Four friends team up to have some fun one summer night. It may be their last chance.

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My Favorite Quote That Has To Do With Hanson

"He once convinced a freshman that he
was the middle Hanson brother just so
that he could get laid."
- some guy in "Urban Legend"

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The A.M. Static link is the link to my brother in law's band's page. I mentioned them in chapter . . . three, I think, I can't remember. They have a CD on sale now and are really good. Go here and take a look if you're interested. My brother in law is the one on the far right in the pic on the main page. Just so ya know. :)

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* In this story, the guys from Hanson aren't famous musicians. Then why don't I use normal people who aren't Hansons, you ask? Well, for two main reasons: 1.) No one pays any attention to the stuff that I write that isn't Hanson affiliated and 2.) they're just so damn easy to write about. I already know what they look like, how many siblings they have, their nickname etc. I don't have to worry about making it up as I go along.