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Some Anson County
Deeds and Wills

Anson County Deeds Vol. A:

  1. pp.17-18: 13 Feb 1748, Robert HUMPHRIS of Anson Co., to Duncan GRANT of same, for L10 Va. currency...100 A on N side of Great Pee Dee, S side of Little River...below William STONEs now dwelling place...half of 200 A granted to Robert MILLS 24 March 1747...confirmed by MILLS to William STONE by deed...then to Robert HUMPHRIS...Robert HUMPHRIS (RH) (SEAL), Wit: Charles ROBINSON, Benjamin B. VINES.

  2. PP. 20-21: 3 March 1748, Nicholas SMITH of Bladen Co., planter, to Nathaniel HILLEN of Anson Co., planter, for on N side Great Pee Dee, half of a tract of 400 A, granted to sd. SMITH, 5 Oct 1743...Nicholas SMITH (X) (SEAL), Wit: C. ROBINSON, Chas ROBINSON Junr.

  3. pp.28-29: 18 July 1751, Rowland WILLIAMS, of Anson Co., planter, to John GAMBRIL of same, planter, for L8 [8 pounds] proc money of on S side Great Pee Dee...SE side of Browns Creek, 6 or 7 miles above the mouth...150 A granted to Samuel HOUGH 7 Apr 1750, and sold by him to sd. WILLIAMS 16 July 1751...Rowland WILLIAMS (W) (SEAL), Wit: Charles ROBINSON Junr, Anthony HUTCHINS.

  4. PP. 40-41: 11 June 1750, Nicholas SMITH of Bladen Co., planter, to Robinson TOWNSEND of Anson Co., planter, for L20 Va. money...200 A on S side of Great Pee Dee and above Little River...granted 13 Oct 1749 to sd. SMITH...Nicholas SMITH (N) (SEAL), Wit: Chas ROBINSON Senr, Chas. ROBINSON Junr.

  5. pp. 42-43: 25 June 1750, Charles ROBINSON Senr. of Anson Co., planter, to Charles ROBINSON Junr of same, for s5 money of Va...200 A on E side of Little River of Great Pee Dee...granted to Charles ROBINSON Senr 22 Nov 1746...Charles ROBINSON (SEAL), Wit: Thomas RODGAMAN, Luke BLAKELY.

  6. pp. 43-44: 15 July 1751, John McKAY of Anson Co., yeoman, to Charles ROBINSON, Esqr., for L30s10 Va. money...300 A on N side Great Pee Dee...E side of Little River...granted 20 June 1746 to sd. McKAY...John McKAY (X) (SEAL), Wit: Anthony HUTCHINS, M. BROWN.

  7. PP. 71-72: 16 July 1751, Thomas HARRINGTON of Anson Co., planter, to Samuel HOUGH of same, planter, for L40 proc. on N side of Great Pee Dee above mouth of dry creek...Jacob COLLSONs line...320 A...granted to James BENTLEY 26 Nov 1746, and sold to sd. HARRINGTON 26 Apr 1748...Thomas HARRINGTON (T) (SEAL), Wit: Jos. TOOPS, John PHILLIPS, Chas. ROBINSON Junr.

Anson County deeds Volume 1

  1. page 148: 26 Apr 1756, William TERRY, Gent., of Anson Col, to John JAMES, planter, of same, for L20 proc. money...100 A on a branch of Hitchcocks Creek...Wm. TERRY (SEAL), Wit: Charles ROBINSON, E. CARTLIDGE, July 8.

  2. pp. 334-336: 9 & 10 1756, James COWARD of Anson Co., to Archibald GRAHAM of same, (lease s5, release L50)...108 A, part of 3312 A on N side Pee Dee, granted 27 Sept 1756...James COWARD (SEAL), Wit: Ambrose STILLE, Elisha PARKER (P), Philip HENSON.

Anson County Deeds Vol. B

  1. pp. 208-209: 19 Nov 1750, John STONE of Anson Co., planter, to Charles ROBINSON of same, Gent., for L20 Va. on W side of Little River of Great Pee Dee, 100 A granted to Charles ROBINSON 22 Nov 1746...conveyed to sd. STONE 2 Mar 1746/7...John STONE(X) (SEAL), Wit: John ASHLEY Senr.(X), Towncan ROBINSON, Charles ROBINSON.

Anson County Deeds Vol. 3

  1. pp. 254-255: 23 Oct 1765, Cornelius ROBINSON & wf Elizabeth of Anson, planter, to Charles ROBINSON, planter, for L80 proc. money...part of 600 A granted to Charles ROBINSON 22 Nov 1746, & bequeathed to sd. Cornelius by L.W. & T. of Charles ROBINSON...Cornelius ROBINSON (SEAL), Elizabeth E. ROBINSON (SEAL), Wit: Robert THORN (R), William MacDANIEL (W), Recorded according to law, Thomas FROHOCK, C.C.

  2. pp. 272-273: 20 Sept 1764, Tilman HELMS of Anson, planter, to Charles ROBINSON, planter, for L10 proc. money...50 A granted to sd. HELMS 27 Nov 1762...Tilman HELMS (T), (SEAL), Wit: Zechariah SMITH, Cornelius ROBINSON, Thos. BOLDIN (T). Recorded according to law. Thomas FROHOCK, C.C.

  3. page 274: 21 July 1764, Elisha PARKER, Senr of Anson, to beloved son, Elisha PARKER, Jr. for natural love and affection...100 A on E side Pee Dee, adj. GOODMAN's upper corner, Marks Creek, COCHRAN's corner, 300 A granted to Samuel GOODMAN 17 June 1746...Elisha PARKER (P) (Seal), Wit: Morgan BROWN, John THOMAS. Recorded according to law. Saml. SPENCER, C.C.

Anson County deeds Volume 5

  1. page 273-274: 12 & 13 Oct 1756, Thomas COYLE and wf Helen of Anson, to John HAYES of same, for 10 pounds...150 A on both sides Mill Cr., S side Pee Dee, part of 400 A... Thomas COYLE (O) (SEAL), Helen COYLE (X) (SEAL), Wit: Elisha PARKER (P) , Abner ARENDALL, Archib D GRAHAM.

Anson County, NC wills and estates from N.C Archives C.R. 005.801.1

  1. pp.264-266 (no date): Account of Sale of estate of Thomas TOMPKINS decd. Buyers: John PARSONS, Stephen PARKER, John HENSON, Richard FARR, Charles HENSON, Morgan BROWN, Nathaniel CURTIS, Elisha PARKER, Mary THOMKINS, Francis TOMKINS, Thomas TOMKINS, Stephen TOMKINS.

  2. page 309:1773, Account of Chas. MEDLOCK, guardian to orphans of John HICKS, decd. John HUSBANDS, note. Cash pd. Mrs. KERSHAW, Stephen JACKSON, Elisha PARKER, William SPEED, William HICKS, Morgan BROWN, Robert THOMAS, HUNT & TANNEY (?), William HANEY, Wm PICKETT, Sheriff. Andr. GIBSON. Vouchers all destroyed by "British and Toryes." Michael AULD, Clk.


    GAMBRIL-Vol. A -3
    GRANT-Vol. A -1
    HILLEN-Vol. A -2
    HUMPHRIS-Vol. A -1
    MILLS-Vol. A -1
    ROBINSON-Vol. A -1, -Vol. A -2
    SMITH-Vol. A -2
    STONE-Vol. A -1
    WILLIAMS-Vol. A -3