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February 27, 2002

The U.S. of Albert

Roy Dupuis will star in André Forcier's next movie.

Roy Dupuis will shoot for the first time with the filmmaker André Forcier by being in his next movie, entitled "The United States of Albert". This is the first English shoot of this unique director. The filming will begin at the end of next summer if the financing goes as expected.

( Article by Michelle Coudé-Lord)

That's what was confirmed to us in an interview with Roy Dupuis. He says, he has totally fallen in love with the script. We feel the joy in his voice when he draws forth this project.

So, 2002 will be a big year of cinema for Roy Dupuis because it is also the year of the distribution of the Charles Binamé movie Un homme et son péché".

The actor says he receives many scripts, but he had hoped for a long time, to act for Andée Forcier, director of "Une histoire inventeé".

" I have always liked his (creative) world a lot", asserts Roy Dupuis.

This film will be shot in English because it tells a story which takes place in Hollywood in 1926, the year of the death of Valentino.

Roy Dupuis will play a very special golfer…..for he perfumes his balls.

"That's all spit out from André Forcier!" he adds, laughing.

This is a story of a young actor, Albert, who wants to become the next Valentino. He is tutored by an old theater professor in Montreal.

He sets off for Los Angeles and, in the train, he meets the golfer, Jack Decker, played by Roy Dupuis.

"The film will take place on this train and will tell about the trip of this two men. The universe of Forcier is fascinating. I am very happy to be part of the next challenge of this great director. I am anxious."

The filmmaker André Forcier has always been fascinated with the United States. At least three of his works have evoked American themes: Kalamazoo, Le Vent du Wyoming and La Comtesse de Baton Rouge.

We have the impression that Roy Dupuis will have a great ride with André Forcier.

"I receive many film projects but that one, I cared about a lot" concludes Roy Dupuis.

***Translated by:  Heidi Brion.***


Scanned Feb. 28, 2002  By:  Soieange