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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was born in Rome on July 12 or 13 100 B.C. Caesar had an uncle named Marius who saw to it that young Caesar was appointed flamen dialis, archaic priesthood with no power.

In the year 84 B.C. Caesar married Cornelia. When Lycius Cornelius sulia was made dictater in 82 B.C, he issued a list of enemies to be executed. Although Caesar was not harmed, Sulia ordered him to divorce Cornelia, Caesar refused to divorced Cornelia so he left Rome. He did not return to the city until 78 B.C., after Sulia’s resignatian.

By then caesar was 22 years old. In the year 69 B.C., Caesar was elected quaestor. When Caesar returned to Rome in 60 B.C. after a year as governor of Spain, he joined forces with Crassus and Pompey in a three way alliance known as the first triumvirate. Then Caesar gave his daughter to Pompey in marriage.

Caesar was elected consul in 59 B.C. and the year after he was appointed governor of Roman Gaul.

Early in 49 B.C. Caesar crossed the Rubricon and moved swiftly southward in 3 months. Caesar was master of all Italy; his forces then took Spain and the key port of Massalia.

In Rome Caesar became dictator until elected consul for 48 B.C. The Basic prop for Caesar Caesar’s continuation in power was the dictatorship for life.

As ruler Caesar instituted various reforms. In the provinces he eliminated the highly corrupt tax system, sponsored colonies of veterans, and extended Roman citizenship. At home he reconsttuted the courts and increased the number of senators.

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