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The Ryan Family

Ryan's Hope has always dealt with the striving of one family, the closely knit Ryans of New York City. When the show premiered of July 7, 1975, tavern owners Maeve and Johnny Ryan (Helen Gallagher and Bernie Barrow, sitting) were the family heads. Their children were, behind them, from left: younger son, Pat Ryan (Malcolm Groome), and intern; Delia Reid Ryan (Ilene Kristen, wife of Frank; older son Frank Ryan (Michael Hawkins); and daughter Mary Ryan (Kate Mulgrew).

Michael Levin & Kate MulgrewMary Ryan, just out of college, fell in love with reporter Jack Fenelli (Michael Levin) and had an affair with him. A shocked Maeve and Johnny insisted the the couple marry. The mores of the older Ryans would continually clash with the modern social values of their children.

At Ryan's Bar

Frequent visitors to Ryan's Bar were Dr. Clem Moultrie (Hannibal Penney Jr., left) and Delia's brother, Bob Reid (Earl Hindman).

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Jack Fenelli and Mary Ryan

Maeve Ryan and her daughter, Mary

.. Maeve Ryan and her daughter, Mary...have [a] close, caring relationship..

Mary Ryan & Jack Fenlli (Kate Mulgrew & Michael Levin)

In 1975 Ryan's Hope premiered--daytime's soap featuring an Irish Catholic family, the Ryans, who owned a bar in Manhattan. Right off the bat, the drama created controversy in the family when the Ryans learned their daughter, aspiring writer Mary Ryan (Kate Mulgrew), was having relations with reporter Jack Fenelli (Michael Levin). When Mary moved in with her beau, it set off numerous discussions about morals.

Mary and Jack Fenelli (Kate Mulgrew & Michael Levin)

The marriage of Mary Ryan and Jack Fenelli is precariously balanced. They really love each other; but are they right together?

Kate Mulgrew as Mary Ryan

Mary Ryan Fenelli, television columnist

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