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Table of Contents

STI Vision and Mission
STI Values
Student Services
Guidance Services
Records Service
Laboratory Service
Library Service
Physical Education Service
Health Service
Canteen Service
Professor Data
Janvier M. Cruz
Phillip James Rocha
Alfredo S. Rey Hipolito
Mark Punzalan


Early in 1983, four Filipino professionals who were deeply involved in the IT industry envisioned a school. That school was to be dedicated to the production of graduates qualified to meet the standards of system development in Europe, Australia, and North America. On August 21, 1983, that vision became reality on the inauguration of System Technology Institute (STI).

STI was initially expected to provide qualified manpower to only its sister companies and their clients. Thus, STI began with branches in only three locations in Metro Manila; Espana Extension in Quezon City; and the Central Business District in the City of Makati. Consistent with its raison d' etre, STI announced to the Filipino public - "first we'll teach you, then we'll hire you." STI also declared that its aim was to ensure that every STI graduate was so well trained that he would be "ready to work, right from his very first day on the job."

The Filipino public's response to STI was unexpected. STI soon found it necessary to establish more branches - to make it more convenient for the greater part of the population to attend classes at STI. Indeed, STI 's mission had to evolve and become:


Being witness to how quickly and well Filipinos were able to adapt to world - class IT standards, STI saw that it was in software development - rather than in capital-intensive computer hardware development -that the Philippines had a better chance of earning enough revenue to join the economic tigers of Asia. Thus, STI's vision became:


To save Filipinos the cost of living away from the home and at the same time to provide Filipinos, even those in far- flung provinces, access to STI education, STI established more campuses. In 1985, STI establish its first provincial campus- in Baguio City.

STI did not forget the Filipinos working overseas. STI wished to provide them with knowledge and skills that would allow them to earn better and allow them to earn without their having to live away from their families. In 1994, STI Hong Kong was inaugurated.

In the '90s, the need for graduates for computer sciences became apparent. STI thus resolved to build or convert some of its campuses into colleges offering collegiate programs in Information Technology. In 1996, STI inaugurated its first college campus, the STI college of science and technology in Carmona, Cavite.

From its conception to today, STI has been led by men and women deeply involved in the various aspects of IT industry and education. Through them, STI is kept abreast of local and international developments in industry and the academe. Through them, STI is informed of the industry's knowledge and skills requirements. STI is thus able to offer education and training at the time needed by industry, with the content required by industry, in a form most employable by industry.

In order to facilitate student learning, STI has also kept itself abreast of developments in education. STI provides facilities, materials, and personnel supportive of its educational aims. Thus, STI is one of the very first schools in the Philippines to provide fully air-conditioned classrooms and laboratory rooms, to make use of projectors and whiteboards in every rooms, to strictly maintain a one-student-one-computer ratio.

STI's desire to bring quality education to as many people as possible has not waned. Each year, STI adds to the number of its campuses - making STI education easily accessible to even more people. Today, just a few short years after 1983, STI and STI College can be found in over one hundred (100) locations in the Philippine archipelago, Asia, Europe, and the United States of America.

STI Vision and Mission

STI strives to prepare its students to lead the I.T. industry, excel in the field of science and technology and contribute to the development of the society.

To achieve its vision, the institution adhere to the following:

· Regardless of background, STI welcomes and supports the personal growth of students and instills in them leadership qualities.

· STI teachers the most modern, up-to-date, relevant and practical subjects and skills.

· STI maintains a stimulating environment which attracts, develops and retains world-class faculty to nurture its students.

· STI ensures the effective development of its students using innovative educational methods.

· STI is committed to high ethical standards, global state-of-mind, functional knowledge and lifelong learning.

We are dedicated to fulfilling this mission, thus setting the standard for all educational institutions.

The mission of STI has evolved to meet the changing needs of students. Today, learning is no longer preparation for a single, lifelong , specific kind of work, something to be acquired in college and then applied throughout a working career. Study and work are now interwoven throughout a lifetime. The continuous offering of new skills and knowledge, as well as career assistance - is an essential component of the vision of STI in its second decade and STI College in its first.

STI Values

Our values as an educational network are:

· Compassion and care for students, faculty members, and our staff.

· Service to our students, alumni and host communities.

· Honesty and integrity as basis for mutual trust in our relation among ourselves, and with partners, friends and allies.

· Respect for the rights, opinions, and dignity of every individual.

· Excellence in all of our endeavors.

In short, we put a premium on the following core values:

1. Commitment to God

2. Commitment to Country

3. Commitment to people

Students Services

STI offers the following school services to compliment the academic formation of its students.

Guidance Services

The Guidance Office is central to the maintenance of a campus environment that is conducive to learning. The Office serves as arbiter in times of conflict or dispute among members of the school community. The Office is also responsible for the enforcement of discipline among the country.

The Guidance Office's most important role, however, is to serve as an integral part of the school's educational program. The Office's fundamental task is the total development of the students to enable him to better adjust to his environment and society. This task is accomplished through a variety of activities, which comprise the Guidance Program.

The Guidance Program is implement through the school's Guidance Counselor and Career Advisers. The Program provides testing and counseling services to help students set career goals. The Program-through career planning and tracking-also guides students in determining the best means for achieving these goals. The Guidance Program is one of the principal means through which STI provides"…services designed to improve each student's program selection, academic achievement, and career success."

Records service

The primary responsibility of the Office of the Registrar (or Administrative Coordinator) is the maintenance and security of student's academic records. The Office's secondary responsibilities are related to admissions, school transfer, and graduations. With respect to admissions- the Office receives application, screens application, validates students transfer credentials, and ensures completion of pre-enrollment requirements. With respect to graduations-The Office receives applications for candidacy, ensures completion of pre-graduation credentials and transcript of records.

Laboratory Services

The school provides laboratory facilities, equipment, and personnel to support the academic requirements of program offered.

Library Services

The library serves as the instructional material resources center of the school. The library sources, screens acquire, and circulate print and non-print reference materials. Students, faculty members, and staff are required to present both their IDs and library cards when borrowing materials.

Physical Education Services

The physical education staff are responsible for recommending and implementing programs designed to develop and maintain excellent physical condition of students and school personnel. They teach and supervise sports, games, and other physical school activities.

Health Services

The Medical-Dental clinic offers first-aid treatment to students, faculty members, and staff. The Clinic offers free consultation, free starter dose of medication, and free referrals in cases that require further examination or treatment. The clinic personnel also validate and coordinate other health services that may be required by the school.

Canteen Services

The primary responsibility of the canteen personnel is to provide sanitary, affordable, adequate, and nutritious meals and snacks to students, faculty members, and staff of the school.

Professor Data:

Name: Janvier M. Cruz
City Address: Pateros, Metro, Manila
Date of Birth: Jan. 7, 1977
Place of birth: Manila
Civil Status: Single
Citizenship: Filipino
Height: 5'7
Weight: 130 lbs.
Religion: Catholic
Color of Hair: Black
Color of Eyes: Brown
Father's Name: Don Reynaldo Cruz
Mother's Name: Dona Loida Cruz
College: STI College EDSA Crossing
Course: BS Com. Sci.
Special Skills: Programming, Web Design
Position: Teacher
Company: STI

Name: Phillip James Rocha
City Address: San Pedro, Laguna
Date of Birth: May 11, 1961
Place: Cotabato
Civil Status: Married
Weight: !30 lbs.
Height: 5'6
Religion: Born Again
College: UST-UE
Course: Electrical Engineer
1987-Present Company-STI

Name: Alfredo S. Rey Hipolito
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Civil Status: Single
Hobbies: Reading Books, Playing Video Games
Course: BS. Psychology
Mother: Ma. Rosario Rey Hipolito
Father: Alfredo S. Rey Hipolito Jr.

#12 Benefits Street , Barangay Sangandaan , Project 8 , Quezon City
Nickname NEO
Weight 68 Kgs
Height 5' 6"
Religion Catholic
Civil Status Single
Birthday February 23 ,1979
Birthplace Manila
Blood Type O
Eye/ Hair Color Brown / Dark Brown
1999 - Present Masters of Science in Information Technology Adamson University 1000 San Marcelino St . , Manila Units Incurred : 18 Units
1995 - 1999 Bachelor of Science In Computer Science Systems Technology Institute - EDSA Crossing 738 L & N Building , Shaw Boulevard Mandaluyong City
1995 - 1997 Associate of Science In Computer Science Systems Technology Institute - Congressional Avenue Tangco - Cu Buiding , Congressional Avenue , Quezon City
1999 - 2003 STI - College EDSA Crossing #738 L and N Building , Shaw Boulevard , Mandaluyong City Position : Math and Information Technology Instructor
Skills and Hobbies
Reading / Rock Climbing / Rappelling / Wall Climbing / Hiking / Playing / Cards : Lord of the Rings , Magic Cards , Legend of the 5 Rings / Collecting Comic Book / Playing Drums / Cross training / Weight Lifting / Tae - bo , Kickboxing

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