying to accomplish lots of things by this letter. First of all 
by saying that I felt fuzzy warm inside he would think that I was 
a complete moron and was totally taken in by his scheme. Let him think that I was not upset anymore and that I forgave them for 
being so rude with me. Tell him that I had not received anything 
from the ministry yet as I was not about to go through calling 
Ruth again. Then to tell him that I was not only going to send 
him the twelve hundred dollars he asked for but that I had lots 
of extra money sitting around that I was just dying to hand over 
to him. I had no idea when I told him that I would send him the 
money for his daughter how that would play out and how long I 
could run with it. Note that I asked him to get the hospital to contact me to let me know how much I owed them as I was curious 
to see what he would do with that. He wrote back a few hours 


My dear Brother, 
How can I begin to thank you and your darling wife for all this 
good things you are doing for us especially for me and my kids,

You could forget this whole scam and get a job?

I am really very grateful and cannot wait for this transaction to 
be over so that I can give you the biggest hug that I have ever 
given any one in my life for giving me reason to live on and be 

I knew I shouldnít have put ďfuzzy warmĒ

I thank you and pray God to bless you.Brother please be happy for 
me as I have gotten back the love, confidence and been a father 
again to my kids,

I canít begin to tell you just how happy I am for you.

this happened in the hospital yesterday, when I asked for her to 
be moved into a private room yesterday at the hospital after 
reading your mail,she started asking me questions on how I will 
be able to settle the bills, 

Thatís easy, just tell her youíve hooked another fish whoís 
ready to send you his money.

when I have been complaining that I do not have money to settle 
the already accumulated bills,that was the breakthrough I needed 
and I used it.(she has not been talking to me since her sister 

Can you blame her! By your own admission you have spent 
thousands of dollars to defraud your government out of millions 
of dollars, but you wouldnít spend twelve hundred to save your daughters life!

I told her about your family and the good things you have been 
doing for us and how you wanted to send money to me for the 
operation Dianne needed before her death,but it was too late and 
how you have donated this money to a hospital that takeís care of children in Dianneís name and again now you have asked that she should be given the best medical attention money can provide, 
because you and your wife care a lot for us and would not want to 
see us suffer before joining you soon.

Well, that just about says it all.

When I finished telling her,she cried for a long time 

Thatís because she knows I ainít sending you dick!

and then she prayed for you and your wife(your kids too,)

Oh good! I was afraid you might leave them out!

She has asked me to tell you and your darling wife that even if I decide not to live in Kelowna,she would want to live with such 
kind family and hope you people would not mine having her stay 
with you before I get her accommodation or buy a house for her 

Weíll just make up the guest room ready for her.

while all this was going on her brother Kelvin was in the hospital too,

he too wants to live in Kelowna now,they asked if there are good schools in kelowna?this they want to know as they intend to 
continue their education immediately they get there,

Oh, he was visiting the hospital! I was gonna say!

meanwhile,Stephanie said I should tell your darling wife that 
once she is strong enough to write she would send her a mail as 
she wants to get close to your wife as soon as possible(I guess 
she has now realized that she needs an older person to talk to,I 
must tell you that since her mother died she has been playing the role of mother to her brother and her late sister,she hardly have time for herself nor her friends infact she practically withdraw 
to herself,but thank God now she is opening up and this is because 
of you and your darling wife,

There goes that Little House episode again.

how can I ever thank you enough you have given me my kids back, 

But I never had them in the first place!

you have made me a father again,itís so good to have the love of 
my kids back again!I have been on top of the world since yesterday,for the first time in a very long while(since the day 
my late baby had the accident that resulted in her death)I SLEPT WELL,all this happiness I am having now is because of you and 
your darling wife,may God bless you abundantly and never let unhappiness come your way in Jesus name.


But brother there is a small problem 

Oh, here we go.

the hospital authority initially refuse to transfer her into a private room because of the bills on ground, but after much 
talking and me assuring them that first thing on Wednesday 
morning I would settle all the previous bills and deposit money upfront for her medical expenses, they reluctantly agreed after 
they have made me to sign an undertaken to this effect, which I 
did confidently knowing that by Tuesday I would have gotten the 
Loan I asked of you to settle the bills, 

No problemo! Iím writing out the check as I type.. . . . .that 
was twenty five hundred wasnít it?

but I must let you know that with this new development the sum of 2,500$ would not go anywhere in settling the bills right now as 
she is now in a private room, 

Scratching out twenty five hundred. . . .

I would be very grateful if you can change the loan from 2,500$ 
to 6,500$ 


medical care is very expensive here in my country, thatís why you 
see that our mortality rate here is very high! 

Thatís because of all the heart attacks when the people get their hospital bills!

You still have to send the money through Western Union money transfer, through the name of my personal assistant, which I gave 
you before, 
OTABOR ELIE Lagos-Nigeria 
Brother, this loan/help you are giving me I do not want my other colleagues to find out about it,it should please be between your family and my family,lets keep it as our family secret, I hope I 
can count on you on this!sending the money to the hospital we risk letting out our secret! 

Well, we wouldnít want to alert your colleagues that you are trying to scam them out of this money would we?

Today is Easter,I wish you and your family a happy Easter 
celebration how are you spending it, 

How Iím NOT spending it is by going to the bank and withdrawing 
sixty five hundred dollars if thatís what youíre asking.

as for me after mass myself and Kelvin would spend the whole day 
with Stephanie in the hospital,we would be so comfortable and have 
a lot of fun together as family, now that she is in a private room which is far more better and comfortable than the open ward that 
she was in before with other patients, thanks to you and your 
darling wife. 
I have passed the message to my other colleagues that you have not received any fax message from the Ministry, while letís keep our fingers crossed, this is taking much more time that we 
anticipated. You were not definite about when you are going to 
call me! 

Thereís a reason for that.

I must tell you that due to the poor telecommunication facility 
in this country it is possible for you to dial my number and your call would be transfer to another person and you might not know 
that you are not taking to me, 

In other words the phone line is shared or most likely a pay 
phone with a little stool outside. 

so for the benefit of doubt we are going to adopt a code word, 

How about ďsuckerĒ 

if and when you call me once you asked to speak to Dr Obi and the person confirms that he is Dr Obi ask him for the code word if he 
do not tell you the code word which we shall now adopt drop the 
phone and try again this time the call might be transfer to me, 
on no account should you talk to any person apart from me and that must have been after I have confirmed the code word, all this precautionary measures are very necessary to safeguard our transaction, please brother abide by it, our code word shall be DIANNE!I hope you like it ,itís in memory of my daughter. 

I love it! So original and yet heartwarming.

My other committee members do not know about this code word it is between me and you, 

I shanít tell a soul!

you know I am your guide throughout this transaction and for this 
I am getting an extra 1% added to my money so I have to do 
everything possible to safe guide this transaction from my side 
and guide you too to do same from your end, 

Wait a minute! Thatís a . . . . thirty-five thousand dollars 
bonus! Why not get an advance and pay the hospital bill?

I cannot afford to be termed incompetent by my other colleagues 
if I allow anything to go wrong, 

Thereís no way I would let that happen, cross my heart.

this transaction will soon be over so letís just abide by our watchword which is confidentiality and before you know it we are millionaires in dollars. 

I suppose thatís better than naira (Nigerian money, 100 to the 

I have to go back home now so that I can make the 10.30 mass, 

And avoid all bolts of lightening along the way.

I would await your response, remember our family secret!

Do you mean the bit about the hug?
Thank you for every thing and God bless you. 
Your brother, 
Dr Obi. 

So basically my doctor friend was now sitting back and forgetting 
the original transaction for now and concentrating more on the 
money for his supposedly sick daughter. This is exactly what I 
was trying to achieve as I had no way of receiving the faxes from Kelowna but didnít want him to lose interest in me. Because of 
his greed I knew I could play this out for a reasonable amount of time. It was Easter so I could hold off for a couple of days 
without raising too many questions from him. 


On the following Tuesday, when the banks were open, I wrote back.


Brother, Western union is refusing to send the money without some confirmation on your side. 

I know itís a lame excuse, but can you think of anything better?

I don't know why they are demanding this. They are not being up 
front with me and I can't seem to get an answer from them. I felt 
I should not explain to them why I am sending it. Is this correct 
or should I tell them the truth? 

I thought that might get to him.

I have tried several times to call you today but I can not get a connection. The phone number I am trying is 234 1774 8735 but 
nothing happens. 

A blatant lie, I admit it.

I am getting concerned with the attitude of Western union. Should 
I just send it to you via mail? 

He wonít like this, itís not fast enough.

Apparently they have had trouble with money being transferred to Nigeria. I am wondering if it has anything to do with that other doctor that tried to get me to contact him. 

In other words, there are unscrupulous people in Nigeria but 
youíre not one of them.

I need to hear from you as soon as you can to help me. The amount 
is $6,500 in American Dollars, is that right? 

I thought Iíd throw in the amount that I was trying to send him to let him think that he had succeeded in his attempt to get more 
money out of me. He wrote back later that day. When I read the 
title of his message I laughed aloud. 

Subject:   WHY! WHY! WHY!

Dear Brother, 
I would have gotten to you earlier than this but once again there 
was heavy down pour on Easter day resulting in break down of the sever of the ISP.This could not be fixed earlier than today 
because of the holidays, the engineers just finished fixing it 
now and I have just been told about this by my personal 
assistance thatís why I am sending you this mail now.Brother I 
must tell you that Easter day for me was really fun and in a long time to come I will continue to remember that day,I spent the 
whole day with my daughter in the hospital,we had real fun 
together as family even when she would fall asleep while we were there it gave me opportunity to talk to my son one on one,my son Kelvin has really grown,

Wait a minute, I have to get a hankie. . . okay, go on.

there are most things we talk about and when I heard his views, I thank the almighty God that the mother did a good job of bringing 
my kids up and given them good orientation about life.

Sniff, sniff. . .

All the same myself and my family had a special time together this Easter,thanks to you and your family.How was your own Easter like?Please let me known as my kids and I fantasized about you 

Hello, first the hug and now this!

and how you would have gone for picnic to see these Rockies, did 
we guess right?Please let me known.

Unfortunately the Rockies were closed so we had to make do with 
going out for a bite at Tysons!
Anything yet from the Ministry?Please let me known immediately 
they contact you. 
Brother from your mail to me this afternoon I am really surprise 
that you claim that the authorities of the Western union refuse 
to allow you make the transfer,

What, do you think Iím lying?

I sent my personal assistance to the office here to ask questions 
and he was told that as far as the person sending the money wants 
to send it from his own free will nobody has the authority to 
stop you from doing such.

You do think Iím lying. What happened to all that talk about 

Brother you do not need to begin to tell them story,just tell 
them that you are sending the money to your family friend here in Nigeria and that is it,

And I can see them at Western Union snickering behind the counter 
as they hand it over!

please remember that I need to get it and the details today so that 
I can settle the bills tomorrow,do not use the mail as it could 
get missing in transits most especially when it has gotten to 
Nigeria.I await your reply.

Donít hold your breath.
The chairman of my committee wantís to talk to you,itís high time they meet you,the number you dial is correct,I wonder why you are 
not getting through,

It could be because I havenít dialed yet.

I would be in the office till 10pm Nigeria time,I await your call. 
Say me well to your darling wife and your kids,please tell your 
wife that I have a letter from Steph for her I would send it to 
her later.Brother go back to western union office and send the 
money even if you have to drive out of Kelowna to do this,do it. 
Your brother; 
Dr Obi

Is he starting to sound a little arrogant again to you? Imagine having the gall to tell me to drive out of town to send him the money.  Here is Mikes reply after I had sent the letter to him.

What a greedy what's next mate? 

That just about says it all. I decided to write back that same day 
as I knew I wouldnít be able to respond the next day as I had a 
busy schedule at work. I didnít really feel like writing back at 
all as I was starting to detest this man. So, in a reverse 
psychology kind of way I turned on the sickly sweet and the 
absurd and wrote back through gritted teeth.

Subject:   Reply to WHY! WHY!WHY!

brother, I am pleased to hear you and your family had a good 
Easter. We too had a very nice holiday. We went away for the 
weekend and stayed in our summer home in the mountains. 

You didnít know I had a summer home in the mountains did you? 
Thatís okay, I didnít know about it either until I wrote this. I wanted to sound like Mister Moneybags! 

It was very cool but the sun was shining and the air fresh. Now we are home and back to a very busy day at work. We have just 
acquired a new order for lighting for the new sports complex to be built in Vancouver. I know I can tell you this in confidence but 
the order means well over $2,000,000 for this company. Isn't that wonderful news?

For you and your committee too!

My wife is convinced that it's because of our donation to your daughter and the hospital that we are being blessed this way. I 
have been making some inquiries concerning Western unions attitude towards the money transfer to your country and all I could get was some woman saying it's because of some 419 thing that's going on. 

There, Iíve been dying to say 419 ever since I started this little project. 419 is the advance fee fraud as I had stated at the beginning of this book. It is the code for the type of scam that 
they are running here and is known as the 419 in Nigeria. 
Therefore, he would be very familiar with this code. I was again trying to see what kind of reaction I would get from him after mentioning it. 

I will try to find out what that means on Thursday when I go to Victoria B.C. for a conference. 

In other words, someone may tell me all about the 419 scam and the game could be up.

I can send the money via Victoria so do not worry any more about 
it. Everything is going wonderfully well and I know you will be 
very happy when you receive this letter. 

A little sarcasm again.

I will try again to phone the number tomorrow. Talk to you soon 
Your good brother 

I couldnít wait to get his reply, fortunately I didnít have to 
wait long.


My Dear Brother, 
I am very happy for you concerning the order worthy 2,000,000 that you have just gotten,i thank the almighty God for the good things 
he is doing for us and i pray that he continue to do more for us.

For us? Was that a slip of the tongue, erí fingers?

Steve,before the passing away of my darling daughter Dianne,she 
was a lucky girl,

I really wouldnít say she was THAT lucky!

so when you gave me the good news of this contract worthy 2million which you just got,it did not come as a surprise to me,because 
since you made that humble donation in her name to the children hospital in memory of her,i knew that you have planted a seed that will always yield all the good things of life to you and your family,my brother congratulations and may the good lord continue 
to bless you with his infinite mercies and abundant goodness. 
I called the Chairman again in the capital city and he wants 
another telephone appointment booked for tommorrow 7pm,so he will 
fly down tommorrow for this appointment,my brother please this 
time again do not let me down,the Chairman has flew down twice in 
the past week to speak to you but alas each time you did not call.please this time call.confirm this to me through e-mail,
remember our code word when you call(DIANNE)and i hope you still 
have my number,just incase 234-1774-8735.

I doubt that this chairman is really flying down from the capital city to speak with me, after all, if he just gave me his phone 
number it would save him a lot of money in flying. But in the back 
of my mind Iím hoping that he is wasting thousands of dollars in futile efforts to speak to me, only to be rejected yet again.
Please be on the alert because we have gotten information that the Central Bank of Nigeria has started payment to foreign contractors,therefore they can reach you anytime from now.Please brother should you recieved any correspondence whatsoever,let me 
know so that i would advice you according,

That is very good of him isnít it?

it might interest you to known that we have gone to include your 
e-mail address as one of the avenues the bank can contact you,so if you recieve any correspondence from the bank through this,be aware that we were the one who went to give it to them as we are looking 
at the possibilty that the bank might not have been able to reach 
you by fax quickly and instead of them to persist they might just leave our file lying down without taking any action on it,

Thatís a fine way to run a bank! Leaving papers worth thirty five million dollars laying around all over the floor. No wonder 
theyíre having money problems over there.

so that's why we took this desicion,there was a colunm provided for it in the forms we filled initially but then we did not see any reason for us to include it then but now i guess we were wrong then.we have corrected that mistake now.

Well done!
I would have gotten to you earlier than this but my sever was down 

Another downpour?

and i have been running from pillar to post to raise money in 
other word to prevent my family name for been rub in the mud,
because i could not redeem a pledge i made and even signed.You 
said you will help me,but i guess you have changed your mind,
because from all the enquires i have made here,nobody can stop you from sending your own money through western union to whom ever you want in any part of the world as far as you want to.

And he had probably received thousands of dollars from other 
suckers who were eager to make a quick seven million and sent it 
all through Western Union with no trouble! 
I will await your call at 7pm tommorrow and please give me the confirmation through e-mail,say me well to your darling wife,Stephanie's letter for her is still with me i would try to 
type and send it later today,she sends her love too. 
May the good lord continue to bless you and your family. 
Your Brother, 
Dr Obi 

I didnít call of course. In fact I waited until the next day 
before I wrote back. 

Subject:   Reply to E-MAIL ADDRESS GIVEN

brother,I am sorry that I have not been in touch with you before 
now. We had a serious issue come up with the big order that we had just aquired. I had to travel to northern B.C and smooth the w
aters so that we didn't lose the order. It now sounds like it's 
back on track, it was more of a lack of communication between all parties involved. I must admit to you that I have not sent the 
money for Stephani yet because of all the problems over the past 
few days. My wife said that she will sort it out for me. I will 
write to you again as soon as we get this all sorted out. 

I was hoping that this would buy me a little more time.  He wrote back that afternoon and was so anxious he didnít even title his message.

Subject:   Re: Reply to: E-MAIL ADDRESS GIVEN

Dear Brother, 
When i did not hear from you for quiet some time,i must confess 
that i was a bit shaken and worried,thank God you have sorted the problems out with the order you have,please try and see that everything goes well with this order.

Isnít that special that heís showing so much concern for my wellbeing? 
I must tell you the truth that since yesterday afternoon my blood pressure as been on the increase as the hospital has already 
started asking me to redeem my pledge and they have threnten to 
move Stephanie back to the general ward. 
Please do not put me to shame most exspeacially as it involves my kids and how they would see me. 
Say me well to your family. 
Your brother, 
Dr Obi. 

Like I said, he was getting anxious. Note that this letter was 
very quick and he didnít even mention the money scam. His focus 
was starting to shift to getting this supposed, hospital money because he would not have to share any of this.  The reason for it being short and sweet is because the other committee members would never be aware of this E-mail. I thought Iíd let him stir for a 
while and he wrote back early the next day.


Dear Brother, 
Still no word from you today,please has the ministry contacted you yet,i think you should please go and check with the authorities,
you know what i mean.

Actually, I donít know what he means by authorities. Maybe heís referring to the girl at reception in the hotel, I donít know. I thought that this bank was going to contact me through E-Mail now.

Right now we are becoming apprehensive again as we never envisage that this transaction would extend this long.

Funny thing is, I was hoping it would take another three months.

Brother i am still expecting the money today,please the medical director is on my neck and my baby risk been moved back to the general ward before the close of today,this i was told this morning in the hospital.imagine the phsycological effect this would have on her,please do not put me through this. 
I am sending the letter Stephanie wrote to your wife since Easter day,so please pass it to her,i await your response immediately. 
Thank you and God bless you. 
Your Brother, 
Dr Obi 

Clever really, to either, pretend that his daughter is writing herself or there is the chance that she really did write this. 
What I am very sure about is that she didnít crawl from her 
deathbed to the computer room in the hospital and type it.


Hello Mrs. Masterson, 
I hope you are well and the children are fine too. what about 
Tanya? hope she is fine and kicking well, 

Actually, she does have a soccer practice later today.

my daddy told me about her, please tell her I pray for her 
everyday. My daddy has told me all the good things you have done 
for us and lot more which you intend to do, 

Oh no, I smell another begging letter coming from Daddy.

may God bless your family for you,the money your family paid to 
the kids hospital in memory of my sister Dianne,I thank you for it very much. I am sure she too says thank you in her grave beside my motherís,(hope daddy has told you about mummy)I am not strong 
enough to write so much,I will write more to you once I am strong 
and thank your husband for me for this new room of mine,I like it better than the open ward which is too crowded and it reminds me of Dianne as she was in the open ward before she died and I was with 
her all the time,i am tried I would write again. 
Happy Easter to you and your family. 
I hope daddy sends this letter to you the way I have written it,he his fond of correcting peopleís sentences and spellings. 

He is? Itís a shame he doesnít feel that urge when he writes his 
own. In fact itís remarkable really how much she writes just like 
her Dad. Note how she never leaves a space after each comma just 
like Daddy does. Again I waited and didnít write back straight 
away. I liked the fact that he was getting anxious. He wrote back later that day.


Dear Brother, 
The Chairman has called me up again from the capital city to 
confirm the telephone appointment that has been fixed for later 
today 7pm Nigeria time,please i need your confirmation to this appointment immediately. 
Dr Obi. 

I was not going to call him, so the waiting continued. Later that 
day he sent me yet another letter. I love the title.


Dear Brother, 
What his happening,you are not sending me mails.hope nothing has 
gone wrong somewhere,down here everybody is worried and confuse,please send me a mail as i am really getting worried,please do not let my blood pressure begin to rise again please!i awaite 
your mail. 
your brother, 
Dr Obi 

I didnít write straight back, I wanted to see if he would write again. Well, I didnít hear from him all weekend. It was actually at this point that I discovered that he didnít write to me ever on a weekend. Itís as if he can only use the computer in the week or I even started to think that this scam was like a job to him and he clocked out every Friday at 5pm and clocked on again on Monday at 9am. I wonder what his job title was. I then thought that maybe I 
had blown it and he was never going to write to me again.

 I wrote back to him on Monday morning. 

Subject:  Reply to WORRIED SICK

bother, I am now worried sick as I have not heard anything from 
you. I am wondering if the authorities have found out about our business arrangement and you are sitting in a cell somewhere. I 
don't know what to do! I had 3 long distance phone calls yesterday from someone who would not leave their name. My secretary said it 
was someone with a strong accent. Was it you who called? I'm hoping and praying that it was you because if it wasn't you then who was 
it? What do I tell them if they start asking me questions? Please 
let me know how to respond to this. 

Of course, the truth is I never got any calls really. But I had to think of something to tell the guy.

Dear brother, 
you have nothing to worry about as i am not in any prison and 
there will surely be no reason for me to be in such place as i 
have always told you this transaction is 100% risk free and we 
have nothing to fear,

Why all of the secrecy then?

it was me who have been trying to get you on the number you gave 
me, most part of yesterday,i left a message on the answering 
machine once that you should call me back as soon as possible,i waited for your call till the early hours of this morning,the 
number that i called is 9175442600,i hope it is correct,please confirm to me.

What! He tried calling me yesterday? Answering machine? And as far 
as that number is concerned, Iíve no idea where he got that from, itís nothing like the numbers I sent him for the Best Western. I reckon itís another one of his victims numbers. So, I tried 
calling it and a guy answered. I asked him if he knew a Dr Obi and there was a long pause. He then asked me who I was and I chickened out again and replaced the receiver.  I donít know if I had 
reached the right guy because I didnít have a country code and it could have been anywhere in the world. 

The transaction is still fully on course,infact the way it is now 
the chairman is thinking of coming to Lagos till the end of this transaction,he feels that i am not doing my best,but what am i suppose to do when the Ministry has not contacted you yet?The chairman say's he got information from a realiable source in the ministry that the letter to Light Touch Contracting has been sent before the Easter break,then how come i keep saying that you have 
not recieved the letter?he went further to add that he hope i am 
not trying to play smart!


Can you imagine such insult?Well right now i am taking it in good faith because i am at the end of the road now brother,the bills at the hospital,the insult that i have been getting from the CMD is 
far more compare to what the chairman gave me,i know i am not 
playing smart so i am not allowing his statement to get to me,but 
for the chief Medical Director(CMD)Brother,why did you make me 
commit myself when you know you will not give me the loan?you made 
me find happiness with my family again only for you to cut it short again why?do i deserve what you are doing to me,

Donít go there!

we came to you in good faith to request for your assistance in this once in a lifetime opportunity,

opportunity for who?

me Dr Emeka Obi as your guide we got along and i found out that we have some similarities mostly where our families is concerned and 
you gave me enough reason to TRUST you i opened up to you as my brother,ordinary i am sure i would not have done that,because i am 
a man who do not see reason why people should pity me when i can strrugle for myself and i always try to cut my coat according to my size,

Are you putting weight on then?

so with the little i have i manage with my family no matter how 
hard it is,at least my dignity as a man remain with me,

Have I got news for you mate!

but now you made me move my daughter to a private room because i TRUSTED you,she became very happy,i can even say her condition 
must have improve abit then because inwardly she was happy,but now 
do you know all she does his cry?

But not as hard as you are though.

she keep asking me daddy how come things are happening like this to us?

Because Daddy is a crook my dear.

I told her it is our trying period for the good things to come.

You have a very long wait.

yesterday she said she over heard the CMD talking to me as if we 
were having an argument and asked me what it was?do you know i had 
to lie to my daughter 

You had to lie! No!

about what myself and the CMD was talking about because i wonder 
what will happen if i had told her that she might be moved soon 
back to the general ward,i can't tell her this as i know it will break her heart and probably worsen her health problems,i told her that the only reason i have not gotten the money from you was 
because you travelled to sign for the mutimillion dollar contract 
you have just gotten,we are all happy for you for this deal,

I bet!

hope you know that,personally if you need some more money to 
execute this deal i would gladly give you some when i get to Vancouver once this transaction is over.

That sounds good, you give me back some of the money that I give 
to you after you gave it to me because I helped get it to you. 

Brother please save me from further humilation and insults let me have this loan first thing monday morning,incase you have 
forgotten the name of my personal assistance i would give you 
again otabor elie,lagos-Nigeria.Here in my country we are one hour ahead GMT,from my calculation i think we are 9hours ahead of you. 
Brother,please try and go to that place to confirm if you have reiceved anything from the ministry as the Chairman is no my neck about this,i hope i have mentioned it to you that we have 
submitted your e-mail address to the relevant authorities concern with this transaction for easy access to you incase they might be having difficultly reaching you by fax,please let me know the 
outcome from that place,Brother now that the Chairman his coming to Lagos,there is no way i can stop him from reading your messages to 


so please from now on our personal issues(about my family and 
yours) should not be include in your mail to this mail account,
this account should be strictly for this transaction now,please 
send them to my daughter's mail account,for now as she is still in the hospital i can acess her account,please send the details of the loan to this account and please inform your darling wife that steph said i should give her this mail account 
for her to reply her letter into it and not my own account any i trust you to this,another family secret(laugh).

In other words, You donít tell mine and I wont tell your wife about the hotel room.
Everybody is worried here as we never envisage that this 
transaction would take this long,please confirm if you have any fax,thank you for inviting me to Vancouver,but you know right now 
it will be queit impossible for me as this transaction is not over and i cannot go any where till it is over,thanks for the offer for now but i would still hold you on that of showning me and my kids around Vancouver once we get there.I would still try and call you today,know that i cannot call you from my office because it is 
very easy here to trace calls going out from Nigeria(exspeacially from government Ministries),so i always go to public phone booth 
and here there is no privacy,so do not think that we cannot call 
you all the time during the course of this transaction,that is the reason, we are been cautious,

I still canít understand why they have spent over one hundred thousand dollars on this but canít afford to buy a home phone!

please whenever you call remember the code word,if whoever answers you do not tell you the code word do not continue the conversation,''DROP THE PHONE AND TRY AGAIN''this is very 
neccessary as our telecommunication facility is so poor that my 
calls ment for me can be transfer to another person's number,so brother we have to be careful,hope you remember the code word,but just incase 'Dianne'. And please remember to keep the reciepts or bills of your calls to us and of other expenses you incure during 
the process of this transaction as this would be settled first 
before the final disburement of the funds according to the agreed percentage,we are bringing our own expense list with us for your perusal also. 

I wouldnít expect anything else.

I will stop here for now,remember i have opened up to you as a brother,please do not let me down or leave me in shame please.i 
need this loan quickly,let your darling wife know this,remember 
that the details should be sent to my daughter's mail account,
Brother let it not be a case of crying over already spilled milk again!  
Your Brother, 
Dr Obi Emeka. 

We wouldnít want any crying over spilled milk now would we. What 
also came to mind here is that he would be familiar with the saying ďcrying over spilled milkĒ How does a man who does not know about the Rockies know these expressions? I sent this to Mike with this message.

here is the latest letter. You know, there's something at the back 
of my mind that says I know it's a scam but what if his daughter really is in hospital.

Here is mikes reply.

I understand what you mean about maybe the daughter is in the hospital. So what I think you should do is this. Give me the money for the daughter and let me transfer it to Nigeria for him that 
way you don't have to deal with it anymore. 
I mean, if you don't give me the money to transfer, you could be responsible for the little girl's demise. 

Tongue in cheek, but a good answer and one that I needed to hear. 
I wrote back that same day to Obi and as youíll see I was in a very silly mood.


I am so relieved to hear from you brother. 

I was starting to think you were on to me.

I was getting quite worried about you. I have finally received the documents from the ministry. 

Not really though.

They were actually faxed to the wrong number and they were dropped 
of by the owner of a cat house on the pussy parkway. Kitty saw the name The light Touch contracting and thought it might belong to me 
as she knows me better than others and so she dropped it off which was just purrrfect of her. 

What can I say? I told you I was in a silly mood.

I am pleased to finally have it in my possession. What am I 
supposed to do with it? Do you want me to fax it back to the ministry? I think it is very wise for the chairman to come to 
largos and help complete this transaction. I want to talk to him as soon as possible and I will tell him what a wonderful job you are doing. I will tell him that he has nothing to worry about, that you are very honest and trustworthy and that I would trust you with anything. 

Except my money!

Do not worry about our private deals with the money for the 
hospital. I am going to send it as soon as possible. If you like, 
why don't you give me the name and telephone number of the hospital and I will call and transfer the funds by phone? I do it all the 
time over here it's very easy to do. 

I know he will not like this idea at all so thatís why I decided to try it to see how he would react.

I would also like to talk to the CMD and tell him just what I think of him for doubting you and myself. And don't worry about my 
meeting with the minister I will not mention the money to anyone 
but yourself. I have been meaning to ask you, are you a doctor? If so, why would you not get the best medical treatment available if 
you are a doctor yourself? I know over here doctors have access to the best available medical treatment. And they are paid very well. This is something that I have been wondering about. 

I knew he wasnít a medical doctor really because he had explained 
in his original letter that he was an engineer. I was just trying 
to piss him off again.

Well, I had better go and see my "friend" at the hotel as my wife 
is out of town for a few days. Hope you are well and I look 
forward to seeing you soon. 

I know! You donít have to say anything, after reading this excerpt, my real wife has explained it  to me already, in great detail! He wrote straight back to me.


Dear Brother, 
You have done it again,now every body here is worried because of 
this new development about the fax from the Ministry been received 
by a stanger,

I have told you already, Kitty is no stranger.

you imagine this! The telephone and fax numbers you gave me for 
the documentation process are(205) 493 0311 Phone and(205) 493 
5556 Fax ,now you are telling us that the fax message was sent to another person, are you now telling me that this numbers are not correct, I sent the certificates for our company through this 
numbers and you got it how come this time the fax from the Ministry was sent to a stanger?

I can explain everything. . . . just give me a few hours to think 
of something.

This beat me,the chairman is furious with me about this new development,infact I think furious is an understatement to use now,
he has told me so many things on the phone this morning after 
reading your mail to me which I faxed to him this morning in the capital city,I cannot begin to write about that now, personally I 
do not believe in crying over spilled milk.

There he goes crying over that milk again.

This has happened let now see that it does not occur again,firstly you have to confirm to me this morning if the numbers listed above are correct because I have been mandated by the chairman to see 
that if they are not correct I should immediately forward a change 
of particulars from my Ministry to the ministry of Finance claiming that we made an error here in my Ministry in the particulars of one of the contractors we forwarded to them,this has to be done like 
this as this is the only way we can do it now without suspicion 
from any quarters as we have to shift the blame on the Ministry.But before I do this now you have to really confirm that this number is the correct number,on the other hand since this number is that of 
the hotel the Chairman says he is not comfortable with this for 
this kind of transaction and based on what has happened you should give us entirely new numbers which you can be reached easily as he would not want what has happened now to reoccur again and he does 
not want to take chances at all,he sayís if possible you should quickly obtain a new fax and telephone numbers basically for this transaction(add the cost to your list of expenses which we have to settle before the final disbursement of the funds) and send me this numbers immediately,Brother,the Chairman says he now have course to believe that I have not been giving you proper guide dance during 
the course of this transaction, 

Would that be a girl guide dance? The brownie bop maybe?

that how come at this stage you are still asking me if you should send what you received to the Ministry without first sending it to me, but brother this I have always told you, that whatever you get from anybody during this transaction you should send it to me immediately, but alas you did not and you went ahead to write in 
your mail asking if you should reply the Ministry on your own, 

I love it! I knew this would get him all fired up! 

Brother why are you doing this to me, 

Because youíre a crook.

is it that you enjoy knowing that you are putting me through 

Well, yes!

now my colleagues and the Chairman I wonder what would be running through their minds now about me, 

I can think of a few things!

that aside in the hospital the same thing you are doing to me, now you are asking if I am a medical Doctor, if I were do you think my daughter would die because of lack of money to take care of her operation or do you think I would be complaining about hospital 
bills if I were,won,t I be working in a hospital,I am really 
surprise at you,I am an Engineer and I have a Doctorate degree in Building Engineering, 

Excuse me!

that aside I have decided to move my daughter back to the general ward,when I go to the hospital later today after work I would tell the authorities(CMD) to move her,


like I said before I always sew my coat according to my size,

What DOES he mean by that? I wonder if he can knit too.

I will explain to her,she is my daughter I am sure she will understand,thank God now the Ministry has contacted you so I know very soon our money would be paid into your account,then I can give my daughter the best medical attention money can buy without stress or fear of humiliation. 

And help her get better of course! You forgot that bit.

I await your immediate response to this mail so that I can 
personally submit this letter of Change of particulars to the Ministry myself and then try to right my reputation with my colleagues and my chairman by putting this transaction back on 
course fully. 

My immediate response?

Meanwhile send me immediately what you received from the ministry either by fax through my fax line 234-17593019 or through e-mail,

Oh dear!

please do this quickly as I am waiting for it in my office. 
Thank you and God bless you. 
Your Brother, 
Dr Obi. 

I now have to send him the fax that I never got, this will be a problem. I sat down and wracked my brains trying to find a 


I decided to shift the focus from the letter I have to fax to him, who knows, maybe heíll forget about it for a while. Here was my 

Subject:   Reply to URGENT! URGENT! URGENT!

Brother, these numbers are fine. (205) 493 0311 Phone and(205) 493 5556 Fax. But the fax was sent to (205) 493 5557 which was just entered wrong so it was not any fault of yours or mine but whoever 
at the ministry that sent it dialed in the wrong number. No big 
deal! I don't think it will happen again. I am not worried about 
it, but I will try to get a fax machine installed in my office at work and I will send you the new number as soon as I can. I am 
sorry I have caused you so much stress, will you please take the 
next E-Mail that I am sending to you today and forward it onto the chairman. 

I thought Iíd show them all just how confident I was in our doctor friend therefore hopefully theyíll stay with me for a little while longer. Here is the letter I sent to him to give to his chairman, 
if there is indeed a chairman. Iím quite sure there is ďsomeoneĒ above him who he has to report to because of his concern over me 
not mentioning the money for his daughter through this E-mail address. 

Mr chairman, I ask you to please forgive me for my stupidity over these transactions. This is new for me and I have been in constant worry about what it is me and my family have been asked to do. Because of this I have shown due diligence in these procedures. Dr Obi should be congratulated for his patience and understanding in this matter. I ask you from me and my family to cut him some slack and trust him in this delicate matter. He has been under a lot of stress over the past few weeks and despite this he has become a 
truly wonderful friend. The numbers that we sent to you are correct but they were entered wrong by whosoever sent them. I suggest that 
a word should be said to the ministry about this. I look forward to dealing with you in this matter and hopefully we will meet soon. 
                         Steve Masterson 

I doubt that this Ďchairmaní ever saw this letter, but the reason I sent it was more for Obi than anyone else. I wanted him to think 
that we trusted him completely and were willing to go to great lengths to prove this. In essence I was playing his game back to 
him. His response came almost immediately.

Subject:   THANKS

Dear Brother, 
I got your mail and I have given that of the Chairman to him,thank you very much for the good comments about me,indeed you have made 
me very proud,may God continue to shower his blessing on you and 
your family.I cannot write much now as I have to run to the 
ministry of finance to submit this fax number which you have reconfirmed that is working fine (205 493 5566),I would get back to you when I get back.Please the Chairman really wants to put a voice to this transaction and he has asked me to tell you that you should fix this telephone appointment yourself, since all the previous telephone appointment fixed were not honored by you,so I expect you should quickly do this. 
Once again thank you,I would get back to you when I come back. 
Your Brother, 
Dr Obi. 

It seemed to work okay, but now weíre back to the phone call! 
Youíre probably asking why I donít phone him to keep the lines of communication open? Well, funny you should ask that. I did actually pick up the phone and dialed it a couple of times but couldnít seem to get through. I admit I didnít try very hard as I wasnít sure 
what I was going to say to him and I resented the fact that a phone call would cost me money. Itís them that I am trying to get to 
spend their money, not me. After all, whoís scamming who here? I purposely didnít mention anything about the money for his daughter 
in the last couple of letters as he did tell me not to mention it 
in this E-mail address. Later in the day I got another letter from him but it was written through his daughterís E-mail address.


Dear Brother, 
Like I have always told you that any personal issue that we have 
to talk about should be done through my daughters mail box,i must 
be frank with you about this,i am a very straight forward person 
and i do not like when people become evasive about issues that you have to be definate about most exspecially when this issues 
involves lifes, dignity,self respect and pride of a man.

I think Iím in for it!

brother i want you to tell me straight without any sentiment,ARE 

I AM in for it!

please let me know as i have already been humilated enough as i 
keep telling the CMD that my brother has promised he would send the moneyto settle my daughter's hospital bills,but it his just some logistic problems that his causing the delay.

Logistic problems? No, itís more like a reluctance to part with my money and handing it over to some scam artist.

In your last mail to me you said i should hold on that you would 
soon send me the money and that was on Sunday,today his Wednesday,please brother tell me straight.

Okay, damn it, here it is, IíM NOT SENDING YOU ANYTHING!
My daughter sends her regards to you and your family,she said i should ask your wife why she has not replied her mail to her,i told her your wife was out of town breifly.

And the fact that she doesnít know you even exist in the world.
I would await your immediate response. 
Your brother, 
Dr Obi. 
Please say me well to your darling wife and your kids,i know very soon i shall meet them. 

Not if I have anything to do with it. Again I am shocked by his attitude towards me after I sent that lovely letter to his boss! 
Some people are just never grateful. If hell would have frozen over and I had suffered a serious loss of sanity and was really going 
to send him $6,500 for his daughter, I would now be tearing up the cheque! Iím wondering if this is the way that people talk to each other in Nigeria, and this is natural for him. 

The next day I received an E-mail from Rasheed Gbadamosi, Director, Foreign Operations. Not this very important mans E-mail address is through Yahoo.


Dear Mr.Masterson, I am writing in connection with some recent developments regarding your Contract Payment.My Office has sent Classified documents to your fax number earlier today 1-250-860-
0675 as provided in your file.However,Officials of the Federal Ministry of Finance paid my Office a visit today regarding your contract payment, with a new number they said is also your Fax 
number 1-205-493-5566,.Your E-Mail address,which is in our records,remains the only expedient means to reach you to reconfirm this detail.Please,confirm your Fax number immediately to avoid 
any wrongful transfer of your funds for which we cannot be held liable.Please,be informed that this Office will not bear responsibility for any unfortunate consequence due to failure on 
your part to confirm this required detail.
Thank you. Yours Faithfully, Rasheed Gbadamosi, Director,Foreign Operations.

The English and grammer in this letter is notably much better than the letters from Obi. It is obvious to me that this is also a form letter that is used and copied from one victim to the other. But I 
do note that again there is no space after each comma just as there is in Obiís letters. I immediately sent a letter to the doctor to 
let him know. 

Subject:   Reply to THANKS.

brother, I have received an E-Mail from Rasheed Gbadamosi, 
Director,Foreign Operations. I confirmed the fax number that we 
would be using. I hope I did the right thing I'd hate to cause 
stress again for your chairman, 

Yeah right!

please let me know. It is very strange that a director of Foreign Operations of Nigeria would use a Yahoo E-Mail address but I guess that's how things are done over there. 

I had to mention this, I couldnít resist.

I hope you are well and happy. This has been a very stressful few weeks for us all and one day we will all laugh about it while we 
sit back in our hammocks and sip pink drinks from tall glasses counting our money. 

Again, I am hoping to sound like a greedy, money hungry moron. Talking of greedy money hungry morons the good doctor wrote back 
the next day.


Dear Brother, 
Your mail is the best thing that has happened to me this week after all my stress,

I will have to see if I can do something about that.

we are finally there!It has been all round happiness and 
celebration here since i read your mails and then passed the 
message to my other colleagues,even the chairman could not hold 
back himself,he pratically flew into the air when i told him about the content of your mail,we are all overjoyed and are in high 
spirit right now,you have done the best thing by immediately confirming your fax number to him,is it only your fax number that 
you were asked to confirm,did he not say anything more,when did he say our money would be paid into your account,

Our money?

and another good news is that the chairman has officially nominated me this morning to come with him to Canada,and he has also 
instructed me to commence the immediate processing of my casual 
leave as this will enable me to join him on the trip to Canada. 

Why worry about getting casual leave if youíre about to collect 
your part of Thirty five million dollars? By my reckoning, after 
you have paid me my seven million and split the remaining twenty eight million amongst the seven of you, thatís four million 
dollars. Now, considering the rate of exchange for the Nigerian currency, thatís like four hundred thousand trillion naire! And the average house in Nigeria cost like twenty five dollars, I donít 
think you need worry about getting casual leave.

Brother,the chairman has also asked me to get the information from you on when our money will be in your account so that we will know when to start withdrawing all the original documents and also to 
know when to fix our flight to Ontario from where we would take a connecting flight to Kelowna.

Okay, great! As soon as the thirty five million is siting in my account, Iíll call you, no sweat!

Please brother try and collect Mr Gbadamosi telephone number and speak with him directly,ask him when the money will get into your account,feel free to continue with him on that e-mail address 
because the chairman has already verified that this is his e-mail please make sure you reach him as soon as possible so 
that we know how to go about our own travel arrangements. 
Brother,the chairman really want to speak to you,once again he 
would be here in my office at 7pm Nigeria time to take your call,
make sure you call this time. 
Thank you and God bless you. 
your brother, 
Dr Obi 

Funny thing was that as soon as he asked me to get the phone 
numbers of this Mr. Gbadamosi they arrived in my mailbox. Isnít 
that amazing, itís as if there is some other unforeseen force out there helping us along.


Sir, Thanks for your e-mail dated Wednesday,25th April,2001.Now 
that you have confirmed your fax number to us,you are advised to respond to our fax of 24th April,2001 through my telephone number 
234 1 8043166 and fax number 234 1 8048041 so that we can include your payment among the ones leaving on Friday,27th April,2001,note that it is against the rules and guidlines of the Central Bank of Nigeria to deal with contractors through the e-maill,rather this 
Bank would apreciate it if you continue with us through our tel/fax lines. Congratulations. Rasheed Gbadamosi. 

What is it about these people that they all seem to type the same way. No space after the commas, spelling mistakes and a similar way of conversation. Could it be because itís the same person writing them? No, that would be dishonest. I didnít write back straight 
away as I was still contemplating what to do about the phone call. 
I heard from him later that day.

Subject:   ANXIOUS 

Dear brother, 
I have not heard from you today, i do hope and pray all is well 
with you. 

Everything is just tiddlypoo!

brother,have YOU been able to reach Mr Gbadamosi?, 

Erí Well. . . 

please if you have not, I beg you in the name of my late Daughter, DIANNE, to please reach him so that we down here can know what 
next step to take. 

I can tell you that, off a cliff!

brother,remember that the Chairman will be around to have a chat 
with you, please make sure you call anytime from when you recieve this mail and when you call, please ask whoever picks up the phone for the password[DIANNE] please if the person does not say the password,please,DROP THE PHONE AND CALL BACK. 
Brother,the chairman just walked in right now i.e 6.50 p.m. please 
if you are there now, call.The phone number once again is 234-1-7748735. May almighty God bless you and your wife,Amen. 
your brother, 
Dr Obi. 


Early the next day I received an E-mail from him through his daughterís E-mail address. So I knew it must have something to do with the hospital money.

Subject:   Re:

Dear Brother, 
I am waiting for your response to my mail to you yesterday through this box.Plesase come out straight no sentiments,i am waiting. 
your brother 

I was wondering how I should proceed with this when it came to me, I should let my darling wife Joan, deal with it. Now, as I donít have 
a darling wife named Joan, only a darling wife named Cherrie who still knew nothing about this fiasco and was wondering who I was chatting to every night. I could have calmed her concerns and explained to her that I was not actually chatting to some big breasted blond from Nantucket, but some big black bullshitter from Nigeria. So, there was only one thing to do, I was to become Joan. 
I knew that I had to try to at least sound different from Steve and because I had created him as Canadaís most stupid and accommodating man, I decided that Joan should wear the pants in that house.  I replied through his daughterís E-mail address.

Subject:   Reply to Re:

Dear Dr Obi, This is Joan Masterson here. I must tell you that I am far more cautious when it comes to sending money to people who we 
do not know than my husband is. 

She sounds like a right bitch doesnít she?

We fully intend to send the money to cover your daughters expenses 
in due course. 

Oh, sheís such a liar! 

I have asked Steve to obtain the name and address of the hospital where she is admitted. I do not know if he has asked you this question or not. I will send the money to this hospital immediately upon speaking to the hospital administrator who has apparently been giving you grief over this financial matter. 

I was dying to hear what he would do with this. I knew that there 
was no hospital really so what would he do to get around this.

Please send the information as soon as possible so that this very important dept can be paid. Please say a special hello to your daughter Steph and assure her that everything will be alright. I do hope you are not burdening her with these problems, because a young lady in here state does not need the worry of money to hinder her 
in her recovery. This has been a difficult time for us all with buying the house and boat, 

Boat? We have a new boat? 

and Steve has been spending a lot of time at work over this past 
two weeks sometimes not coming home all night. 

What could he be up to?

My hope is that this can all come together very soon so that my family can get their lives back again and my children will get 
their father back as I am sure your children are needing you too. 

It wasnít easy trying to sound like somebody else. I think my 
acting skills come in useful here, although those who know me well would argue that I had any acting skills.  I bet he thought ďsilly cow.Ē I couldnít wait for his reply to my better half. I sent it to Mike to see how I did and this was his reply.

Wobert, Youíre getting very good at this!!


The next day I felt a little nervy. Forgetter about the money for 
the hospital for now, I decided to call this Mr. Gbadamosi although 
I was concerned that he wouldnít answer the phone and I would have 
to ask for him and who the hell knows how to pronounce his name. So 
I shut my office door and called the number. As I have said before 
I had called the numbers of our wonderful Doctor Obi a couple of times before but never gotten through. So, I wasnít really 
expecting it to actually ring when all of a sudden I got the 
familiar sound of a phone ringing and then someone picked it up! So much for feeling nervy, I became a nervous wreck! A man answered by saying hello, and I said hello, he then said hello again, then I 
went blank! I was taken aback because shouldnít they be answering 
the phone by saying something like Bank of Nigeria, Director of foreign operations speaking. I mean, I know itís a scam but they could put a little bit more effort into it couldnít they. So, I 
went blank! It felt like I was in a play on stage and I had completely forgotten my next lines. It was then that something brilliant came to mind and I said hello again. The answer back was ďwho you want?Ē  All I can say about this voice was that it didnít sound very bank like, more Nigerian Mafia, like. I looked 
at the name I had scribbled on a piece of paper and asked for a 
Mr. Gbadamosi. I was surprised because my pronunciation wasnít 
bad. He answered in exactly the same sweet manner, ďhold please.Ē 
Oh, I thought, that was obviously his secretary just graduated 
from charm school.  Then I could hear the secretary 
telling someone that I had asked for this Mr. GbÖÖwhatís his name. Another man came on the phone who was even more charming than the last.
 ďRashead Gbadamosi speakingĒ 
ďOh hello Mr Gbad. . . . .sir, this is Steve Masterson callingĒ 
ďS. .S.  .Steve MastersonĒ
ďI donít knowĒ 
S. . Steve Masterson from Canada?
ďOh. . .Oh, yes Mr. Masterson, now I know.Ē
ďYou asked me to call you?Ē
ďYes, you received papers form The ministry by fax?Ē
ďYou must now send to me, What is time there?Ē
I had to then try to think of the time difference between here and Vancouver. I said it was 9:am whereas it was really 11:am and he 
said it was 5pm there and the office will be closing in one hour 
so I must get it to him before then. 
ďYou understand this?Ē
ďYou must send to me now!Ē
I agreed and promptly put the phone down. I was trying to think of who he sounded like as I was driving home that night when a Barry White song came on the radio and I realized that it was him that he sounded like, that very deep dark voice thatís so distinquish to Mr White.  I didnít send them anything of course as he would see a different fax number and Iíd be up the creek again. As I was 
driving I again started to think about the people who were taken in by this scam and wondered if they had phoned just like I had and 
had still sent them their money! Incredible! 
I wrote to Obi that night to let him know that I had done what I 
was asked to do.

Subject:   Reply to ANXIOUS

Brother I called this morning and spoke to Mr. Gbadamosi! What a grumpy old thing he is. Not very polite like you are. I don't think 
I would like to meet him. He asked me to send the fax that I had received to him. Should I do that? like I said I don't think he sounds like a very nice man. I don't think I trust him.

Which is quite interesting if in fact this Mr. Gbadamosi was 
actually our Doctor Obi as I suspect.

I could not call today as I have an auditor in the office going over all of our records. I was praying that you would not call me while 
he was here. Thank goodness you didn't as I wouldn't be able to explain it to him. They finish today so I will be a lot happier 
when they leave. I will certainly call tomorrow at the same time 
am looking forward to speaking with you. 

The fact that I have only given him the hotel phone number so it would be impossible for him to call me at work had nothing to do 
with it. I was wondering if he even noticed that. I was starting to run out of excuses why I wasnít phoning. Notice that I didnít even mention the other money for the hospital as now it was in Joans 
hands and out of mine. The next day I received another letter.


Dear Brother, 
Please send me the fax you recieved from Gbadamosi's office we need to know the content in other to advice you on how to respond to them,remember that there are questions that you might be asked 
which you might not be able to provide the correct answers to, that is the reason i have always told you that any thing you recieve you should send to me so that i can advice you accordingly,what is in 
the fax,when would the money be paid into your account,please send 
it to me.

I canít sent something I donít have. 

Brother i hope you had no problem with the auditors,i shall expect your call for 7pm today,please send the fax you recieved or immediately let me know the content of the fax.We are anxious here,
we cannot get any information here except from you because it is 
you the bank recongnise as the beneficiary of this funds,so please you have to give me constant update on you contact with the bank 
and you should allow me advice you before you get back to them.

Problem with the auditor, Hm! Thereís an idea. I could use that.
Gbadamosi can afford to be unpolite because he is a director in 
the Apex Bank of this country but we should not let that bother us,all we want is for our money to be transfered by the bank once this is done we do not have any business with Gbadamosi again so please brother for the sake of our money you should please over 
look is unpoliteness.

I still donít understand why a director of a major bank can afford 
to be unpolite.
How is your darling wife and kids,hope they are fine,my daughter 
is still expecting the reply to her mail from your wife.i await 
your immediate response. 
Brother we are almost getting to the end of this transaction so we have to be very careful and confidentiality should still be our watchword,i trust you on this! 
your brother, 

I decided to keep him waiting again before I replied. I lik it when he gets all anxious. He wrote back that night.

Subject:   WHY THIS?

Dear Brother, 
What his happening to you,i have not heard anything from you,hope everything his okay,we are dying to hear informatiom from you,you have to send me mail so that i can allay's everybody's fear down here,the tension down here since the bank contacted you have been 
too much.The chairman has instructed me to check my mails every 
one hour till i get message from you that everything his okay,you have 
to send me the fax you got from the bank,please do not try to do anything on your own that would jeopardize this transaction at 
this stage.I am still expecting your mail,meanwhile we are all awaiting your call later today at 7pm Nigeria time. 
Your Brother, 

I still didnít answer him. I knew he would be fuming that I didnít phone and speak with the chairman. I thought that would be it for today but late that night I got another letter.


My Brother, 
what seems to be the problem?, 

Problem? No problem.

We called the phone number you gave us [1-250-860-1212] and the Chairman was shocked to his bones when the lady that answered told 
us that there was no body like "Steve Masterson", and she also 
said that there was nothing like "SUITE 21" there. 

Oh crap! 

Please Steve, the Chairman , a hypertensive patient, is not finding this funny, 

Then why am I laughing so much while Iím reading it! 

infact he has asked me to find out what is happening otherwise,he will stop this whole transaction with you. Please Steve, you have left me all alone to face the Chairman and the other members of 
the committee, infact,some of them are even accusing me of 
with you to divert this fund, 

Wait a minute! They think that Iím conniving with you to keep half 
of the money that you are going to ask me to send to you? Thatís sounds fair!

they can't understand why you dont want to tell us the position of things with the bank. My Brother Steve, I so much believe in you 
and I know that the spirit of 'Pink Angel' Dianne which I believe 
has brought us together will definately see us through. 

I doubt that Itís got anything to do with any Ďpink anglesí thatís brought us together pal, more likely green backs!

Please my Brother,dont let me down,the Chairman is getting worried 
by the minute,considering his age, one can't really blame him. 

What? Does he think he might die of old age before he gets his 

Steve, because of the way things are going now, a parrel telephone line has been drawn on this phone,which means an extention of this phone has been arranged at the Chairman's guest-house. Please feel free to call this number any time you get this message, either the chairman or myself will be on hand to speak with you. We both have the code-word. MY PHONE NUMBER ONCE AGAIN IS 234-1-7748735 AND THE CODE WORD IS "DIANNE". 
Dr Obi.

What? No ďme wellĒ to my darling wife? He has given me that phone number so many times now I almost have it memorized which is a pity because I have absolutely no intention of ever dialing it. 
Now the biggest problem I have is coming up with an excuse 
concerning the hotel room not existing! Surely now they are on to 
me! I canít think of anything to tell this international ring of thieves that they would even remotely believe. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. Short book though, maybe I could fill it with a 
few pictures! Then I had an idea, what have I got to lose? So here was my reply.

Subject:  Reply to WHATíS HAPPENING?

Brother, I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am for not getting 
in touch earlier, I will explain it to you later in this letter. 

Okay, Iím laying the groundwork here, tweaking his interest maybe.

The room is suit 21 at the Best Western, which is 201 on the door. Because it is a suite and not a room this must be where the 
confusion lies. Also, it is under the name of The Light Touch Electrical Company LTD. I cannot have it under my own name as I 
have told you it not known by my wife!! I'm pretty sure I told you this before please check our previous E-Mails. 

Brilliant itís not. Lame? Yes! But it bloody worked!! 

I think you are confused with what I told you in the last E-Mail about the phone call to Mr.Gbadamosi. He has not sent me a fax, I have not received any fax from him. He wants me to send him the 
I received from the ministry. I am now confused!!!!!!!!! 

Not half as confused as he is with me.

I expect that you are very angry with me but I am trying to do this right. I have had a terrible day with accusations and finger 
pointing at me over the business. I have to ask you a very confidential thing. 

Hold on, youíre not going to believe this!

I told you yesterday that I was being audited. Everything has gone well and I think the auditor has no problems with my business practices. The trouble now is that I have funds in my account that 
I must move so as not to cause any suspicion if they were to go 
into my business account. I told you I had acquired the big job for the new stadium to begin in September. Well, I asked for a retainer of $350,000 which was deposited into my own personal account and 
not the business account. I know it was wrong for me to do this but 
I was concerned that the $7,000,000 that was to come to me from our business dealings might not arrive for our house deal to close. 
This will look like fraud if it is noticed by the auditors. 

Oh God, I am so embarrassed as I read this, but carry on. . . . 

So, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to deposit this money into the bank account that we have set up for this 
transaction at The bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank). 

Heís salivating again.

As long as your chairman recognizes that this money is not part of the original deal and is to be returned to me in a few months, (including the interest). What do you feel his reaction will be? I don't want to jeopardize our prior arrangements so if this does look like a problem for him I will have to find ulterior arrangements. -Please let me know. I could not call today as there were far too 
many people hanging around my office. 


Can you see his reaction to this letter? If he had any thoughts of calling it quits with me I think Iíve just alleviated them. Later on in this transaction when he asks me for the password to this bank account to check that the $35,000,000 was deposited do you think I would have anything left of this $350,000? He wrote back the same 


My dear brother, 
As I am writing you this mail i am very happy, I have even showed your mail to the chairman and he is now very relaxed and he has even asked me to apologies to you and continue to thank you for your continuous help to see that this transaction is concluded on time so that we can all relax. 

I canít believe they fell for it! Thatís what greed does for you I suppose.

Brother it seems you are having trouble with Gbadamosi correspondence, we have been thinking here and we belief it would be better and faster if you deal with him through his mail address 
since he too has contacted you through this means,

Brilliant idea, does that mean I donít have to call him now?

the Chairman has suggested that you call him and tell him that all correspondence from now on should be through your e-mail,


he believes that it is communication between you and Gbadamosi that is slowing down this transaction. 

And he could be right!

He also said that you should go ahead and use the account for your purpose,when our money hits your account we shall know how much it 
is precisely.

I bet he did!
Brother please I beg you in the name of the lord,GOD to try and call me today,like I told you in my mail to you yesterday my telephone line now has an extension to the Chairman guest house so we are at your beck and call 24 hours.

Heís starting to sound desperate again.
Brother thank once again for redeeming my image before my other committee members,make sure you contact Gbadamosi and send him the fax you got from the Ministry,I hope you know that the Ministry of Finance is different from Gbadamosiís Central Bank of Nigeria, you should also send me a copy of that fax immediately as we are all craving to see this. 

Actually, to tell you the truth I wish I could see it to.

About the numbers you gave us,I think you should give us your mobile number let us reach you through this as it would be easier than this hotel numbers that you gave us.try and reconfirm these numbers. 
Please respond immediately you get this mail. 
Your brotherí 

Can mobile numbers be traced? I donít know, I think the police can trace them but not civilians all the way across the world in 
Nigeria, but I wasnít about to take any chances.

N.b;The chairmanís inside man at the Central Bank of Nigeria 
informed us that our company name was displayed amongst others in 
the payment schedule of this week at the bank notice board,please appeal to Gbadamosi to send your correspondence through your e-mail box,the earlier we conclude this transaction the better for us or 
you rectify your Telephone/fax lines. 

Iím not surprised to hear that the chairman has an inside man at the Central Bank Of Nigeria but I would be very surprised to hear that 
we were about to receive millions of dollars from them. I sent this to Mike and he wrote back that night.


I still can't believe you've managed to drag this guy along for this length of time. It's fantastic. I love it!! 

Thanks Mike. I couldnít believe it either. I really thought that 
they would have given up on me by now. Later that day I or I should say, my darling wife, Joan, received a reply to the letter she sent the day before. I must admit, I couldnít wait to read it.

Subject:   THANK YOU JOAN.

Dear Joan, 
When I saw your mail today I was overjoyed because I knew the pains, troubles and insults I have been undergoing for the past weeks 
would finally come to an end,

Thatís what you think buddy! Donít hold your breath.

but i must tell you that it hurt my feeling for you to refer to me and my family as people you do not know,well i guess that is life. 

Get over it! How could he think that we knew each other. I have 
been writing to this guy for one month.

But see what fate has done to me, I had barely buried Dianne, when Stephanie became sick, she has been in hospital since the night Dianne was buried till now, initially she was admitted for exhustion,lack of appetie,general body pains,after spending 8days 
at the hospital it was detected that she has typhoid fewer and it 
his this that the hospital authorities have been treating,she is responding well to treatment now.

Typhoid fever? Thatís the first time I had heard this.
Initially, she was in the general ward, Steve after assuring me that he would send me the loan I asked from him, he said I should 
transfer her to a private room and the services in the private room of any hospital in Nigeria and I am sure in Kelowna cost trice the amount of the general ward, this I immediately instructed the hospital authorities to do, based on the fact that my daughter just died because of lack of funds for the much needed treatment to save her life, they agreed but I had to sign an agreement that I was 
going to pay my bills the next Tuesday immediately after Easter,because Steve had already assured me that he was going to 
send me the loan on that day.Since then I have been under a lot of pressure from the CMD about my bills there at the hospital(these bills include Dianneís when she was still there and now Stephanieís)

Oh, Iím sure they agreed to do this knowing that you already owed them money for your other daughter.

Joan you we not believe it but it got to a stage that I was openly insulted by the CMD for according to him a man who does not keep 
his word his not suppose to be called a man, 

In Nigeria, what is a man called that would pretend that he had daughters that were sick and dying all over the place so that he could extort money from people all over the world.

can you imagine the insult all because of hospital bills worthy less than 6,000 dollars I took the insult, 

Wait a minute, less than $6,000 I was told to send him $6,500! 

worst still on 23rd of this month she was moved down from the 
private rooms back to the general ward, I had to take this decision as the bills were pilling 3x more. Thank God I have a lovely and understanding daughter who saw reasons with me, rightnow she his continuing her treatment in the general ward and the bills are still unsettled, please Joan like I told Steve, what I asked of you his a loan which I shall settle immediately I get to Kelowna.Thank God 
that our money would soon
the disburment of this funds according to the agreed percentage, I will personally meet you and your family and give you guys the biggest hug for been so nice to me and my kids.

I can hardly wait!

How I wish my wife was alive to witness this good gesture of your family to us when I get to the Hospital later today I am very sure Stephanie would be overwhelm with joy to hear that you wrote a mail to me.Please Joan I want you to please do me a favor write a 
speacial letter to her which I would print out and give to her in 
the Hospital,you known she cannot move right now so she cannot get 
to where she can access her mails by herselF,she has really grown skinny ,this will really gladden my heart if you do it.i know you will do it for me been a mother.Joan it has not been easy been both father and mother to my kids,it is by the grace of God that I have been trying, thatís his why i fully Intend to immediately relocate them from this country once our money is paid into Steveís account, 
I want to give them the best things of life before I die. I would expect your immediate response and if Steve has not given you before let me give you the name of my personal assistance in whoseís name you should send the loan to me as it would be faster for me to get 
it through him than through the hospital management as you 

Oh yeah! Sure it is!

The money should be sent through the western union money transfer,
and his name his OTABOR ELIE,LAGOS-NIGERIA,please Joan include a 
test question when you are sending this morning and send all the details to me through this mail account,

Test question? What do you call a person that extorts thousands of dollars from others?

when i get to the hospital later today i shall meet the CMD to give me his direct Telephone number so that you can reach him,please when you do,do not hesitate to give him proper verbal lashing for me,as 
a woman i trust you will do it well. 

I wonder whoís number I will receive?

Joan do not worry yourself because all the strrugle of a man his for himself and his family to be comfortable,God has given you a wonderful husband who wants the best for you and your kids,so now that the pressure of work is on him all he needs from you now is support,please do not fail in your duty as a wife,you have to give your husband all the support,encouragement and prayer you can as 
the future is very bright for your family. 
Joan please i am expecting your immediate response,i would proudly tell the CMD today that his money would be paid to him first thing 
on Tuesday morning as i hope to get the loan before then,thank you and God bless you and the kids.Please always be strong for your husband,i would bring some native cotton materials for clothes for you when i am coming over soon,what his your favourite color.Take care of the kids,and say us well to them. 
Dr Obi 
N.B,I want to send you the pictures of my myself and my kids.please give me a mailing address which i can use or most probably i would scan it and send it through e-mail to you. 

Oh, I would love to get a photo of our Dr Obi! But thereís not much chance of ever getting one. If he sent a photo it wouldnít be of 
him. He obviously believes heís actually talking to Joan so Iíll 
have to get her to write again. I hope sheís a little more polite this time. A few minutes later I got another letter from him but 
this time it was addressed to Steve.

Subject:   VILLAGE.

Dear brother, 
I have been waiting all day for a mail from you or for you to send 
me the fax you got from the ministry,but there is no response from you,i hope you understand why we are anxious,most exspeacially now that we have fully confirmed this afternoon that the Central Bank of Nigeria has started payment to foreign contractors,please send this fax to me as well as your mobile numbers so that we can call you,since it seems you are too busy to call us,i await these fax.. 
Brother,tommorrow i will be going to the Village to see my folks,
and a cousin of mine is been elevated to an high chief tommorrow in my village so i am going in my capacity as a decendant of the 
ruling class of my village,i will come back on Sunday,please feel free to write your messages to me as i would reply them immediately 
i come back. 
thank you and God bless you. 
your Brother' 


As I had noted before, it was a Friday and he wouldnít be working 
on the weekend. I canít help but believe that this is indeed a full time job for him to conduct this scam. I wonder if he gets holiday pay? Does he also live in a village? Grass huts? Naked women mixing wheat in large clay pots with a baby strapped to their backs? Where does he plug in his P.C? Whatever he lives in is obviously worlds apart from where I live. I understand that poverty is ripe in countries like this and he may indeed live in poverty and squalor, but does that give him the right to scam others. I know he must see pictures of our homes and cars and boats and wonders why he must 
live where he does and we live in a privileged life here. I am wondering if I was living in his situation maybe I would resort to doing what he does. Life must seem a little unfair to him and that 
is why he can justify it in his mind to try to take what he can from our privileged society. Iím still not going to send him a brass farthing though. I got Joan to write back later that day. She still sounds bitchy to me.

Subject:   Reply to THANK YOU JOAN.

Dr Obi, Thank you for your quick reply to my letter. I still await the name, address and contact person at the hospital to send this money to. We have it here sitting as a money order made out for $6,500 with no recipient name on it. I have included my personal information for the hospital to contact me if more funds are required. I await your response today. Steve is not in his office at the moment but will be returning this evening. 

I thought Iíd wet his whistle again by telling him I actually have the money order made out ready to send. I told him the Steve was out of the office for now because I wanted to continue on with this 
vain. He wrote back within the hour and was not a happy camper!

Subject:   None

Dear joan, 
please correct me if i am mistaken,i asked for a loan from steve to settle my bills at the hospital which is less than 6,000 dollars and to settle other personal family bills that i have to take care of,
now you keep insisting that you want to send this loan to the hospital authorities,do you mean they are the ones that would now give me the balance from the loan once they collect their bills?

I guess so!

this i do not understand,please you have to be explicit about this 
as i am confuse right now.Due to the submission of the quarterly report in my office i have not been able to go to the hospital 
since morning,i will go later this night,inother for me to collect the CMD direct line so that you can talk to him personally,once i 
get this i would mail it to you quickly,The name of the hospital is ISMAEL MEDICAL CENTRE,located here in Lagos and your contact person is the CMD whose's direct line i will send to you once i get it.Please you have to explain to me why you can not make the payment in the name of my personal assistant. 
I await your response.Thank you and God bless you and your family. 
Dr Obi 

Oh thatís easy to explain! We donít want to send it to your personal secretary because we donít believe he is your personal secretary and we donít believe a bloody word youíre saying! Oh, how I would have loved to write that but I know if I did it would all end there and then and I wasnít finished with him yet. The following Sunday 
morning I received another letter addressed to Steve. Sunday! I hope heís getting overtime for coming in on the weekend!

Subject:   ITíS UNFAIR!

Dear Brother, 
I came back today expecting to get a mail from you,but none was in 
my mail box,what his happening,you were suppose to send me the fax you got from the Ministry and give me an update on your 
communication with the bank,but none of this i got,i must tell you that i am abit disappointed,all the same i have to go now as i need to rest after the long trip,i would expect a mail from you and the update so far. 
Say me well to your darling wife and kids,Thank you and God bless you. 
Your Brother, 
The ceremony was a big success,the cultural display was wonderful,i told my uncles about your donation to the children hospital on 
behalf of my daughter Dianne,they all prayed for you and your family,there his 90% possibilty that our family house in the village would be named after you,as MASTERSON VILLA,my uncle would call me tommorrow to tell me the final desicion by my other uncle's as i 
had to leave the village on time in order not to miss the bus to town,i hope you do not mine me doing this in your name,i feel it 
his the least i could do to immortalized you for the good gesture 
of your's towards my family. 

A villa? What happened top the straw hut and the naked lady? The illusion is crushed! Even as I read this today, I cannot help laughing! I must admit I have never had a family home named after me before, but there again I still donít as Masterson isnít my name. I wonder if he would consider changing it to the Ainsworth family 
home? I can hardly wait for the uncles decision. Mike had a good laugh about it!

Subject:   Re: ITíS UNFAIR!

Masterson Villa...Wow...Robert, fame has until now, been elusive. 
Yet now it's here. Congratulations. 

Later that day Joan got another letter. He was trying tso hard to be nice, poor thing.

Subject:   I AM BACK.

I was out of town,i am back so you can now send the money today or frist thing Monday morning so that i can still keep my words to the hospital authorities,

Yes sir! Right away sir!

hope you still have the name to use for it,

Con artist?

that of my personal assistant,i am going to the Hospital 
immediately i send this mail,i will get the direct line of the CMD for you,so that you can reach him yourself.

That should be interesting.

How are the Kids,hope they are fine,plesae give them my regards and love,i have gotten you the native cotton materials for dress which 
i promised to get for you,

Hope it goes with my pink silk blouse.
i would bring it along with me to Kelowna or better still you can send me a mailing address so that i can mail it to you immediately,

Oh Iím sure!

i got it from the village,in my village Ishan,one of the main source of livelyhood for the natives exspecially the woman is the making of fabrics,

And what, pray tell do the men do?
this one i got for you is directly from them,you will surely love it.I would expect your response soon,i have also place order for 
this same fabrics for Steve and your Kids,i know they will like it too. 
Dr Obi. 

Today being Monday and Joan hates Mondays, She was feeling a 
little naughty.

Subject:   Reply to I AM BACK.

dear Dr Obi, I know what I am about to tell you will make you very happy. This morning at 11:30am we mailed the money order to the ISMAEL MEDICAL CENTRE in largos. I hadn't heard from you as to the name of the administrator so I directed it to the CMD at the hospital. It is a money order for $6,500 that must be signed by a representative in the hospital before it can be accepted and cashed. I enclosed a letter explaining who we are and that the money must go to the care and wellbeing of one Stephani Nwedike Obi. I apologized for the long wait but also insisted that she be transferred back 
into a private ward. I have asked for a receipt to be returned back to us for tax purposes. I do hope this has made you and your family very happy and I must apologize to you for doubting your integrity. Please consider this a gift and not a loan as it was donated by our church as well as our family. 

That Joan! She is so cruel! How could she scam this poor innocent man. To pretend to send the money when you had no intention of 
doing so. What is he going to say when he reads this?


Dear Joan, 
You have to immediately cancel that money order that you sent,
because it will not get to the hospital with the information with which you sent it,


if you do not cancel it you have only succeded in giving your money to other people not me nor the hospital would get it,


you seem to think we down here are like you people up there,our communication facility is not as advanced as yours,with the scanty information you use in sending the money the money would definately not get to the hospital or to me.


Why are you doing this,

Itís Monday!

if you have told me you still insisted on sending the money through the hospital to me since you feel you do not trust me enough to send it through my personal assistant which we are sure the money would get to us safely,

Why do you think that?

you should have waited for me to get the hospital authorities to 
give me the proper channel they use in getting their money from outside the country,

I should?

now look at what you have done,

Pardon me?

you sent money to Ismael Medical Centre,lagos -Nigeria,


do you know how dubious and fraudulent our postal service is?

What? You mean your postmen are like that too? Who CAN you trust?

it's better you do not send me the money than for me to allow you send your money to who i do not know,thereby losing your money,you have to immediately stop the money transfer or else the money would not get to us with that kind of information,no matter your note enclosed it would not get to us, 
I hate to cry over spilled milk,you have to go and stop the payment first,why this!!!!!!!!!!! 

I LOVE IT!! I couldnít have asked for a better reaction if I had written it myself. Again the money was so close but fell again between his fingers. I bet the lovely fabric that he had for us is now lying in shreds in a pile outside his villa. I didnít write back straight away of course as I wanted him to dwell on this as long as 
I could. He wrote back that afternoon.


Dear Joan, 
I have not heard from you now for hours,i hope you have been able 
to put a stop to the payment of the money order you sent earlier today,my dear Joan i must be frank with you,if you do not put a 
stop to the payment order,there is no way myself nor the hospital authourities can get this money,i am afraid that what would eventually happen would be that you have throw your(our)money away,please try and make sure you stop the payment.

(our) money? 

Joan,my country is not like your's where everything put in place by the government work perfectly,

Erí It doesnít work that way here either buddy.

if the money gets to our post office here or even the airport,it would surely be stolen by male thiefs,

Why not female theifs?

nobody,i repeat nobody ever sends such things through our mail system,the best and 90% safe way of getting money from oversea into this country is through the western union money transfer system and this is only safe because you have to pass through the bank to get your money,but through the mail you are pratically throwing your money away,

Well, I wouldnít want to do that, would I?

this is what YOU have done,

Smack me!

i have been trying to prevent such thing from happening,that's why 
i have been insisting that you should send this money to me through my personal assistant,

Oh, thatís the reason!

even if you feel that you do not trust me enough to send this money through my personal assistant,

What makes you think that?

you should have waited for me to get the proper channel which the Hospital use to get their money from outside the country,now look at what you have done,

Smack me twice!

i have been restless and confuse since i got your mail this morning,your mail was suppose to cheer me up but it has really turn me down i must tell you,

Did I do that?

the only thing that would make me happy now is knowing that you 
have called back the money,you will not belived it,when i told the hospital accountant that my brother's wife sent the money this morning through money order,he was really shocked,infact he told me that a man of my age and status in government ministry should know that valuables are not sent through our mail system,talkless of money,how come i allowed you do this,that i should have know 

Smack you!

But Joan i do i begin to tell them that you acted solely on your 
own without consulting me.I pray you can stop the payment of this money order,if the information you use in sending the money,the hospital can never get the mail as the mailing address of the hospital is not included and no name.

I donít have a clue as to what he means here.
Stephanie has been praying since i told her about this that you should be able to stop the payment,even myself,i will not forgive myself if this money is not recalled and then sent through the 
proper channel which is the bank via the Western Union money transfer,please you have to give us update on this as we are all tensed and praying down here that you succeed in stopping the 
payment on this money order. 
I await your immediate response. 
Dr Obi. 

I bet you do! Obviously it my intention to get his goat up here but 
I never imagined that he would be so riled about it. All these references to praying makes me sick! Joan decided to write back and reassure him that we managed to get the cheque back. I decided to do this because I knew that I had to keep him hooked so that I could do this again.

Subject:   Re: I AM BACK

Dr Obi, I did not realize that this would be a problem to send you the money. As it happens we have just heard back from Canada Mail 
who informs us that they could not find the ISMAEL MEDICAL CENTRE 
IN LARGOS to deliver the money order. They then faxed us a letter a
nd a list of hospitals and clinics in your area. Here it is. 

Attn: JOAN MASTERSON. Here is a list of Hospitals and medical 
centers in Lagos. The ISMAEL MEDICAL CENTRE does not appear on the list. We can only hold the money order for 24 hrs then because of insurance reasons we must return it to the sender. 
sincerely yours  (postman)Pat. 

I thought postman Pat was a nice touch! I went onto the net and surfed Lagos and was able to get a full list of all hospitals and medical centers there so I sent the entire list to him. I knew THE ISMAEL MEDICAL CENTRE would not appear on the list as I canít seem 
to find it anywhere (surprise, surprise) I wont bore you with the whole list but there was approximately 55 on there.

-Alalade Memorial Hospital 14, Shonde Street, Off Adesina Street, Ijesatedo Lagos-Nigeria Tel: 1-862-710 
-Ayo-Ade Oshin Memorial Hospital and Maternity Home 12 Hawley 
Street, Lagos, Nigeria. . . . .

 Can you please check the name of the hospital again. Canada mail 
has been instructed to hold onto the money order for 24 hrs until 
we can get it sorted out. I hope Stephani is well and happy. 
looking forward to getting this all sorted out. Steve says you are coming over here in a few days. I will get the spare room ready for your arrival. 

I couldnít wait to hear what his explanation was for this. I didnít have to wait long.

Subject:   THANK GOD!

Dear Joan, When i got your mail that a stop order has been placed 
on the money order i was very happy,

I thought you might be.

infact i can now go and eat as i have lost my appetie since morning when i got your mail,glory be to God,i cannot wait to get to the hospital to tell Stephanie about it,i know she would scream for joy and give thanks to God. Now to quickly resolve this money issue as i want to make sure all my bills at the hospital are paid before i travel later this week,and i want to leave a enough money for 
feeding with my kids before leaving too,so Joan without making mistake this time i want you to go and send this money through the western union money transfer as this is faster and safe as we have 
to go to the bank to collect it,you should send it through the name of my personal assistant OTABOR ELIE LAGOS-NIGERIA,joan you should include a test question,all this details you are to give me through 
e-mail once you have sent the money.Please you known this time we don't have to make mistake,i would be expecting the money tommorrow,
i would go to the hospital now to inform the authorities that i 
would surely settle their bills before Wednesday. Please Joan this time no mistake as i cannot undergo what i went through today thinking that the money would be missing in transist.the bank is safer so let use it. I am sure i would really have a good time with your family soon,tell Steve that he has to teach me how to skate 
when i come over and i am looking forward to that meal he has promised me. Thank you and God bless you,please help me to thank 
your church for their good gesture,i will personally thank them when i come over soon. Dr Obi. NB,Joan please do not forget to include a test question as this will secure the money more to avoid it going 
to other person,when i come over i will tell you about how the 
system works here. 

I think Iím quite familiar with how the system works over there. Did you notice he completely ignored the questions about the hospital 
not being on the list? Joan didnít answer him back straight away as 
I received some more E-mails to Steve. I had to make sure that I answered them as Steve and not Joan. Talk about a split personality. 


Dear Brother, 
How are you?, I do hope you are fine. How come we have not heard 
from you? 

You have, you just donít know it, thatís all.

anyway we have received information that our money is due to leave this week ,but what is baffling us is your unseriouness in getting across to us so that we can know what has transpired between you and the Central Bank of Nigeria Officials. 

My unseriousness?

Infact I must confess that the Chairman is beginning to loose confidence in you, He has asked the Protocol dept. of the Ministry 
of Works and Housing to make hotel reservation for himself and I 
and the reservation has been made in the following names [MR UMARU BALOGUN and MR EMEKA OBI], the name and address of the hotel is 
REGAL HOTEL, 900 CARLING VIEW, DIXON ROAD TORONTO and it is 10 minutes drive from the airport and the confirmation numbers are 
317523[Deluxe Room for the chairman] and 317524[for myself] the 
rooms will start running from Wednesday,3rd of may 2001, and the phone number of the hotel is 4166751500, please check the hotel out for us and confirm the reservation, if you think the hotel is sub standard then let us know so that we can make an alternative arrangement. 

Substandard compared to a straw hut or a villa? If the chairman is losing confidence in me why are they making arrangements to travel halfway across the world to see me? He obviously got the hotel info from the surfing the net! What a nerve! You canít trust anyone these days! I didnít bother confirming the reservations of course as I didnít believe for a minute that they were coming here. I was kind 
of hoping that they made the bogus reservations by phone as this would cost them money, but it was probably done via the net, pity!
we have been informed that our money is due for transfer by 
Wednesday 2nd of May 2001,in other words, our money will be remitted into your bank account on Wednesday, so long as you follow the bank instruction, hence we are eager to know what you have received from the bank and know how to advise you accordingly Also make sure that you get across to me unfailing today preferably by phone 7pm 
Nigerian time . The chairman has also made flight reservation for Wednesday night, the airline name is Swissair, we are to have a 4 hour transit in Zurich and proceed straight to Toronto, where we 
hope to meet with you. Brother, the way and manner you are handling this transaction is not satisfactory at all, 

Well excuse me! Itís not every day that I have to accept $35,000,000 into my bank account.

remember I introduced you to the other committee members and should anything go wrong in this business deal I, Emeka will be held responsible. 

Promises, promises!

Please, I beg you in the name of God to let me know what has 
actually transpired between you and Gbadamosi because My Chairman knows that our money is due to be transferred because from the information reaching us, your company name has already appeared on the payment schedule of the bank, and the chairman has threatened that if by today we do not get any reasonable news from you, he will be left with no alternative but to continue with another partner who is willing to provide a new bank account,

I bet youíve got them all lined up ready to do just that, donít you?


I believe you!

Steve, I strongly believe that you should conclude this transaction with us because you have actually contributed greatly to the success so far, 

Thank you for caring.

and moreover, it wonít be fair if we use your company name to apply for fund release and yet allow the money go into a different account,Please Steve make sure you reach me today. I will be here as usual.Thank you and God bless. 
Your brother, 


I didnít want them giving up on me this early so I wrote straight back.


Brother, I am so excited about your impending arrival here on Wednesday. Why are you not coming straight to Vancouver? The Bank where the money will be deposited is in Kolowna B.C. It will be very difficult for me to get to Toronto on Wednesday. I will have to come up on Thursday evening at the earliest. The Regal hotel is a quite good hotel so you have nothing to worry about there. The Royal York hotel is also good. 
100 Front Street West 
Toronto, ON M5J 1E3 
Maybe while you are here we can go skiing and ice skating. Make sure you bring lots of warm clothes as there is still a lot of snow in Toronto.

Actually it was plus 20 degrees Celsius on the day I wrote this and we had lost the last of the snow about one month earlier. 

I know of a very nice restaurant in Toronto that I would like to 
take you for a traditional Canadian meal of beef vindeloo and Tandoori chicken with popadoms. It will be far easier to deal with you face to face than by E-Mail.

More like a traditional Indian meal but whoís telling.

I don't understand one part of your letter to me. What do you mean 
by setting up a new account? I have the one set up at scotiabank 
that now contains the funds I transferred there on Friday. ($353,792.00) I do not know anything about setting up a new account. This is a worry for me as I have tried to explain in my previous 
mail to you. Does this now mean that I must transfer this money to a new account? if this is so where should it go? i am trying not to arouse any suspicion here. 

I am trying to sound confused here to get him angry at me.

I will try to call you later today to ask you what to do. Today is the 30th April. It is the day I am supposed to have the down payment for the new house ready to pay the builder and I do not have it. Should I tell him that I will have it by Wednesday at the latest? Please tell your chairman to have confidence in me. Does he really believe that I would do all of this to try to scam him? 

Perish the thought!

Please tell him that I am as honest as he is!! 

Thatís a clue if heís really looking for one!

I hope that you and your family are well and that you have received 
a nice little package from our family and church, nudge, nudge, wink, wink! say no more!! 

This is obviously a reference to the money that Joan sent. This is 
to make him think that Steve knew nothing about what was going on with the problem with the money. It was also my intention to mention the money in a round about way in this E-mail account to upset him again. It didnít take him long to write back.


My brother Steve, 
You do not seem to understand my mail. 

Oh, but I do!

First and foremost, the Chairman and the members of the committee 
are not happy with you because they feel you are delibrately hidding some very vital information relating to our transaction from us, 

What, me? 

infact, the Chairman strongly believes that you have recieved some correspondence from the Central Bank of Nigeria and you are keeping it away from us. Steve, I know that you are a God fearing Man and 
you cannot do any thing like that, 

If I did actually have the information from the bank then I would share it with you. But as itís probably sitting on some fax machine at the Best Western hotel in Kelowna B.C I canít do that.

please my brother, in the name of pink angel,DIANNE,I want you to call me on my phone number i.e 234-1-7748735, and when you call remember the pass word,DIANNE. Steve this is the only way you can convince the chairman that you are not out to scam him. Like I said earlier ,the chairman has threatened to stop this transaction with you if you don't call today. Steve, I know you will call and we are both here to recieve your call. Please steve don't let me down. Call me immediately you get this mail, GOD BLESS YOU. 
Your brother. 

His blood pressures rising again. I am stuck again now because I really should call so that I donít lose them, but I really donít 
want to. I start to think that I should call the whole thing quits and let him know just exactly what I think of his scam. I tell Mike this and this was his reply.

Subject:   Re: 

No...don't kill it yet...just keep up more of this sort of unadulterated bullshit. It's wonderful. 

So I had to think of something clever to tell him. Here is my response.


Brother, it has come to this now, You are the only one I trust with this whole transaction because you have been very honest with me. 

Again making him feel that I completely trust him.

I will not call if I have to speak with anyone but you. Everyone is so angry at me now and I don't know what it is that I have done wrong. 

Except act like a complete fool.

It has made me very nervous to speak with any of them. I feel a kindred spirit with you and I should tell you that I went to se my psychic on Sunday and she told me to beware the Umaru. I did not understand this statement, until I got your mail telling me about 
the hotel reservations for yourself and the chairman who's name is Umaru. I asked her about a friend named Emika Obi she said that 
this man is troubled with heavy burdens but is a good man and is trustworthy. 

Iím getting more and more tacky as I get involved with this whole affair. Psychics are another medium (excuse the pun) that I have a hard time with. I know, Iím too grounded for my own good! I wanted the good doctor to think that I would believe in such things and actually have my own psychic. 

If you feel that you must pick someone else for this transaction and that I can not be trusted then I think you should go ahead and do 
it. This has been so stressful for me. If you decide to do this please let me know so that I can cancel my flight to Toronto and 
take the money out of the bank account to close it. 
your soul mate 
I needed him to think that this was very stressful on me and that I was having doubts about the whole affair. I knew he wouldnít want me to withdraw the money I had supposedly deposited before he had 
gotten a chance to have some of it. Now I was interested in how he would react to this latest setback. It was the next day that I received a reply and the interesting thing was that he answered through the other E-mail address that he uses for Joan. He titled it to Steve. This also showed me that he was having to share his 
E-mails through his account with his partners and he didnít want 
them to be aware of this E-mail. 


Dear brother, 
When I saw your mail this morning it was as if my life came to a stand still, brother please you should not even allow the thought of not completing this transaction with us come to your mind, 

Oh brother!

in my fifty-six years on this earth if there is one thing I have learnt and which everyday I give God the glory for his patience, some people use to call me a fool because when you do things to me and expect a spontaneous reaction from me you will be disappointed because I will take my time to view your actions from all the angle possible and try to put myself in your shoes to see if I would do 
the same thing to another person if I was faced with the situation, brother a long time ago in my university days I discovered that it his not only your blood brother that are your brothers because there are friends that when you see their altitude towards you, they show and give you so much love that even your blood brothers has never shown or given to you, Steve Masterson you gave me back my 
childrenís love, you gave me back the opportunity to be a father again to them, you gave me strength to carry on when I lost my daughter Dianne, you encourage me to carry on when I thought all 
hope was lost, my other two kids, Stephanie and Kelvin have a hope 
of a bright future because of your help to us in this transaction, now if you decide not to continue to help us, I must tell you that you have shatter all my hopes and aspirations in life and I see no reason for me to live on, if I finally cannot take it please promise me that you we take care of my kids for me even if it means you have to look for a foster home for them in Canada, but take them out of this country!.

Brother, I am a man like you with pride, 

You might have pride but youíre not a bit like me.

but let me tell you that for the past two months the only reason I and my family have not been feeding from the dust bin is because my God has been merciful to me, I lost my beloved daughter because I could not afford to give her the best medical care she deserve to have for her to live, since the day of her burial her sister Stephanie has been in hospital, my son Kelvin who a lot of people 
say has the same character has myself, 

Oh great! Look out for the next generation of scammers.

who will be so hungry but can never descend so low to beg for food, have been at home since because there his no money to send him back to college for this semester, at the end of the month I am paid my salary which is an equivalent of $450 as a Director here, what can this do for me most especially at this period when all the calamities seem to befall me all at once, but like I always say to myself whenever I feel down and it looks as if the stress wants to overcome me, I tell myself that this is a trying time for me and I have to be strong because at the end of every dark tunnel there is a bright light, this has been what has been pulling me on couple with the fact that you and your family have always been supportive to us. 
Brother, please any offence you feel the Chairman has done to you, take it I am the one who has wrong you and I beg for your forgiveness, 

Is this a confession? 

The basic problem with an average Nigeria man is lack of trust, 

I wonder where that comes from!

I keep telling my committee members(especially the Chairman) 
everyday that trust is very vital in this transaction and it not 
the kind of trust you have today and tomorrow you doubt the person, that his not trust, you know for the past two weeks that he has 
come down personally to see to the completion of this transaction, the password to access my own mail account obi_emeka he has changed 
6 times all because of lack of trust, this morning I had to rush to the office to see if your darling wife Joan sent a mail to me, when 
I saw the Chairmanís driver waiting for me in the office because according to him he had gone to my house as early as 6.30am to look for me in other to give me the message from the chairman, but I was not around and my son Kelvin told him that I did not come back home yesterday night,(I had to stay in the hospital with my daughter)so 
he came to the office to wait for me,the message from the chairman was the password to access my account and print the message from you,then send it through the driver back to him,because he would 
not come to the office till late today as today his been observed 
as Labour day ,you see what I mean about trust,even my own mail account I have not the password,thatís is why I told you that any issue concerning me and your family you should tell me through my daughterís e-mail account.

Oh yeah, I remember!
Brother,honestly I do not know anything more to say but to beg you that you should please continue to assist us as we are almost there,we should not allow the Chairman to come in between us now,
the only reason he is playing lord over us is because he is the 
main financier of this transaction and he has given people like me opportunity to better our lives,so for my sake and that of my 
family you have to continue this transaction with us. 
Today,I would await your call in my office,please call me and remember the password Dianne,when you call ask whoever pick the 
call for the password,if he does not say Dianne,drop the phone and try again as it is always possible in this country for calls meet 
for Mr A to go to Mr B.i would await your call today and please do not cancel your flight or close your bank account.

Ah, there it is, I was waiting for that.

Remember that I have to be with you when you open your new house,
the traditional clothes I order for you and the kids would be 
brought to me this evening from my village and it might interest 
you to note that my uncleís have agreed to name the family villa after you,but on one condition that you will be present during the occasion, 

When hell freezes over!

we shall talk more about this(naming of the villa)when I get to kelowna.We shall put on this traditional clothes for the occasion.

What, scammerís pajamas?

Brother please help me tell your darling wife Joan to send the 
money today and send the details to me through e-mail so that first thing tomorrow morning I can send Elie to the Bank to collect the money so that I can settle a lot of things before 2pm Nigeria time,
as I have been made to understand that we might have to go to the airport by 3pm.Thank you for this money,I am very grateful to you, your family and your church.Brother please make sure they send it through western union as it is safer and faster.Stephanie sends her love to you all and she said I should pass a letter to Joan,but I cannot write it now as I told the chairmanís driver to wait for me 
so that i can go and see the chairman.i would write it when I come back. 
I would surely expect your call today,thank you and God bless you. 
Your brother, 

Does this guy ever give up? That afternoon I received an  E-mail through my regular E_mail address.


After recieving your mail ,I took it to the chairman myself and he felt very guilty for putting you on edge, infact,he has asked me to continue the transation with you and by the time the money leaves Nigeria, we[YOU AND I ]should inform him on what next to do. Steve,
on behalf of other committee members, do accept our apologies.

I bet he was spitting the whole time he was writing this.
Now that I have been put in total control of this transaction, I 
want you to follow my instruction to the letter so that we can get this over with as quickly as possible,

Okay then, fire away Iím listening!
1;Contact Mr Gbadamosi through his e-mail box, tell him that you 
are still waiting for final instruction as regards your payment,let him known that you have not recieved any instruction so far from 
him and you are quite aware that the Central Bank of Nigeria has started paying contractors in your category, it is only Gbadamosi that can confirm to you when the funds will hit your account, therefore ,you must reach Dr Gbadomosi of Central Bank of Nigeria today.

1, Right! Contact Mr Gbadamosi.
2;Please go and check wherever the fax machines with 1-250-860-0675 and 1-205-493-5566 , who knows maybe Gbadamosi has contacted you because it is this fax numbers[1-250-860-0675 and 1-205-493-5566] 
we gave them at the bank.

2, Check fax machine!
3;Brother,i know you are a very busy man, despite this, try your 
best possible to call ,at least let me hear the golden voice of my brother in diaspora. 

But Iím not in diaspora, Iím in Canada! Where the hell is diaspora anyway?

Steve today being 1st, May 2001 has been declared public holiday 
by my goverment in honour of "workers" and since you have not 
reached Gbadamosi, our coming over is not feasible, 

Does this mean the trips off?

it is only when Gbadamosi gives the signal on when our fund will 
hit your account ,before we can commence our journey, see why you must reach Gbadamosi quickly.

I see!
Please do not close or remove your money from the account as everything his back to normal now with him fully in charge. 

4, Keep money in bank account so that it can be scammed later.

Brother, you did not tell me about "REGAL HOTEL", is it of standard,or is it ideal for us, Steve know that you are our 
foreign partner,therefore, you are responsible for all our comfort abroad,including the champaign etc. 

I am responsible for all of their comforts? Champaign? What a. . . . . no I wonít say it!

I am sure with your full co operation we shall soon get this transaction over with.Thank you and God bless you. 
Your brother, 
Dr Obi 

I just couldnít answer this letter straight away. The more I read 
it the angrier I got. I wondered if he hated me as much as I hated him. I suppose one would have to be filled with hate to want to do what he does for a living. 


About two hours later I received another letter from him.

Subject:   WAITING

Dear Brother, 
I am still in the office awaiting your call,because of this call i have not even gone home to refresh as i want to be here when you call,since today is public hoilday there would be no body to answer you,if i leave to go and refresh,please call on time as i still 
need to go and see Stephanie in the hospital before going home finally. 
Thank you and God bless you. 
Your brother, 

The next day after I had calmed down I decided that I should write 
to my new found friend Mr. Gbadamosi as I couldnít afford not to 
and have the good doctor give up on me. So I sent him a quick note.


Dear Mr Gbadamosi I am still waiting for final instruction as 
regards to my payment, I have not received any instruction so far from you and am quite aware that the Central Bank of Nigeria has started paying contractors in my category. I await any information that you might have. 
Thank you 
Steve Masterson. 

I knew I was taking a risk here as he had probably sent the information through the fax line to The Best Western in Kelowna. I just pretended that I hadnít received them and hoped that he would believe me. Mr Gbadamosi responded later that day.


Dear sir, I recieved your e-mail with great suprise and I want to apologize if you did not recieve the earlier correspondences sent 
to you, it might be due to our poor communication system due to recent heavy rainfalls, 

Those bloody rainfalls again.

in fact the Deputy-Governor of the bank has given me the go ahead 
to communicate with you through email, this is the only way we can guarantee your recieving the remittance instructions from the bank.

Now, I like that idea.

Sir, find below the requirements which you are to meet before we can commence the immediate remittanc of your fund into your provided 
bank account: 

This, I can do.

Aha! There it is! Finally! I thought I was going to have to wait 
for ever to get to this but here it is. It was almost a relief to receive this request for money after all of this time. This 
explains why the doctor kept asking me if I had received the fax 
from the bank yet! Thatís what all the panic was about. Clever really, that it wasnít the doctor that asked for this ďtransaction feeĒ but the bank. This is probably to keep him on my side. The 
only thing is, unknown to his compatriots, heís already asking me 
for money for his daughter. 

3.	Evidence of payment is to be sent through my e-mail box. 
Sir, find below a break down of the handling charges: 
[i] Documentation-fees us$2,000 : 00 
   [ii]Forex Allocation fees us$5,200 : 00 
   [iii]Value added tax us$ 360 : 00 Total us$7,560 : 00 

Sir,note that the bank has also extended the release date of your contract payment vide contract number FMWH/AK-0012/99 TO FRIAY,4th MAY,2001. Sir,while we congatulate you in advance for the successful completion of your contract,we do pray that you continue to invest 
in our great country,Nigeria. yours faithfully, Rasheed Gbadamosi
{Mr} Director,Foreigh Operations Central Bank of Nigeria. 
N;B. All futher communication with the bank should continue through my e-mail box untill futher notice.

Doesnít spell very well for being the big chief of the bank does 
he? In fact, he writes remarkably similar to the good doctor, I wonder why that is? I decided to send this reply to Ob,i just in 
case he didnít write it!


Brother, here is the E-mail response from Mr. Gbadamosi. How does it sound to you? I will not continue until I receive my explicit directions from you. I do not want to do anything else that might upset things this end. I await your instuctions.

I decided that now was the time to bring Joan out of her cage and stir things up again regarding the money for the hospital. Now, this was cruel, but boy did it reap rewards!

Subject:  MONEY SENT

Dr Obi,
Steve and I have very good news for you. We have forwarded the money to an American doctor, Doctor Marcus Welby MD at The Christ Medical Center in Lagos who is familiar with THE ISMAEL MEDICAL CENTER and has promised to forward the money onto them for us. This was after we had been contacted by a Doctor Kildare and his partner Doctor Patch Adams who gave us Dr Marcus Welby's name. Isn't that wonderful news? I'm sure you are doing a little dance of happiness as you read this to finally receive the money. I hope now that any doubts you may have had in us have all been erased. Please remind the hospital to send a receipt for the money received.
Have a wonderful day.

Again I thought I might be taking a little bit of a risk to mention well known television and film doctors but I couldn't resist it. I knew this news would leave him steaming as this would mean he had lost the money again. Boy was he mad!


What kind of a woman are you, 


you do not take to simple instructions, you have really given me so much headache over this money, I told you that the system here is far different from your system there but you will not listen, you have turn a good gesture of your family and church into stress for me, 

Don't you love it!

the money you claim is sitting in the Christ medical center, is not there, 

It isn't?

I warned you from the beginning that the only safe way to get money from abroad into this country is through western union money transfer scheme, but you will not listen to me, I have been to the said hospital and they claim they have nothing of such in their possession and that there is no American working here in the hospital, if you know what his good for you, you had better put a stop order on the money. 

Ooh! Is that a threat?

I hope it is not too late because if it is you that have lost your money I would not be blame because I have been telling you since that the only safe method to send this money was through the bank. 

Go ahead, blame me!

I would have gotten back to you earlier than this but I have been away from my office since morning, when I came back and saw your mail I rushed to the Christ medical center only to be given the news that nothing of such his there and that they have no American working there.

Surprise, surprise! 

Look at what you have done because you do not listen to instructions.

I think he hates me!

Better stop the payment from your side or you would have lost your money to crooks, 

What, more crooks?

Western union do not have to locate me as all I need to do is walk into the bank to identify myself and present the control number which you would be given there in Canada once you send the money through them, run now and put a stop to the payment or lose your money and do not blame me because I told you but you would not listen, I await your response as you have now caused my blood pressure to start rising again. 
Dr Obi

Does he sound upset to you? Some people are never grateful! Before I could answer his letter he wrote again. He was obviously fuming over this whole thing.


Dear Joan, 
How far have you gone with stopping the payment on the money order, 

I haven't done anything.

I went to meet my friend in the police force, who is a commissioner, 

The police commissioner is YOUR FRIEND?   

he gave me two detectives, we went to the Christ medical center together, they asked for the staff list and it was discovered that there is no American working there and the names you gave me as people you spoke with was not in the staff list and again in the presence of the detectives the CMD of the medical center Dr Lawrence Odigwe said they did not get any money order from any body or have any telephone conversation with any lady from Canada, he even went further to tell us that their telephone lines has been out since the storm of day before yesterday, this we verified ourselves, like I have always told you and Steve that it his very possible in this country to put a call to Mr. A and Mr. B gets the call, this is due to our poor communication system, with all this explanation the detectives could do nothing but to advice me to reach you and tell you to put a stop to the payment otherwise the money his missing, like I said before you should immediately inform the appropriate authorities concerned to stop the payment immediately, I have done the best I can here. 

He is feeling very frustrated at the moment and seems to be getting more and more anxious every minute. Later that day he answered Steveís last letter with a completely different attitude.


My dearest brother, 
Today is the day that the lord has made and we are definitely going to rejoice in it, 

Now thereís a change of attitude!

apart from the hitch coming from Joanís actions today, which I pray God that we can resolve soonest. As I am writing this mail to you, I am so overjoyed; we are now beginning to reap what we have been laboring for. Now I want you to follow my instruction to the letter, 
1, Send the exact banking particulars which you sent to me at the beginning of this transaction, i.e 
100-3275 lakeshore road, Kelowna, BC VIW 359 
ACCONT NUMBER;322 00801 001 7455930 to Gbadamosi today, what he is trying to do is to be very sure that our fund is being sent to the right account, there have been cases of contractors sueing the central bank of Nigeria to court for sending money to wrong accounts,please send that same account details to Gbadamosi today because we donít have enough time on our side. 
2,Since you have been instructed to pay the sum of 7.560USD$ for necessary charges,please go ahead and make the payment immediately, go to any western union office nearest to you and make the payment according to the name of the cash officer i.e PETER ODUMOSU LAGOS- NIGERIA, Steve,if it is not too late today, go ahead and make the payment and send all the necessary proof of payment to Gadamosi by email.

Okay, how about sending it by money order?

Please no money order as nobody uses this means because it is not safe and it takes ages to clear.

I couldnít help but laugh at that.
Brother, now that we are sure that our money is due to leave Nigeria on Friday we have started making frantic efforts to secure seats on any of the airline going to Canada, as we have already missed our space which was suppose to be for today, though so far we have not succeeded, however, we have been assured by Swissair for a Sunday night flight and if we get any other air line before Sunday, I will let you know. 
Brother, we are about 6 hours ahead of you, which means, 12am midnight my time, will be about 7pm your time, please I want you to call me about then, because the extension of my telephone line that was initially installed in the chairmanís guesthouse has been brought to my house. please brother call me because by then, the trunks will be less busy, and remember the password ď DIANNEĒ, when you call ask of the password first before you discuss anything otherwise drop the phone and call back. 
Once again, I thank you for the patience, sincerity, words of encouragement that you have showed through out till this minute, and most of all the joy you have brought to my family by immortalizing ď pink angelĒ, Dianne. May the good lord continue to bless you and you lovely family. Looking forward to hugging you soonest in Canada. 
Your Brother, 

I know Iíve said it before and Iíll probably say it again but how the hell does anybody fall for this crap! Even if I had that kind of money sitting around, I just couldnít imagine going to Western Union and taking out $7560 and sending it to a complete stranger across the other side of the world who promises me $7,000,000 but canít afford to pay for medical bills for his sick daughter. I sent a quick E-mail to Mr. Gbadamosi to confirm the details of the fake account.


dear sir here is the confirmation for the bank account. THE BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA (SCOTIA BANK) 100-3275 lakeshore road, Kelowna, BC VIW 359 PHONE-860-4333 FAX-860-4311 ACCONT NUMBER;322 00801 001 7455930  
Steve Masterson.  

I then wrote to Obi and told him what I had done.

Subject:   Re: HURRAY WE MADE IT

I have just confirmed everything with Mr. Gbadamosi. Now everything is on track. Have you heard form Joan again concerning the money? She doesnít seem to want to talk about it with me at the moment. Please ensure that you do not upset her in any way because she is very sensitive and completely in charge of this money. I know if you work with her everything will work out as long as she doesnít get upset.
See you Friday. 

My idea here was to obviously pretend that I had no idea of the problems he was having with Joan, and then to cause him to try and backtrack his actions to Joan.  I was curious as to what he might do to try to rectify his actions. About one hour later my dear wife received a letter from him.  This guy really knows how to turn it on and off.

 Subject:  JOAN, I AM SORRY.

Dear Joan, 
Please let me first apologies to you the way I address you in my first e-mail to you, 


when I discovered that the money you sent I could not get it, please accept my apologies, 

On your knees!  

when I told Stephanie about this she was really angry with me for my spontaneous response to you and addressing you like that, please Joan find it in your heart to forgive me, if finally we do not get this money then like my daughter said then maybe God has destined us not to get it. God ordain any thing that has nobody can change it, maybe God has ordained this not for us. 

I think youíre right about that.  

The only problem I am now having is the fact that the Hospital authorities now believe that I have been playing them for this long and no longer wants to trust me any more because they keep wondering why I should say I have told my brotherís wife to send the money through the best and most secure way of receiving money from oversees and she keeps sending it through money order which I known is not safe and now I come to tell them another story today that the money was sent to Christ medical center and the authorities claim it is not there after I had told them yesterday that the money was sent but with not enough information for me to get it so I have given instruction for it to be recalled and sent by western union to me today, I do not blame them now for doubting me as I have been giving them excuses since the past three weeks, or do you blame them? 

No, I donít blame them. 

Please like I said earlier maybe my family was not destined to get this help from your family and church. 
The CMD direct line I have gotten for you and it is 234 Ė1 -7598181 please try and call him to talk to him at least for him to known that at my age I do not have any reason to lie because of money, by his grace next week I would be a millionaire in dollars and a muti- billionaire in naira,please call him and save my face 

Which one? 

and my dignity,he is always busy ,but he has assured me that if really he gets a call from my brothers wife who I claim is in Canada then we shall see what would happen,Joan please save my face and call him,the best time to get him according to him is late in the night our time here in Nigeria,please call him.

I wonder who he will use to be the CMD? 
Have you been able to stop the payment on the money order, please let me know quickly, my daughter is really worried and she said she will only clam down if you have forgiven me for addressing you the way I did in my mail to you, Joan please forgive me, I was acting on impulse and if you are in my shoes you will know that I have been going through a lot of stress lately, it his really telling on me as a lot of people are already complaining that I have lost a lot of weight recently,

Oh, thatís funny!

please forgive me for my outburst, I only pray to God that you can stop this payment so that you can now send the money through the proper safe channel. 
Thank you and God bless you. 
Dr Obi. 
N.B I would be in my office the whole night as I cannot sleep till I hear that this money order payment as been stopped,so please once you have done this immediately send me a mail so that I can make a bed out of the numerous files in my office. 

Beats a bed of nails I suppose.  So, my little plan worked! He took Steveís advice and tried to get on the good side of Joan. I bet this was one of the hardest letters he ever had to write.


Joan wrote back later that night with some reassuring words to help calm him down.

Subject:  Re: JOAN, I AM SORRY.

I do not know what you are saying. The money order was received and has been cashed by Dr Kildare! He was very nice on the phone and assured me that he knew of the Ismael medical center and that he would personally take it there and gave it directly to the CMD. The Christ medical centre is operated by the church so I trust them implicitly with this money. I'm sure you will have it soon. 

Boy, he was still mad when he answered the next day.


Dear Joan, 
I am really sad because you have lost our money as the said doctor who collected the money do not exist and is not known to me,

Richard Chamberlain will be upset.

i have explained everything to you yesterday,but still you would not listen or follow my instructions now see what has happened,you even claim that he has cashed the money,why did you not put a stop to this payment from your side,seriously i am dissapointed as well as angry because now you have put me in a position where i feel guilty for what could have easily been prevented if you had listen to me,now i must tell you that your money his lost,as at this morning nobody came to the CMD of Ismeal medical centre with any money and we know nobody would because you have been played,

Oh no my friend, YOU have been played!

you that said you are more cautious than Steve about sending money to strangers,look at what you have done,you sent the money to a complete stranger,

Erí hello!

when i come over i would allow your church to know that i did not get the money and it was not my fault because you will not follow simple instructions,

Can you believe this crap?

now i am in a tight conner as i have to look for money to settle my daughter's hospital bills now before she would be throw out from the hospital,because according to him they have had enough of my lies,see what you have caused. 

Heís not a happy scammer! Theyíre not the only ones whoís had enough of this guys lies! I waited because I knew he would write back if he didnít get an answer from Joan. His next reply came about two hours late, he still wasnít very happy.


Dear Joan, 
In as much as I try to suppress this feeling of guilty and anger that you have totaling imposed on me since I got your mail, I canít, imagine you not stopping the payment from your side when I told you plainly that you have to, as the money was going to the wrong hands.

Does he mean the wrong set of wrong hands? 

today again I have gone to the Christ medical center to make trouble, they denial ever receiving such item as money order from anybody and they still claim that there is no Dr kildare on their steff list, I got hysterical and almost got arrested by the police because according to the doctor on duty, I am disturbing the peace of the hospital, so they called in the police, 

Well that shouldnít be a problem didnít he say the police commissioner was close friend of his?

all this I am going through because you refuse to listen to instruction on how to send money into this country, every where in the world, it is know that money sent through the bank is the safest as there will be records of it and who ever collects it can be traced, but with this I do not know if we can, I have again gone to see my commissioner of police friend who has advice me to get the following informationís from you. 
1;the money order, which name was it made out to? 
2:what date was it sent out to Nigeria? 
3:what his the name of the doctor that signed for it? This you have to inquire from the money order company. 
4:what his the phone number you called that you spoke to the said doctor Kildare? 
It his very necessary that you give me the answers to this questions immediately as my friend says it his only through this answers that he can do anything to assist me in tracing the money, but if the money as been cashed as I told him you said so then he is sorry, there might be very little he can do to get it back, except if the money as not been cashed then the only thing to do is for you to stop the payment on the order from your end.

If this guy ever finds out that I never sent anything to him he is going to be very upset!
There is a question I forgot to ask you how did you know that the money has been cashed? This same question my police friend as asked me and I do not have answer to.

Erí. . . . Let me think now. . .
I am in a really bad mood right now as it seems my whole world is coming down, 

Oh thank you for that information! Maybe now you have a small glimpse of some of the anxiety that you have managed to impede on all of the people youíve scammed over the years that youíve been doing this.

but why Joan? why did you not listen to me? you said you were more cautious than Steve, then how can you send money to a stranger which you do not know except that you spoke to him on the phone once and immediately you judged him to be of good manners, 

Does anybody else see something wrong with this statement?

do you know that the Christ medical center is not run by a church, and there is no American doctor there, my police friend cannot arrest anybody there because according to him it his my words against theirs as I have no proof to show that they collected the money not met for them, all this stress I have been going through since morning running up and down, even my traveling tickets that I was suppose to go and confirm I have not gone till now as I have been running around from the police station to the Christ medical center then to Ismael medical centre,where my daughter is now been held ransom for unpaid bills.

I thought you said they were going to throw her out?
Please give me back the answers to the questions above immediately. And if you known this money have not been cashed stop the payment immediately. 

Well, needless to say I still didnít answer this letter. It was my intention to think up some lovely spicy reply from Joan but in the meantime Joan got a letter from the supposedly sick daughter.


Dear Mrs. Masterson, 
I hope you and your kids are fine, what about Mr. Masterson, hope he is fine too. 

Yes dear sweet child, we are all just tiddlypoo!

My daddy told me about the money you intend sending to him to take care of the bills for the hospital and how it has gone to the wrong hands, initially I blamed him for not telling you to send it through his personal bank account, but he explained to me that you want to send it to Dr Ismeal directly here at the hospital and that you finally sent it but it has now been collected by unknown personís as the said hospital which you sent it to has now said that they have not collected it, my daddy has been angry,fustrated and has been almost arrested by the police, but I told him that maybe Jesus does not want us to get this money so he should not bother himself too much, hope you known my daddy is hypertensive and his always having high blood pressure, the doctors advice him every time not to bother himself too much, but daddy would not listen to advice, mummy always tell him too before she died, please forgive my daddy for speaking to you rudely, he is feeling bad about it, daddy respect all woman because he says they are golden that they bring life into the earth so they should be respected, forgive him. 
The hospital has said they would not allow me go home except daddy pays them the bills, now I am strong to go home but they would not allow me and daddy says he his coming to see Mr. Masterson soon, so he wants me to be at home already before he comes to see you people, myself and Kelvin would wait for him to come back before we will now come to see you people,Please any thing my daddy says to you now that you do not like forgive him, he is under pressure, now he his looking for money to pay our bills so that I can go home, I pray Jesus would answer all my prayers soon and my family would be happy again the way we use to when mummy was alive. 
I will see you soon say me well to your children.Daddy says you did not reply my first letter to you,you should reply this as i am waiting for this reply.Kelvin sends his love,he said i should ask you if there are football clubs in kelona. 
Love, hugs, kisses, thots, 

Isnít that special! I find it ironic that she also never puts periods at the end of sentences and says ďhisĒ when she means ďisĒ just like Daddy does! Almost immediately I got a letter from Obi to Steve.

Subject:   WHAT NOW.

Dear brother, 
Sorry for having not contacted you since morning,i must tell you that the stress i have undergone today could better imagine than seen,Joan would be in better position to explain to you. 

Right! Iíll have a word with her!

Brother,back to our transaction,what happening,have you spoken to Gbadamosi,when is it getting into your account,please give me update as i am dying for good news after this stress i have being through.i await you response. 
I waited for your call the whole night,but you did not call,let me call you,please give me your mobile number so that i can reach you. 
I await your response. 
Your brother, 

What heís waiting for is to inquire whether Iíve sent the money for the transaction to the bogus bank manager.  Itís interesting to note that I received seven E-mails from him on this one day alone.  I then wrote back to him as Steve.

Subject:   Reply to WHAT NOW

Brother, what stress is my wife causing you? I have not heard anything about it. I would have guessed that you were happy now to have the money sent to you for your daughter. I hope it was enough and covered all of your bills okay. I know the church will also be very happy with everything. You can come to our church and thank them personally when you arrive in a few days. 

I bet he was just steaming here.

I have heard from the bank and they confirmed everything was on track and said we will get the money in our account by Monday morning. Isn't that good news? I bet you are so happy right now, I can see you smiling and close to tears of joy as you read this. 

I am so cruel!

I must send the handling charges as soon as possible, so I will do that tomorrow. I hope you are well and the children are happy. We are going out tonight to celebrate our upcoming fortune arriving on Monday. It is so close now I can smell it. What are you going to do with your millions? I bet you'll be happy to pay off some bills like I will have to do. Tonight I am going to buy my wife a lovely big diamond ring for all her wonderful help and support she has given us. I suspect you will 
want to give her something too. 

I know, I couldnít help it! I can only imagine what it would be that he would give Joan if he ever got a hold of her, or me.

I have made reservations at the hotel in Toronto for Sunday till Tuesday. I was hoping that we could take a trip down to Niagara falls while you are here, but they turn the falls off during the week to conserve the water. Still, there's always Mount Rushmore which is so nice this time of the year with the skiing. See you soon Brother.

I was getting more and more silly with every E-mail by now as I was sensing that it couldnít go on like this for much longer.  Mike liked this reply.

Subject:   Re: reply to WHAT NOW

Tonight I am going to buy my wife a lovely big diamond ring 
for all her wonderful help and support she has given us. I suspect you will want to give her something too. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

About an hour later he wrote to Joan as she still hadnít written back. I actually received it twice under two different headings.


Dear Joan, 
Please i need to ask you for a favour now,i am in a really tight spot right now,please i need you to call the Chief Medical Director CMD of Ismael Medical Centre,Dr Ismael Adamu and explain things to me concerning this money and to really confirm to him that you actually sent this money but was stolen by some unknown persons who claim to be working with the Christ Medical centre who even claimed that they would get the money to him,please do this for me as he his on my neck for his money and i have be pleading with him to give me a little more time to raise the money but he is insisting that i should pay him now or face legal actions,please help me explain to him,his private number his 234-1 7598181 and it his easier to get him late in the night when he would have finished all his ward rounds and he will be in his private quaters with his family,please try and call him as this will really help me.please do this favour for me. 
I am still waiting for your response to my early mails to you. 
Dr Obi 

Call him on his private number eh? I couldnít resist it! I phoned! I had to see how the phone was answered and I was not disappointed. It again was the gruff voice of a man. He answered it by saying ďyesĒ I didnít answer him because Iím supposed to be Joan at this point. Again he said ďyesĒ then he said something that was probably Nigerian to somebody who was close by. Another deep voice came on the telephone and said ďhello who is there?Ē I recognized it immediately to be that of the voice of Mr. Gbadosi, the supposed bank manager of the Central Bank of Nigeria. What the heck was he doing at the home of the chief medical director? Maybe he had hemorrhoids! I said nothing and put the phone down. I know it cost me money for this little experiment but I wanted to see just how clever he would try to be. The deep voice was obviously the same voice I had spoken to before and I was even more convinced now that it was our doctor Obi.  The next day I decided to answer the letter.

Subject:   Reply to JOAN THIS FAVOUR

Dr Obi, In 4 days time you will be a millionaire! Tell the man that I would like to ask him where the money is. Look Dr Obi, if in fact this money is now lost or stolen then I will see to it personally that next week when we pick up our $7000,000 that I will send this silly man all of the expenses that are incurred through Western union. But I am dismayed to think that someone else has ran off with money intended for a sick little girl. If he wants to contact me through this E-mail then I would be glad to tell him myself.  

He would not be happy with this reply. In an act of desperation he wrote to Steve to ask his help. It was interesting to note that he wrote this letter at 1:40am. I wonder why he was up?


My dear brother, 
I came to the office this night to write you this mail, when I could not go home as the load on my heart is too heavy for me to even think that sleep would be possible if I go home, 


the stress and insults I have received since this morning because of the money which your wife Joan sent which did not get to me, I have almost been arrested today because I went to the hospital your wife Joan claimed she sent the money to and even said she spoke to a certain Dr Kildare who she said assured her that he would pass the money to Ismael Medical center CMD where my daughter is now been held ransom because of unpaid bills, 

Do you doubt her integrity?

but the said hospital, Christ Medical Center claimed that they did not received such money order and even went on to shown us,(myself and the police detectives who went there with me) the staff list of the doctors in the hospital and there is no Dr Kildare on the staff list


and even the hospital claimed that they couldn't have answered any call from your wife has their telephone line has been down since three days now due to an heavy rainfall, 

Iíd start building an ark if I were you!

this we confirmed ourselves, it now became a case of my words(my words being what your wife told me)and theirs, on this the police could not make any arrest, the authorities of the hospital again today when I got furious based on the fact that your wife told me early this morning that the money has been cashed by this same Dr kildare,called in the police to arrest me for disturbing the peace of the hospital, 

How I wished that this were true!

I was only not detained at the police station because of my old classmate at secondary school(your equivalent of high school)who is a commissioner of police, I have explained the whole situation to him and just like everybody have always asked me once I tell them what had happened to me, they say Dr Obi how come you who is a big government official who knows how the system works here would allow your brother's wife send money into this country through money order when we all known that the postal service in this country is not safe for such transactions, that the only safe way to receive money from over seaís is through the bank where there would be proper documentation of this money, where it is coming from, who sent it, who received it here in Nigeria, where does the person lives, what does he do for a living, is contact address etc,and this can only be like this when the money his sent through the Western Union money transfer scheme,

He knows an awful lot about money transfer doesnít he? I wonder how he knows so much about that.

brother,this I continue to tell Joan when she wanted to send the money, I told her but she would not listen, she was just been obstinate, 

What man would let some stranger speak about his wife like that? May be true colours are shining through.

at a point I began to feel that maybe she did not trust me enough to send the money which initially I asked you as a loan before she now told me that it was a contribution of your family and the church to me for the welfare and bills for my children, she kept on insisting that she wanted to send it to the hospital where Stephanie was directly,

That makes sense to me.

this I was not against, 

Ooh! Liar, liar pants on fire!

even as it would reduce my self respect as a man because it would mean that the hospital authorities would get the money,deduct their bills which was less than 6,500,then hand me the balance,instend of the other way round,where i get the money and then walk into the hospital as a man and settle my bills,but still I forgot pride as a man, there is a saying here in my country that a beggar has no choice, so I left her with the idea of sending the money to the hospital, 

Whereís that bar of soap!

but I warned her not to send it through money order, she should try and call the Chief Medical Director of the hospital,Dr Ismael that he can tell her on the right method to send the money to them, but before this could be arranged, Joan had written to me that she had already sent the money to Christ Medical center for them to pass it on to Ismael medical center and still the money was in money order and it has already been cashed, now I cannot traced the money, if it has been through western union as I kept insisting to her but she would not listen, it would have been very easy to traced this money to who collected it because it would be through the bank, now the hospital authorities who I have been telling to hold on that I would soon settle their bills since the past 3 weeks, when you brother promise me that you will send me this money and even gave me instructions which I followed to the latter, because I believe my brother would not tell me to do anything to myself that would bring down my dignity as a man, 

It just proves you canít trust anyone. 

she was transfer to a private room, which is trice as expensive as the general ward, then you later referred me to Joan that she would send me the money, now the money has been sent according to Joan 
and Christ Medical Center said they did not received it, my 
daughter is now been held ransom at the hospital for unpaid bills, she is well enough to go home but the hospital authorities are now holding on to her till I settle this bills, I want her to be at 
home with her brother, before I come to Kelowna to share our money, please brother, you have been my pillar of strenght,please I beg 
you to please save me from all this insults,humilations and I am appealing to you please do not tell me you will not collect it back from me and do not tell me NO as right now this early morning now that I am written this when every normal human being here in 
Nigeria his asleep as at 1.59am,friday morning, please I want you 
to give me a loan of $6,000 dollars, this I will give back to you immediately we share our money in Kelowna,please do not let me down as I have no other person to turn to now, most especially now that the CMD has told me that I would soon be hearing from his lawyers, please brother I need to make sure Stephanie his at home when I am leaving for Kelowna and she and Kelvin have enough money to eat 
while I am away in Kelowna,

Collecting his part of thirty-five million dollars! 

so please brother I would want you to send this money(Loan)to me immediately, and please it should be through Western union money transfer scheme and please send it through the name of my personal assistant OTABOR ELIE, LAGOS-NIGERIA as I known I will be very busy later today with arrangements for myself and the chairman's trip to Kelowna so I would not be chanced to go to the bank to get it 
myself, brother to secure the money you should please include a 
test question which whoever wants to collect the money must answer 
at the bank before the money would be paid to the person, the 
details of this test question, the answer and then the control 
number you should send to me, please could I ask you another favour,this details you should send to me through my daughter's e mail address, I have always told you that any issues that involves our family should be discussed outside this mail account since I cannot completely prevent my other colleagues from reading your 
mails to me on this transaction, so please brother you should send this details to me through Stephanieís e-mail account, 

How many people is he trying to scam here?  

I cannot wait to see you soon, you have been too wonderful to me, please I would beg you brother to help me look for business that I can invest in, you known brother that immediately I come back from Kalowna I will put in my retirement letter, so I need something I would be doing, 

Maybe you can take up scamming!

I have resolve to leave my fate and my millions in your hands for 
you to show me the best investment that I can channel my money into there in Kelowna,we shall talk more on this when I come, please brother I am waiting for the loan as my state of mind right now as 
I my in this office this late(early morning).although again I have resolve to make beds out of the files here in my office, 

Iím going to have to try this some time at work.   

I wish I was out with you celebrating or I have a wife to celebrate with as from next week, well I guess Gods knows best. 
Thank you brother for making my dream come true, may God continue 
to bless and guide your family, and you have still not given me 
your mobile Telephone number. Let me sleep now as my eyes are 
already dropping, brother please let me wake up a happy man, in 
Jesus name I pray. Amen. 
Your brother, 

This is a real desperate cry for help. It almost brings a tear to 
my eye. I LOVE IT!


I didnít write straight back as Steve, I thought Iíd write back as Joan

Subject:   Re: YOU CAUSED ME PAIN.

The money is not lost! If you are not satified with the amount you should come right out and tell us. I was assured by Dr Kildare and 
Dr Patch Adams that your hospital has received the funds personally through them. Have you thought about the fact that it could be that very nasty CMD at your Ismeal medical centre who has taken it? This is the first place that I would look, if in fact you have not received it! He sounds like a nasty man, holding your daughter ransom. I have a good mind to write to your president Obasanjo who 
is personally known to members of our congregation Mr. and Mrs. S. Clause, and tell him about that awful man. It has been cashed! We 
are not sending anymore money. 
Have a good day 

I might be mistaken but I think Joan is getting more and more testy with this guy.  I bet he was livid when he read this.  I enjoyed 
the S. Clause reference, ho ho, ho! The truth about the letter to 
the president is that I found a webpage with their presidents E-mail address on it. I did actually write to the man later on but it was returned to me as no such E_mail address. He most likely cancelled 
it after receiving many letters from angry people who were scammed out of their life savings. He must have stayed up that night and wrote straight back.


Dear Joan, 
I came to my office this night because I could not sleep based on 
the stress I have been going through since morning because you will not listen to simple instructions only for me to see your mail to 
me in which you are practically abusing my integrity 

Abusing his integrity? The problem here is, he doesnít have any. 

I have had enough of this from the CMD of Ismael medical center now you are adding salt to injury by saying that I want more money, 
after getting the first money to me, look Joan let me tell you that 
I might asked your family for money as a loan but it does not give you the prerogative to insult me, 


what do you mean by the statement that if I am not satisfied with 
the money I should come out and say it, you insult me Joan, 

Oh, alright then. . . .Stupid bloody scammer!   

I am really disappointed in you, 

Stop it! My sides are hurting me.  

do you think I will lie because of money at my age, 

I canít breathe! 

I asked for your family assistance as a loan which I intend to pay back immediately I come to Kelowna,

Youíre killing me here! 

your family and your church turned it into a gift, which I was grateful for and intend to personally thank you church and your family for this soon, so why would I now lie about getting the 
money or not, you just do not want to accept the fact that you have allowed your stubbornness to take the better part of you by not listening to my instructions thereby sending the money to wrong persons who we cannot locate and now you are looking for who to blame, 

No Iím not, I take full responsibility.  

Joan once again I repeat it that the very fact that I asked your family for a loan do not give you the impetus to insult me, if you had followed my instructions from the beginning and you had sent the money through the bank, using the name of my personal assistance OTABOR ELIE,LAGOS-NIGERIA, and you had included a test question hoseís answer would be known by only me and yourself and my 
assistant hoseís name you had used in sending the money, we would 
not have been having this problems that the hospital authorities is holding me on one side and you Joan is insulting my integrity on 
the other side, I am shocked in you, 

Thank you.

because of your actions I am going through hell right now as my daughter is been held ransom till I pay the bills, you still keep insisting that Dr kildare and his cohorts told you they have personally given the money to Ismael medical center,and you believe them,get it into your head your money has been cashed by the wrong persons, get it straight into your head and the earlier you get 
this the better for you.

Iím speechless!

now before, you get too involved. Your family interest here in Nigeria, my family his suppose to protect so you should not allow your stubbornness to put a stumbling block to this, get it straight your money has been cashed by the wrong persons and the earlier you stop talking to them the better for you. 

Totally amazing isnít he!

When I come over, thatís if I am able to quickly settles this bills now ($5,900), I would thank your Church for their kind gesture, but 
I will let them known that I did not get the money and how it all happen so that they will known it is not my fault.

This is better than Seinfeld!
Let me tell you again Joan you insulted me by your statement, and I do not find false allegations funny, why can't you accept the fact that you have mess things up because people like you see trust and jump into to grab mistrust because you want to prove that you are 
too wise. 
Dr r Joan, Obi

I wonder why he now calls himself Dr Joan Obi? I think itís because heís so angry at her he doesnít know what he doing.  He actually wrote to here again one hour later, still fuming.

Subject:   NOW YOU SEE JOAN.

 Dear Joan, 
Reading your second mail this morning, I am still surprise that you think the CMD of Ismael medical center, Dr Ismael Adamu got this money and his still holding my daughter to ransom, get it into you 
my dear Joan,if you actually sent the money as you claimed you did, yes somebody has actually ran away with the money meant for a sick girl,

Or a sly fox!

that his to tell you how degenerated our society here has turned 
into and you will not blame them it his the poverty situation here that his causing this, 

Ah, is he trying to justify why he plays this scamming game?

that was why I told you that you do not understand the system down here I do, I kept on telling you not to send the money by money 
order as I known I cannot give you up to 50% guarantee that the 
money would get to us and that you should use the safest means which is the Western union money transfer scheme as this is through the bank, if you had use this scheme and such problem arises all I need to do his work into the bank and they would give me the complete details of who collected the money, that would be even if it was possible for any other person to have collected it, which is impossible. 
By 3 days from now, yes I will be a millionaire, are you suggesting to me that I leave my daughter in hospital with no money and my son Kelvin at home with no money to eat, 

Why not get a neighbor to feed them and give them $10,000 when you get back with your millions for doing so? Maybe they wouldnít do it because they might think you could be lying.

then I come over to Kelowna and collect my money, what of if they died of hunger before I come back, then what is the essence of me being rich, if my kids are not there to enjoy it, Joan, please you better begin to act and sound like a mother which you are, 

No Iím not!

there is no way I would leave my kids in this situation and travel, 

For $35,000,000 I think you would!

I have to look for money to settle the hospital bills, take 
home give them enough money to eat while I am away, before traveling put my fate in God, he has never left me down, even when humans do! 
Dr Obi 

Donít hold your breath mate, heís about to do just that! With all of this mail back and forth between Joan and him I almost forgot that 
he was waiting for a reply form Steve about the fee to the bank for the $35,000,000 money transfer. So that evening I wrote a quick 
reply from Steve.

Subject:   Re WHAT NOW?

Dear Brother. 
Everything looks on track with the bank of Nigeria. I wrote back to Mr. Gbadnosi and he confirmed all of the info that I sent him. He said that as soon as he gets the fee (which I will send later 
today)they will be transferring the money in a couple of days.

I hadnít really heard from the bank manager because he was waiting for the fee that I was supposed to send him. I was just trying to kill more time. Later that day I heard from Obi, He was obviously pleased with my letter.


My dear brother, 
Truly speaking, I bless the day I found you. 

You might want to rethink that statement later. 

Do you know that you have made me such a happy and proud man? 

Who me?    

do you know that you have put an everlasting smile on my face?, 

Warms the very cockles of your heart doesnít it? 

Steve do you know that you and your wife have been chosen by my family as the special guest of honor during the renaming ceremony 
of my family villa in my village which would be renamed after you,MASTERSON VILLA, 

Now thatís a first!

Steve my heart is full of joy, 

Stop it now, I can feel a little tear starting to form in my left eye.  

the chairman was so happy this morning when i told him about your mail, that he is even ashamed to face you, you needed to have seen him doing the ďrock and rollĒ, if anybody had told me that a man of his age and size could do such a dance step that will make Elvis PresleyĒ green with envy, I would have doubted it. 

Thank you, thank you very much. 

Brother, once again I thank you, while you are taking care of Gbadamosi and his charges, we will conclude our traveling arrangement, so Steve, I will get back to you by the time I come 
backfrom the traveling agent.

I hope you can catch up with him!
Thank you and God bless you. 
Your Brother, 
How was you outing yesterday with your family, hope it was fun. We shall all soon do that together very soon.

And just in case I had forgotten. . . .

my daughter is still in hospital,please help me!

Pathetic isnít it? I was absolutely sure that this could not go on any longer because they were now waiting for me to send the bank charges to Gbadamosi. Because of his mention of Elvis I got really silly and wrote straight back. Mike liked my letter back to Obi so much this was his reply to me.


I thought I was gonna die reading's fabulous!!!!!!!!! 

Here is my reply.


I am so happy to hear that you are pleased with how everything has gone. The Masterson villa sounds very good. We have decided to name our new home The Obi-Wan Kenobi in your honor. 

May the farce be with you!

I would have liked to have seen the Chairman doing the rock and roll dance, that must have been a real hit around the village. I am pleased to hear you mention Elvis Presley, because I am an Elvis Impersonator in my spare time!! 

I canít believe I wrote this!

I have been told that besides the fact that I am only 5'3" tall and 260  pounds that I look a lot like Elvis. I own a white suit like 
he wore in his Las Vagas tour with the large diamond studied belt 
and high platform shoes. I have to wear a wig now as I am almost 
hairless but with the sideburns painted in and dark glasses on and low lighting you would swear I was Elvis. 

I know what youíre thinking, how could he ever believe this crap!
I sound so much like him when I sing that women swoon all over the place. I was in a competition last year where I didn't win but the judge said it would be a performance he would never forget!! 

That actually happened to me once!

When you come over I will get into my outfit and do a few songs for you. If you would like a recording of me singing let me know, I have lots. 

I have just described myself as someone who I would least like to 

I am sending the money to Mr. Gbadamosi. We will send it through Western Union on Vancouver Island as the Western union here are 
very uncooperative about sending money to Nigeria. As I tried to explain before, they are not happy about money going over there as some high powered man here lost a lot of money in Nigeria because 
of some money scam. Can you believe that! see you in a few day. 
P.S Elvis rules okay!

I couldnít resist the scam reference. As you can see, I was getting more and more daring and less and less serious with every letter at this point.  I wanted to see what his reaction would be to it. He wrote back later that day.

Subject:   CAUTION

My dear brother, 
We shall soon get to the end of the road where we shall be all similes and we shall praise the lord together and give him praises for all his good works in our lives and his blessings, brother let not at this very end allow any form of temptations by the devil to put any stumbling block on this dreams of ours which is at his very end, may God not let us stumble and fall in Jesus name. Amen 

Letís not allow any temptation by the devil put any stumbling blocks on this dream? What does he mean?

Brother, the issue of the money sent to me which I did not get due 
to our poor communication facility down here, which constantly prompts the government to always carry out enlighten campaign that Nigerians abroad who want to send money home to their loved ones should always use the Western Union transfer scheme, which is the safest and you are sure to get the money quickly through the bank, might now be a stumbling block in our transaction as I have just received a mail from your darling wife Joan that she intend to write to my president(which I know would not get to him, but we cannot 
take the risk of overzealous security agents seeing my 
correspondence to her, which she says she now wants to mail to my president, 

Oh! Thatís what he means. Heís changed his tune pretty fast hasnít he! One minute weíre dancing rock and roll with Elvis, and now heís worried about Joan stepping on his blue suede shoes!

this will surely reveal my identity here and soon I might be tailed around and who knows they will then find out about our transaction, should we allow $6,500 stop us from being millionaires, I have decided that on Wednesday during your midweek service in your Church in Kelowna I will personally make my donation to your church, for their good gesture towards me and my family, brother stop your wife from writing this letter as it might jeopardize our tansaction,like you said it his really sad that person could steal money meant for 
a sick baby, 

You just canít trust anyone these days can you! Whatís the world coming to? 

my brother it his like this down here, there are so many things I need to talk to you about when I come, I am sure during all my stay with you next week I would not sleep as I planned to discuss so many thing with you, and I known we shall discuss far, far into the 

Oh, I can hardly wait!

I love to see you all dressed up like Elvis Presley, and I would definitely love to have a recording of your voice singing to his songs,

Sure you would!

I known I would soon have the best time of my life with you, How far with Gdadamosi, has he acknowledge the receipt of the handling charges to you, what easy did he tell you. Please I want you to update me on informationís from your side, brother you still havenít giving me your mobile telephone number, Stephanie is still in hospital, please brother send me the loan I asked from you today 
when you go to western Union please and send me the detail of the loan tranfered through my daughters e-mail account. 

Heís taking a bit of a risk here as heís sending this through his regular E-mail address where he asked me not to mention the money 
for the hospital so as not to let his fellow scammers know.

We are finally there lets not allow any distraction what so ever to come in now, May God continue to guide and bless your family. See 
you soon 
Your brother, 

A cold shiver went up my spine with that last comment, ďsee you soonĒ What if he really did intend to come here? 


I didnít answer straight away so another letter followed within the hour.


Hi Brother, 
,How are you over there, hope you are okay, well we are still here waiting for instructions from you, should we proceed with our traveling, have you received any further instruction from Gbadamosi, Brother, I can imagine the stress you have to take to travel to Vancouver island just to meet up with Gbadamosiís requirement, anyway I am here waiting to here from you. 
Your brother, 

I know I couldnít keep him waiting too long. What he was still waiting for really was to hear that I had sent the money to Gbadamosi. So, instead of sending the money I sent him a letter to defer his attention a little.

Subject: Reply to: CAUTION

Brother, do not worry about the letter to the president. I have spoken to Joan and she has not sent any letter. I don't know what you have said to her lately but she has certainly calmed down since Thursday. I have spoken to the church concerning your donation and they are looking forward to meeting you. 

I thought Iíd get through the niceties and then try and drop a little bomb.

I must tell you something that has happened here yesterday. There has been an article in the local newspaper about some crooks from Nigeria, here it is. 
Friday, May 4, 2001 
2 held in swindle $3M netted in Nigerian scam By TOM GODFREY, 
Police have arrested two Nigerian men accused of operating a bogus money transfer scam that fleeced a U.S. man out of $3 million and scammed others around the world. Fraud police seized a large metal security box packed with paper cut to the size of dollar bills and lined with U.S. cash when they arrested the two last week at an airport motel. Police said two men sent thousands of e-mails from a Toronto cheque-cashing business to potential victims in Canada, 
U.S., Mexico, Amsterdam, Germany and Switzerland. Det. Dave 
Yarmoluk said the scam surfaced after a Polk County, Miss., man was sent an e-mail by someone claiming to be a former government 
official of Congo. The writer offered the man 15% of $80 million 
if he would help transfer the money from Nigeria to Canada.  
'ARRESTS RARE' Yarmoluk said the man was told he would have to provide $8,400 U.S. to cover Fees and taxes before the money could 
be transferred.  The man called police and a money-exchange 
meeting was set up at the airport motel.  "Arrests are very rare 
in these type of cases," Yarmoluk said. "We got lucky  in this investigation."  Police said an elderly U.S. man lost $3 million; others lost more than  $90,000 in the scam.  "All the 
correspondence related to dealings in Nigeria," Yarmoluk said.  
Scott Holste of the Missouri attorney general's office said the 
two accused were also charged in that state. Peter Kalu, 30, a refugee claimant, and Vincent Onyeka, 36, are charged with 
attempted fraud over $5,000. Onyeka was also charged with uttering 
a forged document.  

Isn't that amazing? I'm wondering if it was those other people, who tried to get me to help them bring money out of the country a few weeks ago. It just proves, you cant trust anyone. I can't 
understand how some people can get themselves caught up into situations like that. Imagine getting taken for 3 million dollars!! Thank you for warning me about these kind of scams!! I'm pleased to see that they were arrested aren't you? It's people like that that give good Nigerians a bad name!! 

Surely he must take me for such an idiot by now! 

I'm really looking forward to meeting you next week. Where was it again that you are staying? 

I threw in that question because in the article it mentions the 
hotel where the scammers were arrested and I wanted him to wonder 
why I asked him that question, maybe I was going to try to shop 
him if he really was intending to come here.
I am staying at The Royal York hotel which is downtown Toronto. We are leaving later today to have a long weekend. Well, I'll see you 
in two days Brother..
By this reaction from me I was hoping that he still believed that I trusted him and was intending to send the money to Gbadamosi. He answered me almost immediately.


Dear brother, 
we missed each other again,i was already thinking of meeting you at the airport, anyway,hope you did not encounter any further problem 
in vancouver. brother, we are still in Nigeria because, we want to 
be very sure our fund have left here before we can proceed on any journey, 

Of course you are! 

hence we are waiting for instructions from you. Brother,do please 
let us know whatever transpires between you and Gadamosi,as this is going to act as a pivot on which our transaction stands.

I thought it might!
Brother, the aspect of some people trying to scam each other in Canada is actually bothering me, 

Why, Scared of the competition?

i do hope that when our money gets to you, we won't experience such an event, this is why you have to be careful because a lot of money has been entrusted in your care,and moreover, we must come with all the original document over to canada,before our money can be 
removed from your account, please brother you have to be very 
careful about these crooks around.

Oh, okay, Iíll keep an eye for any crooks I might encounter!
i will be here waiting for you. 

Oh, I think I see one!
[Mr chairman sends his greetings]

I was at a bit of a loss as what to say next to him after this so I didnít answer straight back. He waited all day for my answer but 
must have given up because that evening I received another letter.


Dear brother, 
Joining you in Toronto is no problem, infact if I have my way I want to be there right now with you and your family, but what has brought my family together with yours and which other 6 families here are depending on for their continual survival is the $35 million dollars our money, there is no way we can proceed on our trip to Canada when our money is still here in Nigeria, today we went to the information center of the Central Bank of Nigeria and there on the notice board our company name, Light Touch was there on the payment schedule list pasted on the board and our payment was indicated as pending, 
brother there is no way we can proceed on our trip when our money 
is still in Nigeria, you have to give us the final go ahead for us 
to proceed on our trip, there is no way we can no what is happening inside the bank concerning our money as it is you that is 
recognized as the beneficiary of this money and it is only you that can liaise with the bank, you have not told us how far you have 
gone with Gadamosi,infact in your mails to me you always skip this,

I erí donít know what you mean.

what is the situation with you and Gadamosi,when is our money 
hitting your account, we have to be sure the money is already in 
your account before we can proceed on our trip, immediately you confirm to us that the money is in your account we shall 
immediately withdraw all the original document relating to this contract, because without this document there is no way we can withdraw this money from your account because the money would be accomplished with a gazette from the Central Bank of Nigeria 
stating the history of the funds, and it his only by the 
presentation of this original contract document to the Bank that we shall be allowed to withdraw our money, so you see brother that 
there is no way we can proceed on our trip without you telling us 
to do so and that would be when you have concluded with Gadamosi 
and the money is safely in your account. Right now our trip depends on you! Brother you have only given me the room number of you hotel please you should give me the phone number of the hotel, so that I can call you and talk to you personally, donít you think is high 
time me and you hear our voices (your Elvis) and my (Barry white), 
I await your immediate reply, hope your family is having a nice 
Your brother, 

Barry White!!! He said he sounds like Barry White! But Gbadamosi, 
the Bank manager sounds like Barry White! Could it be that. . .Yes, he is also Mr Gbadamosi that I spoke to when I called! Just as I 
had suspected! I was almost relieved in a way to read that. Unless 
of course everyone sounds like Barry White in Nigeria! 


As I was pondering this interesting phenomenon, a letter arrived 
for Joan through his daughters E_mail address. I had almost 
forgotten about the ďotherĒ money. I was pleased to get this 
because now I could start that particular ball rolling again.

Subject:   FOR JOAN

Dear Joan, 
Most of the great wars fought in the past could have been avoided 
if there had not been communication breakdown between the parties involved in this wars, I think what has happened between us concerning the money too could be liken to that of communication breakdown between myself and you, if you had taken time to explain 
to me that your church insisted that the money be paid direct to 
the hospital, I am sure we would have worked something out, I insisted you send it through my personal assistance or through Western union because it his the only safe way of getting money 
into this country, because it is through the bank, it his not all 
the clinics in Lagos or Nigeria that are listed on the internet, 
my country is not like yours were the development rate is very 
high, right now we are not but by the grace of God we shall get there, There was no way I could hide the money problem from my daughter, what do you want me to tell her after I have moved her 
from the general ward into a private room based on the 
instructions given to me by my brother Steve, then 8 days later 
she is been moved back to the general ward due to bills that were accumulating and I was not getting favorable response from your family, I had to cut my coat according to my size, even at that 
the bills are still high and they are still unpaid and now she is fine and cannot go home because of bills, if I had hidden it from 
her since how would I have been able to explain this to her now, I have always been open and truthful to my family especially my kids, 
I guess that is why we are close I teach them not to keep any 
secrets from each other as family we can assist each other, now 
that the pressure of this unpaid bills are practically turning me into a beggar, it his the support of my kids that his making me 
carry on and by God grace I hope I would soon solve this problem so that my daughter can go home, any more explanation you or your 
church needs I will give personally when I come over to Kelowna.I have to go now I would get back to you when I come back, I hope 
you are no longer upset with me, this my daughter keep asking and waits earnestly and endlessly for a mail from you. Say me well to your kids and God bless you. 
Dr Obi 

Heís certainly changed his tune a little here. Heís obviously discovered that threats and anger wasnít working with Joan so he 
has resorted to being courteous and polite. I decided that it was time to get him concentrating on this money again. So, I sent him a quick note from Steve but alas, I ďaccidentallyĒ Sent it through 
his own E-mail address.


Brother,I have good news for you. We have just heard that they have located the money that was sent to the hospital. We have been told that it has not yet been cashed and is in the hands of a man in Lagos!! Apparently he tried to cash it. This means you can go and pick it up from him!!  If this is possible let me know as I have to find out the man's name and address. Still awaiting instructions 
from you.

Short but sweet and to the point. I couldnít wait for his reply to come back which was good because it didnít take him long to answer the letter, but he answered it through his daughters E-mail 

Subject:   FOR STEVE.

Dear Brother, 
I was so happy when i read your mail, which you said that the money has been found,

I bet!

my God has vindicated me,plesae i want you to send me all the 
details concerning how and where this money was found immediately,i have put a call to my police commissioner friend and he has told me to get this details immediately so that he can ask his boys to take action immediately.

Oh, Iím sure!

please do this fast,i have been praying the whole of yesterday,i 
even had to fast yesterday so that God would come to my aide in settling the hospital bills which has pratically turned me into a........i do not know what words to use right now to qualify my state of mind concerning this debt.

I can think of some . . .Greedy pig, snake, lizard.
brother plesae do not use my mail account obi_emeka to send me 
mails concerned with this money,or issues that concerns your family and mine,i had told you this before except delibrately you want to expose our family secrets,i know you wouldn't want this.

Oh yes I would!
I hope Joan has heard about this good news,in the mist of all this confusion caused because she sent the money through money mail, she actually accused me once of collecting this money,but claiming i 
did not maybe because i wanted more!

No! Not Joan, Iíll have to have a word with her.

An insult which i took,because there is a saying that a beggar has 
no choice,but now i hope she has seen that she has unknowing 
accused me of stealing at my age because i asked your family for a loan to solve my immediate family problems,i have already forgiven her,she is such a darling,who wouldn't forgive her!

Take that foot out of your mouth right now!
Brother,please help to resolve this money problem quickly as i still need it urgently to settle this bills,now the CMD do not even want 
to see me because according to him,there is no more excuse!I have decided to remain in my office today till very late in the night so that i can get your mail,please i await your response now.Things 
are really hard for me and i must tell you that you are not showing any concern which is not fair,i have been asking you for a loan 
since and whenever you reply my mail you do not even talk about it,

What? Are you accusing me of avoiding the question of money? What nerve! 

my Brother it is not like that,you either tell me no or yes,do not leave me hanging and hoping,come out straight,i have taken worst 
news than this,what can be worst than death! 

Erí Iím not sending you any money? I thought Iíd write back to him pretending to upset by his letter to me.

Subject:   Reply to: FOR STEVE

why do you speak to me this way? I have always shown concern for 
your daughter in every way. I know that you have had to wait but 
this has not been completely our fault. I thought this time last 
week that you had the money and had paid the bills. I was expecting to get a letter of thanks from you but instead I find that some 
crook has collected it. We did not want this to happen, we sent it 
in good faith. I didn't know that your country was so corrupt. I am sure that there are many, many Nigerians who are honest people, it 
is shameful to think that you are surrounded by so many bad ones. 
If you would like to know the name and address of the person who 
has it please let me know.

Again he will have to calm down to appease me. This roller coaster that Iím taking him on is deliberate of course, but Iím surprised that he is still falling for it. I would have given up long ago.
Again he wrote straight back to me.

Subject: FOR STEVE

My dear brother,

If the way I address you offends you, then I am not too big or proud to say sorry to you but then I hope you have tried to imagine the stress, humilation, insults and pressure I have received this past few weeks,

I can only dream of it.

you have been very supportive, that I cannot deny, but then the 
bills are still not paid, when you promise a staving man food, he 
has hope,

Heís staving now?

if you finally give him the food when he has died of starvation, 
then you have not help him at all, 

Wait a minute! Youíre right! I never thought of that.

right now is when I need this loan to settle my bills and check all this insults been heap on your brother daily,I guess there is no society where there are no corrupt persons, 

Some more than others.

it could only be that the percentages of corrupt persons varies 
with different countries, since we know that the level of 
corruptness in my country is high,basically due to low standard of living caused by the corruption of our leaders in power, you must have heard in the news, because it was broadcasted all over the world, how our late president General Sani Abacha stole the sum of 
20 billion dollars from the federal account with the help of foreigners, 

With the help of foreigners? Now thereís a good clue as to maybe 
why you do this little enterprise! But Iíd like to inform him that 
in no way did I have anything to do with that 20 billion dollars going missing.

these money is stashed in banks all over the world, 

I just checked and none of it was put into my account.

it his only now that this present government with the help of other countries like U.S.A,France,Britain,Swiss etc are trying to recover this money from these various banks all over the world, 

So whatís with all the scamming going on with innocent people in these countries then? 

so my brother you see that corruption here is from the top, 

Thatís a steep ladder for you to climb then, my friend.

but by the grace of God we shall fight it, since we know this we 
are always careful not to trend the paths of this corrupt persons, 

I think you and few others might have fallen through the cracks on that path.

that was why I insisted that this money should be sent to me 
through the Western Union money transfer scheme as this is the 
safest as it his through the bank with well documentation of whoever comes to receive the money. 
Please send me the name and address of the person who you said have been caught trying to cash this money, I asked for this name yesterday, I do not know why you are now asking again if I wanted 
the name, I told you that my police commissioner friend said I 
should get this information from you immediately and I told you 
that yesterday, instead of the names you are asking me the question all over again, 

I canít help it I tend to repeat myself, repeat myself.

meanwhile he had already called me this morning to ask if I had gotten the name yet, this was based on the seriousness at which I 
had placed my case before him and because I had told him all the insults I have had to take because of this unsettle hospital bills, do you know how I felt when I could not have a name to give him, because you did not send it to me, he did not tell me to my face 
but I am sure he must have felt me unserious 

What! You? never!

if after all I have said to him concerning this money, I still havenít gotten the name from you, this is how you always make me 
look in front of most people now, I wonít lie to you brother, man 
to man you have made me lost my dignity as a man twice because I believed in you as a brother, I am sure we would be age mates or I would be older(I am 55)but I always listen to you because I trust 
you and believe that you have the best interest in mind for me and 
my family!

I wouldnít bet on that mate!
Please once again because you did not come out straight to answer 
my question in your mail, Are you giving me the loan or not?

Know that our personal family issue should not affect our 
transaction in any way, as this is strictly between my family and yours, brother to brother. 
Thank you and God bless you and your family. 
Your Brother, 

I answered him back through his regular E-mail address but avoided the question of money for the hospital. I pretended to be in 
Toronto ready and waiting to collect my millions.


I am in Toronto waiting for you. I thought you were going to meet 
us here? I don't know what to do now, should I wait or go back 
home? I will keep checking this mail at the hotel computer to see what my next step should be. I have to be back in Vancouver by Thursday. The hotel we are staying at is The Royal York Hotel. 
Please call the hotel when you get here we are in room 567. 

I knew this would make him mad with me again. I just love these gaggle of emotions he goes through. He wrote back immediately.

you cannot be waiting for further instructions from us when we are the one waiting for instructions from you,if you have finished with the bank and they have confirmed to you that our money is in your account,the next flight out of this country going to Canada would surely have us on board it,so please conclude with Gdadamosi if you have not so that we can known when to come immediately,i told you that we saw our company name today on the payment schedule on the notice board of the bank and it had pending attached to it,once 
again give me the Telephone number of your hotel so that i can call you tonight,brother please we are at the end,let not allow any 
thing distract us at this stage,i am in the office awaiting your response.My other committee members are looking up to me to successfully complete this transaction,do not let me down. 
your brother, 

I didnít answer right away and he got testy again with me.

Subject:   NUMBERS

I thought you said you will be checking your mails regularly with 
the hotel computer. How come you are not replying my mails,i am 
still in the office waiting for you to respond to my mails and the hotel telephone number so that i can call you,now you have allowwd this telephone number to be an issue,now everybody down here are insisting that since you have refuse to call us we want to call you so you should send this number to us immmediately,brother how come you do not want to give me your number,and now you do not want to give me that of the hotel too,please explain this to me as i cannot find a reason for this myself,i await your response immediately. 
Dr Obi 

Heís not a happy camper! I decided to ignore this response when I wrote back. Here is my answer.

Subject:   Reply to: INSTRUCTIONS FROM YOU.

I have just checked again today and the money is not in my account. Should I write to Mr Gdadamisi and ask him why? With all of this 
talk about dishonesty it has made me think that maybe he might not 
be as honest as we are. 

I bet his was furious when he read this. He wrote back within the hour. 


Dear brother, 
We carried out an investigation on why our money was still in 
nigeria and the following discovery was made, that you have not 
paid the mandatory handling charges of US$7,560 which must be paid 
by every contractor before his payment can be remitted. 

I havenít? It must have slipped my mind!

I strongly believe that you have made that payment,but if you have not sent the payment to Gbadamosi, please do so immediately by email,and if you know that you have made the payment and also sent the evidence of payment,i.e the confirmation nos etc ,then feel 
free to reach Gbadamosi immediately and ask him why your money has not reached you till now. I have recieved telephone nos,and i will give you a call now. 
Your Brother, 

Iím not sure what heís talking about here as I didnít send him any more telephone numbers.  I donít know who he called because if he 
did he would soon find out that there was nobody there by the name 
of Masterson.
I decided to change the subject again and send him a name and 
address of a man who had supposedly tried to cash the check meant 
for the hospital. I got this name and number through an article in the newspaper about a man in Lagos, Nigeria who had been arrested 
for trying to scam people out of money.  I figured he might know 
him and if he tried to contact him he would find out that he had 
been arrested.

Subject:   Reply to: FOR STEVE.

the name and address that we received yesterday is Joseph I Amore. 
He apparently runs a place called Cajim Motors. When you go to see him please tell your police friend to arrest him immediately! He should know the consequences of stealing money from a sick little girl. When you pay it back to the CMD of your hospital you should also see that he is arrested for holding your daughter hostage for unpaid bills. If he has gotten rid of the check please let us know and we will send you the money through Western Union. 
I thought this would make him happy again, which is a pity really 
as he was only going to be let down again later. He responded 
pretty quickly. I suspect he could almost taste the money again.


Dear Brother, 
Since I got your mail, I have been to my police commissioner friend with the name and the place called cajim motors which you said the man runs, but there is little he could do as this cajim motors do 
not have an address attached to it, so it became practically impossible to locate it in Lagos, which is the second largest city 
in Africa, even the name Joseph I Amore could not be traced in 
Lagos which have a population of close to 7million,so there was nothing he could do, but he promised me that they would continue to search for the name and this cajim motors, if anything comes up I would be the first to know, he advice me that since this money has been discovered I should tell my brother's wife to stop the payment from your end, so Steve since you say the money has been found, please stop the payment on the money from your side immediately, 
and try to retrieve this money so that you can now send it to me through Western union immediately so that I can settle this bills, 
I await your response. 
Thank you and God bless you. 
Your Brother, 



I wrote back later that day.  Here was my response.

Subject:  Reply to STOP THE PAYMENT.

we have cancelled the money order as directed. I am pleased that 
we have not lost the money. We can now face our friends at the 
church once again with our heads up. There is a meeting back home 
at the church and we have called to a friend who is going to 
explain everything to them and they are going to send the money through Western Union. You will have to resend your personal secretary's name and address again as I delete every e-mail we get for security reasons. Will he be able to give the money to the hospital in your absense as you will most likely be here? Can you trust him? Any word form the chairman yet about when you are 
coming? it is very lonely here without my friend. We walked over 
to your hotel today and it does look very nice overlooking 
Niagara Falls. We sat and watched all the people going over the 
falls in Barrels. 

I Sent a copy of this to Mike and her was his reply.

Subject:     Re: Reply to STOP THE PAYMENT.

Over the Falls in barrells????????????????? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! 

That afternoon I received the reply from Obi that I wasnít 

Subject:   SET UP

My Dear brother, 
All along i have trusted you, in turn seven other families down 
here as trusted me with their future,i would not do anything or 
allow my own personal family problem blind me to the fact that i 
have to be objective and responsible to them,i will personally 
tell them about the money i asked from your family as a loan,they would understand because i had asked from them and the chairman before,but i know they do not have because we have all invested 
our last money into this transaction,but then you have to explain this mail to me or else forget this transaction,if you think you 
want to set us up then forget it,as we can afford to stop the 
payment of this contract sum from here! 

Hey mike,
"Here is the other letter, underneath, I have personally mentioned the money for his daughter on this E-Mail address to make him 
really mad because he asked me not to. 

we have cancelled the money order as directed. I am pleased that 
we have not lost the money. We can now face our friends at the 
church once again with our heads up. There is a meeting back home 
at the church and we have called to a friend who is going to 
explain everything to them and they are going to send the money through Western Union. You will have to resend your personal secretary's name and address again as I delete every e-mail we 
get for security reasons. Will he be able to give the money to the hospital in your absense as you will most likely be here? Can you trust him? Any word form the chairman yet about when you are 
coming? it is very lonely here without my friend. We walked over 
to your hotel today and it does look very nice overlooking 
Niagara Falls. We sat and watched all the people going over the 
falls in Barrels. 


You are indeed playing a fast one on us,i should have known since,well may God forgive you for all this,i guess your real name 
is Wob.but why are you doing this to us,you would have told us 
from the beginning that you cannot asist us and we would have gone our way. 

I could have kicked myself! Whenever I had answered Obiís letter 
I always forwarded my replies to Mike. Unfortunately, This time I 
had forwarded my answer meant for Mike, To obi! The game was up! I didnít know what to do, so I did nothing, besides I was too mad at myself to answer. He wrote back later that same day.


Dear Brother, 
I am still waiting in my office for explanation from you, please 
be truthful to me on this, I swear with the grave of my daughter Dianne that if you intend to set us up, you will not succeed and 
her spirit would not allow you have rest all the days of your life because this transaction is our life and whoever sets out to 
destroy it would not succeed, as our prayers would definitely see 
us through, we are only taken what we believe is our own share of 
our great country Nigeria national cake, so if you are against it 
all you need to tell us is that you cannot help us instead of deceiving us, 

Look whoís talking about deception!

I am now going through all the mails you have been sending to me 
as I do not delete my mails concerning this transaction, I only 
hope I can read between the lines, that of your wife Joan too. 

Now that the game was up I was kind of excited to let him know what 
I was really doing. Here was my reply to him.

Subject:   Reply to EXPLANATIONS

Mr. Obi or whoever you are. My only regret here is that I have let you know the truth a little earlier than I intended. This I am 
sorry for! But at least it lasted a lot longer than I originally imagined. There is nothing else that I am sorry for. I had been receiving these 419 scams for a few months now and had read up extensive documentation on them. The thing that disturbed me the 
most were stories of people actually gong over to that wonderful country that you call home and either held hostage or killed. It 
was hearing these stories that I decided to try to scam the 
scammer, hence our dialogue began. I should tell you that I never ever believed anything that you told me or intended to send you 
any money. I enjoyed our chats back and forth but became very disturbed by the stories of daughters sick and dying. Surely this area of deceit is even taboo for you. If you do in fact have any daughters I can only hope that they never find out that you have 
used these kind of tactics to extort money from strangers. If you really do believe in God or a higher power, you will have to 
answer for that one day. You have said that you are disappointed 
in me for doing this to you, but I ask what did I do to you to deserve you to pick on me and to take my hard-earned money? I 
meant it when I said that if you had written to me to ask me for money, no deceit just honesty I would gladly have sent money to 
you. I will admit to growing to like you over our conversations 
but the person I grew to like does not exist does he? The person 
that you got to know does not exist either. You will know me 
though. You see when I found out that I could string you along 
for a couple of months I decided to write a book on this as I am a ďwould beĒ writer. So, in essence you will become famous. Quite 
an interesting ending really isn't it. In the end I made money 
from YOU! The name of the man I sent to you earlier as having received the bogus check we never sent was from the scam busters website. Apparently he had just been arrested in Lagos for doing a similar kind of scam. I'm surprised you never heard about it. What made this one a little more interesting was that you were even 
trying to scam the other members of your scamming group with the 
scam about money for your daughter. I should confess, I'm also 
Joan! That was quite interesting to pretend to be two people at 
the same time. Thank goodness I don't have her for a wife, she was 
a cranky old thing wasn't she! It doesn't feel good to be lied to 
or scammed does it? I know that you are doing this for a living 
and that I was just one fish on your hook. I wonder how many 
others you have dangling. I pray that none of them send you any money. By writing my book I hope to alert many others about these scams, if it works then you can thank your self  for helping bring 
a stop to it. I have also been sending all the copies of your 
mails to a good friend who has been quietly enjoying the letters 
back and forth. He especially liked the exercises for stress that 
I sent to you, and the stuff about the Elvis impersonator, you 
have to admit that was funny. Maybe you would like to write a 
forward for the book? Tell us what you thought of my letters from your end. How much money you have actually made from scamming? It might make it a little more exiting and help with sales? Think it over anyway. By the way the bank account is bogus too but you probably worked that out already. I had better go now because I 
am about to try and acquire another fish on MY hook to dangle for 
a couple of more months. This one is similar to yours but involves 
a member of the royal family and funds tied up in foreign accounts. Pathetic really!! Who knows, maybe our paths will cross again in 
the future. I will send you a copy of the book via your personal secretary of course, when it's finished. That way you will know who 
I am and what I look like because I will want a picture of myself 
on the cover. I already have a publisher very interested in it. If you ever decide to come here to visit then let me know....there again, where is here? Now the next thing that I have to decide is whether to send a copy of this letter to the bogus Mr. Gbadamosi. 
But there again you might be him! If I don't hear back from you 
I'll try to get this to you in other ways. Please tell me, did 
you ever doubt me? Did I give you any clues as to my pretense? I would be interested in hearing what your thoughts are here. Go on, 
be truthful to me, what did you really feel? You must have been guessing when the money didn't come! Why did you keep trying? What 
do you really do for a living besides scamming I mean? And do you 
do this because you feel that people in other counties are greedy 
and have too much? How do you justify it in your mind? Or do you? Well, I was always wondering how I would write my confession 
letter to you so now the mystery has been answered. Thank you for 
the entertainment over the last 7 weeks



I sent this to him but regretted it later because I sound arrogant, which wasnít my intention. I just wish I had had time to sit down 
and write what I really felt. Mike thought that I was far too 
polite and let him off too easily.  The truth about the book deal 
is that I didnít really have one but I wanted him to think that I 
was going to expose him to the world. 
This was the last time Steve Masterson and Obi spoke as he never acknowledged my confession. You may think that this was the end of 
my correspondence with him and it would have been but for something that I had done earlier. About two weeks before I was sensing that 
my time with him was about to come to an end so I created another couple of E-mails, again copied the original letter from him to 
these addresses and started the whole thing going again.  He 
answered both of them and I started writing to him as two new characters. My theatre experience came into some good use here. 
The first one was through Yahoo mail. My character was a real 
estate salesman in Florida called Grant and the other was the 
owner of a lumber company in Ohio named Jack.  This is what I 
wrote to him from Jack.


Are you still interested in my help in this matter? I haven't 
anything back from you on this.
                          Mr. Jack Dawkins.FRI  (President)

I didnít hear anything from him for about a week and I was 
beginning to lose hope. Then one day I got the reply I was waiting for. 


Dear Jack Dawkins,
Before i begin to write anything let me first apologies to you on 
behalf of myself and my committee members for not responding to 
your mail earlier than this, the reason for this is because in the course of our duties as members of this committee we had to travel out of 
Lagos to inspect some government projects which falls within the 
terms of reference of this committee, and we have been out of Lagos 
for the past one month and this period we decided to put this 
transaction on hold as there would have been no way we could 
co-ordinate this transaction from outside Lagos, another reason was 
because April been the last month of the just ended first quarter 
of the year, we had to make sure that our money which we intend to 
transfer out of this country was not included as part of our 
ministries money with the Central Bank of Nigeria as we have 
already written a memo earlier before the end of the quarter that 
the money, our money was that of a contractor who had done a 
contract for the federal government of this country via my ministry but is yet to collect his contract due, so right now we are happy because during the review of expenditures and revenues for my Ministry for the just ended first quarter of the year by the Honorouable minister of works 
and housing our money was listed as "yet to be claim contract dueĒ 
this made us so happy because what we now need to do is write claim 
for this amount and collect it simple, I guess that was why we were 
relaxed when we were out of Lagos, now we are back and we want to 
immediately transfer this money out now.
I must let you know that we contacted four other person apart from 
you for assistance in this transaction and we intend to deal with 
only one who we shall consider as our foreign partner and at the end 
of the transaction this person we have decided to offer 20% of the 
money, who we finally deal with is a collective decision of members 
of this committee, as we have already set side some caterials which 
we shall use to select from the lot who to deal with as our foreign 
partner, so Mr. jack Dawkins if you know you intend to assist us you 
have to formally say so by written to that I will then present it to 
the rest of my colleagues.
Let me give you a brief details of what would be required of you 
should we finally decide to deal with you as our foreign partner in 
this transaction.
1:Provide for us a company name which we shall use here for all the 
documentation process in the relevant government agencies as we are 
going to follow all the legitimate way of fund transfer out of this 
country in getting this money out from Nigeria (i would only give 
you more details on this if we finally decide to deal with you as 
our foreign partner)
2;Provide for us an account which must be safe, you must have 
absolute control over this account, where this money would be paid 
into, and this account should not attract undue taxation or 
attention once this money as been paid into it.
3:Liase with the relevant government agencies during the course of 
this transaction as we cannot be linked to this money transferred in 
any way, we shall guide you when we get to that stage.
4.Sign the final fund release documents for the funds, this we have 
been told would take place here at the premises of the central bank 
of Nigeria, here in Lagos, but we are still working on the 
possibility of been granted offshore facility once we get to that 
stage of the transaction.
So Mr. Jack Dawkins this is basically what is required of who we 
finally decide to deal with as our foreign partner and for this we 
have decided to give the person 20% of our funds.
Finally, if you still intend to assist us then you should write it 
formally so that I can present it to my other colleagues, but if not 
then please you should disregard this mail and please forget that we 
ever contacted you.
Thank you and God bless you.
Dr Emeka Obi.

As you can see itís very similar to the original letter that I received from him to Steve Masterson. Here is a copy of the letter that I sent to him from Grant, the real estate agent. It was my attempt to make his personality quite different from Jack so that he wouldnít suspect that we were the same person.

Subject:   Reply to: PERSONAL AND URGENT.

Yes, I received this letter a few weeks ago while I
was vacationing with my family in Hawaii. I understand
your difficulties in acquiring this money. I do not see
why your corrupt government should have it and I would
like to offer my help. If you need to contact me
please do not hesitate to write back.

Again, short but sweet. He wrote back much quicker on this one.

Subject:  LETS TALK.

Dear Mr Grant,
Thank you for your response to my mail despite the fact that you were away when this mail got to you. I hope you had a good time with your family on your vacation in Hawaii. If you are interested in assisting us, you should call me on my private telephone number 234-1774-8735 between the hours of 8am-7pm Monday to Friday or better still you should send me your telephone numbers so that I can call you, then we can discuss the modalities we have put in place to successful see this transaction through. I await your response to this immediately,
Dr Emeka.

And so it went on. The letters to Grant went on for only about a week where he kept insisting that I call him. I skirted around it for a while and he gave up. The letters to Jack were more successful. We wrote back and forth for about two weeks and in that time he told me something quite interesting.

Subject:   OFFER

Dear Jack, 
I must tell you that the only reason I am writing this mail to you is because of your resolve to still assist us in this transaction. I have been receiving your mails to us but has since refuse to reply because we had put a temporary stop on this transaction because the main financier of this transaction is temporary involved in a court case which we feel might affect our transaction should it be discovered that he is involved in this transaction and most especially as his activities in the last six months is been investigated. 
To cut a long story short, as at this morning when I went to see him, we discussed about our transaction, and I mentioned your recent mail to me, then after much deliberation we decided that if you really want to assist us in this transaction then we would immediately start all the processes again, but this time it would be strictly between myself, yourself and the Chairman (main financer), the other members of my committee would not have to find out we had already commenced the transaction again as we all took a decision to stop this transaction when it became obvious that the chairman was certainly going to be trial on corruption charges by the present government anti-corruption tribunal, this decision became necessary as we cannot afford to allow the investigators discover our transaction which the Chairman was financing as this would involved us and we might be arrested and tried too. 

So, is this another attempt to cut the others out of this scam? 

Like I told you, this morning I discuss you again with the chairman and between ourselves (himself and me) we decided that we should quietly carry out this transaction with you, (that is if you want to) and get this money safely out as it is quiet obvious with all the evidence before the tribunal that he might be found guilty of offering bribe to top government official and sent to prison, so he wants us to get this money out quickly and queitly so that he would have something to fall back on when he gets out from prison, and for his family to live on while he is in prison. With time I will give you more details. 
If you still want to assist us, then you must agreed to this new terms of ours, which are 
1:This transaction from now on would be knowed to only the three of us. 
2:You will have to open an offshore account where this money would be lodge, as we cannot afford to pay taxes on this funds in the U.S.A, most especially now that the chairman's share would have to be placed in an account for him for as long as possible. 
3:Share the local expenses together, as we had returned the money each member contributed towards this transaction initially for expenses when it became obvious that the chairman was going to be triaed. These expenses we shall still deduct from the funds before we finally share. 
4:Now since the terms have change, we are ready to offer you 30% of these funds after expenses. 
If you agreed to this terms, then I would expect a formal letter of acceptance to this from you. Then we shall immediately commence the process of transferring these funds out of this country. 
Thank you and God bless you. 
Dr Obi 

So, again I sent another letter of acceptance and we went through the same old stuff all over again. After a couple of weeks of not calling when I was supposed to he sent me another letter giving me heck for not calling.

Subject:   Issues.

Dear Jackdawkins, 
I would want to believe that the Chairman was right in his view that I was too fast in dispatching the lawyer to the federal capital to commence the registration of our company without first talking to you on the phone, I thought my sense of judgment of your person was correct, while I guess I was wrong. 
You were suppose to call me on Sunday 10pm my time you did not, I waited till 11pm my time thinking that maybe you were having difficulty getting through, the whole of yesterday I waited still for you to call and at least give me an explanation for Sunday but nothing from you not even an e-mail message from you, I known fully well that you are quiet aware of how important this transaction is to us right now especially with the present predicaments the chairman is facing, I think at this junction I should let you known that I practically had to beg the chairman to allow us(me,you and him) carry out this transaction with you, after we had already called it off, and this is partly due to your insistence that you would want to assist us, but from your present actions now, I think I begin to have a rethink. I have already used my personal money to dispatch the lawyer to the capital city to incorporate our company, so if we decide to stop this transaction now, I will be the loser! 
Mr. Jackdawkins, I am a man who do not believe in chasing shadows, and when I err I am not too arrogant to accept my mistakes, for now you want to make me believe that I have err, so before I allow the chairman to see me in another light, I think we have to straighten out some issues before we can proceed with this transaction. 
I wait for your response. 
Dr Emeka. 

I was starting to get bored with the whole affair and decided to let him know who I was.

Subject:   Reply to: ISSUES

Brother, Steve here, I got you again. This one was quite convincing wasn't it. Did I sound like an American? I'm not American, I'm actually from England originally, ever been there? This is so much fun! Are you in prison? The books coming along really well and if I can finish it by telling my readers that you were in jail it would really help the sales. I know I should have had enough with the other two addresses but I wasn't sure you'd answer them so I tried a few more. Oh yes, I have more that you have responded to. It's kind of cute how you are so cautious now when you answer your E-mails. I'd love to know if anyone else has ever gotten you like I have? Write back and I'll stop this. Well, gotta go, the books calling me. I'll chat with you again soon.

I then went to my Yahoo E-mail address for Grant and told him the same thing. He was probably very angry at the fact that he had been tricked again by me.


As things were finally coming to an end between Obi and I, I decided to do some research into these scams. The Internet was the first place I looked. I typed in Nigerian scams and even Dr Obiís name and sites dedicated to him popped up.  I was able to find copies of scam letters like the one I was sent by Obi. Here is some samples of some scam letters that I found on a terrific site on the net called

DR DAN UZOAMAKAPLOT D/100 IndependenceLayout Enugu - NigeriaTelefax: 234-90-503028l0th March, 1997.ATTN: MANAGING DIRECTORDear SirI am working with the Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria.It happens that five months ago my father who was the Chairmanof the Task 
Force Committee created by the present MilitaryGovernment to monitor the selling, distribution and revenuegeneration from crude oil 
sales before and after the gulf warcrisis died in a motor accident 
on his way home from Lagosafter attending a National conference. He was admitted in thehospital for eight (8) days before he finally died. While Iwas with him in the hospital, he disclosed all 
his confidential documents to me one of which is the business Iwant to introduce to you right now.Before my father finally died in the hospital, he told me thathe has $2l.SM (twenty one million five hundred thousand U.S.Dollars) cash in a trunk box coded and 
deposited in a securitycompany. He told me that the security company is not aware ofit's contents. That on producing a document which. he gave tome, that I will only pay for the demurrage after which the boxwill be released to me.He further advised me that I should not collect the moneywithout the assistance of a foreigner who will open a localaccount in favor of his company for onward transfer to hisnominated overseas account where the money will be invested.This is because as a civil servant I am not supposed to ownsuch money. This will bring many questions in the bank if I gowithout a foreigner.It is at this juncture that I decided to contact you forassistance but with the following conditions:1. That this transaction is treated with Utmost confidence,cooperation and absolute secrecy which it demands. 2. That the money is being transferred to an account where theincidence of taxation would not take much toll. 3. That all financial matters for the success of 
this transferwill be tackled by both parties. 4. That a promissory letter signed and sealed by you statingthe amount US $2I.SM 
(twenty-one million five hundredthousand US Dollars) will be given 
to me by you on youraccount and that only 20% of the total money 
is for yourassistance.Please contact me on the above fax number for more details.please quote (QS) in all your correspondence.Yours faithfully.DR. AN UZOAMAKA

There seems to be an awful lot of doctors scamming people over 
there. Hereís another letter

Hereís a third for your consideration.

You can certainly see the common thread that is within all three letters. Large amounts of money that was obtained through some fraudulent means that is to be deposited to your bank and you get to keep either 20 or 30 percent. I found approximately fifteen letters all promising the same thing.  To me and my careful, closed, suspicious, mind I still find it hard to believe that anyone would ever fall for these scams. I also found a wonderful site called they also had some great letters form scammers here is 
a sample of one of them that I thought was quite clever! 

I am Robert (Bob) Kambili, Bank manager of Delta Trust Bank Nigeria Ltd, Enugu branch, Nigeria; and for reasons which will become 
obvious to you as read on, I obtained your address particulars from an Internet address listing. Please exercise some patience and read through my message. THIS IS NOT A SPAM MAIL! You can reach me immediately on my private phone no + 234 1 759 0965; and my private fax line + 234 1 759 0966 
I have very urgent and confidential business proposition for you. 
On June 6th 1997, an Oil Consultant/Contractor with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Mr. Ahmed Youseff Mustafa , a national of Iraq, made a numbered time ( fixed) deposit for 12 calendar months, value USD30,000,000.00 in my branch. 
On maturity, we sent a routine notification to his forwarding 
address but got no reply. After a month, we sent a reminder and finally, his contract employers, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation ( NNPC) wrote to inform us that Mr. A Y Mustafa died 
from an automobile accident; that he died without making a WILL, 
and all attempts to trace his next of kin through the Iraqi embassy were fruitless. At first I was surprised that I did not receive 
much official cooperation in my inquiries in order to trace his 
kin in Iraq, and inform them about Mr. Mustafaís deposit of USD30m plus accrued interest. I therefore made further investigations and discovered that Mr. Mustafa had actively opposed the Government of President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, and was consequently driven into exile. Being an Oil Expert,he subsequently obtained a job with the NNPC, and settled in Nigeria. Thereafter, he walked into my Office 
to make the aforementioned deposit of USD30m. He did not declare 
any kin in his application paperwork, contrary to laid down procedures, and when I asked him he informed me that he wished it 
so. I accepted his application because banks are conservative and will always honor a customerís wishes, especially high networth customers. No one knows the source of his money because apparently the time frame of his employment with the NNPC does indeed preclude such a large amount of money. It can be assumed that he brought 
his money over from Iraq, but that is open to speculation. However, the point is that his employers are not aware of this money , and therefore it can be safely assumed that no one will ever come 
forward to claim this money. This money total USD31.5m ( inclusive 
of accrued interests) is still sitting in my Bank in the Dormant Account Portfolio. No one will ever come forward to claim it now, 
and according to Nigerian law, after 5 years, the money will automatically revert to the Federal Government Treasury if the Account owner is a foreigner, is certified dead , and there is no valid claim. This indeed, is the situation. My proposal therefore 
is that I am looking for a foreigner who will stand in as the next 
of kin to Mr. Mustafa. It is not necessary to be a blood relation 
to Mr. Mustafa, nor have the same name. It is not also necessary 
to come from the same Country. I have worked out the modalities to achieve my aim of appointing a next of kin, and therefore also by this means transfer this money total USD31.5m abroad for us to 
share. The method of achieving the objective of transferring this money abroad in a completely legal and proper way is simple. I 
intend to use a n Attorney ( representing you as BENEFICIARY) to execute a series of affidavits in support of your claim. These 
will be approved. The money transfer paperwork itself will include 
a certificate of origin so that the receiving bank does not ask questions or refuse the money as money laundering. Also, the paperwork will include proper certification that the funds being transferred are from non criminal sources. In short this will be a proper and legal money transfer and there is no risk! I will have 
to process the initial paperwork to obtain approval from the 
Probate Registry ( Ministry of Justice ) to obtain the Letter of Administration empowering you as Sole trustee/executor to the 
Estate of Mr. Mustafa. 
If you therefore agree to be the official Beneficiary, then please note that you will not be required to sign any Money Transfer Documents ( my Attorney will do all (that), you will not be 
required to come to Nigeria. Only the following is required from 
you: (1) Send to me immediately A bank account ( a bank account 
with zero credit balance is ok) (2) Complete name and address of 
the Bank (3) Bank Account Number (4) Name of Account Holder/Beneficiary (5) Your address, phone and fax (6) A brief background information on you (CV) Once you send me the requested information as above, I will initiate the processing of the 
transfer and in about 7 working days the money total USD31.5m will 
be in your nominated bank account for us to share in the ratio of 
80% for me and 20% for you. 
This transaction is guaranteed to succeed without any problems. If you agree to assist me by sending me the above requested 
information, I will give you my complete address, including phone/ fax etc and any further clarifications you may require. 
Looking forward to your urgent reply. 
Yours truly Bob Kambili. 
PS: We sometimes experience Server problems in Nigeria; therefore 
if you do not receive a reply from me please re-send your reply by fax to no +234 1 759 0966 

I must admit to really admiring this guy. It sounds genuine and 
note the remark about the poor deceased man opposing the 
Government of President Saddam Hussein of Iraq. What red-blooded North American or European for that matter wouldnít jump at a 
chance to pull one over on him? It also asks you to impersonate 
this guys long lost relative to claim the money, asking you to 
commit out and out fraud which causes me to wonder how many people fell for this scam and never reported it for fear of a visit from 
the law.  I had to include one more letter from Quatloos that I 
found very funny and cannot believe that it was written by an 
adult. Read the lawers letter underneath it.

10th April, 2001. Attn: Managing Director, 
Dear Sir, I salute you in the name of the most high God. I am Mrs. Mariam Abacha, the widow of the late Gen. Sani Abacha former 
Nigerian Military Head of State who died mysteriously as a result 
of a cause of death. Since my husbandís death, my family has been under restriction of movement and that notwithstanding, we are 
being molested and constantly been harassed by the so called 
security officials, above all, our Bank accounts here and abroad 
have been frozen by the Nigeria Civilian Govt. Furthermore, my 
eldest son in detention by the Nigerian Government for more interrogation about my husbandís asses and some vital documents. Following the recent discovery of my husbandís bank account by 
the Nigerian Government with my sonís bank in which a huge sum of 
US $700 million Dutch Mark, & another $450 million was also lodge 
and 1.6Billion Pounds Sterling belonging to my late husband, all 
the said fund was seized by the Government of Nigeria. I therefore wish to personally appeal to you religiously for your urgent assistance to transfer the sum of $58million US Dollars into your account in your country where I believe it will be safe, since we cannot leave the country due to the restriction of movement 
imposed on the members of my family by the Nigerian Government or 
can you receive for the abacha family the funds already in Europe 
& America about $89million USD , already deposited with a security firm you can advise us on areas where and what to invest on abroad, already we are presently nursing real estates or any other 
blue-chip investment you can reach my lawyer(DR ISA MUSA.) on his direct Tel lines as a copy of this letter is equally sent to him 
in confidence .Any advise should be directed to my lawyer for security reasons thank you, You can contact me through my lawyers 
Tel Number : +871-762336687 or Fax +871-762336689. Upon receipt of your good response. My lawyer shall arrange a meeting to 
facilitate the smooth transfer of the fund , that is to lease with him towards effective compromise of this transaction. However, arrangement have been put in place to remove more of the family 
fund amounting to$114 million US$ from a security firm were it is deposited , Before moving the remaining fund out of the country 
with the assistance of my husbandís friendís thatís some( some top government functionaries) still in government through a diplomatic means, and deposited in a security company, as soon as you 
indicate your interest. My lawyer shall send to you the Security Deposit Certificate and Airway Bill of the luggage and other 
related documents so that you can arrange how and where the 
luggage tagged ďFamily TreasuresĒ. From an African king will be deposited. Conclusively, we have agreed to offer you 30% of the 
total sum while 70% in collaboration with my lawyer to be held on trust by you until we can decide on what to do next , subsequent 
to our free movement by the Nigerian Government. Please reply urgently and treat with absolute confidentiality and sincerity. 
Yours sincerely, Mrs. Mariam Abacha.(alhaja) 
Re: Abacha family funds. Include Original: Yes/No 

dear guy, i am dr isa musa the attorney for the abacha's family, 
i am the eye and nose in this transaction and for this family, i 
am travelling to europe to finalise this deal i fully hope you 
can make it also to europe to conclude this deal as soon as 
possible. give me your contact phone number so that we can talk 
now. dr isa musa.

I am so ready to send them money!


You question now might be, then who does fall for this stuff? I 
was able to find letters from people who had not only fell for it 
but actually lost money as well. Here are copies of their stories 
in their own words. These are copies of letters I managed to get 
from Mr. Hardarson of 

Dear Sir,
My company invested in a Nigerian project a few years ago and 
nothing came of it. In fact, we thought all had been lost, we had virtually forgotten about it. Then in November we received an 
email from Dr. Abubaker Duru-Aminu later to add Spiff as a last 
name, saying that he was a newly appointed member of the contract review committee and that they had discovered our project had been completed and was ready for payment but somehow it had been overlooked. All they needed was our banking information in order 
to make the payment. This was to be accomplished in 7-10 days. 
Of course, we were thrilled. He said there were various fees that 
had to be paid in order to obtain the Exchange Control Approval 
Order # and that he had arranged with some of his associates to 
pay those fees in exchange for a portion of the final payment. He said they would take care of all the fees. He said once we 
received that Number, no one could deny us the final payment of $21,320,000.00. Since I was not asked for any up front money, I 
sent the information. They faxed various forms that supposedly had been paid for by them. There was the accreditation for my company, the back tax form for the time up until present, the Bond release form which was supposed to be paid if the contract amount was over $8,000,000.00. 
This form alone was $85,000.00 for a three month insurance bond. 
He said it was supposed to be 1% of the amount for a year, but 
they negotiated for a lesser time since we did not need it for a year. All these fees amounted to about $135,000.00. I was assigned 
an officer by the Debt Resolution Committee, a Mr. Ayo Ladan. He 
then informed me of the application fee of $2,130.00 that he said 
had to be made from here. Then there was a filing fee which could 
be made from there, but had to get a local account number assigned 
to be able to be deposited there. The filing fee was $5,000.00. I 
had to make the application fee in order to have the number 
assigned. So I made the $2,130.00 application fee knowing full 
well that I should not do it, but everything had seemed above 
board until then. 
After I received the local account number they only deposited $1,200.00 into the account and claimed they were having trouble obtaining the rest. So I sent the rest thinking that was the end 
of the fees. I was then informed that I was to come to Nigeria to sign the release. Also that there was a signing fee of 1 1/2% 
which would be $31,980.00. I knew at that point that I was 
involved in a Scam. I had the presence of mind to tell them that 
I could not fly and that I would have to have an associate to do 
the signing for me. From the beginning Dr. Duru-Aminu had said 
they might demand that I come over there for the signing, but 
that they would take care of that by having someone else do the signing. 
A Mr. Dalhatu Garuba had been suggested as my agent by Dr. Duru-Aminu. He is supposedly the brother of Alihja Garuba who was supposedly putting up most of the money. Dr. Duru-Aminu and 
Alihja himself could not act as agents because they are both 
supposed to be Civil Servants. Anyway, when I informed my officer 
Mr. Ladan of the fact that I could not fly, he claimed to have 
gone to the officers involved and they agreed to have Mr. Dalhatu Garuba do the signing for a fee of $50,000.00 each to be paid 
after the claim was awarded, but Mr. Dalhatu Garuba would have to 
be certified. They wanted 1% to certify him, $21,320.00. Of 
course, I told them I did not have that amount and a lot of 
delays and 
phone calls and pressure that their year was closing and our file would be put in the redundancy file and it would be harder to resurrect than it had been from the first. 
I did not send any more money and just told them I could not beg 
or borrow it. The latest, since I sent not money. Yesterday they 
said there was a spill over fund for contractors that had not met 
all their obligations before the year ended and I could be put on that list to be paid in January, but I would have to send $2,000. 
to bribe the officials to get on that list. Well, I did not send 
the $2,000.00 either. Dr. Duru-Aminu is still calling. Of course, 
he is never on a secure line and I must call him back in his 
office to get me to pay for the phone call. He had someone call 
last night claiming he had been trying to get through to me but 
could not, so I should call him back urgent, but I did not call 
back. I feel certain that I have been involved in a Scam. They claimed to be Christians, quoted all kinds of Scripture, said 
they had prayed and fasted before calling me in hopes that they 
would be allowed to help me get the payment and thus benefit from 
it for themselves also. That is what makes me really sad. The $6-7,000 I sent them, I can recover from. I just grieve that people would involve the most precious possession of their faith in a 
Scam. Anyway, that is the story
Thanks for your help. 

Sounds very familiar doesnít it! I know I shouldnít but I canít 
help feeling sorry for these people. Notice how the scammers used 
religion to obtain their goal. Read the next one.

THE PHONE NUMBER OF THE BANK IS: +44 181 218 4646 IN LONDON: THE PHONES. ++44 797 - 1360069 ++44 797 - 1360075 FAX: ++44 374 - 
98 12:14 160CT 98 ROOM: 4110 FOLIO #: 1015-7606 I THINK THEY LEAVE 

Seventeen thousand! And this person actually met up with them! Can you believe that? I canít! He is lucky he didnít end up hurt or worse! This next letter was from someone who was weary of them 
from the start but still sent them a parcel of stuff and five thousand dollars!
OK, here is what happened: In early May I received a letter 
addressed to my business which asked for an urgent business 
request for 15.5 million US$. I was curious what this was all 
about so I answered by fax - not regarding the fax that the 
envelope had the company address on it AND the suffix 'G44' - 
this only appears in 
a local Munich commercial telephone book. It says that our store 
is located on a map in the square G44 ...) The answer I received informed me about the money was trapped at the NNPC in fact of an overinvoiced job. I was asked to send invoices for the 15.5 
million. Well, my fault was that I did this ... A short while 
after this I was asked to send some 'gift items' to make some official people work faster. I started to get very suspicious at 
that point, but I also sent the desired items as this was not a 
big deal for me as they asked for photo cameras and I had just received so low price cameras from Taiwan. All this 
correspondence was with 'Dr. Idris Kokomma' at +234-90-407339 or 408006. I had to leave to the USA until May 22nd - the day before this is received a fax from the 'Federal Ministry of Finance, 
Federal Secretariat Complex, Ikoyi - Lagos' (Tel/Fax +234-90-
409114, signed by Chief Tony Anekere) - it informed me that I have 
to confirm the bank details etc and that 'Company trustees and non central bank accredited attorneys are no longer eligible under the foreign exchange (monitoring & miscellaneous) provision decree no. 
17 of 1995. To make endorsement for the T.T. of contract sum in excess of USD8,000,000.00 and payable by international remittance.' 
I was informed that an national bank approved attorney had to 
handle this job. This fax had a very real looking stamp of the FMF 
of it. I was contacted by W.A. Williams & Co. (+234-90-406940, 
chief W.A. Williams or his assistant Mrs. Frances Retode). He told 
me that 'everything looks good' and that I had to settle US$ 28.500,00 for release & stamp fees etc. I also had to complete a power of attorney form. I told Dr. (?) Kokomma that I will not pay this sum - he talked me into transferring 'a little bit' of the 
money to make a commitment. So I took US$ 5.000,00 out of my credit card account and paid it to: CITY BANK, WORLD TRADE CENTER, NEW 
YORK, ACCOUNT NO.: 02522793, ROUTING NO.: 021000089, ATTENTION: 
A.A. ATEKOJA. During my stay in the USA I talked to Williams and Kokomma several times on the phone. After my return I received a 
fax from the 'Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Falomo 
Office Complex, Ikoyi, Lagos - the desk of Dr. Alima Jubril' in 
which I was thanked for the gifts. I notices that the fax header 
said NNPC by the fax number was +234-90-406940 (the same as W.A. Williams). At this point I knew that something was very fishy (I received the fax for 5 times, the last 4 faxes had ********* 
instead of the fax number in the header). I asked Kokomma how this could be and he told me something about a parallel telephone 
system in Nigeria and that Williams has an office in the NNPC. I 
was asked to pay the final amount (US$ 23.500,00) to Williams but 
I strictly refused. Kokomma said that they have been able to raise US$ 10.000,00 by selling some industrial equipment and 'Chief 
James Okolo' brought the money to Williams acting as our 'local project manager'. But rest has the be transferred my me. Kokomma 
said that he will take a loan on his house. He faxed a letter from 'Pacific Loans and Savings Limited, 18 Awolowo Way, Ikeja, 
Lagos (without a fax or tel#) signed by Mr. Donatus Okobi, Administrative Manager) for in inquiry for a loan of 7 million 
Naira. After that I received a fax (forwarded by Williams) from 
the Central Bank of Nigeria, Tinubu Square, Lagos, Nigeria which 
informed me about the details of the payment (release code, FED number, sequence, reference number, transfer number, SWIFT code, foreign exchange allocation number) and a schedule 'C' non-oil transfers worldwide projects. I was listed a number 5. Being 100% sure that I will need spend any more money I just wrote a T/T and waited what will happen (as the date of the appointment was too 
close for the T/T to arrive on time. By the way, I was asked to transfer to a different bank: THE CHASE MANHATTAN BANK, 270 PARK AVENUE, NEW YORK, N.Y. 20017, ABA 012 (SWIFT CODE CHASUS 33), FOR CREDIT TO LEBANON AND GULF BANK SAL, A/C NO.: 544-7-29422, FINAL CREDIT TO: SUPPLY VENTURES, A/C NO.: 8-027200. I waited what will happen, but the day of the appointment a fuel crisis caused a lot 
of trouble (but I guess that's true, as I received a front page of 
a Nigerian newspaper). So they had to reschedule the appointment - but they now noticed that the money is not in their account. Well, that was the status of last friday. They still think I am 
believing them ! What do you suggest to do ? If possible answer 
by today as I promised to contact them tomorrow ! Best regards & thanks for your kind attention ! Alex 

Incredible isnít it? You think thatís bad read this next one!

If I were so smart I wouldn't have gotten myself into this 
situation. And I have lost alot of money, at least to us. 
All, in all with all the expenses, US$60,000 to be a little 
more precise. I greatly admire what you are doing and really 
praise the Lord for it. I REALLY want to get all the information 
I have on ALL these guys to you and if you think it would help without jeopardizing my relationships with these people, I'll 
give you all I got, fax letters from them, all the documents 
they sent with official letter heads, bank account numbers and 
and names, what I believe to be the address of an actual 
residence in London, etc. I've got the guy who is spearheading 
a big thing in the UK's fax and telephone number. I thinks its a phone in a real office because I get all kinds of people on the 
line when I call to talk to the "Chairman Committee". I have been able to build such a rep ore with him that when the end came and 
they couldn't get anything else from us, he confided in me and 
said, because he likes me and didn't want me to lose more money 
but gain my money back and then some, he has offered to take me 
step by step through the very same method, showing me how he has 
been doing it, etc. All I need is a mobile fax and phone, then he would walk and talk me through the whole process of setting up 
my OWN scam because he has lots of names and contacts all over 
the world. Kind of like partners. It really is a bizarre 
situation because I faxed him back with a real nice message that 
"I would deem it a privilege an honor to be able to have his help 
in making big bucks. " My letter so convinced him, peppered with 
the jargon he is familiar with in my correspondence, that he 
called back today and said he had been trying to get in touch 
with me. I just want to keep on good terms with him for the long 
run because in doing so I can get more information to help nab 
them all in the end. At least a big part of him. This guy is a 
bigwig who works hand in hand with the 'lawyer' in Lagos. This 
lawyer had been recommended to me by the man who made initial 
contact with us (his name is already on your list). This Nigerian 
who I will refer to as UE told me he went to the CBN in Lagos 
who in turn recommended him. UE said it would be faster and 
easier to enlist his help. The lawyer, I'll call GA needed 
US$8000 up front to let me give him the power of attorney to 
sign my name at the CBN to release the funds (31.5MIL) into my account. Later I was to pay his the rest of the fee, US$17,000 
after I got the funds into my bank account. Moreover, Lawyer GA 
was able to convince the CBN to 'waive' the US$15,000 signing 
fee until after the funds were to be transmitted to my account. 
Out of the US$31.5 MILL, our share was to be 30%, 60% for the 
people doing this whole thing and 10% for expenses. We were VERY reluctant to put out US$8000 fee for the lawyer but it seemed 
faster and more logical than making a trip ourselves. And by this time, the man UE had convinced me he was a real born-again 
Christian. I made that very clear to him in the beginning because 
as Christians, my husband live and work here trying to serve the 
Lord in any capacity we can. Of course to live here in this kind 
of place we must have a real job to have a legitimate reason to 
be here. Besides, we have never been affiliated with any relig. 
org. or churches supporting us and sending us out. Know what I 
mean? My husband is HKchinez and I am from Yankee land. Our son 
was born in HK and now we live here in CN. We are not greedy 
people but, on the contrary, we enjoy living simple lives and 
being frugal with ourselves that we may be generous to others in need, ex: CH Xtians. If this deal was true, what w blessing it 
would be to support existing ch , org, orphanage, etc. Well., as 
you know how these things work, just when the funds are to be released by the CBN, another thing comes up. More taxes, large 
sums but we were able , by much pleading , to have many of the 
taxes annulled. Finally our case went to the UK for 'final 
releasing' but the Debt Reconciliation Board noticed since we are nonresident contractors, we should pay a tax on that. US$75,000 was 'only' "standing between us and the final remittance. We 
would pay a bank in the UK acc but, because I am a Christian, I 
wrote them all kinds of faxes explaining my situation and 
appealing to their fear and love of God if the really we 
Muslims, which their names implied. I talked on the phone and 
after lots of discussion the committee members agreed to HALVE 
the sum, US$37,500, payable in installments. They really had me 
going because as I talked to them personally and by fax they said because they love 'Allah' etc. and want to help they would make exception but instead of complicating things I should send the installments to 'the treasurers' address. Later I found out it 
was one of the guys personal residence. Then, when they got the 
total sum of US$37,500 they would forward the lump sum to the 
London branch. And all this time my 'friend, a supposed Christian 
who got me into all this said he would raise what he could. 
Although with the earlier tax (US$15,000) he supposedly paid 
US$8000 of it, this time he 'had to sell some land' and could get about US$10,000. But it was taking a while and the UK people gave 
me only two weeks. I could never contact UE to see if he was 
getting what done, only sporadically and promised my a the end of 
the week. Me being the fool I am, paid as much as US$30,000 after redeeming our life savings in mutual fund invested in the states 
and got to the US$30,000 mark at which time I called and talked personally to the Chairman and he told me he and his fellow 
chairman members were willing to 'loan' us the remaining US$7,500 
and added it to our US$30,000. Then they faxed me a receipt of 
the CBN for the total some of $US37,500. They congratulated me 
that the funds were in a bank in a NY city bank and even sent me 
a copy of a what looked like a computer printout or screen with 
all the details, my name, acc # and date of transferal, etc. 
(March 19th.) I had a doctor's appointment for the 18th so I 
went to Hong Kong to wait for the 19th to arrive. While I was 
in Hong Kong, my husband got an urgent fax asking for a copy of 
the insurance receipt I was supposed to have . A "Special Task 
Force Member" had come into their office demanding it. UE in 
Lagos said 'he knew nothing about it being needed. The UK man AI 
said the insurance was necessary and needed and something had to 
be done because the funds were in the Bank in NYC waiting 
transfer and it looked suspicious of they didn't get it moved 
out, etc. Of course I am in a tizzy and whirlwind not being able 
to get help from UE in Lagos. The man in the UK, AI said he talked 
to the task force head and I even pleaded with him on the phone to have pity in the name of God, if he feared God at all,. I 
promised to pay them back in FULL and THEN some upon release of my funds. I told him I absolutely had no way to get the sum they 
arrived at, US$55,000. This was to be paid to appease the other committee members, like a gratuity. The UK AI supposedly took 
them out for a lavish meal to 'wine and dine them' to lower the 
sum. The Task force man was very stubborn but finally relented at US$12,500 'by the next day! My Lagos friend UE claimed he sent 
the US$10,000 he finally got from the sale of the land to the UK 
man AI for the task force man. I had also sent US$10,000 to 
appease them. The task force man was not satisfied and my Lagos 
UE asked to get the money back and forget the UK people. He had another way. He needed just US$10,000 to work personally with a 
man in the CBN in Lagos. UE said he could get US$4000 by noon. I 
said I'd get the US$10,000 back from the UK AI said he'd return 
and TT through Western Union back to Lagos. My Lagos UE said he 
could not have any connection with the UK. UE said this past 
Friday was the deadline, April 3rd so I faxed and called the UK 
AI and the rest of the committee members and said they'd have a special meeting. The UK AI told me to call him in an hour after 
all the staff left the office. He said something serious to talk about but waited for the secretary to leave. So I did and that's 
when the UK AI asked me if I wanted to get my money back, plus 
100 times more and more or continue on losing my money by sending 
it back to Lagos. what he called a "dream land". He told me he 
felt, after reading all correspondences with him, my relationship 
to God and all this stuff impressed him. He didn't want to see me lose more money. Maybe he felt guilty or something, because he 
knew I thought he is Muslim and also religious and so kind to 
try to help me to the point of taking out a personal loan to pay 
the bank the rest of the US$ Iím owed. Anyway, he spilled his 
guts out and told me EVERYTHING!!! I 'took his bait' so to speak, feigning interest. I'm still on his good side and said I had to 
get back on my feet financially before I could buy the hardware, 
etc. needed. And I'm on this Lagos, UE guys good side, too. So I 
kind of got the bull by both horns. I'm going after the Lagos UE 
man first. These are but a few of the details I'd be interested 
to know if you all have nabbed any one yet? What can we do to get some of these creeps stopped? Any information if useful Should I 
go to my bank and tell them about this guys account? If they 
freeze his assets how can I get any of funds returned? Please 
stay in touch This guy in the UK seems hold a high place. Kat 

This man is under the illusion that he is going to trap this 
scammer and ďget himĒ. Thereís no way he will succeed in his quest. Heís understandably very upset at being taken for $60,000 and I 
can understand that but to actually get involved with one of them 
is a dangerous practice and I would advise him to count his losses and get on with his life. If not, he will get taken again for even more money, guaranteed! There is no doubt about it, these scammers are not stupid! They use all of the terminology and paperwork to 
try to make it look at genuine as possible.


After all of this information on Nigerian fraud I was still curious about my friend Dr Obi. I had found a list of known scammers and although there were plenty of Obiís listed there wasnít an Emeka 
Obi on the list. Although that name was most likely an alias I had read that they preferred to use the same alias in all their 
dealings. One day while surfing I came across a site from the 
R.C.M.P North Vancouver Detachment and right there was a sample letter from Obi. 

North Vancouver Detachment 

DR. emeka obi
TEL/FAX: 234 - 1 - 2640078 
attn: the president
Urgent request for your unalloyed co-operation to transfer (US$30m u.s. dollars only) into your private or company bank account 
overseas with reference to an introduction made of your esteemed personality by a reliable source at our Foreign Affairs Ministry, 
I do hereby commence talk with you on a highly confidential level. 
Introduction and bio-data 
I am an Accountant and member of the contract review committee of 
my corporation, the Nigerian Petroleum Corporation (nnpc). After 
due consultation with other members of the committee, I have specially been mandated to arrange with you for a possible 
transfer of some funds being an over estimated sum resulting 
from various contracts executed by foreign firms for my 
Nature of business and source of fund for transfer 
Since the appointment, we have jointly discovered some 
irregularities which comprises over inflation of contract value, duplicating and over-invoiced contracts. In the meantime, we 
have discovered about (us$662 Million United States Dollars). We 
have declared the sum of $632 Million to the government and 
living the balance of US$30 Million U.S. Dollars into the 
suspense and escrow account of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) 
since our report has been submitted to the government and our 
file approved by the presidency. We therefore wish to remit the balance of US$30M into a foreign account, since the contract were executed by the foreign firms. Also, since we are civil servants 
we are not allowed to operate foreign accounts. Hence, we are 
writing you this letter based on trust. 
This is life time opportunity which my colleagues and myself 
cannot miss, we therefore solicit your support in achieving this golden opportunity by faxing to me the following details 
immediately you receive this letter. 
1. FULL name and address of Your bank 
2. Your account number 
3. Your DIRECT Tel/Fax number for SECURITY REASONS 
The above requested information will enable us to draft an application and letter of claims and description of job done respectively. The same will be forwarded to the various ministries concerned for urgent approval. For your assistance in this transaction, we have jointly agreed to offer you 30% of the total amount after the money is transferred to your given bank account overseas, 10% is for any contingencies and all miscellaneous 
expenses incurred during the course of transaction, while 60% will 
be in your care for all of us (the officials involved in the deal here in Nigeria). 
Please expedite action immediately, because we want this (US$30M) 
to be paid into your account along with the first quarter payment 
of the year to foreign contractors. All the modalities has been concluded with the officials of the Federal Ministry of Finance 
(FMF) and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to facilitate the 
remittance of this particular amount within (14) working days 
after receiving the requested bank information in your account. 
SERIOUS NOTE: The personalities involved in this transaction are 
top and prominent government functionaries who have put in many 
years of active service to the government and would not want their reputable image dented and as such we want you to keep this transaction absolutely confidential and secret until the money is confirmed into your account. 
Finally, if this business interests you, urgently send me your 
reply through Tel/Fax number above, so that I can stop further negotiations. While awaiting your urgent reply by fax, we thank 
you in anticipation. 
DR. emeka obi 

The address and telephone numbers were different and his job has changed from a Director with the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing to an Accountant and member of the contract review 
committee of the Nigerian Petroleum Corporation. Also the amount 
to be transferred was $35,000,000 whereas now it was only $30,000,000, $5,000,000 had gotten lost somewhere along the line.  
I was pleased to see that someone was onto this guy. Hopefully anybody that might be approached by him will have the common sense 
to at least put his name into Yahoo or Webcrawler before sending 
him money.  


About two weeks ago I had tricked Obi  for the fifth time into thinking that he had another fish online. After a couple of 
requests for my cell phone number I confessed to him again that 
it was me. I thought that was that and he would be so angry with 
me that I would never hear from him again. Then it came! I went 
into my E-mail account and there it was a reply from him I 
couldnít wait to open it.

Subject: Re: ISSUES

Dear Herbert pocket, steve masterson, Pip gargery,jacob marley 

Wow! I was so surprised to get this. I still canít understand why 
he wrote it. Iím wondering if he is still pretending that the whole thing was real because he says I have destroyed the reputation of 
his friends and colleagues. How, after all that I have told him 
about knowing that he is trying to scam me does he really think 
that I would have even the slightest idea that this whole thing 
was genuine. I wonder if I really have caused him problems, I can only hope. Last week I wrote again from a band new E-mail address pretendinmg that I was responing to his original letter. I got another surprising reply.

Subject:   Re: MONEY.


Fool! I guess this means I donít get the village named after me 
now! Now I wonder why he is denying any knowledge of the scam now! Could it be that he is under some kind of investigation? I wrote 
back and told him what to do with his money! 

A few days ago I read an article in the Toronto Sun newspaper, 

3 locals held in 'global' scam
RCMP, FBI put brakes on 'Nigerian letter' scheme

The RCMP and FBI have stopped delivery on accused local operators 
of the "Nigerian letter scam" -- a get-rich scheme that cost one victim $5 million, officers said yesterday. 

Investigators from Canada and the U.S. spent three years tracing aliases, dead-end addresses and phones to the Toronto arm of "a highly sophisticated, international criminal organization" in 
Africa, the RCMP alleged. 

Three men arrested yesterday are accused of bilking 300 
individuals of sums between $52,000 and $5 million since 1993. 

The nationalities of the accused were not revealed, but RCMP 
Staff-Sgt. Darryl Ross called them "agents for those in Nigeria." 

The Mounties' west-Toronto commercial crime unit joined forces 
with the FBI and U.S. Secret Service after an American complained 
of being asked to bring money here in 1998 to pay fees in exchange for laundering money from Nigeria. 

"None of the funds have been recovered," Ross said. 

Victims include a cattle rancher, insurance agent, a hotel-chain owner and a brewery consultant. 

Canadians have been targeted by what is also called a "West 
African-based organized advance fee fraud," but Ross said most of 
the 300 victims are Americans, with some in Britain, Germany and Asia. 

"It's not just a Canadian problem ... it's global," he said. 

Police sources said scam artists get lighter sentences in Canada 
than in the United States. 

The fraudsters complicate investigations by targeting victims in 
the U.S. from bases across the border in Canada. 

Toronto is popular "because of the diversity of the city." 


The Nigerian scam letters are a "growth crime" that has plagued 
GTA residents for the past 10 years, Ross said. 

The RCMP detachment sees almost 2,200 bogus letters turned in by recipients each year and receives more than 50 complaints from victims. 

The funds are usually represented as coming from over-invoiced contracts -- typically in the $25-million US range, with victims promised payoffs ranging from 10% to 30%. 

The crooks funnel many of their profits into illegal drug trades, police said. 

Efforts by Nigeria's central bank and police around the world have not stopped the official-looking letterheads, supposedly from princes, bankers, oil-firm officials, doctors, professors, army officers and bureaucrats. 

Most envelopes bear fake Nigerian stamps, but the simply written letters usually arrive by fax or e-mail, addressed from corporate directories and professional memberships. 

"While the crooks don't often succeed, a small percentage respond 
and people have lost their life savings. Their health and marriages have broken up," Ross said. 

Anyone who replies is turned over to a well-educated, smooth-talking "boiler-room" pitch team, which preys on basic human 
elements such as greed and loneliness, Harry Penich, the FBI's 
deputy legal attache to Canada, told reporters. 

The scam artists change identities, locations and phones so often, Penich said "it's like shovelling smoke" to trace them. 

Wenceslaus Utomi, 47, of Richmond Hill, and Ainsley Anthony 
Drakes, 34, and Richard Brewster, 33, both of Toronto, are 
charged with conspiracy to commit fraud, fraud against the 
general public, and laundering the proceeds of crime. 

A justice of the peace yesterday granted the three men release conditions for a future court date. 

As you can see itís still going on and people are still being 
taken for their life savings. Donít these people ever read the newspapers? I couldnít help it; I had to send it to Obi. I 
hadnít heard from him in a while and wondered if he would ever respond to it. Then to my surprise I heard back from him with 
the funniest response yet. 

Subject: INSANE!

You are already insane i have not finished with you,when i finish with you the sprits will see to it that you dance naked in the 
market wait and see! 
I wrote back to him asking him if he would be joining me in the 
dance but to this day he hasnít responded. Iím not quite sure what dancing naked in the market square means but it most likely isnít something very pleasant, especially at one of the fruit and 
vegetable stalls. 

I would love to end this book by telling you that he has been arrested and was sentenced to do time in a Nigerian prison, but as far as I know heís still out there doing his thing. I donít know 
if I accomplished anything by my trying to trick him, but I hope 
that if anything I have maybe made him weary of the fact that whenever he writes to someone who he thinks heís hooked he wonders 
if itís me. I have spent a long time looking into these scams and apparently there is a new one being hatched. It is identity theft. Itís becoming the fastest rising fraud in the United States at this time and is getting worse by the day. Identity Fraud is where 
someone actually steals your name and address and as much 
information about you as possible. They do this by taking your 
mail from your mailbox and even go into your garbage to find as 
much out about you as possible. Once they have this information 
they apply for Visa cards and loans and they say for the victims 
of this crime it is almost impossible to reclaim your credit 
rating. What is interesting to note is some of the biggest perpetrators of this crime are Nigerians. Oh, and I found out 
where Nigeria is, here it is.


I have never been to Nigeria, but Iíve been to a few websites about the place and it sounds like a great place to visit. I donít want 
to give the impression that everyone there is corrupt because 
theyíre not. I found many webpages by Nigerians who are also very upset about the negative publicity surrounding their country and 
they are fighting to bring these people to justice. Just like everywhere in the world it takes a few bad ones to spoil the pot. They are a proud people and I believe one day they will rid their country of these scammers. 

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my story and sharing with me 
my expieriences with Obi. It has indeed been a learning experience for me and made me realize much about people and our vulnerability. There really is no such thing as the quick buck, even to win the lottery one must first buy a ticket and have a huge angel sitting 
on their shoulder. Scams have been around since man stepped foot 
of this earth and will be around until man takes that last step. 
The best way to avoid them is to be suspect of everything that 
seems too good to be true. But life is taking risks and as they 
say the biggest risk in life is not taking one. We canít go 
through it completely unscathed or life really would be boring. 
If you have ever been taken by a scammer look at it as a learning experience, after all, itís people that think up these scams and 
itís people that fall for them. 

An interesting note here is that after I gave this manuscript to friends to read some of them commented that somewhere in the back 
of their minds they were wondering if this whole thing wasnít a 
scam! They felt concerned that maybe he really DID have a daughter who died and one in the hospital and that she was being kept 
hostage by them until he paid money for her release! But asking 
them if they thought there really was $35,000,000 ready to be deposited into my account one of them commented that maybe it 
could have been true. Even after reading this book including the letters from victims and numerous pieces of information from the police and media, there was still some doubt that this could have been a scam! I find that incredible! 
There are a few reasons for writing the book, one was to make him angry because I was sharing our dealings with the world and to hopefully spare someone from losing his or her shirts to these crooks.  For me, the most important reason was to try to 
understand why people ever sent this guy money! After hearing 
those comments I have come to realize how some people actually do fall for this scam. Itís about greed and Gullibility! We are just 
too trustworthy, and that is precisely the reason why they use the methods they do. I started this book long before I received the 
final letter from Obi. I didnít know how it was going to end any 
more than you did. But what I did know was that I was never going 
to send him any money because I KNEW it was a scam. There again, 
if that statement is 100% true, then why do I still long for that 
E-mail from him that sayís ďyes, you were right, it was a scam.Ē